5 Reasons Why Graphic Design is Important for Digital Marketing

It is imperative to acknowledge a few basic aspects of the digital marketplace before embarking on a digital marketing campaign. Every day, the virtual landscape becomes more cluttered. In order to attract the most attention, it is imperative that every venture keeps its eye on the ball. 

Microsoft studies have found that our attention span has shrunk to eight seconds. 

Within eight seconds, a user might leave your portal if they aren’t impressed. 

Graphic design is one of the best ways to capture an audience’s attention among all other digital strategies. The visual language of organizations can help potential customers learn about their personality. By doing this, you convey a special message to others and evoke their emotions. Taking action and establishing contact with your business is encouraged if it is done for a long time.

What is Graphic Design?

Those who think graphic design revolves around pictures and drawings are mistaken. It is characterized by visuals that are adept at solving problems by means of imagery. Many digital experts believe it is an essential element of digital marketing because it enables marketers to make their brands more visible and influence their customers’ decision-making processes.

The overall effect of messaging is provided by symbols, typography, colors, and images. Based on psychology studies of a target audience, it comes up with principles, trends, and concepts.

In the case of a company’s landing pages, they must use catchy graphics. A landing page must contain captivating visuals and a compelling call-to-action (CTA) encouraging audience members to immediately take action. Human brains process images 60 000 times faster than text, according to studies. The brain receives 90% of its information visually.

In addition to optimizing the user experience, graphics have a main intention to add visual appeal to design.

Importance of Graphic Design in Online Marketing

However, those ads that have the right balance of text and graphics can do wonders, even when text is also used. 65% of B2B marketers use infographics (information combined with imagery) according to a 2017 Content Marketing Institute study.

Lines, patterns, shapes, colors, and layout all contribute to forming feelings in the audience. An agency that specializes in branding or a company that provides social media marketing services can assist you. Your agency will gain some perspective from these experts about how to produce a visually stimulating combination of words and images. Our suggestion is to allow your creative genies to run wild with their brains and get crafty.

There are also a few other compelling reasons why graphics are essential to digital marketing:

1. Communicates Your Brand Perspective

The design of your products or services plays a key role in conveying messages. With the help of charts, illustrations, and reports, an effective designer can convey your information. Be aware that your concern is not merely profit-making. In lieu of this, you should aim to establish your brand as a reputable player in the market. To highlight your brand’s passion, history, and drive, you should utilize different tactics.

A website’s “About Us” section is a good idea. Their brand story is communicated through this section. Creative content and compelling graphics help companies evoke emotions. Feelings are fundamental to human behavior. It is more likely that they will convert when a brand’s principles and values align with their own.

Research conducted by QuickSprout in 2019 concluded users would stop visiting a website if the visual experience was poor. In contrast, they seek out visual content instead.

2. Increase sales

With attention to visual appeal, an excellent graphic design can bring you money. As an example, if your website continues to crash despite constant upgrades, hire a graphic designer.

A Design Council study found that every £100 spent on design increases revenue by £225.

To increase your sales, graphic designers are working on mobile-friendly designs. Quality designs increase the likelihood that customers will be satisfied with your products and services. Impressions like these are created when visitors see high-quality company profiles with unique logo designs and business cards. 

In order to keep up with your market trends, you must reach out to design agencies. When you are a local business, you should consider hiring a design agency. An international design agency without detailed knowledge of local dynamics, for instance, could probably develop more relevant visuals and taglines than a company specializing in logo design.

4. Outperforms all languages

Everyone who comes across a website can easily comprehend visuals regardless of the language they speak. With the Internet, geographical barriers are crumbling, and visual linguistics has become increasingly important. The first thing people see on your page is it. In combination with the words, this strikes a chord with the audience.

Consider the Apple logo as an example. There is no tagline for this website. At the same time, the design conveys efficiency and innovation to those who view it. As well as stock photos, you can also use them to decorate your site today. In contrast, original graphics work better than stock images, according to solid evidence.

Information graphics and illustrations outrank original graphics at 40%. Approximately 24% of the traffic is video and presentation.

5. Brand recall is enhanced

The digital marketing domain relies heavily on brand consistency. Your choice of colors, icons, and typography plays a crucial role in how your brand is perceived. Corporate branding is about conveying a certain image to your audience through your corporate branding guidelines.

So far, you’ve seen some memorable marketing images. In its logos and signs, Home Depot always uses the orange color. Furthermore, there is an example of CVS using a large, red font that isn’t unlike a medical building’s. 

When your design reaches your audience, they automatically associate what they see with your brand.


It may seem useless and irrelevant to hire a graphic design agency. 

However, you may just see things differently after gaining an insight into the above benefits. 

Even though graphic design is costly for many smaller businesses, the value that it offers cannot be overlooked. Over 50% of small businesses have in-house designers or do the work themselves, according to 99designs. A further 21% employ freelancers, while 18% run a crowdsourced design contest through certain channels. The number of design agencies employs only 7%.

Remember that graphic design has endless potential when done correctly. A viral video can turn you into a celebrity overnight. A crisp outlook and optimism are essential!

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