Who Should Use PLR?

PLR is a great tool for any business owner, regardless of niche or market, unless you are dealing with very specialized business-to-business-type content. Even then, there might be PLR packages for you to use if you search hard enough.

If not, then there are other methods for quick content creation that you can use, which we outline in our guide on how to build your own information empire. These include repurposing any and all content that you have on your computer that you have written over the years that you have been in working in the industry.

Joan came up with this series of guides because she was constantly having to teach her consulting and coaching clients the same skills over and over again, and sometimes new staff as well. How-tos, fact sheets and more soon started to accumulate thanks to her prolific writing abilities and way that she is able to break down even complicated tasks into simple steps.

For the most part, in this guide we are talking about business to consumer (B2C) rather than business to business (B2B). However, do remember that in many cases, the contact person you might be dealing with in a B2B consulting or coaching situation might not be on the same level as yourself, in which case, B2C type content might work just fine.

In case you have any doubts, Joan points out how successful some large companies are at garnering lucrative deals just through posting compelling videos on YouTube, which is most definitely a non-commercial, entertainment website. Therefore, B2C PLR content might work for you as the foundation for a variety of articles, reports, audio, video scripts and more.

For the average person just starting their own website, PLR may seem as though

it is only for certain big business owners, in particular power niches such as Internet marketing or finance.

While there is a lot of competition in these niches, there is also a lot of demand for quality content that is accurate and truthful. The “make a million overnight” variety of content sold well for a while, but people interested in starting their own business are now waking up to the fact that running your own business and doing effective internet marketing is not as simple as the so-called gurus are claiming.

In fact, this is also one of the reasons why Joan and Evelyn are working so hard in the marketing and finance arenas. They want to deliver high-quality content at an affordable price so that anyone can use it to start their own business, not charge $97 or $997 for an ebook or course made up of slightly edited PLR content which is full of what are basically old techniques that might have worked five year ago, but definitely don’t any more in the post-Panda age (the recent Google updates were called Panda and have ended up a huge game- changer for a lot of websites that were offering poor content and luring the search engines with a lot of tricks).

There is no substitute for quality content published on a regular basis (about every other day) at your website when it comes to attracting the search engines, or visitors. So while it is true that there is a plenty of PLR content available in those two top markets, you do not always get what you pay for. Therefore, it is best to do your research first and use reliable PLR sites rather than buy from a super-hyped email telling you that you can become an instant millionaire if you just follow their blueprint or buy their usually overpriced ebook.

If you are not in the finance or Internet marketing niches, you can find PLR content to fit virtually any business. If you have a business where you regularly provide blog posts or articles to your subscribers and customers, or should be doing so, but haven’t yet started, or are struggling to get it all done, then PLR content is definitely for you.

Whenever you are making a major business decision, there are four main criteria you should consider:

1-Will it save me time? 

2-Will it save me money?

3-Will it help me run my business more efficiently? 

4-Will it help me earn more money?

With PLR, the answer is a resounding yes to all four questions. Here are some of the primary ways that purchasing PLR content can help your business:

1-PLR gives you a starting point and inspiration for your writing.

Whether you use it relatively unchanged after you buy it, or as merely as an outline or starting point for creating your own content, PLR can save you a great deal of time and effort. Even if you decide to do a major re-write, much of the research and organization of the material has already been done for you.

2-PLR helps you keep abreast of the pulse in your niche.

The PLR writers have some familiarity with the niche you are in and will often know what’s hot and what’s not. Therefore, not only has much of the factual research already been done for you, but market research as well.

3-PLR helps you avoid writer’s block.

If you struggle with quick content creation because you are never sure what to write about, or get stuck after a paragraph or two, PLR can help you get over these two hurdles. Any writer can tell you that it is much easier to have content and research materials to start with, rather than begin from scratch. Therefore, even if you delete 90 percent of the material and use only the table of contents of an ebook, or the opening paragraph of an article, you have gotten started

4-PLR can be re-written and re-used in a variety of ways.

You can take the same ebook content of about 20 pages of material, and do a variety of things with it; add to it, edit it, delete some sections, mix and match with other PLR, and so on. You can break the ebook up into 20 articles or more, one or more free or paid special reports; whatever you wish.

The only limitation is your imagination and how much time you have and might need to add more of your own personal touch to the material to make it uniquely your own and reflect well on your brand. See our list at the end of this guide for 36 ways you can use PLR content in your business.

5-PLR is like a business in a box.

Online, content is king, regardless of your niche, business, or industry. A high- quality website will impress the search engines and visitors alike. Joan compares it to a lottery ticket. You have to be in it to win it, and the more tickets you have, the greater your chances of winning.

In the case of your website, you are enticing people to draw your lottery ticket through setting up each page properly using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics, and marketing your pages in a variety of ways. By regularly populating a new website or blog with new pages of high-quality content, plus new products, you will be on the fast track to building a self-sustaining information business that can run on auto-pilot.

6-PLR helps you achieve profitability more rapidly.

It is fine being an affiliate and working for a commission or earning advertising revenue, but the sooner you create your own products to sell, the sooner you will have more income. You can keep 100 percent of the profits, or you can recruit your own affiliates. (See our guide to launching your own digital information product for more information.)

As we also highlighted in the action steps in the Introduction, when you work for yourself, time is money, quite literally. If you are a slow writer, save yourself time and effort by buying PLR content and re-purposing it. You can then spend the time you save in other ways, such as by marketing your business or doing consulting or coaching with your clients.

7-PLR helps you appear to be an expert in your niche or industry.

The more content and products that you have at your website, the more you look like someone worth paying attention to in your niche. In the same way that people would not go back to visit a store a second time if it had only one item, people are unlikely to visit your site if it doesn’t look as though it is worth their time and attention.

PLR can help you add breadth and depth to your website, add paid products, and help you create a robust email marketing program which can help you build a meaningful and perhaps even profitable relationship with the subscribers on your email mailing list.

The more you can let people know what’s new through your email marketing and social media marketing, the more they will come to your website, recommend it to others, and so on.

8-PLR gives you multiple streams of revenue for your website and business.

Once you have a website, you will want to make as much money as you can from it. No matter what your business or niche, quality content will always be of value to someone. The free content at your website will position you as an expert and offer free samples of what visitors can expect if they buy one of your ebooks or other information products.

As we have said, your credibility as a consultant or coach, and also your efficiency, will increase if you have handy content and course packs organized to help teach essential skills to your customers without having to start from scratch all the time and teach the same material over and over again with each new client.

You can also develop podcasts, membership websites, video, audio, PowerPoint slides and more, all from the same PLR content. This can help your students learn at their own pace and learn using the methods that suit them best.

You can also offer teleseminars and webinars to your clients, to command an even higher per hour fee or monthly fee, and yet still leverage the time and effort you have put into editing your purchased PLR content. (See Joan and Evelyn’s guides on how to make money from coaching and from giving webinars for more information.)

PLR can save you time and money by providing a wealth of ideas for your content and a foundation for it so that you do not have to write all your content from scratch.

As we said at the start, anyone running a business of their own in any niche can benefit from PLR content with a little imagination, some effort, and a willingness to repurpose the material to use in a variety of formats.

In the next chapter, we will discuss what you need to look for in the PLR content that you buy. First, it is time for your action steps.


1-Continue to brainstorm products and services that you could add to your website easily in order to earn more revenue. What kinds of PLR content could help?

2-Look at the content at your website, or the amount of content you plan to use upon launching your site. What are the hottest topics that you want to have more about?

3-What do you think would be a popular paid product at your website? Brainstorm a list of titles. See if you can find similar PLR titles at the PLR sites you have located so far.

4-Continue with your PLR website research and affiliate market research. If you have been able to get free items from the vendors that you are working with as an affiliate, continue to assess them and think of ways that you can improve upon the products you are reviewing.

If your budget allows it, buy one or two PLR products from two different websites and review them as well. Buy the ones that are of most interest and are most affordable and assess what they do well, and what you could improve upon. Remember that if they are very bad, you have up to 60 days to return them through ClickBank.

5-Start editing the PLR content into the types of formats you think will be of most interest to the people in your niche. Remember that re-writing, or “spinning” it, can help you create even more value from the money you have spent.

Use the PLR you buy for emails, website content, articles for other sites, and so on. If it is a special report, use it as a free report to get people to sign up for your emails, a paid report, a great bonus to go with your paid report, and so on.

6-List the number of revenue streams you currently have at your website. How can the PLR content help you add to those revenue streams?

For example:

a – AdSense ads: More content means more traffic, more traffic means more potential clicks.

b – Pay-Per-View ads: More content means more traffic. 100 visitors equals one cent. If visitors click, you will get an average of about 10 to 20 cents.

c – Lead generation: I sell X amount of product per month to my email newsletter subscribers.

d – Affiliate sales: I am selling X, Y and Z products and earn $X for each sale. e – I have A, B and C products selling at my website for $X each.

Recommendation: The Best Platform For Downloading PLR Content 

PLR.me is the best platform for finding and downloading high-quality PLR content for your website.

PLR.me has provided PLR products in a variety of niches since 2008. This includes coaching tools and courses for health and wellness professionals.

PLR.me is different from most other PLR platforms in that it offers a comprehensive solution.

If you join a monthly or annual membership plan, you can save a lot of money compared to paying per download.

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