Wealthy Affiliate’s Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim

Wealthy Affiliate was co-founded by two Canadians, Kyle and Carson in 2005. Before that, Kyle and Carson were very successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

At the beginning, Wealthy Affiliate only offered a keyword list membership that provides a databases of keywords. Yet Kyle and Carson did not stop there.


They had the ambitious vision to create the best platform for creating online business. Back then, they realised the following problems and had the ambitious vision to solve all of them:

  • No way for members to interact with each other
  • Couldn’t build an efficient website 
  • Couldn’t do keyword research independently
  • Unable to get personal support and mentoring
  • Members were desperate to learn how to host and rank their websites.

Throughout the years, Kyle and Carson have far exceeded that vision. They developed and transformed the platform into the most popular training portal. It helps others build a successful online business by following their model. Wealthy Affiliate is more than education. It is an all-in-one platform that provides all the necessary tools and support resources for online entrepreneurs

Today, people can get access to training, tools, hosting, support and even domain registration in one place. Wealthy Affiliate’s Platform has the following features:

  • State-of-art Site hosting 
  • Weekly live classes and comprehensive training modules
  • Proprietary keyword research tool
  • Domain registration
  • Live chat
  • User-friendly writing tool
  • Easy-to-use site builder

Throughout the years, Kyle and Carson spent most of their time helping members on Wealthy Affiliate to succeed. Till today, they are still very active in answering members’ questions on Wealthy Affiliate. They consistently improve the features offered on the platform.

Kyle is an SEO and online marketing expert that he created most of the training on Wealthy Affiliate. So if you have any questions about training materials, you can ask Kyle. Carson devotes to improving the technology on Wealthy Affiliate. So if you have any site building issues, you can approach Carson.

Unlike many other companies, it’s incredible that you can message and chat with the CEO for valuable advice. It shows how much they care about the success of members. That’s probably the reason why Wealthy Affiliate is the number one online business training platform in the world.

Here’re the profiles of Kyle and Carson on Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate Kyle

Wealthy Affiliate Carson

You can see the interface is very similar to social media like Facebook. You can follow people, send private messages to friends or leave a comment on posts. The benefit of this design is that you can seek help from others any time on Wealthy Affiliate. Entrepreneurs encounter different problems every day, so it’s really a great feature.

If you’re interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate, you can read this comprehensive article. It will give you a more in-depth overview of Wealthy Affiliate and how much value you can receive.

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