What To Expect Before You Begin Manifestation

You’re just a few pages away from discovering (or rediscovering) the world’s most powerful manifestation methods for attracting everything you want.

I included the word ‘rediscovering’ because it’s possible you’ve learned a version of some of these methods already. It’s important to expect this, because if any of these seem familiar, you might incorrectly assume they’re just like the version that didn’t work when you tried it in the past. And you then might not be willing to give any of these methods an honest try. This, again, is your ego sneaking up and getting the better of you.

If any of these do seem familiar, but they didn’t “work” when you tried them, you need to take an honest look at yourself and realize they didn’t actually fail.

The truth is you either misunderstood them (due to incomplete explanations) OR your ego made you doubt yourself too much to genuinely try them (and you were unaware the ego even had this kind of influence over you) OR you just didn’t stick with any of the techniques long enough to manifest your desired result (because doing them felt more like a chore than like the fun experience they should have been).

The key here is that until you really start getting momentum and seeing signs of actual change in your reality, you need to remember that it’s human nature to come up with excuses for not pressing forward and staying on course.

In fact, when you first start doing this and the ego is REALLY looking to rationalize to you why this won’t work, there are three really sneaky traps you have to watch out for:

Trap 1 – You try a technique out, and it feels GREAT the very first time. But then you never seem to get that same burst of enjoyment any time after. So you assume the technique has lost its effect.

But what REALLY happened is that your body and mind simply adjusted to your new state of ease and joy faster than you thought it would. So the technique is actually still working exactly as it should without you realizing it.

But the trap that some people fall into is that since they don’t experience the same excitement after the first time, they just quit instead, not realizing they were still on the right track.

The truth is that this “high” feeling WILL return on certain days. Maybe even every day. But you can’t always anticipate it ahead of time, and you can’t force it. So you’ve just got to stay open to it, knowing that everything is still working.

You’ll still feel good each time you do it, by the way. Getting back to our example from the beginning of the masterclass, ice cream still tastes good every single time. You’re going to enjoy it no matter what.

It’s just that for SOME people, if the taste absolutely amazed them the first time they had it, it might be difficult for it to live up to the hype the next time after because they’ve built it up too much in their heads.

This may or may not happen to you. Be ready for it and you’ll be fine.

Trap 2 – It doesn’t feel amazing on the first try, so you assume you’re doing it wrong or that it just doesn’t work for you. But what you don’t realize is that some people simply need to do it 5 or 10 times BEFORE they really start enjoying it. And it’s not that it’s an uncomfortable experience in the beginning (remember, ice cream always tastes good). It’s just that some people rationalize to themselves that they need to feel some huge initial burst of enthusiasm right away, otherwise it must not be working.

As long as you’re doing a technique as instructed, and you feel even slightly good, it’s working. But for those who let their ego’s doubts creep in on them, they’re going to need a genuine reason to motivate them to stick with it anyway and give it an honest chance for a few days (or even weeks).

A later module in this masterclass will reveal an easy process that you can put yourself through to uncover a truly compelling reason to stay consistent with the manifestation methods in this masterclass. Until then, just remember that it will feel good right away, and it will definitely feel amazing eventually. Enjoy the ice cream for whatever it is in the meantime.

Trap 3 – The craziest trap of all — The techniques are super fun right away. AND you start manifesting things almost immediately. Results come. It’s all happening! — Which should not surprise you at all since that’s exactly what these methods were designed to do!

…But then, for some strange reason that you can’t understand or figure out, you stop doing the techniques before things REALLY get a chance to take off for you.

Here you’re finally getting what you want, and it’s all finally starting to work out the way you always hoped. But then the ego finds a way to sneak in through the back door when you’re not looking and stop you from continuing. Remember, it’s more powerful than any conscious effort you could ever make. It can stop you dead in your tracks, especially when it’s absolutely terrified of the changes that are starting to unfold.

This is when all of a sudden doubt creeps in, hesitation takes over, and you find yourself rationalizing why it was never REALLY going to work anyway — even as it’s clearly working!

When this happens, you believe the thoughts are coming from you, but it’s really your ego behind the wheel, whispering things like, “sure, SOME manifestations are possible. You can find $50 on the street. You can meet someone great at the market and make a date with them. You can get a LITTLE relief with your back pain. You can get that part in the play without having to audition. You can land the top literary agent in your town.

…But you don’t REALLY think a million dollars is on the way, do you? You don’t really expect to fall in love, do you? You don’t really believe your back can feel like it did ten years ago. You don’t actually think you’ll ever star in a Hollywood blockbuster. You don’t really believe you’ll become a best-selling author.

…Let’s just quit while we’re ahead and save ourselves the disappointment.”


The truth is, you’re GOING TO SUCCEED using these methods. If you actually work them and stay consistent, FAILURE IS IMPOSSIBLE.

But you still need to remember that your ego loves you and is desperately trying to protect you and it doesn’t realize how happy you’re going to be once everything starts to work out for you. So you’ve got to be ready for success to come, but you can’t let yourself get complacent when it does. Every new manifestation isn’t your cue to stop and rest on your laurels. It’s your big flashing neon sign from the Universe screaming that this WORKS, so don’t stop now!

The good news is that overcoming all 3 traps is so simple because the solution is always the same: Just keep using any or all of the methods in this masterclass. Any one of them alone will be more than enough to take you where you want to go and help you manifest a life that you love. And now that you’re aware of these traps, you’ll be able to see self-sabotage from a mile away, so there’s no reason to wait any longer. Finally, one last note before moving forward…

Throughout the entire masterclass leading up to now, you’ve heard nothing but great things about the manifestation methods that wait for you in the pages ahead. So it’s natural to assume that their descriptions will blow your mind in some shocking and unexpected way, or that there might be some kind of supernatural quality to them.

But they’re really WAY more basic than you might believe. And that’s really the point! The conventional ways that they’re each explained in are what make them so effective. The whole point is that they’re presented in a style that makes them easy to use.

So don’t let their simplicity fool you.

The true raw power of these techniques will only be revealed AFTER making the choice to use them with genuine commitment and consistency.

And it all starts with gratitude. Let’s begin.

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