What it Really Takes to Manifest Wealth and Abundance

While this step is named wealth and abundance, what we’re discussing in this module is happiness. How to figure out what it is and how to have more of it. Money and wealth are both tools as well as obstacles to this.

A lot of us have terrible beliefs about money — I simply mean imbalanced. Therefore in order to restore a sense of balance, the universe’s forces do their work to balance the equation, leaving us more miserable than ever. When this happens, instead of recognizing our faulty thinking, we blame the subject of our thoughts, which in this case is money.

Abundance, wealth, money, whatever you want to call it, is simply a manifestation of what you think and how you think about it. So let’s take a deeper look at this.

Money Will Not Make You Happy

Well, we might as well get the bad news out of the way first. In case it isn’t apparent to you, money will not make you happy. This has never been the case and never will be. However, a lot of people take this to mean that money will never make you happy under any circumstances. This is false and reflects an imbalanced view of things.

Consider this scenario. It’s hot outside, and you really want an ice cream to cool off. The problem is that there’s no ice-cream seller or truck in sight. You’re sweating profusely, and the sun is now burning a hole, seemingly, in the back of your neck as you trudge through what seems to be a hot and humid day.

You’re keenly on the lookout for an ice cream vendor, and just then, you spot a truck! You run toward it and ask for your favorite flavor of ice cream and the biggest possible serving. Let’s assume the size of this serving is six scoops. So as the ice cream man scoops it out one by one, into your cup, you eye it hungrily and before they can take your money, you’ve begun devouring the ice cream.

The first few mouthfuls are about as close to heaven as you can get. The first scoop is wonderful. The second scoop is pretty good but not as good as the first one. By the time you reach the sixth scoop, you’re actively sick of ice cream because you’ve already had so much of it that your craving has disappeared. Whereas just a few minutes ago, you were craving ice cream and would have done anything for six scoops of ice cream, you would now gladly give away that last scoop for free.

What’s going on here is known as the law of diminishing returns which affects every single one of our desires. Once we get what we want, we simply value it less. This is not to say we seek to get rid of it. Instead, it no longer occupies our minds as much. As you continue to eat the ice cream, the amount of pleasure you receive increases to a certain point, beyond which, it simply stops rising. No amount of additional ice cream can increase that.

This law applies to money as well. Beyond a certain income level, which is usually pegged at 70,000-80,000 USD per year, additional income simply doesn’t give you happiness. It does give you pleasure though. This is the first obstacle you need to sort out. A lot of people mistake pleasure for happiness, but they are two completely different things.

Pleasure is the feeling of eating that first scoop of ice cream on a hot day after craving it for so long. It is mercurial and memorable. It also lasts for a very short time. It can hit high peaks but by its very nature, doesn’t have a long shelf life. Happiness, on the other hand, is more like your base level of existence. It depends on some very simple things being in place, namely love and security. Shelter, food, and so on fall under the security blanket, but you could place them in separate categories as well.

Money is crucial for these things. It doesn’t buy love, but you cannot exhibit your best self without the protection that money provides you with. If you’re constantly worrying about how you’re going to pay your next bill, always anxious about making ends meet, you’re not going to attract too many potential partners to yourself. Thus, money is necessary to a certain point. It is necessary for our basic needs of security, nourishment, and of course, survival. It isn’t evil or bad. It is what it is, much like what ice cream is.

How you interpret it depends on your level of balance. The more balanced you are, the truer your interpretation of things. By confusing pleasure with happiness, once people experience the comfort that money provides, and the release from the anxiety that occurs, they start chasing more money thinking that it will bring them more happiness. However, such individuals are merely chasing pleasure. Is it a surprise that these people never find happiness?

Happiness depends on some very simple things, namely, your thoughts. What is it that you think about most of the time? That is the level of your happiness. More specifically, your mindset is what determines your base level of happiness. A scarcity-based mindset, where you think everything is fleeting and that the universe takes more than it gives, will result in you creating this reality for yourself and affirming your beliefs. You will create your own truth.

Happiness depends on you adopting an abundant mindset and thus creating it for yourself. Once your basic needs are met, happiness revolves around how you choose to spend your time. In other words, what is your true purpose, and how closely aligned to it are you? Pursuing that path and realizing your progress along it is what constitutes one of the pillars of true wealth.

Much like pleasure and happiness, money and wealth have the same relationship. Money can be quantified and when you receive it after a long barren spell, it takes you to heights you will relish. However, it will never bring those same heights again once you’ve ascended them.

Wealth has both qualitative and quantitative aspects to it. Pleasure, happiness, and any positive emotions you experience when living your life are all indicators of wealth — these are things that cannot be quantified, but they can only be felt.

Money is the quantitative aspect of wealth such as the experiences we partake in — vacations, nutrition and supplements, wellness products and fitness memberships, books and movies, events we attend, the education we seek, etc., — are all tangible aspects of having wealth. Money is what helps us attain a basic level of comfort and seek newer, expansive experiences, while the feelings we get, the results we achieve (physically, emotionally, mentally) when engaged in those experiences is what constitutes and accounts for our level of happiness and other positive emotions.

Both are necessary and complement each other. By seeing them for what they are, you will be able to adopt a balanced mindset about them. When we confuse wealth and money to be the same thing, we create major imbalances in our life which only lead to us getting rid of our money, given that we turn it into our primary source of unhappiness. Thus, we will also rid ourselves of the security provided by money and become even more miserable.

It all starts with eliminating scarcity.

How to Change Your Scarcity Mindset

Let’s say you and I are eating pieces of a delicious apple pie. Both of us love the pie so we’re not experiencing any diminishing returns just yet and before we know it, there’s just one piece left. Now, both of us want this piece dearly and all of a sudden, it’s you versus me and we’ve turned adversaries temporarily. All over a piece of pie.

This is exactly how people live their lives, largely speaking. They believe that the world is one large pie and there isn’t enough for everyone to go around. If someone takes a larger piece, it means that the rest of us have to be content with smaller pieces. Thus, everyone is an adversary and win-win situations simply don’t exist. In order for you to win, someone must lose. Pretty soon, instead of focusing on how you can win, you focus on defeating someone else. Success that is achieved in this manner, if it ever does come, is a slog and grind. There is no purpose to it and it doesn’t get you out of bed in the morning.

Once that initial thrill of having bested someone subsides, there’s nothing left to drive you forward and life just becomes a series of uninteresting and stressful jousts after another.

Contrast this with an abundant mindset that sees the world as it truly is. In an abundant mindset, the metaphor of the world being one large pie is a fallacy in itself. The rationale behind this is that if we are co-creators of our world and can design our life to be whatever we envision it to be, then how can there ever be a limited supply of anything? Only those who believe that resources are finite will ever believe in such nonsense. In order to live larger lives, you need to simply create it. Believing in your ability to create this is the basis of the abundant mindset.

We grow up around scarcity when we’re kids. If you’re like most people, you were taught that “money doesn’t grow on trees,” that in order to come first in your class, someone else needs to come second, and so on. While competition is a good thing and can be healthy to an extent, our school systems turn them into something they were never intended to be: a rat race where we are pitted against each other. The beauty of abundance is that by adopting this mindset, you will create more of it for yourself, since you will manifest what you focus on the most. Focus on scarcity, and you will continue living in that vicious cycle of not having enough. Focus on abundance and how you can create your own opportunities, and you will be presented with more as a result. A crucial step in cultivating an abundant mindset and manifesting your desires is recognizing your power and ability to create and manifest your desires while understanding how energy works. Simply put, you get what you focus on and direct your energy toward.

Go back and read the part about resonance if you’re still unsure about how this works and why this is true. Next, commit to improving yourself in small steps every single day. It doesn’t matter how small the step is, simply take one to improve yourself and commit to it, every single day. Improving yourself can

mean learning a new skill or reinforcing an old one. Keep your mind fresh by giving it a workout and providing it with novelty.

Novelty is a highly underrated tool when it comes to mental development. Exposing your mind to new things will help it navigate change better and will also expand your world considerably. By doing this, you’re squarely attacking the idea that the world is a limited place. After all, if there are so many things in the world to learn, how can it ever be limited? Thus, explore ideas and concepts every day that expand your understanding of the world. This is what true self- development is.

Next, study and learn from others’ mistakes and successes. The whole world is at your disposal and it functions as a sounding board for your ideas. If you wish to do something, explore whether others have done it and see how it worked out for them. Once our ancestors discovered fire and invented the wheel, there was no need for us to do the same every single time. We simply applied and refined their processes.

Similarly, there have been generations of brilliant women and men who have come before you who have experienced life in much the same manner as you. Seek to learn from them and absorb their learning from the mistakes they made. This way, you can dramatically improve your life since you will be tapping into a higher level of consciousness than just your own when it comes to learning.

One of the mistakes people make is when they realize how truly wonderful the abundant mindset is, they become hard on themselves and admonish themselves for having adopted a scarcity mindset for so long. Don’t be too hard on yourself. After all, you’re just as entitled to make mistakes as the next person. Learn from this and move on.

Being mindful of your thoughts and actions is a great practice for you to carry out. Practicing mindfulness will keep you rooted in the present, which will help you realize just how abundant the world is. Think about the present moment for a second. It is always there and it has no end. Anything can happen within this.

The past, in contrast, as well as the future is always fixed. It doesn’t flow but it ends at a certain point once your projection and imagination runs out. Thus, it is limited. There is no sense of possibility with them since you can only come up with so many scenarios. However, the present moment depends on forces much larger than you and I. The possibilities are endless. If this is not abundance, what is?

Lastly, the most powerful way to develop an abundant mindset is to practice gratitude and altruism, or giving. More than anything else, these two things will guarantee an abundant mindset and true happiness, because of the simple principle: What you give is what you will receive. Let’s take a look at this fantastic phenomenon.


Buddhist practice always emphasizes the importance of giving. Look around society and you’ll often find that the happiest people are those who give back to the community. There is however, a danger of giving for the wrong reasons. Too many people look at charity as a means of inflating their egos and don’t give with the right intentions.

The act of giving opens up your mind to abundance more than anything else because it teaches you that you can literally afford to give things away. In other words, you are prosperous. No matter what problems you think you’re dealing with, you can still afford to improve someone else’s life.

According to Buddhist thought, the act of giving is far more powerful when it is carried out in favor of someone who is worthy as opposed to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Now, this could be misinterpreted to mean that the poorest in society do not deserve charity, which is certainly not the case.

The truth is that determining who deserves charity and who doesn’t is a purely personal choice and the motive behind charity should be to feel gratitude and thankfulness — for what you have and how grateful you feel to be able to be a blessing to others and help them better their lives. Your aim should not be something material in this regard.

Gratitude is an important practice for you to follow and quite simply, it is the

most positive state of mind you can adopt. By being thankful for your blessings and looking at what you have, as opposed to what you don’t have yet, you are further reinforcing the abundance of this world.

The fact of the matter is that human civilization is currently at its peak. In the west, we’ve never lived longer, had more comfortable lives or technology to aid us. However, we’re more miserable than ever. This is solely due to a lack of focus on gratitude. We have it better than large parts of the world, but all we ever focus on is the lack of things or settling political scores.

Ultimately, it all boils down to what you want in your life. Put out positive energy and gratitude, you will receive it back tenfold thanks to the principle of resonance. Always take the time to relax and count your blessings. By blessings, I mean focusing on the positive things in your life despite the multitude of things that may not always be on point.

You’ll find that all your problems will soon have solutions and that your life will move forward positively. Give whatever you can, without any need for reciprocation or don’t give at all. Focus on feeling good when you give and make this your objective. Remember to differentiate between the fleeting feeling of pleasure and true happiness when you set your objective to give.

The practices for this module have already been talked about and explained, but I will sum it up for you here. Simply focus on being grateful for what you have and give more of what you want to develop abundance. With these simple practices you can reprogram your mind to believe that you already have what you want. With this, comes a paradigm shift that changes your external reality to correlate with your internal reality. Stop thinking of what you don’t have and begin thinking of all the possibilities that exist for something wonderful to happen in your life.

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