What is YouTube Marketing?

Perhaps everyone—you, your mom, your dad, your neighbor, your neighbor’s workmate—knows who Justin Bieber is. With more than 60 million likes on his Facebook page, almost 50 million followers on Twitter, and about 8 million subscribers on YouTube, there is no denying that Bieber is one of the most celebrated people in Hollywood.

Back in early 2007, a twelve-year-old kid whose username was “Kidrauhl” started posting song covers on YouTube. Of course, at first, he still didn’t have many views. “It had a hundred views, then a thousand views, then ten thousand views…” That kid was none other than Justin Bieber. After a while, he got discovered by his manager who then sent him to Usher, and the rest is history.

Unlike other Hollywood personalities who have the blood of celebrities running through their veins, Justin used to be just like you and me, a simple person who dreamed of making it big someday. For that matter, YouTube has been his steppingstone to making his dream turn into a reality.

Just like Bieber, you too can make use of YouTube as a tool for making it big in your chosen career, be it in performing, or even in your business. But first of all, let us first discuss the basics of YouTube. Once you are ready, you can learn more about how to make money on YouTube.

What is YouTube?

YouTube, just like Facebook and Twitter, is a form of social media. However, its difference among other social media is that it specializes on video hosting and sharing.

YouTube is a platform that enables video sharing to inform, entertain, inspire and educate. Three former PayPal employees Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jared Karim founded YouTube in the year 2005, and then Google bought it a year after.

Since its introduction, YouTube has undeniably been a huge success. Co-founder Steve Chen told Business Week two years after YouTube’s foundation that they owe their company’s accomplishment to the emergence and availability of affordable video cameras, the growth of fiber optic lines from 1999 to 2004, and the increasing number of people with access to broadband internet.

YouTube has a simple yet inviting interface. “The coolness is in the content, not the interface.” Once you enter www.youtube.com on your browser’s tab, you will be presented with its homepage. Here is how YouTube’s Homepage looks like.

introduction to ​​the proven youtube marketing masterclass

YouTube’s homepage already has practically everything you need to use on this site. There are the Search bar where you can just type any video you would want to watch, the Sign in button for you to log into your account and upload a video, like other videos and interact with other YouTube users, the Upload button for you to share your own video to YouTube (what’s the essence of creating a channel on YouTube if you are not going to upload a video, anyway?), and the videos that have the most views or are highly recommended for you. YouTube is not that complicated after all, is it?

Why is YouTube an effective marketing tool?

With 22.8 billion monthly visits, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world after Google and is able to benefit businesses in many ways. Companies can develop YouTube channels for advertising, and the platform is not just a popular entertainment channel. With YouTube channels, brands can reach new geographic areas, market their products, build a large customer base, and increase sales.

YouTube is also a well-known educational platform. Companies can gain greater exposure through YouTube, thereby expanding their customer base. Google will rank brands higher if they create detailed tutorials, live streams, guides, and lessons. In addition to running ads, companies use video-sharing platforms to reach a wider audience and acquire new customers. In addition, it’s much cheaper than paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s time to discover YouTube’s key benefits now that you know why it’s a successful marketing tool.

Benefits of Youtube Marketing

In the expanse of the Internet universe, YouTube is not—definitely not—the only video-hosting site that is available to people. There are still lots of other websites that offer video-sharing services. But what makes YouTube stand out among the rest?

1. YouTube tops the ranking in Google search results

One reason is that YouTube tops the ranking in Google search results. Has there been an incident when you search on Google “One Direction Story of my Life music video” but YouTube is not on the top results? Chances are if you search for any kind of video online, the top result will almost always be on YouTube.

That is one of the reasons why a huge wave of people is being drawn to YouTube each and every day. YouTube tops the Google search result, which means YouTube will be the first site that people will see and visit.

2. Youtube can handle a large audience

Another reason is that it can handle a lot of people every day for it has a great (great is probably an understatement) traffic source. As of today, statistics show that YouTube caters to a billion people every day. Just imagine how large that number is?

Just put it this way: If you’re on your computer and billions of people keep on sending you requests to access your computer, what would that be like? Being a huge company, YouTube can accommodate a large number of people which means there is no hassle with regard to traffic and access.

3. Youtube is convenient to use

Moreover, YouTube is convenient to use. Its features can easily be seen on its Homepage, which makes it hassle-free, even if it’s your first time visiting the site.

Learn more about the benefits of YouTube marketing.

Most Popular Categories on Youtube

YouTube is a home for thousands or even millions of videos from everyone around the world. Because the number of videos that can be found on this site is quite unimaginable already, it’s somehow impossible to come up with concrete classifications of what videos are usually found on YouTube. Nonetheless, YouTube places different videos into categories (which can also be found on their Homepage) which just makes searching for videos easier for us.


Most of the time, people go to YouTube to be entertained. They want to listen to music or watch music videos or movie trailers. Some people also upload TV show episodes for those who would want to catch up or even movies that they have. Some even make their own “show” and entertain the viewers.


Just like entertainment, some people go to YouTube to get a fair dose of laughter and happiness. Whether it’s as random as a person who tripped over or a rooster that laughs like a human, people will surely want to watch those videos, making Comedy as one of the most popular categories on YouTube.

Pets and Animals

While some want to entertain people, some just want to share how cute, fluffy, and adorable their pets are. Though it can be entertainment to some point, the Pets and Animals categories are specially made for videos that star nothing but our animal best friends. If you are a big pet lover, then this category is surely for you.

Travel and Places

For those who would like to explore different places but rather are just snuggled up in their couches or beds, then this category is probably the answer to your dreams. Under this one, you would find videos created by people who have gone on vacations to different places and would like to share their experiences and how great those places were.

These are just some of the categories to give you an overview of what can normally be found on YouTube and might as well give you some ideas on how to start creating videos and what your videos must contain.

Three YouTube marketing tips

There are many ways to improve brand exposure and engagement and promote your channel to increase viewership. Let’s find out how to do it.

1. Write titles that are eye-catching

To attract new subscribers to your channel, create an engaging headline. Create a catchy title for your YouTube video to entice users to watch. If you want to get more views, you should use question-based titles or include hyperboles. Those who want to reach their target audience use a conversational tone. Alternatively, you can start your headline with “Best of” or “How-to”. It’s not a good idea to use clickbait headlines, as they often mislead readers.

2. Find out what your viewers want and need

You should adapt your content to the needs of your audience if you want more views. To create high-quality videos, you should know your audience. If you are new to YouTube, you should look at your competitors’ videos and popular videos. Examine the videos with the highest engagement, most views, likes, and comments. This way you can find out what topics and types of videos people are interested in.

3. Prepare your thumbnails

In addition to a good title, you should create a compelling thumbnail image to grab the customer’s attention. Create your own thumbnail instead of relying on a blurry screenshot from YouTube. Make sure your titles convey value, use a clear font and original image, and be consistent. Learn more about Youtube marketing strategies.

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