What is the Duotone Effect In Canva?

In this topic, I will show you three creative ways to use the duotone effect, how to use the duotone effect to change the color of your logos and create shadows. Also, we will create this effect in which we have photos with sections of different colors.

You can follow this guide if you have a Canva free account or a Canva pro account. Unfortunately, this functionality can only be accessed from the desktop at the moment. Still, hopefully, Canva will bring this feature soon to mobile devices too, but at the moment, we can only use it from our computers.

Let us go to the computer.


In this case, you see that the logo I have here has just one shade, and the background is transparent.

Maybe this color is not the best color that we can use in this design because the color in the background is dark red that does not suit the logo color. But, we can do better, and we can change the color of this logo to white. So, how do we do it? Well, we are going to use the duotone effect.

I have to select the logo that I have here. Then, we go to the effects button, and down here, you will see the duotone effect.

what is the duotone effect in canva

You have not installed the duotone application so far, you can find it in the elements option when you scroll down.

Then you just have to click on connect, and you will have the duotone installed in your Canva in about five seconds.

I am going to select the first one, and I am going to click two times. With the second click, I am going to change the highlights and the shadows for white. In this case, I want this logo to look white, and then I hit apply. It is as simple as that.

Now I have my logo in white. I can also test different colors.

Let us do it. I am going to duplicate this logo, and I am going to do the same process again. Let us say that I want this logo to look yellow, and then I will use the same color for the shadows and then click on apply.

Just like this, you can have your logo in different colors.


Here we have this design, and I have this crop-out photo. I am going to duplicate the image. Now, I have two times the same photo, and I am going to effects. I am going to do the same process we did before.

I can select any of the duotone effects. I am going to click twice and change the highlights and shadows to complete black and then apply.

We will wait just for two seconds until this duotone effect is on this photo. Now, we go to the Adjust button. Let us go to the Blur slider and move it just a tiny bit to the right.

And now, I am going to position this blur or dark blur image behind the original photo.

Then I will reduce the Transparency, so the shadow is not so strong or not so dark that it looks natural.


I will show you how you can use this kind of effect in your post on Instagram.

In Canva, I have a photo right here. I am going to duplicate it. I have two photos now. So, now, it is time to add duotone effects to one of the photos.

For this step, let us see all the different duotone effects that Canva offers. Now, the effect that I am about to use is the Mustard color. So, let us apply the mustard color to one of these photos.

We are going to wait for just a second until the effect is on the photo.

Now, I am going to the second photo. Here I am about to use Fuchsia color for the other section of the photo. Apply, then just wait a couple of seconds. And now we are going to do the trick.

So now, we have the two photos. Unfortunately, the pink effect is only in a circle in the middle of the image. So, we will position the yellow photo behind and the pink or foxy color on top.

Now, recreate the effect we want; we need to crop the fuchsia color. So, let us go to elements and let us use one of the frames. I have chosen this rectangular one with two sides having ripped papers. It also has an interesting shape. I am going to position this frame here.

Now, I am going to take the Fuchsia color and bring it inside this frame.

If I go closer to the image, the effect is still not looking great. So I will double click on this frame, and then I will reposition the photo and then hit done.

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