What is Holding You Back In Manifestation?

Before we get into the how-to of manifestation, it’s important to explore and uncover anything holding you back.

In this module, we’ll find the reasons that keep people from achieving their desires. This includes beliefs about money, feelings of unworthiness, opinions about the self or others and lastly, why affirmations don’t work.

If you want good, love, and abundance, then fully focus on those ideals. The Universe will respond in accordance to your thoughts and feelings.

If you focus on fear, lack, and the negative, the Universe will not only respond in kind but will return these negative thoughts and feelings back to you; multiplied.

As shared earlier, metaphysical laws are impartial. They neither reward nor punish. They will simply respond to whatever you give our attention to.

There’s an old song about how the rich get rich, and the poor get children. The rich get rich because they focus on wealth and enjoying the pleasures money can buy. The poor are worried about paying bills, surviving, grocery or medical bills, and focusing on lack. Both groups are reaping their corresponding experiences.

The Universe will give you exactly what you think about. Therefore, pay careful attention to your thoughts, desires and words. Proclaiming even in jest, you can’t afford that new handbag will reap the corresponding effect.

In addition to the Laws of Attraction, Correspondence and the Law of Cause and Effect, I am going to add the Law of Circulation. The Law of Circulation demands continuous flow. If you block the flow anywhere in the cycle, you hinder the flow of good in your life. If you feel unworthy or undeserving, you block the circulation of financial flow.

If you feel uncomfortable accepting a gift or even a compliment, the core problem is not money; it’s your feeling of unworthiness.

Beliefs about Money

Money, in and of itself, is neither good nor evil. It’s simply the commodity we currently use to acquire goods and services. Centuries ago, we were exchanging beads and seashells.

Many of us have a love/fear relationship with money.

For me, this fear of money began as a child. In Sunday School, I learned that money was the source of all evil, and if I loved money, I would go to hell. Yikes, I didn’t want to go to hell. I wanted to go to heaven! I was also frightened by monsters under my bed and noises outside my window.

As I grew, I realized monsters weren’t real. There was no such thing as the boogeyman and the sound of scarping outside my window was a tree branch that needed trimming.

Yet, the concept that money was evil lingered in the dark recesses of my subconscious mind. The often-heard declarations compounded from my parents that I was unworthy. Over time, my beliefs about money and feelings of unworthiness assimilated in my psyche and blocked my path to financial abundance for many years.

It took me a long time to realize I was a beloved child of God, worthy of every good thing. It took countless books, tapes, and CDs, as well as a lot of internal dialogue, to eradicate those thoughts and feelings.

What are your thoughts and beliefs about money? Do you feel awkward about accepting money? How do you feel a knot in your stomach or guilt when you spent a small portion on yourself? Do you in any way feel hesitant about accepting money or asking for a raise?

To understand your relationship with money, take a dollar bill and hold it in your hand. Close your eyes, and allow yourself to explore the thoughts and feelings you have about money. Let the money speak to you and listen to your internal dialogue.

See yourself receiving money and then visualize yourself handing money to someone else. Is there a lump in your throat or a knot in your stomach? Does your body constrict? Does your heart skip a beat, or does your sacred chakra recoil?

A long time ago, when we lived in caves, we listened to our bodies. We were alert and instinctively aware of the danger. After all, our lives were dependent on our senses. During that time, we were keenly aware of changes in air pressure and hurried to shelter when we felt the atmospheric variations. Back then, we paid attention to strangers and watched their body signals to indicate whether they were a friend or intended harm. We listened and trusted our gut and our intuitive selves.

Today, in our modern world, we have forgotten to listen to our bodies and ignore the warnings they try to share with us. We ignore these warnings and worry about being politically correct. Your body will be delighted to have you listen to it and will happily provide you with the answers you seek.

What does your body tell you about money?

I want you to visualize yourself sitting at your kitchen table, paying a bill. Do you write your check out with joy and gratitude for the service you received? Or do you fearfully watch your balance grow smaller? Identify all physical and emotional experiences as you spend your money. Your body is a barometer of your intuitive self.

Your physical reactions are indicators of your core beliefs. Sometimes the simple act of identifying negative thoughts or emotions will help you root them out.

To break any money blockage in your life, give. Cultivate giving money away without feeling a lump in your throat. Practice receiving a compliment without saying more than thank you. If any restrictions occur, identify and release them until there is nothing left but gratitude. Practice until you feel the delight of the experience and the deep-seated knowingness that the money you just gave away will return to you.

When you pay for your meal, see that money flowing from you to the server, the restaurant owner, and the farmer who buys the seed. Feel the happiness of each interaction by every person in the monetary chain. Watch as your money moves to the bankers and businesses and to all the people who enjoy the happy benefit you set into motion. Feel the happiness of the employees who can make their house payment or buy toys and food for their children.

Monies freely and lovingly given will return to you, multiplied. Learn to give and accept money with gratitude.

Let go of any negative thoughts you have about money. Replace those thoughts with an attitude of gratitude by happily and joyfully accepting the funds, funds you are worthy to accept and experience.

Practice the act of gracious receiving. Be open to receiving money and learn how to say thank you. To say anything other than thank you is to dishonor the giver. Thank the giver, thank God, and bless the funds.

I have noticed that people who have difficulty accepting money also have difficulty accepting a compliment. If you feel uncomfortable when someone says something nice to you, don’t have a knee jerk response that tells the person the dress is old or dismisses their compliment. When you dismiss a kind word or thought, you are disrespecting their opinion as you are also telling the Universe, you are not worthy of such kind words. Practice saying thank you until you can accept a compliment with grace.

Money needs to be kept in a constant state of flow. It’s okay to add to your savings or hold onto it for a prosperous future; just don’t hold onto it out of the fear that if you spend it, it won’t return.

Live in the Laws of Attraction and Circulation, and money, love, and abundance will flow continuously in your life.

Say with me, “I now accept love, health, harmony, and financial abundance in my life. I enjoy the flow of financial abundance in my life. I give generously, and I pay my bills knowing money is continuously flowing into my life. I am worthy of every good thing. I am worthy of an unending stream of financial abundance. And So It Is.”

Another belief that holds people back is Ego, but it’s not what you think.


The word Ego comes from the Latin pronoun I. The Ego is the image we hold of ourselves. It’s the sum total of who we think we are and sometimes gets blended with the perception of what others think of us.

When we use the words ego or egotistical, we generally think of those words as unflattering terms used to describe vain, boastful, self-absorbed, and opinionated people. We believe being called egotistical is unbecoming in other people and certainly in ourselves.

There is another ego side, for having too little an ego or no ego can be just as damaging and debilitating. This aspect of the ego says to the self, “I am unworthy. I do not deserve good, love, or success.” If the ego feels these statements are true, I can assure you of a sad life with poor outcomes.

For many of us, low opinions of ourselves began in childhood when critical words were spoken to us by parents, teachers, or schoolyard bullies or perhaps simply materialized in the dark shadows of our self-talk.

Feelings of unworthiness are as familiar to us as the lyrics of an old song that continuously plays in the background of our minds. Left unchecked, these long-standing melodies permeate every aspect of our lives. Feeling as though we’re unworthy will keep us from our success. It will keep us from experiencing unlimited abundance, joy, good health and even love.

Words only hurt you if you believe they are true. You will never achieve success until you know you are worthy of every good thing.

Feeling everyone is worthy of success but you will keep you trapped in a chasm of unhappiness. Your choice is to remain in this dark pit of false narratives or rise from a distorted view of who you truly are.

You are special, perfect, whole, and complete. Read that sentence again and as you slowly digest each word, pause and internalize them and feel them in every cell of your body, for this is who you really are. You are special. You are perfect just as you are. You are whole and complete.

Everyone should have a healthy opinion of the self that is balanced, independent, and free from the opinions of others.

Now would be a good time to write down your thoughts and feelings about success.

A sales axiom states two reasons for doing anything: the real reason and the one that sounds good.

Your fear-born, false sense of ego may be telling you that you will never be able to leave your dead-end job or enjoy a lifestyle that others celebrate. In this instance, you rationalize that you are a good parent, partner, citizen staying in the job because it is the responsible thing to do. Is your answer the real reason or the one that sounds good? If the real reason is wrapped in feelings of unworthiness because you deserve nothing more than the dead-end job, check your unworthiness at the door and find a way to make your dreams happen.

Once you acknowledge and uncover the real reason for staying in an unhappy job, you will move forward in your life.

The belief that you’re not worthy is a lie. To rise above feelings of unworthiness, you must raise your self-esteem.

Affirmations are wonderful, but you must believe your affirmations are true.

To change your opinion of yourself, begin by writing down a list of attributes you like about yourself. This is your starting place.

Write down and appreciate the good, strong, kind qualities you possess. When I began this exercise for myself, I could only conceive of one good thing about myself. It took days and weeks before I could add to my list, but I saw the good qualities within me as I did. I wasn’t an ugly, victimized duckling after all. In time, I found a swan starring back at me from the mirror. The good qualities were always there; I had such a low opinion of myself, it took me a while to find them.

Keep working on your list; fill up page after page as you acknowledge and

understand who you truly are. Review your list and add to it every day. This is your mission until you understand who you really are. As your list grows, so will your self-esteem, pride, and perception of the beautiful person you are.

Love and appreciate yourself every day; make it your mission to do at least one nice thing for yourself every day. Make you the star of your own life!

Do things you love. Doing things, you love honors yourself and your beautiful spirit. Action validates your internal dialogue that you are worthy. As you do things that nurture you by the sheer act of expressing love to yourself, you will come to believe it and realize the truth of who you really are. These small things grow into self-worth.

Make a date with yourself to enjoy a walk, read a book or do anything that uplifts you. Do whatever do need to do to make yourself feel special because you are.

You have always known you are special, now is the time to experience it by celebrating you.

Say I am worthy every minute of every day until you know it to be true. I can absolutely assure you will uncover a higher version of yourself, one who deserves every aspect of success.

Live in a no-judgment zone. Stop judging others for your judgment of others will eventually return on you. Judgment and unforgiveness for past mistakes and negative self-talk bind you and hamper movement and flow in your life. Live in a no-judgment zone. The shackles you bind yourself with will fall by the wayside. Living in a no-judgment zone will be freeing, and you will feel lighter.

And, regarding past regrets, keep in mind, you did the best always. So, as you would forgive a friend, forgive and let go of any past actions that hold you down. They are no part of your experience today. In fact, because of those events, you have become the beautiful person you are in the present.

Come to understand fully, your role in your life is not to play the victim but the star.

Focus on what makes you feel good and on that which enhances your experience. You will only experience financial abundance when you internalize and truly accept it.

As you uplift your sense of self, you will experience positive changes in your world. Raise your thoughts, emotions, and vibrations; you will create a new life for yourself with a healthy, balanced ego.

Spend some time writing down the good you do and how you have helped others. Write down your accomplishments, affirmations, and the dreams you have already fulfilled. See yourself as I see you. Someone who deserves and is worthy of success.

Your manifest destiny is to experience life and live with abundance with all good things.

In your meditation and visualization work, see yourself achieving your goal. Believe your dream is achievable. Your once upon a time is here and is now.

God will never give you a dream without fulfillment. Heaven wants you to succeed and be successful.

When Don’t Affirmations Work?

An affirmation is a proclamation, a truth you claim to affect your life. Positive affirmations can shift consciousness and bring about a positive change in their physical world.

However, merely repeating a phrase or affirmation over and over again without investing energy into the words is merely wishful thinking.

I want you to think of your affirmation as a jet airplane. Picture with me a beautiful, gleaming airplane sitting on the tarmac. You’re in the captain’s chair, but until you engage the engines, the jet is going to sit idling on the runway. By physically pushing the throttle forward, the engines roar to life and drive the plane forward before ascending into the powder-blue sky. It is the energy behind your words that will give your affirmations flight.

The first step is to believe your words. Breathe life into them. Feel their energy bubble up inside you. Belief combined with your emotional energy is truly the wind beneath your wings.

As stated before, when emotions and the intellect come into conflict, the emotions will always win. As previously stated, the Universe will always respond to the stronger call.

What you think about and dwell on, you will experience in the manifest plane. The Universe is always listening to what you say and what you feel. Years ago, I would spend the first thirty minutes of each morning in prayer and meditation as I spiritually built my financial wealth. I truly sparked the Divine within me during my prayers and meditation, and I was one with my good. 

Oh, if only I could have stayed in those precious moments of oneness with my financial dreams!

You see, immediately after my morning meditations, I would check my bank balance and then spend the next twenty-three-plus hours worrying about money and what I perceived was my lack of it.

I set the Universal Laws of Attraction and Correspondence into play, which returned to me as an unending cycle of financial challenges.

Whatever we send out comes back multiplied.

As I grew in faith, I stopped that defeating cycle by turning my attention and completely focusing on abundance throughout the day. As I directed my attention and my thoughts to prosperity, the Universe opened the floodgates of financial increase as I lived in a prosperity consciousness.

What are you focusing your attention on throughout the day?

One of my favorite stories was heard at a Christian Science Lecture. My apologies to the speaker, whose name has become lost in time, but the picture he painted still resonates with me today.

He shared a story of an old lady who barely had enough to eat. Her children had deserted her, her husband had left her for another woman, and her home was falling apart. Lamenting her life, she went to her minister for solace.

“What have you asked God for?” the minister asked softly.

With tears in her eyes, she said in a voice barely above a whisper, “All I have ever asked God for was the crust of bread and a roof over my head.”

The moral of this tale seems harsh, but the lesson is clear, each of us gets exactly what we ask for. Therefore, take care of what you are asking of Heaven.

A century ago, there is the story of an Irish lad who measured out a few loaves of bread and cheese for his long voyage across the Atlantic to America. He kept a close eye on his rations, but the bread grew moldy as the days passed, and the cheese went bad. Throughout the journey, he listened to the happy mealtimes shared by the other passengers. It wasn’t until they neared the shore that he realized that his ticket included the daily meals. Your “ticket” to this life includes abundant.

In the KJV of the Bible, John 10:10, Jesus states, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

Too often, we limit ourselves with false and self-limiting thoughts. How many of us ask for little when the Universe is willing to give us so much more if only we’d accept it? You were born to be successful. You were born success- filled. It’s your nature.

If you are struggling to find abundance in your life, start by counting your blessings. Every morning, every night, thank God for your good. Walk through your home and touch and bless every piece of furniture, every article of clothing, the dishes you use and your refrigerator that stores your food. Make a list of your blessings and as your list grows, so will your attitude of gratitude and your finances.

Rise above fear and doubt through the knowingness that your affirmations and words are true. Energize those affirmations with the confidence found in your emotions.

I will often prescribe an affirmation when working with my clients, just as physicians give patients a prescription. Instead of two pills a day, I’d suggest they repeat an affirmation every hour on the hour.

Spend time daily in positive thoughts of prosperity, abundance, health and love.

Another reason why you don’t achieve your desired outcome is due to outlining.


Outlining is telling God exactly how your desire it to come about. This is called outlining. When you are too specific, you can sometimes block the very good you seek.

Another big reason you should not outline is that your vision may fall short of what the Universe had planned for you.

One of my clients wanted a new car. She came to me with her desire and then explained how this would occur in her life.

Her plan began with visiting a car dealership, test-driving the vehicle, and being offered payments she could afford, well, barely afford. I listened to her, and instead of outlining exactly how a new car would manifest, I recommended she start with the answer, the car she desired. She stopped outlining and focused on the car only. Three weeks later, her aunt called her. Her aunt could no longer drive and wanted to gift her with the exact car she had held in her visualization.

Don’t outline; visualize your desired outcome. Start with the answer. Trust the Universe to deliver that which you desire.

Another example of outlining is a treasure map created by someone hoping to attach a loving partner. These maps are filled with beautiful pictures of how and where to meet Mr. or Ms. Right, followed by a fairytale romance with the outcome of a lovely wedding. Treasure mapping can be fun, but take care about being too specific. For instance, you may romanticize an enchanted encounter while on vacation and fail to notice the guy who rides the elevator in your office building every day.

Treasure mapping can be fun but be open to all possibilities. I prefer you start with the answer and let the Universe do the heavy lifting.

I always recommend adding the phrase to any prayer or affirmation, “This or something better now manifests for me.” This allows the Universe to give you something more than you can imagine.

Say your affirmation with belief, conviction, and focus on the outcome of your desire. Don’t outline your desire, be open to the magic the Universe has in store for you.

If you put positive energy behind your affirmations and then release them to the Universe in peace and confidence, I assure you, the Universe will respond.


Hate is an enormous block and will effectively stop any good thing from coming into your life and impact your health and finances. Hate permeates into every nook and cranny of your life and spills into the lives around you.

Negative feelings about yourself or others will stop your dreams dead in their tracks. Hate creates a monumental blockage of huge proportions.

Hate, unforgiveness or negative thoughts and feelings about yourself or others block all good and damns the flow of abundance in your life.

Hating or holding a prejudice to any group, race, religion, or sexual orientation will obstruct your good.

Once when working with a client, we examined her thoughts and judgments about others in her life. She felt she led a charmed life, well, except for the neighbor who held different political views than her own. She was venomous in her hatred of the political signs in her neighbor’s yard and hated the candidate. As we talked about her neighbor, she realized hating that one person was keeping her from her desired good. In the end, she concluded that hating her neighbor and or the candidate was not worth it.

When she released her anger, she felt peace. Serenity filled her home, and

the good she longed for began to arrive. Coincidently, her neighbor, without any prompting, removed the signs in her yard.

Hate blocks the law of circulation and spills over into every area of your life. Hating a single person, past or present, creates an imbalance. Hate blocks the free flow of love and good in your life. Hatred blocks the Law of Attraction.

Release any negative emotions that block you from experiencing your good. Live in a no judgment zone.

You can only feel one of two emotions at any given time. Those feelings are either love or fear. Fear manifests itself as hate, anger and negative emotion.

Let go of fear, let go of anger, let go of regret and let love be the foundation of having a healthier, happier and wealthier life.

Cord Cutting

On occasion, there seems to be something elusive holding us back from our success.

We may not be cognizant of the cause, but we know we are experiencing the effect. The causation eludes us.

If so, it may be a lingering Etherical Cord that binds us to a forgotten experience in our current life or perhaps a past life.

I see etherical cords as thin, fine, shimmering, silvery, magical tubing that glitters and sparkles between us and those we love. While most cannot see these etherical cords, we can feel them binding us to those we love and those who love us. We can feel them tug at us when we sense a loved one is in distress or even danger.

These cords also bind us to experiences, places, and things.

Etherical cords connect us to loved ones and strangers with whom we feel an instant connection. We are so immediately familiar with these strangers; it seems as if we have known them all our lives. There is never a moment of awkwardness with these new friends, and even the silence seems natural.

The French term déjà vu means “already seen.” Etherical Cords are déjà vu experiences that are also felt.

Etherical Cords can bind us to painful experiences, hurtful relationships, and traumatic events. Like soldiers with PTSD, an intrusive sound can take us back to those painful memories. Sometimes those memories can be from our current life or centuries past.

Have you ever met anyone who is inherently afraid of water, fire, or heights, with no experience in this lifetime to base it upon? These fears and frightening memories may not have come from a childhood event but from another life lived centuries ago.

Sometimes the frightening visions you conjure in your dreams are not nightmares or a product of an overactive imagination; they are memories.

Whether in this lifetime or a previous lifetime, we may hold on to buried memories or experiences that are so deep, we can no longer recall the trauma. Still, the etherical cord and the effect will remain until we release these harrowing events.

Once when I was working with a beautiful young woman, I could sense a past relationship was holding her back from experiencing the love she now longed for. I could sense she was still bound by the strong etherical cord she had created between her abusive lover and the memories she held of him.

“Do you think of him more than three times a week?” I asked.

She laughed. “I think of him three times an hour.”

She was tied to a relationship that had ended years ago. The painful relationship was keeping her from experiencing a loving relationship she now craved.

By identifying this unhealthy cord, we began working on cutting this unhealthy fetter. It took several cord cuttings to sever this particular tie completely. While we worked on this, she also learned to reprogram her energy to attract a loving partner who would treat her with love and respect. It took several weeks, but in the end, she was successful. As if on cue, a man who seemed to be everything she had dreamed about came into her life. Today, she is living happily ever after with a new husband, who treasures her and supports her every dream.

Some Etherical Cords are not so easily identifiable. For instance, we may have spoken vows of poverty in a past life when we were monks, priests, or in a holy order. I made such a vow of poverty in the eleventh century and brought it forward with me to this lifetime. I had to cut those vows before I could create a new experience of financial good in my life.

If any of these words or experiences resonate within you, a cord may need to be cut. You don’t need to remember the moment you made such a vow or revisit a past life. It’s simply enough to know it’s there.

The act of cutting a cord does not have to be a complicated ceremony. In fact, it’s very simple.

I work with Archangels, so when I need to cord cut, I call on Archangel Michael and ask him to use his fiery sword to sever my ties to any person, place, or thing that does not serve me. After a cord-cutting, I always ask Archangel Raphael to salve the wound with his green healing light to complete the healing.

For some etherical cords, a single cord-cutting will do. Other cords are strong and will regrow. If this is the case, be aware that some need to be cut several times before they completely dissipate. Cut cords until you are no longer bound to people or painful memories that haunt you. They have no place in your current life.

There are many different methods for cord-cutting. Find one that feels right and natural to you.

If you feel you need to contact a professional, some wonderful metaphysical practitioners can assist you in cord cutting on the internet.

Keep the loving, beautiful cords that bind you to loving relationships, but cut any cords that bind you or keep you from experiencing your good.

Every day, I urge you to meditate, to connect with the Universe and elevate your consciousness. Look at things, beliefs you hold that are keeping you from achieving your success. Every day, I urge you to spend time in meditation and visualization.

You were born to succeed; you have within you the ability to make the magic happen. It’s your birthright.

In the next module, I will show you how to fast-track that which you desire with Heaven’s fire.

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