What are the Manifestation Tools?

You do not have to use the manifest tools I include in this module. However, I have found that the manifestation tools listed can be practical, positive, uplifting reminders to help you stay optimistic and confident during manifestation.

When I have recommended them to others, my clients return and share their experienced manifestation faster as these tools keep them focused on their desires.


Amulets or talismans have been used for centuries by wizards, master magicians and everyday folk like you and me. Talismans were blessed and infused with magic or intention.

The use of amulets dates back to 25,000 BC. Amber beads were discovered in Britain 10,000 years ago, the end of the last ice age. Jet beads, bracelets and necklaces have been discovered in Paleolithic gravesites in Switzerland and Belgium. Malachite amulets found in Sinai date to 4000 BC.

Amulets and Talisman were officially banned by the Catholic church in 355 A.D. However, in their place, the early church encouraged members to carry and use rosaries, prayer beads, a crucifix, or holy pendants bearing the image of a Saint or the Virgin Mary. Like their forerunners, these beautiful and precious objects are meant to bring the owner comfort, protection and strengthen their relationship with God.

We don’t call them talismans anymore; we call them lucky charms. We carry a rabbit’s foot, four-leaf clover, a lucky penny, and sometimes we place a horse shoe above the entrance of our homes for good luck.

I use talismans to fast-track my desires from the etherical plane into the manifest plane. They are visual reminders of that which I wish to manifest.

Your talisman does not have to be expensive, and it may be something you already possess.

Once when working with a client, he desired to manifest a new car. His mother’s old station wagon was on its last legs. He wanted a Mercedes-Benz. It was his dream car. To help him keep his focus uppermost in his mind, I suggested he buy a Mercedes-Benz key chain. He was receptive to the idea and purchased a key chain. Every time he saw it or touched it, he was affirmed he would own his dream car. Within a year, he was.

Manifestation can happen instantly or take time as your mind and emotional energy must align with your desire.

When another client longed for a loving companion, I suggested she purchase a locket. No one knew its significance, and she quietly wore her locket close to her heart. She put a picture of her ideal man in the locket and toyed with her locket during business meetings, watching TV or any stray moment in time. Every time she touched it, she was mentally connecting to her desire. At the moment, I am working on manifesting paying off my home. With this intention, I have an engraved key chain that says “Thank you Father- Mother-God” on one side and on the flip side, it reads “My home paid in full”. Every time I touch it, I affirm my home is paid in full with an attitude of gratitude. Every time I leave the house or drive my car, I am gently reminded that my home is paid in full.

Your talisman can be anything that keeps your mind focused on your desire. Your talisman can be anything that reminds you of your desire. You don’t need to advertise your dream to everyone because sometimes sharing your dream with the wrong person can open yourself up to ridicule. No one is going to notice the little charm on your keychain or a locket around your neck.

If you desire is to go to Jamacia or any other destination, have fun with it. Visit the destination you desire, download pictures and arrange them in a photo book to help you visualize, listen to the country’s music and dance, and dine at local Caribbean restaurants. No one will question your travel poster in your office or home. All of these things are to keep your dream at the top of your mind, and bring it close to reality. They are a fun item that keeps you focused on your desire.

Another fun way to help you focus on your dream is by creating a photo book to reference during the day or before bed each night.

A photo book is similar to a treasure map as you slide in pictures of that which you desire. As you focus on the photos, in prayer and thought, you are focusing on the answer. The Universe is watching, and like my little carrousel, when you pray, release and with gratitude, the Universe will respond.

A Photobook, A Magic Box

A photo book is a little photo album that will take a little time to collect the pictures you desire, but it’s a lovely little memento of the here, and now that is soon to be.

In this instance, you start with the answer and allowing the Universe to bring what you desire into the manifest plane.

I have a photo book I look at in the morning and before bed with the photos of items I want to desire. You can purchase small plastic photo books at Walmart or the Dollar Store.

I had a lot of fun filling my photo book with the desire of my dreams and wishes. I have the picture of what I desire, and on the opposite page, I’ll write an affirmation, such as “Thank you, Father-Mother-God, for my desire.”

Please note, these are my words. You are more than welcome to use them or write your own affirmation. You can substitute God, Jesus, the Universe.

Years ago, I also found online a woman author seated in her home office. My affirmation reads, “Thank you Father-Mother-God for my I am able to work from home.” Which happily, I am doing now.

You can put an image of a business, a home, a bride and groom, children, anything you desire into your photo book.

A photo book takes a little time to gather the right pictures but is worth it.

An alternative is a “magic or treasure box”.

I write down the things I want, fold them up and put them in my treasure box. My wishes and desires are my intentions.

With your desires written down, let the Universe deliver on your desire. Two thousand years ago, the fulfillment of your desire would have been called a miracle. Today, we can say manifestation. Dreams do come true; you are the magic that makes it happen.

I use crystals in mediation, prayer, healing work and, of course, manifestation work.


Dear Reader, I want to remind you that this guide, the author is not medical professionals. The intent of the author and this guide is only to provide you with information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual wellbeing and general information.

If you use any of the information in this guide for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the author and the publisher assume no responsibility.

As I am writing this module, three articles came across my Facebook Newsfeed on the healing properties of crystals. I have found using crystals effective, and my primary care physician is aware of my use of them. He smiles when I tell him, but he respects my faith and belief.

The worldwide interest in crystals is growing, and this interest is reflected as prices for precious gemstones and crystals are rising. News outlets like The Guardian and others predict that prices for crystals, precious gems, and minerals will double or even triple in the next several years.

Modern science debunks the use of crystals for healing but yet uses crystals in communication devices from radios to computer chips, circuits, medical imaging devices, and satellites is a common practice. Science has been using crystals in lasers since the 1960s.

Crystals are used in every communication device known to man. Why then can’t they be used in communicating with the Divine?

Throughout the centuries, shopkeepers and retailers routinely kept a citrine crystal in their cash resisters. You will still find a beautiful citrine in modern- day cash registers to draw in abundance.

Tapping into crystal energy dates back centuries to the ancient Sumerians, who included crystals in magic formulas. The Egyptians used lapis lazuli, carnelian, emerald and clear quartz in their jewelry, and they were favorites when creating amulets for health, love and protection.

Crystals are mentioned throughout the Bible, the Koran and many other religious texts. The Book of Exodus, in particular, states crystals were worn on the breastplate of Aaron, or the “High Priest’s Breastplate”. This breastplate contained twelve crystals, each representing the twelve tribes of Israel. It was worn by the High Priest when in holy communication with God.

The Mayans and Aztecs used crystals. The Zunis tribe fashioned fetishes and made jewelry of precious gems. The predominant colors and stones used by the Zuni are turquoise, red coral, black jet, and white mother of pearl. Symbolically, red represents Mother Earth and turquoise Father Sky.

Both Aborigines and Māori have traditions regarding stones and healing or spiritual practice. Some of them share with the rest of the world, while some knowledge is still kept private within their communities.

Crystals were used across centuries, in different times, continents, cultures and civilizations who had no communication with one another and yet independently used the same type of crystals for specialized healings.

Both the ancient Chinese and the Aztec and Mayans tapped into the mystical healing powers of jade and other crystals. These two civilizations were an ocean away from the other, and there is no known contact between them, yet both cultures used many of the same types of crystals for the same purposes. Was it coincidence, or did the healing powers of the crystals make themselves known to the master healers of these [powerful empires?

Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Energy is found in every living thing. Even our planet has its own electromagnetic field. Crystals have energy. Plants have energy. In fact, even our planet vibrates with energy.

Humans have our own unique frequency or vibrational energy, which can be influenced by the weather, tides, moon phases, and emotions.

Crystal energy is fixed and stable. Rocks also have a low-frequency energy. When the sun shines on them, they absorb the sun’s energy, become warm, and create and emulate heat.

Ancient healers used crystals for healing, manifesting, communicating with the Divine, and drawing in prosperity and protection.

You don’t need scientific data to validate the energy and frequency of crystals. You can do that yourself by merely holding one.

I am a crystal intuitive, which it’s easy for me to pick up the energy and vibration of crystals. Many people like myself can pick up the vibration of a crystal by touch. Some people don’t immediately experience the vibrational of crystals, and that’s okay. To those people, I would suggest practice makes perfect. I don’t understand how an automobile engine works, but if I put my key into the ignition switch, the car will roar to life and take me to my destination.

Besides their natural beauty, crystals can store and amplify energy.

You can use crystals in the manifestation process to amplify your intensity, help you make the divine connection between the etherical plane and the manifest plane and harass and direct your energy.

I use crystals daily in the process of clearing my chakras and during meditation. I use crystals to connect and amplify the healing process. I use crystals to manifest my desire.

There are thousands and thousands of crystals available to you. As my husband often tells me, use the right tool for the right job.

As a general rule, citrine is primarily used for prosperity and abundance.

Malachite or Aventurine is used for healing, and Rose Quartz is a favorite of the energy of love.

I recommend crystals at the end of every module. Use them for your own clarity, divine connection, as a calming stone or when manifesting what you desire.

If you are looking for a quality source of crystals, I highly recommend Debbie Hardy. She is a trusted source of high-quality but very affordable crystals and offers a wide variety of crystals to choose. Debbie is an author, Certified Crystal Healer, Advanced Crystal Master and Reiki Master. You can contact Debbie through her website at www.hardycrystalblessing.com

In this module we have explored the use of talismans, crystals and imagery to aid in your manifestation. I use them because I have found them effective in keeping my conscious mind focused and on point as I manifest my dreams. I always turn to God and prayer. The choice of using talismans, prayer or crystals is up to you.

At the end of each module, I will suggest an affirmation, perhaps a crystal or two and or a fun talisman to help you with your dreams. If you see value in helping you stay focused, by all means, use them if you like. 

Do all you can to uplift your sense of worthiness and self-confidence, for I know as truth, you are a child of God, and you deserve to have a wonderful life filled with every good thing.

Anyone associated with this guide do not advise you to use crystals, talismans or imagery or visualizations as a substitute for medical advice. If you need a doctor, see a doctor. I do. I use my talisman and crystals to aid in my healing and prosperity work to accelerate the process.

Whether you use a rosary, a set of prayer beads, a key chain, or any other talisman for comfort or luck, it is entirely up to you, but I personally find them a fun item to keep me focused on manifesting my dreams and my goals.

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