Oberlo Alternatives For Dropshipping

Oberlo dropshipping has a 30-day free trial. You won’t be billed until after that free trial period has ended and the cheapest plan in oberlo is $5.00 per month. Oberlo is one of the most well-known dropshipping apps on the e-commerce platform, but can only be applied with Shopify.

So, what happens when this free trial has ended? Would you want to continue using oberlo? Or better still what happens when you want to branch out to other ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, wix, aliscraper etc. well that’s entirely up to you.

Regardless, whenever you’re faced with either of these scenarios, you do not need to fret especially when you intend to start looking for alternative ways from Shopify because, there are other alternatives for you to choose from apart from oberlo.

A world where you have different varieties can be both freeing and at the same time confusing especially when you’re unsure of the one to settle with. Well if you’re confused that’s fine seeing that this is your first time entering into dropshipping and you’re trying to uncover the best app for your business.

A good app will help you schedule your business activities and allows you to concentrate on the marketing and selling of your product.

Keep in mind that its your business and you have to decide on the best choice for you, cost wise and efficiency wise, requires minor effort to create and invest, and promotes the growth of your business. Now let’s dive straight into the exciting oberlo alternatives for shopify that will be revealed to you:

  1. Spocket
  2. Dropified
  3. Modalyst
  4. Product Pro
  5. Importify
  6. UniteXpress
  7. Spreadr App – Amazon Importer 8. Dsers
  8. ShopMaster
  9. Nimble Dropshipping App

1. Spocket

Spocket syncs effortlessly with your online store and all orders automatically appear in your app.

80% of Spocket’s dropshipping suppliers are based in the US or Europe. Spocket is integrated with Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and WooCommerce.

Spocket’s huge range of US and EU-based products guarantees fast shipping.

It has a 24/7 customer support, with in-app chat facilities, so that no matter what problem you confront, you receive assistance. The sites navigation is great with a call to action that is tempting.

Spocket allows you to choose the best products with great quality to sell from thousands of dropshipping suppliers and also allows you to order product samples right from the dashboard in a few clicks. You can easily test out the products and suppliers to build a reliable dropshipping business. Suppliers go through a strict procedure, they’re vetted individually and interviewed

With Spocket, along with unbiased and generic packaging, suppliers go an extra mile to attach your store’s invoice to the box- with your store’s name, contact details, your logo and a personal note from you to the customer.

Spocket allows order tracking to all users, which is important for customer satisfaction.

Spocket Automates product pricing, inventory updates, and automatically syncs the tracking number to Shopify, while with Oberlo, you have to manually enter them through Oberlo to the Shopify interface.

When using Spocket, you can import products to your store by following the steps below:

  • Login to your Spocket account.
  • Search the product that you want to sell.
  • Go to the product listing and click 
  • Add to Import List.
  • Next, move over to Import List and view the product.
  • Click on Push to Store to import the products to your store.
  • Finally, visit the Product List page and click on View Listing.

This will let you see the item on your Shopify or Wix store.

products on Spocket have a 30-60% discount off of retail price, in order for you to make a good profit for your efforts.

Spocket Pricing offers you four paid subscriptions starting from $12 per month. All four plans come with a 14-day trial period.

Your suppliers’ inventory levels are updated in real-time, which avails you the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the stock of your products, and never accidentally sell products that are out of stock.

2. Dropified

Dropified allows you to seamlessly import and manage dropshipped products into any e-commerce platform of your choice.

Dropified is integrated with aliexpress, eBay, Groovekart, woo commerce etc.

Dropified has a 14-day free trial with any plan you choose and upon its termination, you begin to get billed with 17 dollars per month which is its lowest plan.

  • All you need with Dropified is, find the products you want to sell, market your store, and Dropified automates the rest with its one-click order fulfillment feature that provides sellers the opportunity to increase the efficiency and accuracy of orders.
  • It makes it easy for dropshippers to sell better products,
  • save more time,
  • manages dropshippers Product inventory,
  • customizes products and has a 24/7 customer service support.
  • Dropified automatically syncs any changes the suppliers make to product pricing.

Dropified automatically updates product availability in your dashboard to ensure you don’t sell something that’s out of stock by accident. So, if the supplier removes a product, you will know and have the chance to remove it from your store.

Dropified helps you promote your business by providing a 60 DAY ECOMMERCE TRAINING which is designed to teach you what you need to start a profitable dropshipping business within 60 days and this is dependent on where you are in your e-commerce journey and provides tools to import and sell profitable products.

3. Modalyst

Modalyst not only knows how to sell its services, it also has a vivid and spontaneous user interface.

They make it simple for an online store to source, list and sell niche products.

If you’re in the category of launching a new ecommerce store, you have the option to add millions of low-cost products to your store instantly at no charge with a 25-product limit.

Until you’re ready to offer more varieties to your customers, you have the option to choose the $35 plan per month with a 5% transaction fee and a 250-product limit.

Modalyst suppliers range from private manufacturers to handmade Indian businesses to aliexpress suppliers. They also feature hundreds of US dropshipping suppliers as well as international suppliers from all over the world. Vendors are vetted and offer fast shipping, affordable products and discounted rates.

With Modalyst automation:

  • you have the option to add products with one click,
  • import all products information, images and variants,
  • easily edit all product information, and
  • Real-time inventory update notifications, 
  • price discount notifications,
  • variant mapping, and you can add products in bulk to your ecommerce store.

When it comes to Modalyst return policy, the retailer may provide their customers with a 14- day return policy during which a customer may return an item that is undamaged, unworn and with tags still attached.

The brand also provides a return policy for damaged items as long as any claims are placed within the agreed upon 14 days of the item being received.

Ranges of goods can be acquired with Modalyst, including men’s and women’s apparel, shoes, children’s clothes, bags, bridal wear, beauty products, plus-size clothing, homewares, and accessories, etc.

4. Product Pro

Product Pro offers instant access to quality products to sell from vetted US suppliers and offers a 100% automated fulfillment for orders once sales are made, giving you enough time to grow your business.

Upon installing the app, which by the way has a warm user interface you’re enrolled on the free plan which allows you save product edits and add draft products to your account. A paid subscription plan is required to import products and process orders.

Users with steady sales and a desire to scale up are recommended to use the premium plan which is $45 monthly and includes:

  • an expanded inventory,
  • unlimited orders,
  • custom product recommendations,
  • 15-minute product consultation,
  • $10 towards first order.

In the scenario whereby you’re just beginning your dropshipping business, you’re recommended to use the pro plan which is $89 dollars monthly which includes:

  • A full product catalog,
  • 100 orders per month,
  • automated fulfillment,
  • Real-time inventory sync,
  • chat+emailsupport.

98% of orders made in product pro are shipped in 1-2 days this is good news because customers no longer have to wait weeks to enjoy your products all you need to do is focus on sales.

With over 60,000 US products available, you’ll find plenty of quality products to add to your catalog for new promotions and sales.

Product pro gives a step by step guide on how to:

  • import products,
  • edit products,
  • searching for products and how to bulk update pricing.

In product pro, packaging of orders varies and vendors are required to remove any promotional material and pricing information from dropship order.

Refunds on damaged, missing, or incorrect products are offered but to receive refunds, you have to be prepared to provide images of the products/packaging.

5. Importify

Importify is compatible with the biggest wholesalers, and fully integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce & jump seller.

Each plan on Importify starts with a day trial and your billing cycle starts after the free trial has ended and you can change your plan at any time directly from the Importify dashboard.

With importify’s research tool, you’re able to find proven hot selling products to your online store. You are provided with a step-by-step dropshipping guide that educates you on the best way to promote and start driving traffic to your shop.

Your business is automated with importify’s semi-automatic order fulfillment to quickly fulfill your orders.

You are availed the opportunity to:

  • import products from hundreds of suppliers,
  • to spy on other shopify stores and find proven products in your niche,
  • 1-click to import products from the most popular ecommerce platforms,
  • Built-in editor for product descriptions, edit title price images, tags category variants, etc.

You get to easily change suppliers when product is out of stock, or you have a better source. The override function is available for you to migrate from apps like oberlo, dropified Ali orders, or other dropshipping apps and keep your current product link.

Towards the end of each page Importify says Importify “was created with love for dropshippers to easily import products into your shopify store and fulfil orders with only a few clicks”. Now that sure is lovely!

Importify shows you immediately how user-friendly it is as soon as you start using it,

This is thanks to its vibrant user interface.

6. Unitexpress

Here is another great app for dropshipping with its headquarters based in Cairo Egypt

Unitexpress automates your entire order process from shopify to AliExpress. Unitexpress is active in shopify app development and ecommerce solutions. With unitexpress, your dropshipping is accelerated and you can modify and edit your products in many ways, from changing titles and descriptions to adjusting prices with little effort to suite your style. The pricing automation feature helps you save time by creating a pricing rule and setting the pricing for a chosen set of products.

7. Spreadr App

Spreadr is an amazon affiliate and dropshipping app that provides its users with both options of either dropshipping or earning from affiliating by linking them directly to Amazon.

There is a:

  • Spreadr plugin for WooCommerce, 
  • Spreadr app for shopify and Bigcommerce

Spreadr offers an advanced import tool which can be used to search what’s on Amazon which can in turn be added to your store with a one click It also provides features of auto-sync, customize product descriptions,

Spreadr offers a 7-day free trial to new users who register with the site and the account is charged according to your chosen subscription at the end of the free trial.

All purchases are non-refundable.

You can cancel your subscription at any time and will take effect at the end of the current paid term.

8. Dsers

DSers delivers products within a 10-day period, and it is integrated with Aliexpress, shopify, WooCommerce etc.

Dsers pricing is quite impressive as it has a:

  • basic plan which is forever free,
  • standard plan which is $1.99 per month,
  • advanced which is$19.9 per month and
  • pro plan which is 49.9 per month.

With dsers you can manage suppliers easily by simply connecting to the supplier you want to work with,

  • save 96.7% ordering time in a few clicks, track orders automatically,
  • map your store product to any aliexpress supplier without changing anything on your store,
  • auto-syncing of tracking numbers to your store and pay-pal,
  • auto update order status, preselect your favourite shipping method according to the order destination,
  • pre-set pricing rule to mark-up your product price automatically when you publish them,
  • link and manage multiple stores in one dsers account,
  • integrate with Admitad to get commission when you place orders to Aliexpress.

Dsers mass supply program works with high qualified suppliers. It enables you to do what other order management tools like Oberlo can’t.

Dsers is an amazing Oberlo alternative for Shopify.

9. ShopMaster

Shop master supports dropshipping suppliers from aliexpress, bang good, Gogo mall, Taobao.com, 1688, Alibaba, dropshipping.com etc. All these are great options because you can make use of Shopify to dropship across multiple platforms.

Shopmaster is also integrated with wish, ebay, 3dcart, WooCommerce.

With Shopmaster, dropshippers can eliminate the busy work and use automation features to engage more prospects, it is fast and reliable, centralized and low cost.

Another amazing thing about Shopmaster is, just like Dsers, it has a forever free plan.

10. Nimble Dropshipping App

Nimble has a 14-day free trial period after which there’s an:

  • $18 basic plan which carries the capacity of 250 0rders 
  • $60 regular plan which carries the capacity of 1000 orders
  • $129 advanced plan which carries the capacity of 3000 orders and much more

In the case whereby you need more than 3000 order per month, a customised plan will be made available depending on your order volume.

Nimble provides all the tools needed to create and scale a 100% automatic Aliexpress dropshipping store.

Nimble will help you fulfil your orders automatically the moment your customers place them.

The app has developed many automation features to help you run with the least amount of your involvement possible. It literally works while you sleep. Here are the amazing features that you will get from using Nimble Dropshipping.

  • Push products from Aliexpress to your store with one click
  • Chooses the best shipping option when placing an order.
  • Keep your customers updated with order status emails.
  • Corrects shipping address mistakes made during shopify check out.
  • Detailed spending breakdown of aliexpress payments.
  • Tries again if a payment doesn’t go through on Aliexpress
  • Fulfils your orders without needing help with captchas.
  • Automate order fulfilment for your existing products, and so many more.

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