24 Best Weight Loss MLM Companies to Make Money (2023)

The weight loss industry has been booming for years, and the numbers are only getting higher. It’s not surprising that the industry is worth tens of billions of dollars and is expected to surpass $377.3 billion by 2026. The increasing concern over obesity and lack of health awareness has made fitness a significant entrepreneurial opportunity for many. And what better way to help someone lead a healthier lifestyle than by partnering with a weight loss MLM company?

So, without further ado, let’s explore the top weight loss MLM companies that are ruling the market.

What is MLM?

You’ve probably heard of Tupperware parties or Mary Kay cosmetics – those classic multi-level marketing (MLM) programs that have been around for decades. 

If you’re passionate about health and wellness, weight loss, or fitness supplements and have a solid network of customers, then an MLM program might be worth considering. 

However, before you jump in, it’s important to know that MLMs aren’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Success is only experienced by a small percentage of those who join the programs, and it takes hard work, time, and patience.

Here’s how the MLM process works:

  1. Join the program, either through a referral from another person (your “upline”) or directly through the company’s website.
  2. Promote the company’s products via parties, workshops, or online.
  3. As you make sales, offer incentives to your customers to sign up as a member of the program (referred to as “downline” members).
  4. The new member is then placed beneath you in a hierarchical arrangement.
  5. You and a number of levels of your upline gain extra commissions for everything your downline sells.
  6. If your downline members refer their customers to the program, they become a member of your downline, allowing you to earn upline commissions as well.

The number of levels in your upline and downline will vary depending on the program you’ve joined. Commission rates also change as your downline grows or contracts, and the company may offer other incentives such as total sales percentages and access to membership prizes as you build your business.

Best Weight Loss MLM Programs

1. Isagenix

Based in Arizona, USA, Isagenix is a leading health and wellness company founded by John W. Anderson, Jim and Kathy Coover. The company prides itself on the exceptional quality of their supplements, which are tested using scientific and clinical methods.

Isagenix has a noble vision to “impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain,” and they work tirelessly towards this goal. They offer a wide range of weight loss supplements, including the delicious Kosher IsaLean™ Shake, Natural Accelerator™, IsaFlush™, and many more. You can purchase these supplements individually or as part of dedicated packs.

In addition to weight loss supplements, Isagenix also offers a range of other products, including performance supplements, vitality and well-being supplements, essential oils, and skincare products. They even have CBD oil, which is gaining popularity as a natural way to manage pain and anxiety.

To help people achieve their health goals, Isagenix has a unique MLM program where members are called ‘Isagenix Independent Associates.’ Although the commission/payment structure may be a bit confusing, the compensation plan information is available on their website. Here are the basics:

As an Isagenix associate, you get a 25% discount on their products. You can earn commissions by accumulating “cycles” within the sales trees of your sponsor. Downline commission rates are based on the number of cycles down to 5 levels. To qualify for commissions, affiliates must maintain a minimum monthly spend of 100 Personal Volume (PV), which is around $200. However, purchases can be made for personal use or by customers.

Isagenix provides personalized marketing websites, a contact manager, and a tracking back office to help associates promote their products. There’s a $29 annual payment to join, and while product packs are available, they’re not mandatory.

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2. Reliv

Founded in 1982 by Robert and Sandy Montgomery with Dr. Theodore Kalogris, Reliv is built around the concept of advanced nutritional formulas that form the basis of their products. Their mission is simple: to get their core nutrition products into every home in the world so that we can nourish our world in body, mind, and spirit.

One of the unique features of Reliv is its Fit3 Program – a real-life fitness and weight loss program that utilizes videos, meal plans, and nutrition. This program not only promotes Reliv products but also allows distributors to build strong mentoring relationships with their customers and down line.

Reliv offers products in four main areas: weight loss, health and wellness supplements, CBD oils, and fitness products. From meal replacement to fat burners, protein powders, and dietary supplements, Reliv has something for everyone.

As with many MLM programs, the site is built around its MLM platform with all purchases and processes aimed at the recruitment of distributors. The Reliv MLM program calls its members “Independent Distributors,” and they can take part in a standard program with some differences in the compensation plan compared to others. For example, their initial ranking structure commissions are permanent, meaning that once a higher rank is reached, it remains in place for life.

Reliv offers up to 40% discount for members and a base commission rate of up to 40% for personal purchases and sales. Down line commission rates range from 2% to 8% to 5 levels for Master Affiliate Rank and above only. While there is no minimum monthly spend required for the initial ranks to earn a base commission of 20%, rank increases require Personal Group Point Volume (PGPV) sales starting at 499 and up. Master affiliates and above are required to maintain a personal volume of 100PQV. Payment terms are weekly and monthly, and an application is required at the time of the first purchase.

While marketing materials are not explicitly stated, Reliv offers a tracking back office and ongoing support. To join, a membership startup cost of $40 and purchase requirements are necessary.

3. First Fitness Nutrition

Founded in 1989 by Nigel Branson and Lee Causey, First Fitness Nutrition (FFN) is based in Texas and offers a wide range of products to support your weight loss and overall wellness journey.

With FFN, you can choose from a variety of weight loss supplements, including capsules, drinks, meal replacement shakes, and packs. They also offer a dedicated weight loss program that includes supplements, CBD oil, and beauty products. These products can help you maintain your health and wellness, with offerings such as multivitamins, dietary supplements, superfood capsules, antioxidant drinks, probiotics, and herbal cleansing products like liver and colon cleansers, detoxifying tea, and CBD-rich hemp oil.

FFN also caters to sports enthusiasts, with a range of protein shakes, protein bars, hydration, and energy drinks. Their body products include cleansers, exfoliants, moisturizers, and aloe vera creams and gels.

If you are interested in becoming an FFN distributor, you can join their MLM program, which offers a commission structure of 20-40% and downline commission rates of 6-8% to 5 levels. To qualify for commissions, distributors must maintain a minimum monthly spend of $100 Autoship PV or $150 other PV. New members must pay a $29 membership joining fee, which includes a distributor kit, and can also purchase a Join Pak to determine the amount of commission and discount that can be earned moving forward.

Marketing materials provided by FFN include a personal website, marketing materials, and a back office to help you manage your business.

4. Modere

With over 30 years of experience in developing top-notch products, Modere has become a household name in the health and wellness industry. Whether you’re an athlete or simply looking for ways to support your physical and mental performance, Modere’s science-based research and development can help you redefine your life.

Modere offers a wide range of products, from household essentials to personal care, beauty, and nutrition. All products are made from the best ingredients and designed to support a clean lifestyle, sustainability, and healthy living. With over three million customers worldwide, Modere has proven to be a consumer product company that delivers on its promises.

Some of the top science-backed products offered by Modere include the Lean Body System, Liquid BioCell Pure, Axis Gut Health Collection, and more. These products help support stamina, energy, ligaments, muscles, joints, and mental focus, making it easier for you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to the top-notch products, Modere offers a rewarding program for social marketers. As a VIP list customer, you’re eligible for $10 savings on your first purchase and a $10 referral reward on the second purchase. VIP customers also receive a monthly credit worth $10 and an anniversary credit of $50 for all registered customers. Marketers can join Modere programs for $39.99 to claim benefits such as 500 threshold points and 75 points for monthly auto-ship.

Modere is a transparent company that values its customers and offers annual product updates. You can be assured that no harmful ingredients are used in Modere’s products. However, it’s important to note that new members earn less money, and training is required to start earning.

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5. SPX Nutrition

This top-tier brand is dedicated to promoting healthy living by providing top-notch products that help increase energy levels and support weight loss.

SPX Nutrition has a wide range of products that can help suppress appetite and burn extra calories while keeping track of your health goals. It even offers sea plant supplements that can boost your immune system, strengthen your health, and control your pH levels.

The brand covers three main categories: Xtreme cardio, nutria-thin, and vita-sea. Nutri-Thin, for example, comes with essential elements that can promote weight loss and decrease the growing metabolism of consumers. It contains a complete Vitamin B complex that can help give your body a new energy boost, allowing for normal functioning.

Xtreme cardio, on the other hand, can help improve cardiovascular heart health through L-Citrulline, L-Arginine, and other mineral traces. It offers significant benefits such as better blood circulation, heart health, better waste facilitation, faster healing wounds, and better hormonal function.

Lastly, Vita-Sea is packed with sea plant supplements that offer balanced pH levels, boost the immune system, improve mental health, facilitate digestive detoxification, and promote overall health, hair/nail growth, and balance pH levels. The goal is to achieve excellent health and healing benefits.

Joining SPX Nutrition as a promoter can be a wise decision. You can earn a commission of 25% on all the sales you achieve, and there is a deep compensation plan to help you succeed in the market and earn more money. The compensation plan is divided into 20 levels, so there are plenty of opportunities to climb the ladder and reap the benefits.

While there are a few cons to joining SPX Nutrition, such as limited information about the products on the website and a lower rate of success, the pros far outweigh them. With a good compensation plan and the ability to promote the products on any platform, SPX Nutrition is an excellent choice for those looking to start a weight loss MLM business.

6. Herbalife

Founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes in Los Angeles, California, Herbalife has expanded its reach to over 90 countries worldwide. Their mission is to improve global health and happiness by providing high-quality products backed by scientific research, ethical business practices and a commitment to sustainability. With a team of roughly 5000 employees, the company recorded net sales of approximately $4.5 billion in 2016 and their stocks are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

One of Herbalife’s standout offerings is their ‘Healthy Weight’ products, which include a range of nutritional supplements, such as the Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix, Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex, Formula 3 Cell Activator®, Herbal Tea Concentrate, Cell-U-Loss®, Total Control®, Snack Defense® and Aminogen®. Additionally, they offer over 200 other products across specialized nutrition, energy and fitness, and skin and hair care.

Herbalife’s Independent Distributor program is a popular MLM option for those looking to earn a commission by promoting Herbalife’s products. The commission rate ranges from 5% to 25% across seven levels. While there are no minimum monthly requirements to qualify for commissions, purchases are necessary to earn money in this program. However, the company does not allow distributors to make money solely by recruiting and sponsoring others.

To join the Herbalife Independent Distributor program, an initial application with basic information is required for a call back. Purchase requirements include either the International Business Pack ($94.10) or International Business Pack – Super Starter ($124.10), which provides access to basic selling skills, specific marketing materials, and a personalized sales coach.

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7. Vfinity

With a mission to help people achieve personal goals and enhance their lives, Vfinity offers affordable and effective products for boosting metabolism, transforming the body and mind, unleashing the immune system, and more.

Vfinity’s product-focused approach offers sample pieces to try and order more if you find it compelling. With a wide range of products, including nature’s superfood, protein, collagen, and immune system boosters, Vfinity provides solutions for weight loss, appetite control, energy levels, happiness, mood, and more. Plus, the products contain premium ingredients and whole foods to ignite metabolism and promote weight loss without leaving you hungry.

And that’s not all – by becoming a Vfinity lifestyle consultant, you can enjoy the Direct Sales Rewards System, empowering others for better health while earning an unlimited income potential. With low-cost entry, tax benefits, exceptional training, and the ability to help others develop their business, Vfinity’s MLM program offers reasonable compensation with a proven plan that can lead to success.

As a consultant, you can refer new customers and participate in a compensation plan to start earning. With uni-level team bonuses on offer, you can earn up to 15% on Level 1, 10% on Level 2 and 3, and 5% on Levels 4 and 5. Plus, you’ll enjoy team bonuses, team commissions, retain and preferred customer profits, and fast start bonuses.

Of course, no MLM program is perfect, and there are some cons to consider when joining Vfinity. The products can be a bit expensive, making it challenging to sell them, and the compensation plan may not be as good as other MLM companies. Also, it does depend on having an active team to achieve the best results.

But with no membership cost, weekly payments, and the potential for unlimited income, Vfinity is a fantastic MLM company for anyone looking to transform their life and promote health and wellness.

8. Shaklee

Founded in 1956, Shaklee has been producing top-quality, ethically sourced, and 100% safe products that have helped athletes, adventurers, and even astronauts achieve their goals.

While Shaklee’s weight loss range is not the company’s main focus, it does include effective and delicious weight loss shakes, meal replacement bars, tea, and metabolic boost capsules. However, Shaklee’s product range goes beyond weight loss and includes an impressive array of nutrition, beauty, sports, cleaning, and water purifying products.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of Shaklee’s MLM program, you’ll be known as a distributor, and you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the Shaklee Dream Plan. Although information on their MLM program is hard to find unless you join and pay for it, we do know that the base commission rate is 4%, and the distributor discount is between 15-25% on personal purchases. Down line commission rates can be up to 20% to 6 levels, and the minimum monthly spend to qualify for commissions is 100 Personal Volume (PV) purchases, which is approximately $150.

To become a distributor, you’ll need to purchase one of the following: a Distributor Pack for $49.95, a Gold PAK for $349, or a Gold PAK Plus for $649. It’s important to note that the distributor pack doesn’t include any product, so you’ll need to make a personal purchase of at least $150 to qualify for commissions.

Shaklee provides marketing materials as part of their distributor pack, although the contents are not outlined. Payment terms are on a weekly and monthly basis, and an application is required, including personal and payment information at the time of first purchase.

9. Arbonne International

From skincare to nutrition, Arbonne offers holistic solutions to help you thrive.

But Arbonne isn’t just about top-of-the-line products. It’s also a community of passionate individuals who share a commitment to wellness. As an Arbonne independent consultant, you can be a part of this community and start your own business by sharing and selling Arbonne’s products.

And the benefits of joining Arbonne are endless. Not only do you get access to the best plant-based products on the market, but you can also earn top commissions on sales and team member sales, as well as rewards like incentive trips and monthly product offers. Plus, with a low membership cost of just $49, starting your own Arbonne business is a no-brainer.

Of course, like any business opportunity, there are some potential downsides to joining Arbonne. Building an online presence can be challenging, and the initial investment may be daunting for some. Additionally, the premium price of Arbonne products may make them a tough sell for some customers.

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10. Forever Living

Founded in 1978, this Tempe, Arizona-based company is dedicated to offering the best consumable products to the public, products that promote lasting wellness and health.

Forever Living specializes in growing, manufacturing, and distributing their own Aloe Vera products, which they promote as being of the highest quality and totally environmentally friendly. But they offer more than just Aloe Vera products; they also offer bee products, nutrition supplements, essential oils, and more.

Although weight loss may not be their main focus, Forever Living offers two packs specifically for this purpose: the F15 and Clean 9 packs. Both packs come with comprehensive instructions and step-by-step use instructions.

The F15 packs include Aloe Vera Gel, Forever Lite Ultra (in chocolate or vanilla), Forever Fiber sachets, Garcinia Plus tablets, and Forever Therm tablets. The Clean 9 packs include Aloe Vera Gel, Forever Lite Ultra Shake, Forever Therm tablets, Forever Fiber sticks, and Forever Garcinia Plus tablets.

Forever Living’s MLM program is open to independent business owners who are passionate about their products and want to share their benefits with others. As an independent business owner, you can earn a commission rate of 43% on personal sales, with downline commission rates of up to 18% for distributors you sponsor. Once they reach Assistant Supervisor, Supervisor, and Assistant Managers status, the commission rate becomes 13%.

Joining the program requires a simple application, where you will provide basic personal information and a promotion strategy. Once accepted, you will have access to marketing materials such as text links, banners, training videos, documents, and resources.

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11. Plexus Worldwide

Founded by Tarl Robinson and Alec Clark in Scottsdale, Arizona, Plexus Worldwide boasts a range of high-quality products that focus on every aspect of your health and happiness. And guess what? This isn’t your average weight loss MLM company.

At Plexus Worldwide, they pride themselves on their commitment to excellence by offering non-GMO, 100% vegetarian, and gluten-free products wherever possible. Their line of products isn’t solely focused on weight loss, but they do offer a variety of products and assistance that can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Their weight loss product line includes the famous Plexus Slim® Hunger Control* Sample Cards, Plexus MetaBurn™, Plexus Lean™ Whey Chocolate, Plexus Lean™ Whey Vanilla, Plexus Lean™ Vegan Chocolate, Plexus Balance™, Plexus Block, and Plexus Accelerator+™. They even provide accompanying challenge and program cards for each product.

And that’s not all. Plexus Worldwide also offers nutritional supplements, skincare products, and body creams to help you achieve a holistic approach to health and wellness.

The Plexus Worldwide MLM program is known as the Ambassador program. Commission rates are tiered by sales amount, starting at 0% for sales up to $100 and increasing to 25% for sales of $500 or more. Downline commission rates are earned via the allocation of Plexus Points for up to seven levels, and a minimum monthly spend of approximately $100 is required to qualify for commissions. Payment terms are weekly and monthly, and application requires basic personal information and a promotion strategy.

When you join the Plexus Worldwide MLM program, you’ll need to purchase a starter kit. But don’t worry, there are numerous kits available at affordable prices, starting at just $199 each. And as an Ambassador, you’ll have access to text links, banners, training videos, documents, and other resources to help you grow your business.

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12. Beachbody

Founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon, Beachbody has become the nation’s most popular fitness and weight loss solution. With over 350,000 Team Beachbody Coaches, you’ll have all the support you need to achieve your fitness and financial goals.

Beachbody offers a wide range of products to help you on your weight loss journey. Their supplements and nutrition line includes Shakeology Boost, Shakeology Superfood, weight loss and whey shakes, Beachbar snack bars, Beachperformance protein powder, BCAAs, hydration solutions, and collagen boost powder. In addition, they offer nutrition programs like the Ultimate Portion Fix, 2B Mindset, 3-Day Refresh, and Beachbody Ultimate Reset, as well as fitness programs that include streaming access to world-class Beachbody workouts and expert advice.

But the real secret to Beachbody’s success is their MLM program. As a Beachbody Coach, you’ll have the opportunity to earn retail and downline commissions by selling Beachbody products and recruiting new Coaches. The compensation plan is simple and straightforward, with a base commission rate of 25% for retail sales and 40% for memberships. To qualify for commissions, Coaches must generate at least 50PV – 200PV per month from personal purchases.

Joining Beachbody’s MLM program requires an application form and an initial purchase, as well as a monthly membership fee. But with the right mindset and determination, you could make a significant income while helping others achieve their fitness goals. And with Beachbody’s digital business starter kit, you’ll have all the marketing materials you need to get started.

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13. Youngevity

Youngevity’s name says it all: the company focuses on youth and longevity, helping you maintain a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. With products from essential oils to spa and beauty, food and beverage, and home and family, Youngevity has everything you need to feel your best both inside and out.

One of the great things about Youngevity is that it is available in many countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and more. Plus, you can earn commissions by sharing these amazing products with others.

By joining Youngevity Rewards, you can earn points on every dollar spent on products and use those points to get discounts on future purchases. With no need to carry inventory, you can start earning money from the comfort of your own home.

Of course, like any MLM company, there are pros and cons to joining Youngevity. The products can be expensive, but they are of high quality, and there may be hidden additional costs. However, Youngevity is a publicly traded company, and the chance to earn money from home is available to everyday people.

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14. Prüvit Ketones

Prüvit Ketones offers a range of products, including supplements and nutrition products, to help you reach your goals. The Better Bundle is a top choice, which includes Mito Plex, Drink Ketones Challenge, and other powerful supplements. You can also try KETO//OS Black Label Blue Ocean, KETO//OS NAT – Berry Enchanted, KETO//OS NAT – Magic Apple, and more.

If you’re looking to earn bonuses and rewards while promoting these amazing products, you can become a promoter with Prüvit Ketones. The company offers three programs for promoters: Go Pro, Go MVP, and Go All-Star. These programs are based on commission plans and products. As a promoter, you can make strategies, sell products, and earn weekly bonuses and rewards. You can even earn free Prüvit Bucks based on the average of two customer orders.

There are many pros to joining Prüvit Ketones, including monthly residual commission, team volume commissions, and bonus achievements. You can also reach unlimited levels of promoters based on BV to gain the champion bonus. However, there are some cons to consider, such as expensive products and hidden monthly expenses.


Founded in 1958, this science-backed brand provides a way for consumers to achieve better health and equal opportunity to earn some extra bucks.

NEOLIFE offers a variety of products ranging from breakfast, sport, vitality, weight loss, weight management, digestive health, immunity, energy & fitness, and heart health. By becoming a member, you can save up to 15-25% on your purchases and enjoy other special perks.

But that’s not all! NEOLIFE also offers startup opportunities for consumers and entrepreneurs. You can sell their products online and enjoy compensation plans, incentives like travel and cash, access to leadership training resources and premier personal development, recognition, and significant compensation benefits.

As a promoter, your responsibility would be to sell the products and earn compensation. You can also join their club membership program and enjoy a 15-20% discount. The total monthly QPV ranges from 250 to 4,000, which can help you earn bonuses ranging from 3% to 20%.

NEOLIFE has its pros and cons, of course. The pros include incentives, travel, recognition, and a discount range of 15-25%. You can also earn reasonable compensation within 30-days, 60-days, and one year. On the downside, the products can be expensive, and it may be challenging to sell them.

Overall, NEOLIFE is an excellent weight loss MLM company to consider. With its Golden Rule for healthy living and earning, you can be sure that you’re joining a brand that prioritizes your health and well-being.

16. Zurvita

If you’re looking for a weight loss MLM company that offers more than just products, Zurvita might be just what you need. This famous health and wellness company offers clean and nutritious energy sources, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher options with no artificial flavors. But that’s not all. The clinically proven products are designed to increase productivity and reduce stress while helping you achieve significant health goals.

Zurvita’s Transformation system, Zeal canisters, lifestyle Zeal, Zurvita Dietary Supplements, Zurvita Protein Cannister, and many more products provide foundational support to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and diet. Plus, the products are available in Zurvita Performance, Zurvita Nutrition, and Transformation System options with classic, go packets, vegan, and gluten-free choices that can be delivered right to your doorstep.

One of the unique features of Zurvita is that it provides a list of legit products that can help small-business owners generate some good bucks. Zurvita requires no advertising and marketing knowledge but can work as independent consultants to generate money. This MLM company allows promoters to work for themselves and encourages people to downline sales. One can earn money by recruiting people to earn money and selling the products.

Zurvita’s compensation plan is quite generous, and the affiliate-like system is perfect for people who want to earn a passive income. The company has a proven history, and joining it can be a great opportunity for those who want to make some extra cash while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

However, there are some cons to consider before joining. The maintenance cost of the starter pack can be a bit high for some people, and the products may seem expensive to customers. But, Zurvita’s low startup fee and no inventory requirement can offset these costs.

In summary, Zurvita is an excellent MLM company that offers high-quality products to help people achieve their weight loss goals while providing a business opportunity. So, if you’re looking for a weight loss MLM company that can boost your income, Zurvita might be worth checking out. 

17. Vestige

This Indian-based MLM company, founded in 2004, has carved a niche for itself in the health and wellness sector, and is now considered one of the top weight loss MLM companies in the world.

Vestige has a wide range of global products that promote healthy living while empowering people to earn more income. From agricultural products to air purifiers, ayurveda, business tools, cosmetics and skincare products, health supplements, healthy foods, home care materials, men’s grooming items, oral care items, and personal care – you name it, they have it. Their major brands include Assure, Zeta, Dentassure Agri82, and Lite House.

But that’s not all – Vestige offers a diverse compensation plan that includes a performance bonus, travel fund, house fund, retail profit, director bonus, car fund, and leadership overriding bonus. With their 4-fold bonus marketing plan, you can get approximately 350 volumes per month. This makes Vestige an attractive option for promoters looking to earn more income.

One of the best things about Vestige is that there is no joining fee – all you need to do is make an initial purchase to get approximately 30PV. And with the company’s good market presence and generating plans for repurchase and purchase, you have a higher chance of making more sales and earning more commissions.

Of course, like any MLM company, there are pros and cons to joining Vestige. On the plus side, there are several products to choose from, which increases the scope of marketing. On the downside, the success rate is lower, and some of the products may be overpriced.

With a base commission of 7-10% retail profit and a downline commission of 5-20% performance profit, you can expect to get paid every 30 days.

18. Vida Divina

With core values centered around investing in people, putting customers first, and fostering a family atmosphere, Vida Divina is more than just another MLM program – it’s a community dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams.

Vida Divina offers a small but powerful range of products designed to help you detox and lose weight, as well as a few cosmetic options. Their offerings include the popular TeDivina detox tea, premium Café Divina coffee in a variety of flavors, weight loss meal replacement shakes, dietary supplements, and Vida Essentials skin oil, foundation, and lipstick. They even offer merchandise and custom printing options to help you promote your Vida Divina business.

But what really sets Vida Divina apart is their generous compensation plan, which offers a base commission rate of 50% and downline commission rates of up to 20% to 7 levels. To qualify for commissions, affiliates must maintain an active status by generating 120 Personal Volume (PV) per month, and to qualify for binary commissions, they must maintain at least one active affiliate in both their left and right downline legs. With weekly and monthly payment terms and extensive training and marketing materials provided, Vida Divina is a solid choice for anyone looking to build a successful MLM business.

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19. Revital U

Revital U has revolutionized the weight loss MLM industry by offering a unique “sample first” approach. This approach, combined with its high-quality range of coffee, tea, and supplements, has made the company a popular choice for those looking to lose weight and boost their health.

Founded in 2016 by Andrew McWilliam, revital U is headquartered in Dallas, TX, and has gained a reputation for its outstanding weight loss products. The company’s focus on sampling has attracted many customers who prefer to try a product before they buy it. This philosophy has also given rise to the company’s unique name: “Sample First Company”.

Revital U’s weight loss range includes Smart Coffee, Smart Caps, Smart Cocoa, Sweet Dreams, and Slim Tea. These products are designed to help customers lose weight and improve their health through natural means. They are also free from harmful chemicals and additives, making them a safe and effective choice for weight loss.

Revital U’s MLM program is equally innovative, offering its members the title of “Brand Influencers” (BIs). BIs are required to maintain a minimum monthly spend to qualify for commissions, but there are no further minimum monthly purchases required. This means that once you’ve purchased the revital U virtual office for $29.99, you’re free to sample, sip and slim your way to success.

In terms of compensation, revital U offers a base commission rate of 5% to 25%, depending on the number of active customers. Downline commission rates are also available at 1-2% to 4 generations, with the level 1 downline offering 2% to rank Qualified Brand Influencer and above. To qualify for commissions, sponsors must maintain a rank of Qualified Brand Influencer or above, meaning that they have at least 5 active BIs within their downline.

Revital U provides BIs with a range of marketing materials, including a personalized website, a sample platform, a mobile app, full access to its online business system (U Office), full corporate support, and executive module business and leadership training. These materials are designed to help BIs build their business and increase their commissions.

20. It Works!

Founded in 2001 by Mark and Cindy Pentecost, this Florida-based company has been bringing exciting new products to market for over 20 years.

It Works! offers a broad range of products designed to help you reach your weight loss goals. From coffee and tea to supplements and skincare, It Works! has everything you need to transform your body and your life.

Their coffee selection includes Keto Coffee, Keto Coffee Pods, and Skinny Brew coffee, while their supplement lineup includes options for keto, weight control, energy and endurance, vegan, and post-workout. Tea lovers can indulge in Skinny Tea, Sleepy Tea, and Keto Tea. Their beauty line offers anti-aging creams and serums, as well as daily facial care products.

If you’re interested in joining the It Works! family, you’ll become a Distributor. This program allows you to build income through sales, team building, and leadership levels. The commission structure is standard for MLM companies, with a base commission rate of 40% and downline commission rates ranging from 2% to 10% for up to six levels. To qualify for sales and downline commissions, Distributors must become Commission Qualified by processing a minimum 80BV Auto-shipment and generating at least 400 Personal Business Volume per month through personal or customer purchases.

Starter kits are available for $99 and include digital product sample mailer credits, a personalized It Works! website, access to eSuite for real-time reports and customer insights, a promo code for 10% off It Works! apparel, accessories, or business tools, access to tools and apps, and an all-digital starter kit. Purchasing a starter kit also qualifies a new Distributor as Commission Qualified for their first month. There may be a $20 monthly fee to cover the cost of a replicated website, but this information is not available on the It Works! website.

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21. ViSalus

Founded by Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen in 1997, ViSalus offers a range of supplements and meal replacement products aimed at health and weight loss. Based in Los Angeles, CA, this company is all about transformation and offers its members the opportunity to make some serious dough.

Focused on their “Body by Vi Challenge,” ViSalus offers packs of supplements and meal replacement products that come in different sizes to fit your weight loss goals. As a ViSalus member, or as they like to call it, a “Distributor,” you will have access to a range of benefits. The compensation plan appears to be simple, with a common retail and downline commission structure, and a good number of bonus options included.

To get started as a ViSalus Distributor, you will need to purchase a Starter kit, which ranges from $49 to $999. Once you become a Distributor, you will be eligible for a 25% sales discount on direct sales profits, with a base commission rate of 10% to 25%. Downline commission rates range from 5% to 8 levels, with level 1 downline being 5% – rank Associate and above.

To qualify for downline commissions, Distributors are required to meet monthly BV targets of at least 200 per month, which can be made of personal or customer sales. However, you can earn base 25% direct sales commissions without the need to meet or maintain sales targets. The payment terms are monthly, and an application is required to join. Marketing materials are provided, as per the Starter kit.

22. Kyäni

Kyäni is a company that has taken a unique approach to weight loss and wellness, by harnessing the power of wild Alaskan blueberries to create a range of dietary supplements, protein nutritionals, and meal replacements. Founded in 2006 by the Hansen and Taylor families, Kyäni has grown from strength to strength, expanding its product offerings to over 50 countries across the globe.

Kyäni’s flagship product, Kyäni Sunrise, combines the goodness of wild Alaskan blueberries with 21 other superfoods to combat environmental stressors and improve overall health and wellness. But that’s just the beginning – Kyäni offers a range of other health and wellness products, including Kyäni Sunset, Kyäni Nitro Xtreme, Kyäni Fit 20 Protein, Kyäni HL5 Collagen, Kyäni Core 140+, Kyäni ON – Optimize Nootropic, and even the Kyäni Potato Pak – mashed potatoes mixed with essential nutrients.

Kyäni has an MLM program, which it calls Independent Business Partners (BPs). Joining the program is fairly straightforward, with a range of downline commissions and bonuses available. BPs can earn a base commission rate of around 15-20% by selling Kyäni products at retail prices. In addition, downline commission rates of 1-15% are available to those at the rank of Qualified Distributor and above, with the first level downline earning 15%.

To qualify for downline commissions, BPs must be at least a Qualified Distributor and meet monthly QV targets of at least 100 per month, which can be made up of personal or customer sales. However, base retail profit sale commissions can be earned without the need to meet or maintain sales targets.

Kyäni’s MLM program does require an application, and new BPs have the opportunity to purchase one of three starter kits. Marketing materials are also provided, including a personalized website.

If you’re looking for a weight loss MLM company that’s based on the power of wild Alaskan blueberries and superfoods, Kyäni could be the answer you’ve been searching for. With its range of health and wellness products, straightforward MLM program, and global reach, Kyäni is a company that’s worth considering for anyone looking to improve their health and earn some extra income in the process.

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23. Wakaya Perfection

This MLM company offers some of the best organic wellness products available on the market, all designed to help you shed those extra pounds in a healthy way.

Wakaya Perfection’s line of products includes single-origin turmeric and ginger, known for their powerful wellness benefits. The products are cultivated with organic ingredients, grown at dynamic locations such as Peru, Nicaragua, and Tonga, ensuring that only the best quality is provided to the consumers.

One of the unique features of Wakaya Perfection is its delicious recipe collection, which includes beverages and desserts that promote fitness and weight loss. From vibrant turmeric to pink ginger, these recipes consist of organic ingredients with numerous health benefits.

Moreover, Wakaya Perfection offers potent organic wellness products that support digestive health and boost the immune system, such as Fijian Kava Capsules, Kosher Sea Salt, Nicaraguan Turmeric, and Organic Omega-3 Capsules.

If you want to earn extra income, Wakaya Perfection’s MLM program is the perfect opportunity. By becoming a member, you can earn a commission of 10% on total referral sales, along with other bonuses. Simply promote the coupons provided by the company, and earn a percentage of the commission when someone makes a purchase using your coupon code.

While there are several pros to joining Wakaya Perfection, such as high bonus amounts, and an ideal opportunity for those with a big social circle, there are also some cons to consider. The products can be a bit expensive, making it challenging to get users to purchase them, and maintaining a sales streak for two months is necessary to earn the commission.

24. AdvoCare

For almost 30 years, AdvoCare has been at the forefront of delivering high-quality nutrition products, backed by scientific research and formulated using only the best ingredients. With a commitment to consumers’ health and safety, including athletes and conditioning coaches, AdvoCare has earned a positive reputation in the market.

AdvoCare’s product line is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle, and includes a variety of top-class offerings like the Go Mes Gummies Bundle, Spark Energy, Rehydrate electrolyte drink, Meal replacement shake, AdvoCare Catalyst, ProBiotic RESTORE ULTRA, GO MEs Elderberry Gummies, and AdvoCare Glow Hair & Nails.

But AdvoCare isn’t just about providing top-notch nutrition products; it also offers a chance for distributors to connect and earn some extra cash. By enrolling in the program, distributors can save up to 40% on AdvoCare products, and build their customer base by sharing the product referral link.

While joining AdvoCare is ideal for those with a big social circle, it may not be the best fit for individuals with a smaller network, and the business opportunity can become saturated. However, the company’s compensation plan offers a good opportunity for a second income and new earning possibilities.

With a membership cost of $59 and the potential to earn 20-40% commission on sales, AdvoCare offers a great opportunity to improve both your health and wealth.


What are Weight Loss MLM Companies?

Weight loss MLM companies are businesses that use a direct selling strategy to distribute products that help people lose weight. These products can include supplements, meal replacement powders, meals, and exercise programs.

Can you really earn money with a Weight Loss MLM?

Yes, it is possible to earn money with a weight loss MLM company. However, it’s important to keep in mind that MLMs are not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes hard work, dedication, and building a solid network to make significant income in this industry.


In conclusion, starting an online multi-level marketing business in the weight loss industry can be a lucrative and fulfilling venture. By choosing a reputable MLM company with quality products and a generous compensation plan, you can not only earn profits but also help others achieve their weight loss goals. 

While the decision of which company to join can be daunting, engaging with the community and doing thorough research can help you make an informed decision. 

We wish you the best of luck as you embark on this exciting journey towards financial freedom and a healthier lifestyle.

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