Wealthy Affiliate Success Rate – High or Low?

What is the Wealthy Affiliate success rate? That is one of the frequently asked questions.

When people are considering to join Wealthy Affiliate, they have this question in mind. I understand that feel. So in this article, I’m going to address this question for you.

Wealthy Affiliate Has Many Success Stories

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the largest internet communities in the world. There’re hundreds of thousands of people at Wealthy Affiliate. Each day, many new members join the community.

There’s no official data of success rate at Wealthy Affiliate. And everyone defines success differently and has different money goals.

However, it’s true that there are many success stories at Wealthy Affiliate. I actually have a post that lists out some success stories of members at Wealthy Affiliate. Their success stories are inspiring and confirm the effectiveness of Wealthy Affiliate.

Show Me the Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Reasons of Success at Wealthy Affiliate

I have seen many people at Wealthy Affiliate succeed but many also fail. Instead of talking about the success rate, it’s more meaningful to analyse why some fail and why some succeed.

We all know that for success, having good teachers and resources is just one of the factors. In a class taught by the same teacher, there’re some students who got distinctions but some failed exams.

Wealthy Affiliate is a good teacher, if not the best, in the world of affiliate marketing. It provides everything you need to succeed, including training, community, tools, website hosting.

It cannot be easier to build a website from scratch with Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone can do it, without any prior experience and background.

But when it comes to having real success in earning a full income. Not everyone can succeed.

I have observed and summarised some common points of the successful members:

1. They Are Ready To Work Hard

When you begin at Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll be asked to set a goal in your profile. Many people don’t take their goal seriously and don’t have a clear plan of how to achieve it.

I have seen some people who set a goal to make 10K a month, but are only willing to devote fewer than 10 hours a week. That’s totally unrealistic.

Members who are successful at Wealthy Affiliate set the goal and consistently work towards it. They work so hard that they follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate, finish all the tasks and work on the website every day.

That’s why they can see results faster than other members.

2. They understand it takes time to build a business

Many people think affiliate marketing is the way to make easy money. Because they think it is easy to just get people to click their affiliate links.

However, members who are successful know that no business can be built overnight. And there is no easy money. Affiliate marketing takes time and effort in order to succeed.

You have to create content consistently in order to get ranked and drive traffic.

Thus, successful members are patient in working on their website. They know money will flow in naturally as long as they keep working on it.

3. They fully utilise the resources at Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate offers so many tools, training, and tutorials for members without extra cost. But to really gain the value, it takes time to use and consume all of them.

Successful members know how to fully utilise them. I would say Wealthy Affiliate is a goldmine. If you just join and don’t dig out the gold, it will look useless to you.

Successful members understand how valuable the resources at Wealthy Affiliate are. They take the time to do the training in order to acquire the best techniques. And they leverage tools like the Jaaxy keyword research tool, Site Content, Site Comment, Site Feedback to work for them. They also fully utilise the community at Wealthy Affiliate to build up relationships and learn from other members.

4. They learn from other members’ mistakes

Wealthy Affiliate has hundreds of thousands of members. And it has existed for 15 years. There’re many success stories but also many stories of failure.

In business, it’s important to do the right thing. But it’s much more important to avoid costly mistakes. Because each mistake costs money. Sometimes, you can lose thousands of dollars for one mistake. Although you cannot avoid all mistakes, you should reduce it in order to succeed fast.

Successful members interact with members at Wealthy Affiliate. When they see people succeed, they are so pro-active to ask how they succeed. But they’re more interested when they see people fail. Because they want to avoid the same mistake.

Therefore, to succeed at Wealthy Affiliate, make sure not to isolate yourself. Reach out to other members and learn from them.

Reasons for Failure at Wealthy Affiliate

1. They want to get rich quick

People who fail usually have a very short term mindset. They think Wealthy Affiliate can help them to become rich tomorrow. These people are doomed to fail because they don’t understand how business works.

All businesses take time to build up and scale. At the beginning, it will be slow, but once it takes off, there will be exponential growth.

2. They don’t follow the training and implement

Some people fail simply because they don’t follow the training. At Wealthy Affiliate, each lesson has a task to implement. It’s important that you complete the tasks. Browsing the lessons without action is useless.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is time-tested and proven to work. So make sure to follow what is taught and execute in your business.

3. They have no time for their business

I know many people just take affiliate marketing as a side hustle. Many have a full time job. So their time to devote to their website is very limited. Some people only devote several hours on their website a week. As a result, it takes a long time for them to make a penny. Gradually, they become impatient and give up.

In fact, to succeed, you have to devote all your free time on your website and treat it as a serious business instead of just a side hustle. If not, you’re likely to fail.

4. They are not passionate about affiliate marketing

It’s true that not everyone is passionate about affiliate marketing. For affiliate marketing, you have to keep creating content for your website to grow the traffic.

Some people don’t like doing research and writing content regularly. That’s understandable. Affiliate marketing is not for everyone.

Therefore, it’s important to understand yourself. You have to ask yourself if you like working like a blogger and creating content all the time. If not, then affiliate marketing is not for you.

Conclusion: Wealthy Affiliate Success Rate Depends on You

Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best platform for learning and creating an affiliate marketing business. It provides all the resources you need to succeed.

But at the end of the day, success or failure really depends on yourself. If you want to succeed like others, make sure you do what the successful members do. And avoid the mistakes of those who fail.

If you don’t have an account at Wealthy Affiliate yet, register a free account here now. No credit card is required!

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