WayAway Affiliate Program 2022: Is It The Best Travel Affiliate Program?

Travel affiliates have always found the flight niche popular, albeit difficult to work in. On the one hand,  the niche is very competitive, but it also promises significant profits. The key is chosing the best flight affiliate program with high affiliate reward.

And I have just the one for you: the WayAway program from Travelpayouts. WayAway is developed by experts at Travelpayouts, which means the service is backed by over 10 years of experience in the travel industry with trusted brands, such as Booking.com and Expedia.

The program offers 50% of the income that WayAway receives from airline ticket sales offered by agencies and airlines, making its commission rate the highest among similar brands. In addition, partners earn $10 per sale of a WayAway Plus membership plan (paid once per user).

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Keep reading to learn about the advantages of the WayAway Affiliate Program.

About WayAway

WayAway is a flight aggregator that gives travelers a wide selection of affordable flight tickets and provides users with premium travel support and cashback on flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel services.

Thanks to its innovative search engine, WayAway shows the best flight deals for specific travel dates as well as more affordable options for alternative dates. The service compares airfares that are offered by all major US and global airlines and agencies

The feature that distinguishes WayAway from other travel services is its membership plan WayAway Plus. It is the only cashback service that lets users save big on all sorts of travel deals, including airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, tours and activities, and more. Users receive actual cash, not points or miles.


  • Exclusive access. You can join the WayAway affiliate program exclusively via Travelpayouts. You’ll get detailed sales statistics where every booking is reflected on an intutive dashboard.
  • Convenient cash withdrawal. WayAway partners can quickly and easily withdraw money every month via PayPal.
  • Highest commission among similar brands. Commission rate is 50% of the income that WayAway receives from airline ticket sales offered by agencies and airlines.
  • Chance at bonus reward. You get $10 per sale of a WayAway Plus membership plan (paid once per user).
  • Cookie lifetime is 30 days. The cookie lifetime for both the desktop and mobile versions of the website is 30 days. This means that you’ll earn commissions even if the user makes a purchase 30 days after clicking on your link.
  • Unique user attribution. If a user installs the WayAway app via your affiliate tools, the app is assigned to your Partner ID for 180 days, and a reward is paid for all orders made by this user in the app during that period. Statistics show that, on average, Americans travel 7 times per year, or around 3-4  times every 180 days. That’s a bigger chance for you to earn
  • A program for anyone. The WayAway affiliate program is suitable for bloggers and content creators. The affiliate tools are customizable for websites, Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, and other platforms. All affiliate tools are available immediately after registration.

Which types of traffic are allowed?

Here is a list of the traffic sources that can be used for the WayAway Affiliate Program:

  • Content project (newsletter, social network, content platform, messenger, website, mobile app, video platform)
  • Travel agency(if you have а travel agency or work for yourself)
  • Cashback project
  • Media buying (traffic from ad networks and SEO, including traffic led to the landing pages)

Why I recommend the WayAway Affiliate Program

  1. The WayAway affiliate program offers the highest commission among airline brands. Let’s count how many you can earn. For example, If 10 users purchase flight tickets ($550 each) on the WayAway website via your partner links/widgets within 30 days of them clicking on it. Your commission will be 50% revenue share for each of their purchases: around $6.5*10=$65.
  2. You get two ways to earn with the WayAway affiliate program. They can promote flight tickets and WayAway Plus membership plan.
  3. The WayAway affiliate tools are easy-to-integrate and look great. Partners can generate links for any page of the WayAway website using Link generator in the dashboard or copy ready-made links. Also you can use Travelpayouts Chrome extension. It allows you to generate affiliate links right on the brand’s webpage without copying links and going to the dashboard. The WayAway widgets look great both on the desktop and mobile. In addition, you can change the colours of the widget to make it look better on your blog.
  4. Travelpayouts experts are always ready to help you. Their philosophy is “the success of our partners is our success”. Feel free to write to them with every question about affiliate program. They even can advise where to place affiliate links and widgets in your blog.

How to start earning

  1. Create a Travelpayouts account. Find the WayAway affiliate program in the “Programs” section and join. Your affiliate tools will become available immediately afterward.
  2. Imbed affiliate tools to existing content. If you already have a travel blog, imbed affiliate links and widgets in your most popular and relevant articles. You can learn which content is the most popular with  the help of Google Analytics.
  3. Create new content about flights. Choose popular topics using keywords, research, and your experience.
  4. Don’t forget to share information about WayAway when imbedding affiliate tools. Explain to users that you are sending them to a service that compares flight ticket fares from hundreds of agencies for free.
  5. Write a detailed article about WayAway. WayAway is a new service for a lot of users. And even experienced travelers are not always well-informed when it comes to flight aggregators. That’s why it is important to explain the advantages of WayAway to your audience.
  6. Drive traffic to a specific page. If you write an article about travel to Los Angeles, direct the reader to a page with search results for that destination.
  7. Run experiments & don’t make assumptions. Experiment by comparing the conversion rates of various articles, experiment with the placing of affiliate tools. Run tests and don’t forget to track the results and measure success.


  • The WayAway affiliate program offers the highest affiliate commissions among other airline brands.
  • The WayAway affiliate tools are easy-to-use and -integrate. They include links, banners, widgets, and promo codes.
  • The WayAway partner program has a high conversion rate. WayAway wins the hearts of users due to great deals and the one and only travel cashback.
  • Partners access an easy-to-understand dashboard, detailed statistics on income, and quick and easy money withdrawal.
  • Travelpayouts shares with partners invaluable tips on how to work with the flight’s niche and affiliate marketing in general. In addition, Travelpayouts experts are always ready to give instructions on how to use affiliate tools.


  • Affiliate marketers will have to work hard to take their place in the flight niche. It is very competitive. Nevertheless, it is possible to succeed.
  • WayAway hasn’t earned the trust from travelers in the USA yet, because it is a new service. Thus, sometimes users may prefer a more trustable service even if it doesn’t offer the same great deals.

As with every affiliate program, WayAway has its benefits and drawbacks. In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons. The WayAway Affiliate Program has the potential to be seriously lucrative for travel creators. 

I highly recommend that you try it out. You have nothing to lose since it costs nothing to start and you’ll receive money as soon as you earn $50. Who knows, maybe WayAway will be the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

WayAway Affiliate Program 2022: Is It The Best Travel Affiliate Program?

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