Shawn Moore’s Vodyssey Review: Scam or Legit?

Imagine a business opportunity that offers you the chance to create a long-term, passive income stream while enjoying luxurious vacations with your loved ones. That’s precisely what Vodyssey promises to deliver – a real estate training and mentorship program focused on the art of creating and running a successful short-term rental (STR) business. 

In this Vodyssey Review, we’ll dive deep into this program, exploring how it can help you achieve financial freedom, Shawn Moore’s background, and whether it’s worth investing your time and money into this venture. 

So, let’s embark on this exciting journey and see if Vodyssey holds the key to unlock your path to prosperity.

What Is Vodyssey?

At its core, Vodyssey is a comprehensive real estate training and mentorship program designed to teach you the ropes of the lifestyle asset business model. Led by the experienced and seasoned investor, Shawn Moore, Vodyssey aims to empower its members with the knowledge and strategies needed to succeed in the short-term rental market.

Initially known as Lifestyle Asset University, Vodyssey underwent a name change due to legal constraints in Utah regarding the use of the word “university” in company names. Nevertheless, the essence of the program remains unchanged – to equip aspiring investors with the tools, techniques, and guidance to build a successful lifestyle asset business.

Shawn Moore's Vodyssey Review

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Who Is Shawn Moore?

To trust someone with your hard-earned money and precious time, it’s crucial to know who’s leading the way. Shawn Moore, the driving force behind Vodyssey, is a seasoned real estate expert with an impressive track record spanning two decades. Armed with a technical sales degree from Weber State University, Shawn has delved into various facets of real estate, including fix and flips, single-family rentals, multi-family rentals, new construction, and land development.

Beyond his own successful ventures, Shawn has shared his knowledge and experiences through platforms like the Vacation Rental Revolution podcast and his book “What the Heck Is a Lifestyle Asset?: How To Build Lifestyle & Financial Freedom Investing In Vacation Homes.” This background undoubtedly lends credibility to his role as a mentor in the Vodyssey program.

Shawn Moore

How Does Vodyssey Help You Make Money?

At the heart of Vodyssey’s promise lies the concept of a lifestyle asset business – a specific type of short-term rental venture that combines tangible assets, financial gains, and personal enjoyment. By following Shawn Moore’s signature 3D approach, aspiring investors learn to acquire, manage, and market their vacation rental properties strategically.

The 3D approach unfolds in three phases:

  1. Acquisition Phase

During this phase, participants learn the art of planning, understanding their target audience, and identifying profitable markets for their specific property type. This phase lays the foundation for a successful lifestyle asset business.

  1. Management Phase: 

Here, Vodyssey provides insights on building a reliable team for property management, cleaning, and maintenance. Participants explore various management styles, from self-management to full-service management, depending on their preferences and capabilities.

  1. Marketing Phase: 

The final phase of the 3D approach focuses on branding, listing optimization, and effective marketing strategies. As students progress through this phase, they gain the skills to attract the right target audience, refine their offerings, and eventually scale their business.

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Who is Vodyssey For?

Vodyssey casts a wide net, catering to different groups of aspiring real estate investors:

  1. Newbies: Those who are eager to enter the world of short-term rentals and want to learn the ropes of creating a lifestyle asset business.
  2. Existing Short-Term Rental Owners: Individuals who already own short-term rental properties but struggle to stay profitable or scale their businesses.
  3. Experienced Real Estate Investors: Seasoned investors looking to explore the world of short-term rentals as an alternative or complementary investment opportunity.

Vodyssey’s inclusive approach aims to welcome individuals with diverse backgrounds and investment goals, offering something valuable for everyone.

How Much Does Vodyssey Cost?

As with any investment, the cost is a critical factor in making a decision. Vodyssey’s membership fee may seem steep to some, priced at around $10,000 depending on the payment option chosen. However, the program occasionally offers discounts, bringing the price down to a more accessible range of $4,800 to $6,800.

It’s worth noting that while the program’s value may justify the cost for some participants, the lack of price transparency may deter others. Therefore, individuals considering Vodyssey should carefully evaluate whether the investment aligns with their budget and long-term goals.

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Are Students of Vodyssey Getting Results?

Ultimately, the success of any educational program lies in the results it delivers to its students. In the case of Vodyssey, there appears to be an overwhelmingly positive response from participants. The program boasts numerous video and photo testimonials from satisfied students, many of whom have achieved remarkable success in the short-term rental business. These testimonials serve as a testament to the effectiveness of Shawn Moore’s 3D approach and the value of the mentorship provided by Vodyssey.

Moreover, the relatively small number of students (around 1.5K in 3 years) indicates that Vodyssey prioritizes maintaining high-quality mentorship, ensuring that each participant receives individual attention and guidance. Shawn Moore’s emphasis on realistic expectations and long-term commitment further contributes to the program’s positive reputation.

Students of Vodyssey Testimonial

Is Vodyssey a Scam?

The term “scam” is often thrown around loosely, but it’s essential to discern between a legitimate program and one that’s deceptive. While there may be instances of less reputable real estate programs out there, Vodyssey has not shown any signs of being a scam. On the contrary, it presents a genuine opportunity for those who are willing to invest the time, effort, and capital required to build a successful lifestyle asset business.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that like any business venture, success is not guaranteed, and results may vary depending on individual efforts and market conditions.

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Praises About Vodyssey

As we’ve already touched upon, Vodyssey has garnered substantial praise from its students. The program’s strengths include:

  • Expert Guidance: Shawn Moore’s extensive experience in the real estate industry brings a wealth of knowledge to the program, ensuring students learn from a reputable source.
  • Realistic Expectations: Vodyssey sets clear expectations, emphasizing the long-term nature of the lifestyle asset business model. This honest approach helps potential investors make informed decisions.
  • Supportive Community: The dedicated Facebook support group provides a platform for networking, connecting with experts, and seeking guidance from like-minded individuals.

Criticisms About Vodyssey

While Vodyssey boasts many strengths, no program is without its weaknesses. Here are some areas where it falls short:

  • High Cost: The significant membership fee may be prohibitive for some individuals, particularly those with tighter budgets or uncertain about the investment.
  • Narrow Focus: Vodyssey’s training primarily caters to a specific short-term rental niche, potentially limiting its appeal to investors with different business goals.
  • Time and Financial Investment: Building and managing a lifestyle asset business requires substantial time and capital investment, which may be a challenge for some participants.

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Should You Join Vodyssey?

The ultimate question remains – is Vodyssey the right fit for you? The answer hinges on several factors:

  • Investment Goals: If your aim is to create a long-term, passive income stream while enjoying luxury vacations, Vodyssey aligns with your investment goals.
  • Budget and Risk Tolerance: Consider whether the membership fee and associated costs fit comfortably within your budget and risk tolerance.
  • Commitment to the Business: The success of a lifestyle asset business depends on your dedication, effort, and ability to invest significant time and capital.
  • Appetite for Short-Term Rentals: If the idea of running a short-term rental business excites you and aligns with your interests, Vodyssey can be a suitable choice.

Before taking the plunge, conduct thorough research, reach out to current and former Vodyssey members, and carefully evaluate your investment options.


In conclusion, Vodyssey presents an enticing opportunity for real estate investors seeking to create a profitable and enjoyable short-term rental business. Under the expert guidance of Shawn Moore and his 3D approach, participants gain valuable insights and strategies to navigate the world of vacation rentals successfully.

While Vodyssey has garnered significant praise from its students, it’s essential to weigh the program’s pros and cons, considering factors such as cost, commitment, and personal investment goals. Remember, no investment is without risks, and building a lifestyle asset business requires dedication and perseverance.

If you’re willing to embrace the challenges and invest in your future, Vodyssey may just be the key to unlocking your path to financial freedom and personal fulfillment through the world of short-term rentals. Take the time to evaluate your options, consult with current participants, and make an informed decision about whether Vodyssey is the right fit for your real estate journey.

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