Visualization and the Law of Attraction

Visualization is the technique of creating a visual image in your mind. I truly believe it is one of the keystones of activating the Law of Attraction in our lives.

When we use visualization and add the power of emotional energy into our focused intention, we ignite the fire of heaven to the image of that which we desire.

What we think or dwell upon comes into our experience. When we visualize our desire, it signals the Universe to bring into our vision into the manifest plane.

The subconscious mind accepts your imagery as real.

Our bodies respond to visual or audio stimuli from our subconsciousness. For instance, if I ask you to visualize the warm, fresh, sweet scent of freshly baked bread or apple pie and like Pavlov’s dog, you will begin to salivate. You have this reaction because your mind doesn’t understand the difference between real and not real.

If you are familiar with the taste of an apple, your body receives the cues and memory, and your body will respond whether the pie is real or imagined. Similarly, if I ask you to imagine the tart taste of fresh lemon, you might pucker at the thought of the lemon’s tartness.

Daydreams are not targeted visualizations. Daydreams are whimsical thoughts that float like fluffy white clouds across our minds. They have no real direction and are unable to latch onto anything tangible because they lack substance. Our daydreams are only in our psyches for a few moments before they fade away. Daydreams are mini-fantasies that give your mind a momentary mental break from the daily routines and activities.

On rare occasions, daydreams can produce results, but only if enough energy is put into them.

Physical therapists have long shared that patients who imagine walking or moving achieve faster results than those who do not. In fact, visualizations have been a well-documented method for improving health, increasing physical endurance, and healing injuries.

There are sports superstars, modern-day Olympians and athletes worldwide who use visualization to improve their physical performance.

To bring your desire into the physical plane, have a clear picture in your mind of your desire. Start with the answer.

For a moment, let’s suggest you want to manifest a new car. First, write or state your intention with energy behind each word. Align with the energy of owning the car of your dreams and put emotional energy into your visualization.

Give thanks as you imagine driving your new car and the pride of ownership. Always end your visualization of affirmation. This or something better now manifests for me.

When it was time for me to purchase a new car, I printed a picture of a Nissen Rogue and had it framed on my desk.

I spent time visualizing my Rogue in the morning and before bed.

But I also added waking thoughts and images, and emotions when I was driving to and from work or out on an errand. I used that time to infuse my emotional energy into car ownership. When I’d see a Nissen Rogue, I’d think that’s what my car looks like. When I saw my vehicle in a store window, I’d reimagine the image with that of a Nissen Rogue. At red lights, I’d say my simple affirmation, “Thank you Father Mother God, for my new Nissen.”

Align your energy with the pleasure of owning a new car. Feel, truly feel and internalize how wonderful your new car is to drive. Imagine your fingers wrapped around the new steering wheel. Imagine how easily it will take a turn and how smooth as it glides to a safe stop. 

Envisage how the new seats will feel, the elegant dashboard shines, or how easy it is to park and handle. Image how your new car will sound when you click the automatic lock or how pretty it will look in your driveway or parking spot.

Every time I thought of my new car, I gave thanks and allowed an overwhelming sense of gratitude to bubble up within me until I felt the excitement of owning the Nissen. I’d conclude by affirming, “this or something better was coming into my life”.

I never gave thought to how my new car was going to come into my experience. I just went through the visualization and manifest process. And within the next month, the exact car was in my driveway with payments I could easily afford.

Throughout the day, connect to your visualization through act, in word and action.

Please note, when doing any manifestation or visualization, follow the Universal principle of do no harm. If your visualization involves how you are doing to steal, cheat or involve yourself in an adulterous affair, you will find yourself in the middle of bad karma. Do no harm.

Live your life as if your visualization was already true, and it will manifest in your life faster than you could ever imagine.

End with your Visualization by saying, “This or something better now manifests in my life,” and say, “Amen” or “And So It is!”

As you move through the modules of this guide, you will find visualizations you can use, adapt or create your own.

Make your visualization as real as possible. This includes adding the five senses into your imagery. The five senses are sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

As a mystery and romantic suspense author, I add in as many of the five senses to each scene as possible. If my heroine is walking down the stairs, I’ll have her touch the banister and write something like, she traced her fingertips across the top of the railing, momentarily distracted by the smooth, cool texture of the wood.

I want you to do the same with your visualization. In each image in your meditation, use your five senses. For instance, if you are visualizing yourself at the beach, take a moment to imagine the fresh scent of salty air, listen to the screech of seagulls as they glide atop the waves, feel the grittiness of the sand below your feet or feel the soft brush of a wisp of hair as it is blown across your cheek.

You breathe life into your imagery by adding in the five senses, sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. The more real you make this imagery, the deeper you connect with it, the faster your mind will embrace your image, and the faster the Universe will respond to it.

What follows is my general guide to visualization. The more you infuse emotional energy into the details, the faster your dreams will come true.

General Visualization Guidelines

  1. Have a clear picture in your mind of your Desire.
  2. State your Intention with Energy behind each word.
  3. Prepare yourself by Grounding, Meditation, and Connecting to the Universe
  4. Align your emotional energy with that that you desire.
  5. Visualize your Desired Outcome with heartfelt passion, emotional energy detail into every aspect of your and feeling into your Imagery. Infuse Love, Visualization. Add in your sensory components to your imagery.
  6. Will End your Visualization with an overwhelming sense of Gratitude This or something better now manifests for and say me
  7. Release your Desire to the Universe in peace, knowing the Universe
  8. Close your visualization by saying, “Amen” or “And So It is!”

Throughout the day, connect to your Visualization through act, in word and action. With a dedicated knowingness, your Desire is already true.

Write an easy to say affirmation and say it every hour on the an hour or at select times throughout the day.

Live as though your Vision is true, and the here are now, will manifest into your life.

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