Vidmingo Review – Video Hosting Platform Scam? Exposed!

Is Vidmingo a scam? If you want to make money online, you may have heard of Vidmingo. But since there are so many scams online, you may wonder if you can trust it or not.

It is likely that you already use video in one way or another in your business. I assume you are either planning to upload your videos to YouTube or another video hosting service such as Vimeo, Wistia, or Vidyard.

Hosting your videos on these platforms is your choice; however, there are pretty good odds against you.

Did you know? YouTube removed more than 20 million videos in 2021. The number of YouTube channels that were terminated in 2021 exceeded 1.98 million.

You’ll be charged ridiculous monthly fees by platforms like Vimeo, Vidyard & Wistia for little or no value. You would have your entire video deleted without prior notice if there was a delay in your monthly renewal.

Their business model is to increase their revenue and sales, not yours. When you are not in total control of your assets (e.g., video content), you don’t technically have a business.

Do not wait until the tech giants ban you or kill your business for no reason.

You could lose everything you’ve built over the years, your source of income would disappear as if it never existed at all. Choosing the right video hosting platform can make or break your entire business!

Therefore, I am delighted to introduce to you a new product from Tom Yevsikov and Firas Alameh. It’s called VidMingo.

VidMingo’s advanced video hosting solution ensures your total peace of mind. You won’t have to use any other video sharing or hosting platform that is expensive, non-intuitive, not scalable, not marketer-friendly and complicated to set up.

I have a passion to help people explore the best money-making opportunities online, so over the years, I have reviewed hundreds of similar online programs like Vidmingo.

In the past week, I have done thorough research about Vidmingo, so I can tell you everything you need to know about it.

Key Takeaways: Vidmingo Review

Product Name: Vidmingo
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Overall Rank 4.7/5
Vidmingo Scam or Legit: It’s not a scam
Who is it For: Anyone who wants to host videos online.

To help you decide whether Vidmingo is a scam, I’m going to cover the following in this review:

What Is Vidmingo?

Vidmingo is a video hosting platform that enables you to manage all your videos with one dashboard. Each video can be customized, including the player’s look and feel, call-to-actions, thumbnails, and privacy settings.

You also get more related features on top of the video hosting service. You get a text-to-speech feature, the ability to stream videos, and the ability to record your screen.

Furthermore, it comes with a video editor, but to me it’s pretty basic, you can’t do much with it, but it’s there. Transcribing your videos is easier with advanced analytics and multilingual videos.

Certain of these features can be purchased as an upsell, however. I recommend you check out Vidmingo if you’re interested in replacing Vimeo or Wistia with a video hosting platform.

It is fast, secure, and you get unlimited bandwidth as well. Now you have an easy way to host your videos. It’s okay to use YouTube since it’s free, but there are a lot of drawbacks to using it.

When you embed a YouTube video, not only do you get YouTube branding, but even if you do not monetize your channel you still get ads and also related videos that are not yours.

Each of these “cons” is bad because your customers get distracted by ads, related videos and they can easily leave your sales page, landing page, course, website, etc.

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Pros of Vidmingo

1. Unlimited Bandwidth

VidMingo gives you unlimited bandwidth, so your videos can be viewed by an endless number of viewers.

2. Fully Secured Video Hosting Platform

VidMingo protects your content from pirates, hackers and illicit web distributions with robust security features. Their firewall uses Layer 7 security to stop all attacks immediately. VidMingo uses a custom framework (MVC pattern) and is built on the MVC pattern.

3. Faster delivery of content

With fast loading time and no lags or glitches, your viewers won’t have to wait for content to load.

4. Migration from video sharing platforms is easy

VidMingo allows you to easily import videos from video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Drive, and Dropbox.

5. Loom-like Video & Screen Recording

Enjoy full control and capture great moments to the pixel. With VidMingo, you can record your whole desktop, window, region, or application with a single hotkey, using Loom-like screen recording features. You can capture your screen & edit images to deliver stunning results.

6. A.I. Based Text-To-Voice Creation

Click “Create” after typing your text or pasting your script. It takes one click to render your voice and share it with anyone. Make your videos more engaging and clickable with human-like voice-overs.

7. Visibility & Privacy Controls – Password Protected

Your videos can be restricted to only be viewed by your intended audience by adding a password.

8. No Monthly Fees

VidMingo is a very affordable service. For a one-time fee, you get insane value.

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Vidmingo Cons and Complaints

1. Vidmingo Cannot Make You Become Rich Quickly

Vidmingo doesn’t mean to be a shortcut to make you rich quickly. Vidmingo is a tool that can save you a lot of time and effort in hosting videos.

You cannot expect to make a lot of money immediately after using Vidmingo. Because ultimately, it depends on the popularity of your videos. You still need to promote your videos that meet the needs of people in order to make money.

2. Vidmingo Does Not Offer Free Trial

Vidmingo doesn’t offer a free trial. Many hosting service offers a free 14-day free trial, but not Vidmingo.

I’m a bit disappointed about this. It seems that Vidmingo is not so confident in its product.

Positive and Negative Feedback by Real Users

We have collected some comments from the real users of Vidmingo. Here’s the list for your reference.

Positive Feedback

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Lifetime Access
  • Fully Secured Video Hosting Platform
  • A user-friendly dashboard
  • Faster delivery of content
  • You can reach your audience anywhere in the world
  • Migrate from video sharing platforms easily
  • Support Priority
  • Money back guarantee of 100% for 30 days.

Negative Feedback

  • I haven’t found a downside to this yet. Vidmingo is awesome in every way.

How Does Vidmingo Work?

You will receive your Vidmingo login details via email once you purchase the service, then you can use that info to log into our main dashboard and begin hosting your videos.

It is now possible to deliver and livestream your video content anywhere in the world with lightning-fast performance by following 3 simple steps:


VidMingo allows you to upload single or multiple videos in one click, or you can record a video.


Brand and customize the video player. Add skins, play bars, volume and speed controls, subtitles, and much more.


Provide your clients or yourself with high-quality HD videos that you can publish and embed.

Vidmingo Pricing

It costs $47 for personal use and $67 for commercial use to use Vidmingo’s Front End Offer. During the launch period, the price you see on the front end is only available. The price will increase to $67 and $97 after the launch, which ends on the 20th of March 2022.

Additionally, the frontend access is not dependent on any of the upgrades, it can be used even without the upgrades, but it is limited. 

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What are the Upsells of Vidmingo?

There are currently five upsells. There is no need for you to use all of them to use Vidmingo, but they might come in handy depending on your situation.

OTO 1: Vidmingo PRO $97

With unlimited video customizations, advanced call to actions, team management, and a lot more, you can exponentially grow your business. Vidmingo pro upgrade lets you unlock 40 premium features worth over $5,000 & 10x profits.

OTO 2: Vidmingo Monetisation PRO $97

You can now convert regular viewers into email leads in 1 click as well as insert ads into your videos, to name a few of the incredible features.

With Vidmingo’s innovative monetization and list building tools, you can monetize and capture unlimited leads from within your videos.

OTO 3: Vidmingo Performance & Analytics $47

Learn how your audience behaves & reacts to your content & automatically optimize it for maximum profit with incredible, detailed insight.

With advanced analytics, integrations, A/B testing, and more, you can measure, analyze, and auto-optimize your videos for maximum returns!

OTO 4: Vidmingo Multi-Lingual Videos $57

With automatic transcription, subtitles, and translation into multiple languages, you can reach new markets & instantly explode your video views, clicks, leads, & sales. Create voiceovers for your videos in 100s of different languages quickly and easily.

OTO 5: Vidmingo Agency $97 – $397

With zero technical skills, you can have your very own done-for-you profitable video hosting & marketing agency. With a few clicks, you can host/manage unlimited videos for your clients, create invoices and accept payments from your agency dashboard.

Bundle Deal $297

With Vidmingo bundle, you’ll get full access to Vidmingo’s OTOs. The whole funnel is available at a one-time payment for this one. There is no need to go through the funnel. Simply log on to your member’s area.

Who’s The Creator Of Vidmingo?

Firas Alameh and Tom Yevsikov, expert marketers and business owners, have created Vidmingo.

With over 100,000 videos processed to date, they are masters at delivering video content to their customers.

They’re back with yet another feature-rich hosting solution after doing 250k with Prime Host back in October 2021.

Vidmingo Review: Final Verdict

VidMingo is the only video hosting platform you need. No other platform offers the flexibility, control, and power of this platform at a price that is unbeatable. For just one time, you can access this app that gives you complete control, backed by a reliable team of experts.

In addition, you will also get additional features that aren’t offered by many video hosting platforms. You can convert text to speech, record your screen, stream your videos to other platforms, and more.

I highly recommend this video hosting platform if you are interested in a great video hosting platform that offers lots of features at a one time cost and do not wish to pay monthly.

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People Also Ask FAQs

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Definitely! You can request a refund at [email protected] if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

Is this compatible with both Mac and PC?

Yes. VidMingo works on any device that has an internet connection and is 100% cloud-based. It can be used with any operating system.

How is VidMingo Different from Vimeo, Wistia, Vidyard, etc?

Vidmingo has more features than any other platform. Vidmingo is an advanced video hosting and marketing platform that offers next-gen video hosting, millions of premium HQ stock assets, screen and video recording based on artificial intelligence (AI), thumbnail and image creation, and many other features. Additionally, it has a low one-time fee, unlike other apps that have hefty monthly charges. There is nothing like it.

Is it possible to upload and manage client videos from my dashboard?

With commercial rights, you are free to create and manage a client’s video campaign as frequently as you wish and keep 100% of the profits.

Is There Any Training Included?

You can get started right away and become an expert quickly with detailed and step-by-step videos.

Vidmingo Alternative: Make Passive Income Online

If you don’t have any experience with the online business, you might not see the value of Vidmingo. You need to decide on a business model first before you can use Vidmingo.

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Vidmingo Review

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