Understanding The Multifaceted Reality Before Manifestation

Reality is at once definite and temporary. It is both absolute and relative. Depending on one’s viewpoints, reality can be hell or heaven or both at the same time. Understanding reality is the first step to knowing how you can manifest anything into your life. After all, if you cannot properly understand the state of things you live in, no amount of work will help you.

People who blindly apply spiritual techniques and methods of self-improvement are a lot like those who would use a rowboat to cross a desert. They’re completely ignorant of what their environment is — how it affects them or not — and end up choosing the wrong tools.

So without further adieu, let’s jump in and breakdown the reality of ‘reality.’

The Nature of Reality

To truly understand what reality is, we need to deconstruct the very process of creation. After all, reality is full of things we create. For example, someone afraid of dogs will be afraid of all dogs, whether they’re playful or vicious. The mental creations living in their mind creates their absolute reality. So how does creation occur in the first place?

The easiest way to understand this process is to simply look around you. What do you see? A book, a computer, a phone and so on. But what are you really seeing? Well, light of course! The things you see are visible to you because they reflect waves of light back to your eyes and thus, give themselves a form.

Seeing the Light

Sunlight in and as of itself is thought of as white light. In other words, we don’t associate a color to it. However, when passed through a filter, like a prism, we clearly observe a rainbow of colors emerge. Applying a filter is simply the process of separating what we want from infinite choices.

What I mean is, if you wish to drown your room in red light, you apply a red filter to the lightbulbs and instantly, you’ve got yourself a red room. Similarly, you apply filters to create any other color you’d like. In other words, what you’re doing is, you’re removing every color except red from your light source and creating a situation where everything is red.

Our lives play out in much the same way. We receive a stream of infinite possibilities from the universe and we filter it to create a reality for ourselves. The large majority of us do this unconsciously. Think of it as you applying a green filter to your light source and then wondering why nothing you see is red? Well, change the filter!

This stream of infinite possibilities we receive is called the quantum field. This field contains information at the atomic and subatomic level about the movement of matter. Thus, it is the record of infinite parallel realities that exist based on the filters you apply to this stream. The quantum field is a complex energy structure and as such, can only be described in a theoretical manner by current physics.

Physical reality is what we interact with on a daily basis, but there is no denying that there are things we know of but cannot explain or experience. This is the metaphysical component of reality and this is where we, understandably, experience the most debate and resistance within us.

Our minds are receptors of infinite consciousness, but are not fully equipped to handle the metaphysical realities of our existence. We are always requiring proof in the form of physical reality and end up choosing only that which we can comprehend. Thus, we end up creating whatever it is we understand possible for us, whatever we believe in.

When viewed in this light, Henry Ford’s quote, “Whether you believe it or don’t, you’re right,” opens up a whole new world of possibilities, doesn’t it? The infinite stream is really just a huge tree with numerous branches, all of them interconnected with one another. The filter you apply determines which reality or branch you choose.


Another aspect of the infinite stream is balance. Our lives are filled with obstacles and walls that are thrown up by other people and the constructs of our physical world. This is simply the truth of our existence. There is no reality where obstacles do not exist. Wishing them away is merely trying to go against truth and is a futile exercise.

Obstacles are major drains of energy and by giving them undue importance, we end up prioritizing them within our lives. One of the reasons unhealthy obsessions with obstacles leads to poor results is that it puts you squarely up against another fundamental truth of life. That everything is balanced.

To realize the good, you need evil. To understand the masculine, you need the feminine. Polarity is nature’s way of letting us know that balance exists and reminds us of the need to stick to the middle. Buddhism refers to this as the middle path, avoiding the extremes.

The forces that are in charge of maintaining balance usually end up being destructive because they are completely opposed to your current way of being. When you build up an excess of emotion towards a particular thing in your life, nature acts swiftly to remove that excess.

A key concept to understand here is that the negative is not repulsed by the positive. Instead, the negative excess is removed by the realization of those negative thoughts. For example, the imbalance caused by discontent with a particular situation doesn’t get removed by creating content. Instead, it is removed by becoming aware of your negative thought patterns.

If you overvalue something, the exact opposite happens in order to restore you to objective reality. Thus, if you really want that job and exaggerate its importance beyond its reality, you’ll end up pushing it further away from you because you’re out of balance.

In order to create anything in your life, a balanced intention towards that goal is required. If you’re excessively critical and harsh towards yourself, the balancing forces of the universe will give you more opportunities to stop these negative thinking patterns. But it is precisely these negative thoughts that prevent us from seeing these opportunities.

This is why it is so easy to down a negative spiral. You think of a shortcoming and remove yourself from balance by overvaluing something negative and this leads to its fulfillment. This further throws you out of balance and soon, you’re in a personal hell.

The importance you give something, whether excessively positive or negative, acts as a filter and propels you down your chosen branch in the infinite reality. So what is the solution here? Well, quite simply, stop being so serious all the time. The very awareness and realization that there are infinite realities for you to choose from should reduce your belief that this current reality is the only one which you’re committed to.

Stop giving the barriers in your life so much importance and recognize the reality of the situation: Obstacles have to exist to maintain the existential balance in the universe. Instead of seeking to remove them, seek to move past them by focusing on what it is you wish to birth into existence. If you pay obstacles all the importance in the world, you’ll only push yourself into a reality where only obstacles exist and your life is a slave to it.

Does this mean you should become comatose to life’s issues and simply not care about anything? No, this is adopting the other extreme and you’ll expose yourself to the harmful effect of the forces that maintain equilibrium. Instead, you need to adopt a balanced approach which really means coming to accept things as they are.

Obstacles exist and you need to find a way past them. By focusing on the solution more than the obstacle, you consciously choose the reality where it exists and soon, the obstacle exists no more. “Choose” is the operative word here. You can either choose to be miserable by exaggerating the importance of things in your life or you can choose to view reality as it is — objectively — and remain in balance with everything.

Everything is Connected

While we do have the power of choice, choice by itself distorts our reality. We are capable of losing ourselves within our world of choices and exaggerating their importance. This puts us out of equilibrium as well since in such a reality, we fail to recognize the truth that everything is one and everything is interconnected.

The infinite stream that is the quantum field is filtered from our consciousness when we only focus on which choice we need to make. It prevents us from being overwhelmed by the realization of the full stream of consciousness. In our everyday lives, we rarely scratch the surface and realize this full stream thanks to our fixations on the choice we apply. We slip into dualistic thinking, which implies “either/or” and not ‘both.’ In other words, we think that if we choose positive, we reject the negative.

The truth is that despite this rejection, the negative still exists in a parallel reality and which means on an absolute scale, everything exists as one. Dualistic thinking leads to the imposition of a lot of negative filters since it creates scarcity within our minds. We pit ourselves against one another, thinking that we need to grab what we can while it lasts.

On an absolute level, oneness exists, and this cannot be quantified but only experienced. In order to describe it, it needs to be compared to something, and this implies duality. Absolute reality and pure consciousness are non-dual. Love is the ultimate expression of oneness. It implies the fusion of souls — when you love everything around you, it is impossible to cause harm, much less create negativity.

When we connect with the power of love, we no longer communicate with our minds, instead we communicate with souls. The soul is merely an expression of and a part of oneness.

The Power of the Soul

The soul has awareness of everything that is and will be. It has access to all our parallel realities and the implications of our choices. In other words, it knows which branch we’re currently on, which ones we avoided, and where certain filters will take us. It knows the consequences of these choices and will warn us of negative ones.

This communication doesn’t occur through our thoughts, rather it occurs through our emotions — our gut instinct, that nudge in our heart, that spidey sense we feel instinctually — which is the language of oneness. Happiness and a feeling of comfort after making a choice is an indication of your soul commending you on a choice that will benefit you. Constant discomfort and feelings of stress, negativity, and resistance are indicators that your soul has seen the consequences of this decision and does not recommend it.

Intuition or a “sixth sense” is inherent within each of us. It helps us tune into our soul while recognizing and interpreting these messages from our soul. Thus, open your mind and really listen to what your soul is telling you. Invariably, you’ll find yourself along the right path. This will lead to you swimming the river of life the right way.

People usually treat the act of living with an imbalanced view. They either drift along aimlessly and go where life takes them or they swim ferociously against the current, trying to teach life a lesson — challenging the natural balance of life. Both of these ways will result in negative realities because the former removes all elements of choice and the latter simply results in removing the connection of the mind and the soul from their existence.

Accepting reality is misunderstood as simply going with the flow, but this isn’t the truth. The true way to live is to simply go towards what you want, consciously, while accepting the reality of what is around you. It is expressing your intention to bring something into your life and communicating this to your soul, recognizing that all obstacles exist.

You also recognize that by traveling towards this intention, you’re simply choosing a particular branch in your tree of life and since this is infinite, your intended destination exists in some form or another. Your soul knows what is best for you and is constantly communicating with you, thus your job is to simply move in the direction it points you toward, without resistance and in constant communication.

Thus, be on the lookout for signs of your soul communicating with you and be wary of complicated solutions. Often, by simply aligning yourself with the world, you’ll find that the solutions to your obstacles are pretty simple and they keep you balanced instead of feeling obligated to expend great effort or make sacrifices for them.

Understanding Choice

Choices govern every aspect of our life, and there is simply no avoiding it. What you choose is up to you, and your choices are what create your reality. Your choices are what propel you along a path through your tree of life. The emotions you experience while choosing a certain outcome are what helps you birth more of these choices into your reality. It is what impacts and influences your future choices. You can choose to ignore your soul — how it is interconnected to everything — and thereby expose yourself to the equilibrium forces which will push you along a path that is hellish for you. Alternatively, you could listen to your soul and create positive emotions and changes in your life, thus maintaining balance.

Emotions transmit energy into the quantum field, hence manifesting your meta-realities into realities around you.

How to Act

It’s one thing to say that you should listen to your soul and pay attention to positive emotion, but how do you actually go about doing this? Well, it all begins in the present moment by declaring your intention to create what it is you want the most in your life and taking ownership of creating that reality.

The purpose of declaring this intention is to recognize that the only one in command is you. It is simply bringing together everything that you’ve learned thus far into one conscious act of declaration. Whether the goal is achievable or not is beside the point. Your intention and your soul are not concerned with any of that. All that matters is that you’ve decided to go somewhere — create a different reality, choose a different lifestyle for yourself — and now you need to act.

As you move along your path, remember to always activate positive emotions from your soul by letting it guide you along the way. Let your choices along your path be guided by the emotions you feel and let them keep you balanced — away from the destructive forces of equilibrium. Your choices are the same as the filters you apply to the light color of your choice, as we saw previously.

Apply positive filters full of images that feel good to you, deep down. Do not adopt someone else’s filters or filters which you think society will accept. This gives undue importance to your obstacles and will throw you off balance. Focus inward and prioritize yourself — your desires, your vision of the life you want to live — to determine what sort of filters make you feel good.

Some examples of filters are visual pictures and affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that help you reinforce the idea that you are in control and you are making a conscious choice to engage with your tree of life, instead of floating around passively waiting for things to happen to you.

Visualization is a powerful tool you can use to manifest your reality. You can use visualization to manifest every single stage of your life — your desire may not arrive in the exact fashion in which you visualize them, but know that they will manifest in some form. Visualization need not only be used for what you desire in the future, but also at your current stage. Every goal can be broken down into steps and stages, and while it’s great to visualize your end destination, your attention should primarily be focused on achieving what you need to achieve right now.

Thus, make this primary goal the subject of your mental images and you’ll find it coming to fruition in no time. This is how you achieve your goals. Goals are based on what you consider important, and the things you consider important are the source of your joy. The thoughts and opinions of others have a right to exist, as everything does, but there’s no hard and fast rule that says you need to engage with them. Stay true to your intention and proceed along your chosen path to living the life you’ve always wanted.

Remember, your path is yours alone; nobody else can take that journey for you. What may work for you or seem right for you can be harmful to someone else and vice versa. Always check with your soul to determine what is right for you and start acting. The only time you have is now — the present — and this is the only place where happiness exists.

By aligning your goal to your current existence, aided by the knowledge you’ve gained in this module, you’ll realize true happiness in the current moment is the only place you can realize it, after all.

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