Total Wealth Academy Reviews (2023): Is Steve Davis Legit?

If you’re like me, you’re constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve your financial future. That’s why I decided to dive into Total Wealth Academy and its founder, Steve Davis, to determine if it’s the real deal.

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Total Wealth Academy and examine whether Steve Davis lives up to the hype. From their educational approach to the support they provide, we’ll leave no stone unturned.

What is Total Wealth Academy?

Total Wealth Academy is a respected educational platform and consultant group with a wealth of experience spanning over five decades. Their primary focus is to provide individuals with the necessary tools and guidance to navigate the world of real estate investing successfully.

By offering step-by-step assistance, Total Wealth Academy aims to help people build wealth and establish passive streams of income through real estate. Their approach revolves around educating, motivating, and encouraging personal and financial growth. 

Who is Steve Davis?

Steve Davis

Steve Davis is an experienced figure in the finance industry, known for his expertise in real estate investing and his commitment to helping others achieve financial success. With over 30 years of teaching and coaching experience, Steve has positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands of individuals through his radio show, one-on-one coaching, and his own coaching and consulting business, Total Wealth Academy.

Steve’s journey in finance began when he won a national sales contest, only to face a significant pay cut upon his return. This wake-up call prompted him to explore alternative sources of income and ultimately led him to the world of real estate investing. Through trial and error, Steve honed his knowledge and skills, eventually achieving financial independence and the ability to spend more time with his family.

Driven by a personal mission to help others avoid financial struggles, Steve established Total Wealth Academy. The academy provides a step-by-step approach to real estate investing, covering various aspects such as single-family homes, apartments, self-storage, and more.

Throughout his career, Steve has drawn inspiration from influential figures like Carleton Sheets, Steven Covey, and Robert Kiyosaki. Their books and teachings have played a crucial role in shaping Steve’s understanding of wealth-building principles. 

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How Does Total Wealth Academy Work?

Total Wealth Academy offers a comprehensive program designed to guide you towards financial independence and a more balanced life.

Step 1: Attend The Free Sample Class

The Total Wealth Academy program begins with the Free Sample Class, an introductory session that offers insights into wealth-building strategies. During this class, students gain exposure to the teachings that the rich pass down to their children.

The class focuses on eight compelling reasons why real estate is an attractive investment avenue and introduces the 15 pillars of success, which serve as a roadmap towards a happier, wealthier, and more fulfilling life.

Real-life case studies of single-family houses and passive investments in apartments and commercial properties further illustrate the potential of real estate in building wealth.

Step 2: Saturday Life/Wealth Mastery Workshop

Participants who are located in Houston have the opportunity to engage in the intensive Saturday Life/Wealth Mastery Workshop. This transformative 8-hour course provides comprehensive knowledge on building a second stream of income through real estate while leading a balanced life.

The workshop covers various aspects, including the intricacies of wholesaling, flipping, and renting single-family houses. Additionally, it explores the realm of passive investing, encompassing self-storage, apartments, commercial buildings, strip shopping centers, hotels, and more.

Graduates of the workshop gain access to an online version of the class for convenient review, reinforcing the learnings and strategies covered.

Step 3: Unlimited Coaching and Question and Answer

Total Wealth Academy places a strong emphasis on personalized support and guidance. After completing the Saturday class, program participants enjoy the privilege of unlimited coaching and direct access to consultants. This ongoing support ensures that individuals receive tailored assistance as they progress along their wealth-building journey.

Members can reach out to their dedicated coaches for answers to questions, clarification on concepts, and assistance in overcoming challenges. This direct line of communication facilitates a step-by-step approach to wealth creation and instills confidence in members as they work towards financial freedom.

Step 4: Continuing Education

Total Wealth Academy believes in the importance of continuous growth and development. To this end, they provide a platform for continuing education.

Every month, the program offers classes that cover diverse topics related to both wealth-building and leading a more balanced life. These classes, available in both live and online formats, enable members to expand their knowledge, stay updated with industry trends, and enhance their skills.

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  • Personalized Coaching and Support: One of the standout features of Total Wealth Academy is the personalized coaching and support it offers. With unlimited access to experienced coaches and consultants, you can get the guidance and assistance you need to navigate the wealth-building process.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Total Wealth Academy takes a hands-on approach, guiding you through the real estate investing process step by step. This systematic approach helps build your knowledge, confidence, and competence as you progress towards financial independence. 


  • Limited Workshop Locations: One potential drawback is that the Saturday Life/Wealth Mastery Workshop is currently only available in Houston. If you’re located outside the area, attending the workshop in person may not be feasible, requiring you to rely on the online version.
  • Additional Costs: While the Free Sample Class provides an initial taste of what Total Wealth Academy offers, participating in the comprehensive program and workshops may involve additional costs.
  • Focused on Real Estate: Total Wealth Academy’s primary focus is real estate investing. While this can be advantageous if you’re specifically interested in real estate, it may not suit those seeking a more diversified investment approach. 

Real Estate Investing: Challenges to Consider

Real estate investing undoubtedly offers numerous opportunities for wealth building and financial freedom. However, it’s essential to approach it with eyes wide open and consider the challenges that can arise along the way. Here are a few problems you may encounter:

1. High Initial Capital Requirement

One of the major hurdles in real estate investing is the significant upfront costs. Purchasing properties often requires a substantial amount of capital, whether it’s for a down payment, closing costs, or property renovations. This financial barrier can make it difficult for some individuals to enter the market or expand their investment portfolio.

2. Market Volatility and Risk

Real estate markets can be subject to volatility and fluctuations, just like any other investment market. Economic factors, local market conditions, and unforeseen events can impact property values and rental demand. It’s crucial to understand and manage these risks to make informed investment decisions and mitigate potential losses.

3. Time and Effort Intensive

Real estate investing is not a passive venture. It requires a significant investment of time, effort, and resources. Finding and evaluating properties, negotiating deals, managing tenants, handling maintenance and repairs, and staying updated with legal and regulatory requirements all demand attention. It can be a demanding undertaking that requires careful planning, organization, and dedication.

4. Property Management Challenges

If you choose to be a landlord, property management can bring its fair share of challenges. Dealing with tenant issues, collecting rent, handling maintenance requests, and ensuring property compliance can be time-consuming and emotionally draining. It’s crucial to develop effective management strategies or consider outsourcing property management to alleviate some of these challenges.

5. Market Timing and Liquidity

Real estate investments are relatively illiquid compared to other asset classes. Selling a property may take time, especially during market downturns or if you’re dealing with a property that lacks desirability or faces unique challenges. This lack of liquidity can restrict your ability to quickly access funds or adapt to changing circumstances.

6. Regulatory and Legal Considerations

Real estate investing is subject to a range of regulations and legal requirements. These can vary by jurisdiction and property type. Navigating zoning laws, landlord-tenant regulations, and tax implications can be complex and time-consuming. Staying informed and seeking professional advice is essential to ensure compliance and avoid potential legal issues.

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