7 Tips To Get More Followers To Your Social Media Platform Using Video Content

Social media has become a very important aspect of marketing. Hence, brands spend millions of dollars building a relevant social media presence. Are you spending money on social media but lacking direction? Don’t worry! This guide is here to help. You must consider several things if you plan to attract more followers to your social media channel.

An average person watches at least 16 hours of video content weekly. Video has become a very important part of social media and is still growing. If you want a slice of the huge pie of social media, you will not be able to get it without video content. Therefore, you will have to experiment with different types of engaging video content to get more followers to your page.

Videos not only engage customers but also persuade them to buy a particular product or avail of a service. Platforms today support both long-form and short-term video content, and you must try to use these features to your benefit.

7 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Video Content

Before creating videos for your social media handles, you must have a video strategy. You need to understand how video content works and how you can benefit from it.

Let’s have a look at some of the best ways in which you can use video content:

1. Create Content Relevant to Your Audience

Before you focus on getting new followers, you must focus on entertaining your existing followers. These followers have been associated with your content for a while. Try understanding them by observing their social media behavior and tracking patterns. In the initial phase of implementation of the video strategy, try to mold your content along the lines of what the audience likes.

If they love one of your products, you can create a video to showcase its journey. You can also use the video to show the packaging process of the product. You can search for an easy online video editor to aid you with video creation. You can also create a how-to video to help your audience with your products and services.

2. Stick to What Works

While experimentation is the key to social media, you must try to stick to the video content form that gets you more engagement. If you stick to that particular video format, there might be something that is working for the audience. You can use any analytics tool to analyze the videos and then pick the form that works for you.

These analytics will give the engagement figures using which you can evaluate the performance of the videos. You can either post these videos in a sequence or add one or two other video forms in between these videos. Use both posting strategies to understand what’s working better for you.

3. Plan your Content

Poorly planned video fails to get engagements. Hence, it would help if you planned out everything before you started filming the video. It would help if you had a promotional strategy in place even before you created the video. You must create a buzz around the video before releasing it. Once it is on your social media handle, you must carry out post-promotion activities.

Besides the video, consider other social assets that might help you get more engagement. You can collect additional bits from the shoot when you record a video for social media. One way to use social assets is to create a behind-the-scenes video. The audience loves a sneak peek into the creative process behind creating a video.

If you have a series of connected videos, you can declare the release of a mini docu-series on your social media handles. You can release teasers of the episodes before you release the actual video. Video content works well if you create a buzz around them.

4. Set Goals for Video Content

Whenever you decide to create a video and post it, you should know what you want that video to achieve. If you want to increase your followers through the video, it is considered a goal. Videos can have different goals. Hence, a goal definition will give a better direction for the video you should create.

While entertaining your audience is a priority, you must be able to quantify how well you have entertained them. Establish measurable results to understand how effective the content is and how it can be improved. You must pick a stage in the marketing funnel based on your video marketing goals. If awareness is your goal, you must create a video that reaches new customer segments.

However, if you want to convert your viewers into customers, you need to advocate the content and educate them. Now that you have the goals in place, ensure that you have a metric to calculate the performance. Different stages of the funnel have different KPIs. Make sure that you meet these KPIs, as only then will your videos do the magic.

5. Make Use of SEO

It is important to make your videos SEO-friendly. As you might know, YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine. Hence, searchability becomes an important factor when you create a video. Like regular blogs, you must find the most searched keywords and incorporate them into your video content.

While the keywords should be based on your goals, you should also consider the words that people type for searching the kind of videos you are creating for your brand. Once you have the keywords, you can use them in the video. You can write a caption that incorporates the keyword. Even the headline of the video should contain at least one keyword.

6. Content Accessibility

While you might have the best video content, it is useless if it’s not reaching the masses. Making your video accessible is a crucial step in video marketing. You must make your video accessible to a larger crowd to increase your follower count. A huge section of the world has impaired hearing, but they engage with videos. Hence, this section too is your target market.

As a video marketer, you must try to include every potential viewer who might engage with the video. You can add closed captions or subtitles to your video to make them much more understandable. There are several apps out there that can help you in adding captions to the video.

7. Analyze the Video Performance

Your job does not end after posting the video. You need to understand how well the video content has performed. Videos take a lot of time and effort. Also, brands invest a lot of money and resources in creating a video. Hence, you must analyze the performance of the video.

You can hire an analyst or take help from a digital marketing specialist to understand the performance of the videos. You can check the target vs. achievement for your KPIs. You should also use analytics to track any abnormalities. The analytics decodes several things about videos like daily performance, peak hours of engagement, etc. Make sure you understand all these data points and take necessary corrective measures.

Wrapping Up!

You understand your audience and the kind of content they want. Hence, it’s time to use this information in your favor. Try looking for patterns and incorporate the results into your video marketing strategy. There are hundreds of things that you can do with video content. Once you understand what is working for your audience, you can create a strategy around it.

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