Tips For High-Impact Scripting in Manifestation

Those instructions you just went through were obviously very THOROUGH. So relax, take a quick little breather, and remember that the actual ‘practice’ of this is super simple.

The robust level of detail and explanation is only here to anticipate questions and make sure they’re all answered for you. It’s better that you have too much info rather than too little. This is the best Law of Attraction guide you’ll ever need to read, after all (wait ‘til you see everything I’ve got for you at the end).

But don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the quantity of the content. If any of it seems a bit full, you’ll be pleased to know that when you read any chapter or section for a second time, it’ll be WAY easier to consume.

With that said, since Scripting is such a powerful method for attracting the things that you want, I’m choosing to devote one more special chapter to it before moving on to other techniques.

Below are key guidelines and tips that will not only make your scripting a lot more fun, but they’ll make it a lot more potent and magnetic as well. Pick and choose any of them that feel right for you.

TIP 1: Choose the feelings you’ll want to feel while scripting before you begin. They’ll help guide you and give you a direction to go in.

For example, before beginning your scripting session, you can simply ask yourself “How do I want to feel while I’m writing this? What emotions do I want to experience?”

Whatever those emotions are, include them.

So let’s say you want to experience pride, relief, and excitement. You can easily put those words into the sentences you write:

“I’m so PROUD now that I’ve been promoted to CEO of the company.”

“It’s such a RELIEF every time I look at my bank balance and see all that extra money there for me whenever I need it.”

“I’m so EXCITED that I’ve finally met my soulmate.”

It’s that easy. And you don’t have to use the exact words, by the way. You can mix it up.

For example, if you want to feel “great” but think it’s boring to keep using that same word, you can switch it out with a word like “amazing” if it fits in sensibly with whatever you’re writing:

After all, “It feels great to know that I’m finally about to get married” doesn’t lose any of its power if you say, “It feels amazing to know that I’m finally about to get married” instead.

And “I feel so much joy now that…” is pretty much the same as “It fills me with joy to know that…”

So let your own personality and way of speaking determine what you say and how you say it.

As long as you’re scripting the feelings you want to have (or, more importantly, WOULD have) when you’re attracting the things that you want, you’re in great shape.

TIP 2: Simulate more authentic emotions by writing a letter to a friend.

Imagine that you’re writing a letter to someone you know about how great your life is (now that you’ve manifested what you wanted).

If it’s someone you shared your goals with back when you were both younger, reference that in the letter.

If it’s something they’d be really proud or excited to hear, write the news in a way that you know would bring a smile to their face.

These are exactly the kinds of details that help make your scripting way more immersive and potent. Use them to your advantage.

NOTE: You can easily modify this in the spoken form by walking around the block in your neighborhood with your phone pressed against your ear, talking into it as if you’re on a call with a friend and you’re updating them about all the great new things happening in your life.

TIP 3: Write a thank you letter to the Universe.

While it’s powerful to thank the Universe at the very end of a scripting session, there’s no reason why you can’t leverage that same magnetic gratitude throughout the entire session.

Writing something that you know is intended for the Universe from the very beginning will boost your gratitude throughout the entire process. You’ll feel appreciation with every word you write since everything you’re describing is to the “person” who gave it to you.

TIP 4: Future-Pace the chain of events that will bring you what you want.

You’re basically pre-planning the details of your manifestation and describing them as if they’ve already happened.

You want to make sure to keep this light and fun and be open to the fact that the Universe might end up giving you what you want in a much more enjoyable way than you can think of.

But if you know that you’re going to need an extra $50,000 in order for you to be able to afford your new home, there’s no reason why you can’t describe a few ways that you’ll most likely receive that money.

Maybe you’ll script about the new promotion and raise you got. Or the new job.

Or the sales bonus you’ll receive.

Or dividends from a stock that you own.

Go wherever your imagination wants to take you.

A great way to approach this is to ask yourself before you begin scripting: “What will it take for me to be able to look back 1 year from now and know that I got that extra $50,000 that I needed?”

NOTE: You don’t have to choose a specific goal if you don’t want to. You can just as easily widen the target and script about a bunch of things at once by asking a question like: “What will it take for me to look back 1 year from now and say it was the best year of my life so far?”

TIP 5: Include the benefits to yourself and others when scripting about getting what you want.

For example, what value would it offer to those in your life if you had more money? Would you be able to help a loved one pay off their loan. Would you be able to help a family member with their college tuition? How might you better be able to take care of them?

By that same token, what’s in it for you? What are you enjoying in your life now that you have the money or love or success or improved health or whatever else you want?

Is there a car you’ve always wanted that you now bought?

Is there a romantic vacation you always wanted to go on with the right person that you’re now coming back from?

Is there a marathon you just entered now that you’re healthy and in shape enough to do it?

These kinds of details help answer WHY you want what you want in the first place, which automatically boosts your gratitude, raises your frequency, and amplifies your energetic level of attraction.

TIP 6: Describe your new actions now that you have what you want.

Do you have to go to the mechanic more often now that you have a higher-end luxury car? Are you paying specific credit cards off now that you have the money for them? What are the amounts that you’re paying for each?

Do you need to get a haircut more often now that you’re in a relationship and you always want to look your best? Do you need to buy new clothes now that you’ve lost weight and gotten in shape?

Answer these types of questions when you’re scripting about specific things you wanted. Remember, this is real life you’re pre-paving the way for here. Once you buy that bigger house, you might need to hire a service to help keep it

clean. Think about the consequences that you’ll be welcoming once you have attracted your desires, and write about all of them with gratitude, joy, and enthusiasm.

TIP 7: Be intentional with every sentence that you script.

Don’t just go through the motions and write for the sake of writing. Engage your imagination and see things happening for you in creative and dynamic ways. Just because the physical world has certain rules and limits doesn’t mean that the energetic potential just outside of this perceived reality has to carry the same restrictions.

You can choose to visualize the energy transforming in any way that really captures your imagination while you’re scripting.

If you’re looking to manifest more money, visualize your bank account getting bigger and bigger as you’re writing about your new financial status.

Picture the balance on a computer screen and see the numbers start to spin around like what you would see in old registers or slot machines — and as they spin more and more, notice how the amount is getting bigger and bigger, and how more and more zeroes are popping up on the end.

Or just picture a bank vault devoted to you and see stacks of money piling up more and more until they’re pressed tightly up against the walls and the ceiling so that when you finally open the vault door a huge wave of bills comes exploding out all over the room outside of it.

If you’re looking for improved health, see your cells as being happy, vibrant, and joyfully dancing around in your body. Picture any dark spots of them becoming light, bright, and radiant. Picture them humming and vibrating with absolute vitality. Literally picture this as you script about how much your health has improved.

If you’re looking for a relationship, picture a vibrant beacon of light surrounding your heart and connecting you with the one you love.

Remember, at this point you’re scripting as if you’re already with them, so this connection isn’t something that you’re reaching out with and looking for someone. It’s something that’s already healthy and established with the person

who you’re now with. Stretching your imagination in ways like these keeps things light, makes them fresh, and gives you something fun to look forward to each time you do them.

Tip 8: Remember you’re ALREADY doing it! — So keep it fun and light.

Whether you use what you’re learning in this guide or not, you’re already scripting every single day. Just look at your texts, read your emails, and pay attention to your words. You’re already either inviting your desires in or you’re attracting the lack of them.

So you might as well be intentional about it.

And remember — it’s all about feeling good while you do it. So if you’re writing something out, and all of a sudden your hand begins to cramp up — that’s fine. Just stand up and speak it instead. Or maybe rather than write down 20 things, you write down only 5 and see how you feel then.

And just to be clear, you don’t have to phrase the first sentence with words like “I’m so happy and grateful now that…” if you don’t want to. The only thing that matters is that you journal in your own personal style, saying things however YOU say them. There’s nothing else you need to do. Just make sure you’re enjoying the process, because there’s no wrong way to do it.

So don’t fall into the trap of thinking there is.

Now that you have everything you need to script at a high level, it’s time to give you a new perspective on visualization and introduce even more powerhouse techniques for manifesting everything you want. Turn the page to the next chapter and get ready to boost your vibration even higher…

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