Book Review: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich analyzed how the 500 most successful people of his time became the world’s richest men, top politicians, famous writers, and inventors. According to the author, if you set meaningful goals, visualize, and reprogram your subconscious mind for success, you can achieve the success you hope for.

Think and Grow Rich has become a seminal book for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and individual thinkers because it is unique in its philosophy and, at times, touches on the spiritual.

You may be wondering if you should read the book. This book review will tell you what important lessons you can learn from this book so you can decide if it is worth your time.

At the end of this book review, I’ll also tell you the best way to get rich by reading and writing

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Lesson 1: Everything Begins With Desire

It may sound reasonable to become wealthy; the desire for wealth comes first. But the desire for wealth does not lead to wealth. It is not just about wanting something, but having a strong passion for it that sustains it, and there must be a plan and perseverance behind the love.

This passion can bring about physical changes that have the power to influence our subconscious mind to fulfil our needs.

To build this passion, you need to follow the steps below:

Focus on the amount of money you want.

Be clear about what you want to give back (what you are willing to do) for the money you want.

Set a specific date when you want the money with you.

Have a concrete plan and start strategically planning and implementing the idea, whether you are ready or not.

Write a clear statement of the amount of money you plan to get, the date by which you want to receive the money, what you need to accomplish in return for the money, and a detailed project description.

Read this statement out loud every day – twice a day (morning and evening) – and imagine how it will feel to have it.

Be aware that the only limits on our minds are the ones we set for ourselves.

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Lesson 2: Transforming Desire Into Reality Through Faith

Adding faith to your thoughts causes the subconscious to turn your desire into reality. Before we perform any action, our subconscious mind must first believe that our thoughts are realizable.

Faith is a state of mind that can be induced or created by repeated affirmations and instructions to the subconscious mind through the principles of self-suggestion. Thus, it is very useful to repeatedly say positive things to one’s subconscious mind is very useful in building faith. Through this practice, it is possible to transform desires into actions.

Note that the subconscious mind is capable of transforming your thoughts – positive or negative – into real habits. In other words, you are a reflection of your dreams.

To be successful, you must work hard to reinforce positive thoughts and eradicate negative thoughts as much as possible.

Your conscious mind influences your subconscious mind – and that has the power to change the outcome of the outside world.

The simplest way to engage only in positive thoughts is to become self-confident. Self-confidence requires five steps:

Affirm that you can achieve your desire and become persistent and take action.

Act knowing that the prevailing thoughts of your mind will bring about a physical attitude that will grow into physical reality. You can also visualize who you want to become and what you want to achieve.

Be aware that through the principle of self-suggestion, any constant longing in your heart will manifest.

Write down your intentions and goals and do not stop pursuing them until you achieve them.

Do things that bring joy not only to yourself but to others as well. Encourage others to serve you by helping you.

Eliminate all forms of hatred, malice, envy, and selfishness by developing a love for others. Negative thoughts will never lead to success, but if you believe in others and show them respect, they will reciprocate.

Lesson 3: How To Influence Your Subconscious

Self-suggestion is a way of interacting with oneself by using the conscious mind to influence the subconscious mind. It is also the suggestion of thoughts sent from the conscious mind to the psyche.

We humans can control what goes into our subconscious minds, but most people do not know that. To use it, you need conscious attention and a combination of emotions, trust, and belief in the things you say to yourself. The subconscious mind acts on these affirmations combined with confidence and repetition.

One of the most effective ways of self-suggestion is to read aloud and imagine that you have a certain amount of money that you desire. By doing this practice over and over again, you automatically form favorable thought patterns and attitudes that can transform your desires into the appropriate amount of money. This will stimulate your subconscious mind to give you the proper motivation you need to make individual plans that will enable you to achieve your goal.

Here is how you can use autosuggestion:

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and read aloud repeatedly. Include the statements you wrote down, the amount of money you need, the time limit, and the description of the service or product you want to offer in exchange for the money. You must follow these instructions so that you see yourself with the money.

Do this exercise twice a day -in the morning and in the evening (before going to bed and after waking up).

Hang your instruction in a place where you can see it and recall it daily until it becomes a part of you.

Remember that the ability to use this principle of autosuggestion depends on your ability to focus on your desires until you become obsessed with them.

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Lesson 4: Getting Specialized Knowledge

There are two kinds of knowledge – general knowledge and expert knowledge. General knowledge is not essential for gathering wealth, but expert knowledge is what you need. However, you must have certain expertise and skills to generate something necessary and valuable and be rewarded for it.

You have probably heard the famous saying “knowledge is power.” But in reality, the truth is a little different, because knowledge is power only when it is directed toward achieving a specific goal. Contrary to the general and formal popular belief, experience alone cannot bring money.

However, successful people never stop learning and acquiring knowledge that can help them achieve their goals, whether business or professional. But unsuccessful people make the mistake of believing that acquiring knowledge stops after acquiring a standard formal education.

They make the mistake of believing that experience stops after acquiring a formal education. Sometimes it is not essential to have all this information because you can acquire it from people who do have it. In other words: If acquiring one type of knowledge is beyond your strength, you can choose to employ people who have such a wealth of knowledge.

Lesson 5: Synthetic And Creative Imagination

Man can create anything he can imagine. But the problem is to limit our imaginative power.

There are two types of imagination – synthetic and creative. The synthetic form helps to transform already existing ideas into new ideas, while the original form develops new plans out of thin air.

Synthetic imagination is the result of old ideas or plans made into new patterns. Inventors use it most often. However, geniuses make use of creative imagination when they have difficulties in fixing challenges through synthetic vision.

On the contrary, creative imagination is the key to our hunches and inspirations. It is what floods our minds with new ideas out of thin air. However, turning desires into funds requires precise planning, which only synthetic imagination can do. But the creative vision is what revolutionizes the world.

Both synthetic and creative imagination becomes more active when used continuously, just as you exercise your muscles. But you must always apply these emotions.

Many people believe that wealth comes from hard work. But wealth comes from applying certain principles, which happens when the creator and the seller of ideas meet. Power produces impressive results. The imagination of ideas can transform desires into tangible results, but you must combine both creativity and knowledge to become wealthy.

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Lesson 6: Count On The Help Of Other To Plan

The sixth step to wealth is to join with people who can support you in your plans.

You need to join a talented group because reliable plans are essential for wealth creation, and access to the capacities and minds of numerous people will enable the advancement of your excellent ideas.

However, here are the steps you should take to build this group and put your plan into action.

Be prepared for the number of people you will need to create and implement your money-making plans

Before framing your “plan” group, analyze the benefits and rewards you can offer your team as a result of their collaboration. No one likes to work without a prize.

Meet with your group at least twice a week until your wealth accumulation plan becomes a reality.

Strive for peace and unity between you and your team members.

To be successful, you must have plans that are trustworthy and well-structured. Also, no individual has sufficient skills, experience, training, and information to protect the accumulation of wealth without the help of others. It is typical for your first plan to fail, but it is also important to keep trying until you discover a plan that works. Many people fail because they give up too soon.

Lesson 7: Leader Or Follower?

There are two kinds of people in the world. They are either leaders or followers. It is up to you to choose which you want to become because the difference is obvious.

Followers should not strive to come to the level of a leader’s reward. Being a follower is not disrespectful, yet it is not advantageous. Numerous incredible leaders started out as followers and are still wise followers. They receive information from their teachers and become leaders.

The most important qualities of leaders are perseverance, composure, self-control, confidence, clear plans and instructions, compassion, caring, a sense of duty, and cooperation with group members.

There are two basic ways to approach a leader. You can either do it through collaboration or through power. However, leadership based on collaboration is the most proficient. Those who tend to use force to exert authority should either use a cooperative, consent-based technique or lose the help and prestige of their subordinates.

In addition, the most important reasons for leadership failure are the inability to handle details, laziness, and the desire to be compensated for what they know rather than for what they do. It is also fear of rivalry with subordinates, lack of a creative mind, arrogance, lack of steadfastness, pride, and concern for positions and titles.

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Lesson 8: Annual Autoanalysis Is Essential To Evolve And Grow Rich

It is one thing to need more money and another to earn it. Many people feel qualified to take what they need without giving anything in return. Always remember that your real value depends on your ability to provide a valid and useful service.

Each year, know your strengths and weaknesses and whether or not you have progressed.

Here are some questions to help you with this review:

Did I achieve the goal for this year?

Did I make full use of my abilities?

Was my behavior cooperative?

Did I allow procrastination to cause me to deviate from my goal?

Was I persistent?

Did I overcome selfishness?

Was I unfair to anyone?

If I had purchased my products, would I have been satisfied with the purchase?

Am I on the right track?

Also, the planning process must be consistent and relentless because you can fail countless times before you reach your goal. You can fail frequently before you make any progress. Be sure to select people for your planning group who will be relentless and help you succeed. You also need to develop a leadership quality to guide them.

Lesson 9: Overcome Procrastination

A major difference between successful people and the people who never become successful is indecision. Procrastination is a very well-known mistake that you must avoid if you want to be successful. Successful people make their decisions quickly and change them gradually. But people who make hasty decisions know what they want and want to put it into action quickly.

On the other hand, people who find it difficult to gain wealth will usually make their decisions slowly and change them constantly. People who are easily swayed by the opinions of others have no desires of their own and are unlikely to succeed – extraordinary achievements by people who long for it and can take bold steps.

The struggle to commit to decisions and follow alone If you must, accept the guidance of your mastermind group.
Keep in mind that everyone you deal with is also looking for money and opportunities. So be careful how you express yourself about your plans and thoughts, because someone else may quickly put them into action.

The ability to make decisions quickly and understand what you need makes you a leader. Also, keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth closed if you want to get into the habit of making immediate decisions. Talkative people do very little. Persistence is the critical element in turning desires into reality. The intensity of self-discipline is the prerequisite for diligence.

Perseverance, like any other state of mind, can be learned and is based on the following factors:

  • Have a clear goal – Knowing what you want is probably the most important step in developing perseverance. A solid motive drives you to face numerous challenges.
  • Nurture your desire – It is relatively easy to secure and maintain resourcefulness when you are striving for the object of your desire.
  • Self-confidence – Believe in your ability to follow through on an agreement, drive yourself to be determined, and do not give up until you reach your goal.
  • Have a definition of plans – Organized plans provide direction, encouragement, consistency.
  • Collaboration – Compassion, sharing, support and working with others creates perseverance.
  • Willpower – The ability to focus your thoughts on making plans to achieve a specific goal leads to perseverance.
  • Habit – Persistence is a direct result of training.

To develop the habit of perseverance, you need a clear reason supported by a deep desire. Make a precise plan and act as needed. Close your mind against all negative and demoralizing thoughts, including negative suggestions from family, companions and colleagues. Join with people who will encourage you to move forward with your purpose and reason.

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Lesson 10: The Power Of Knowledge

For Napoleon Hill, there are three main sources of knowledge:

Infinite intelligence – which you can obtain if you use the innovative, creative mind.

The accumulated experience – formal and informal education.

Research and experimentation – the gathering, classifying, and ordering of new facts.

But knowledge alone does not mean power. To turn understanding into control, you must capture it in characteristic plans and follow those plans.

An organized effort comes from the agreement of at least two people to pursue a specific common goal.

Lesson 11: The Mystery Of Sexual Transmutation

The human mind responds to stimuli by which an individual can expand his energy vibrations.

Sex is undoubtedly the strongest desire of all human beings. The desire for sexual contact is so great that numerous people want to destroy their reputation just for sex.

Sexual transmutation takes place when sexual vitality connects directly with things of a different nature. When triggered, it can be used as a powerful force for progress and accumulation of wealth. You must discipline yourself, but the result is worth the effort.

However, few people succeed before the age of 40. Success in the 40s and 60s occurred when people learned to transform their sexual energies appropriately.

Sexual desire is innate, and one should not try to suppress or eliminate it. However, one must channel it to enrich a person’s body, mind, and spirit. Sexual emotion is a virtue only when it is used properly. Otherwise, it can be abused in ways that degrade the body and mind.

Humans are the primary agents for observing the sexual laws of nature. While every other living being has sexual intercourse with some reluctance, men regularly seek sex. Wild dispositions in sexual cohabitation can be as destructive as excessive medication or alcohol abuse.

Genius is when you combine and channel sex, love, and feelings. These three feelings, when they work together, can lead men down surprising paths.

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Lesson 12: The Use Of Our Subconsciousness

Our subconscious mind acts first in our desires, mixed with our beliefs and feeling. It is very agile, but if you do not encourage it with positive thoughts and desires, it will process other thoughts that are present in your conscious mind.
There are seven primary positive feelings that you should use to influence your subconscious mind. These include desire, trust, love, sex, enthusiasm, feeling, and expectation.

On the other hand, there are seven primary negative feelings that you must definitely keep a strategic distance from. They are fear, envy, contempt, revenge, sadness, superstition, and indignation.

The positive and the negative dominate. So make sure that positive feelings dominate your thoughts through inclination and self-proposal.

Lesson 13: The Sixth Sense

The sixth sense is the area of the subconscious called the creative imagination. It is the place that informs the individual of opportunities to be seized and warns you of them in time to avoid them. It is also what we call intuition.

The author also describes a mental exercise that explains more about the idea of visualization. However, before going to bed, the author usually closes his eyes to look at the advice of an imaginary advisor consisting of people like Edison, Lincoln, Ford, Emerson, Napoleon, Newton, Darwin, Socrates, and Carnegie.

He has chosen each person according to the qualities he would like to have and behaves as if he were the head of this imaginary council.

This practice is the energetic pattern for accessing your sixth sense and knowing that it feeds from your subconscious. You can then fill it with all the qualities you would like to emulate.

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Lesson 14: Overcoming The Ghosts Of Fear

There are six underlying fears that we all face:

  • The fear of poverty
  • The fear of criticism
  • Fear of diseases
  • The fear of losing someone loved
  • The fear of getting old
  • Fear of death

We must get used to all these six fears in order to become prosperous. This is because fears can paralyze judgment, limit your imagination, weaken your enthusiasm, discourage your initiatives, destroy your self-confidence, lead to goal uncertainty, encourage procrastination, and prevent self-control.

However, fear is just a state of mind, and since you have access to what your brain does, you can quickly eliminate fear from your account by exercising your will. You can also eliminate other negative thoughts such as worry, anxiety, etc.

About The Author

Napoleon Hill was an entrepreneur who wrote several self-help books, beginning with The Law of Success in 1928. Over the next 43 years, he wrote ten more books. Hill’s works became well-known for his self-improvement and personal responsibility philosophy.

Hill’s primary source of inspiration for Think and Grow Rich is an interview he conducted with Andrew Carnegie, during which he claims Carnegie tasked him with disseminating the secret to his success. Hill writes that he considered writing books like The Law of Success to be his life’s work. He goes on to say that his career was guided by mentally conjured character influencers in the form of ghosts of famous leaders.


“Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness, or lack of ambition.”


“Men who succeed reach decisions promptly, and change them, if at all, very slowly. Men who fail, reach decisions, if at all, very slowly, and change them frequently, and quickly.”


“Every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage.”


“Verily, there is nothing, right or wrong, which belief, plus burning desire, cannot make real.”


“Indecision is the seedling of fear! Remember this, as you read. Indecision crystalizes into doubt, the two blend and become fear!”

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