The Truth About The Law of Attraction That Nobody Ever Told You

Take a quick moment right now, close your eyes, and for the next ten seconds take a few deep easy breaths picturing yourself on a beach holding hands with someone you’re deeply in love with.

…that moment you just experienced (along with the thoughts behind it) literally just shot out and instantly touched the furthest reaches of the Universe. This is no exaggeration.

It’s a bit like when you’re on a phone call with someone on a completely different continent. Your phone transmits the signal of your voice through satellite towers and the person on the other end hears what you say to them INSTANTLY.

That’s how fast the visualization of you on the beach from a minute ago transmitted across the galaxy. Think of the enormity of this! You may not consciously notice it happening …but it IS happening.

It’s like a dog whistle. You never hear any sound coming out of it, but every canine around you reacts anyway. So it must be there. It’s just on a frequency of vibration that your senses aren’t designed to detect or interpret in your reality. This is SO important, and if you could actually perceive everything that’s truly going on around you, you’d probably go insane from sensory overload.

And not just “tangible” things like the sound from a dog whistle. “Intangible” energies of the universe (many of which match the frequency of the things you want) are also literally swirling together right now — JUST outside the boundaries of physical reality (and your physical senses) — ready to materialize the moment there’s enough momentum.

You can’t see them yet. You can’t feel them yet. You aren’t experiencing them yet. But they’re there. Or should I say – they’re HERE. With you. Right now. They’re all vibrationally where you are the MOMENT you “ask” for them (i.e. think about them).

And each one begins sending out a ‘beacon’ the second you “ask” — persistently reaching out to magnetize itself to anything that vibrationally matches the same frequency.

You wouldn’t be entirely wrong if you viewed these “thoughts” as conscious beings in their own right whose mission in life is finding something that matches their vibration in your time and space reality so that they can “stick” to it and physically manifest.

You’re going to use the techniques in this masterclass to match the signals of those things that you want. And in case you’re feeling a bit intimidated and are wondering how you’re going to do this, remember — it’s way simpler than you think it is. The act of doing the techniques themselves will handle everything for you without you having to consciously make it happen.

You’re a bit like a radio in this way. You can only broadcast one station at a time, but you have access to every station out there.

And once you’re on the station that you need to be, the music plays all by itself for you.

Now when we’re talking about an ACTUAL radio, it’s simply about placing your hand on the dial and turning it to the other frequencies. But when it comes to manifesting what you want through the Law of Attraction, shifting into the frequency of what you want is technically just as easy and just as simple.

You only think it’s difficult because you’re not used to doing it yet. So you worry that you don’t know HOW to do it, and you then wrongly assume it can’t be done for you.

But rest assured that the dial on your radio can always be turned. All you have to worry about is deciding where to put your focus (which the techniques will take care of for you) AND remember that your point of power is always NOW.

Everything You Want Is Happening Right Now!

Have you ever noticed how time can seem to go really fast when you’re enjoying yourself …or really slow when you’re miserable?

20 minutes of getting a massage are always going to seem shorter than 20 minutes of dental work. And if you can perceive any difference in how long each of those events seems to take, then that’s proof on at least some level that time is actually just a mental construct in your mind. And rather than there being a past, a present, and a future — time itself is really only a reflection of an ever-present ongoing moment of NOW.

This idea may seem a bit ‘out there’ and tough to grasp, but ask yourself how you think you’d react to being told the earth is round if you had spent your entire life up until now believing it was flat.

Are you really able to hop into a space shuttle right now and prove the answer one way or another? Do you have the money, the willingness, or even the military clearance to do that? …OR do you just have to take it on faith and trust that this really is how it is?

You’ve got to be willing to see things in a new way without panicking (the next module will help a lot with this, by the way).

This notion that EVERYthing is happening ‘now’ is important because your consciousness is literally rearranging subatomic particles (which determine what you experience in your time and space reality) based on your vibrational setpoint. And your setpoint is determined by your focus. And you can only control what you focus on NOW in the present moment.

In other words, your power to change your life and create your reality is always (and only) “NOW.” You’re not “hopefully” creating your future – it’s already here! It’s just a matter of needing to tune into the right frequency in order to have the experience of it. But whether you’re tuned in or not, it’s still all here happening right now.

If this isn’t entirely clear for any reason, don’t worry — it doesn’t need to be clear in order for the techniques in this masterclass to work. And the instructions for them will be very simple to use. Just know that you have access to a lot more power than you’ll ever realize. In fact, technically, on a certain level, you have access to EVERYTHING.

Because everything is energy, including you. And here’s an important little fact about energy that you may not have considered before now…

Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

All you can really do at any moment is transform it. But it’s all here, and it always will be. Which means…

Everything that could EVER exist already DOES …in this present moment of NOW.

It may not currently be in the manifested form of that car you’ve been wanting …or the love of your life …or the promotion you’ve been going after — but it still all energetically exists. It’s still all “here” waiting for you in the potential, ready to be pulled into reality through your point of attraction. And that means…

Everything you want also ALREADY exists!

Every desire you’ve ever had already exists RIGHT NOW. This isn’t some wacky claim. This is SCIENCE. This is LAW. And experiencing what you want simply then becomes a question of using the right techniques to energetically line up with it and manifest it. Simple as that. But it’s all still just an energy construct.

Thoughts are an energy construct. “Time” is an energy construct.

Money is an energy construct.

Reality is an energy construct. EVERYTHING is an energy construct.

Your raise at work, your car, your new boyfriend or girlfriend, your new book deal, your new contract, your new apartment, your new house, your improved health — it’s all just energy. And it’s all connected. Your whole life, you’ve been conditioned to believe that everything you want is “out there” …somewhere else …at another point in time.

And ironically, it’s your belief in this “separation” from what you want that reinforces the reality that you don’t have it yet. This includes your certainty in the concept of time and getting what you want “in the future” vs. already having it “now.” That’s why things seem so much harder to get than they should. But there’s no such thing as “now” and “later” to the Universe. And there’s no such thing as “big” and “small.” To the Universe, everything already exists, and manifesting a penny on the street is just as easy as attracting a million-dollar lottery win.

Unfortunately, you’ve been programmed for so long to see a distinction between “big” and “small” that hearing this information may sound silly or foolish to you. Especially the idea that time isn’t really what you think it is.

But again, if any of this is a bit challenging, that’s okay. The techniques are still the answer. They don’t need you to really get this right away. They don’t even need you to grasp this ever. The Universe is so abundant and the techniques are so powerful that you can still have everything you want. In fact, if you realized how heavily the odds are already stacked in your favor, your head would spin.

You Are Literally Swimming In Abundance. It’s All Around You!

Right now, in THIS moment, the Universe is moving through every person and every circumstance to give to you. That’s all it wants to do. Countless things are already going well for you, whether you see them or not. Even in moments of struggle, the Universe is holding you up and keeping solutions just close enough for you to reach out and claim them.

Do you ever have to worry if the sun will come up? Do you ever wonder if the earth will continue to spin? Do you ever need to worry that you’re going to run out of air or water? Of course not, but how much harder would your life be if you actually had to worry about these kinds of things?

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry, and just as your heartbeat is already being taken care of for you, so is that job offer you want that’s way closer than you think (and just waiting for you to adjust your radio dial a TINY bit). Remember, this is the same Universe that created this planet, the entire solar system, every star in existence, the birds that sing every morning, the cool breeze on a warm beach, the love of your life, your favorite song, and everything else! There’s a vibrational version of your love, your money, your new house, your new car, your health, your prosperity, your success, and anything else you could ever want that exists RIGHT NOW. It’s all here right at your fingertips!

Which begs the question …if you’re literally swimming in an energetic pool of abundance …if everything you’ve ever desired wants you just as much …if there are infinite resources at your disposal …if the Universe loves you and desperately desires to offer you anything and everything you could ever think of…

Why hasn’t anything worked out yet?? Why hasn’t the Law of Attraction given you what you want? Why are you still struggling? What’s going on here? What are you missing?

These questions all have the very same (and simple) answer.

And once you understand what has really been holding you back, it will never have any power over you ever again. And you’re going to find out exactly what it is in the next module ahead…

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