The Time-Lapse Method in Manifestation

This method is basically a gratitude “stack” that includes the same number of past, present, and future things — but all jumbled in a random order so that the future ones aren’t all at the end of the list.

This is one of the very first techniques I teach anyone who’s looking to make dramatic changes in their life without any struggle, stress, or confusion. Not only is it extremely simple to use, but once you give yourself a few sessions to really test it out, you’ll see that it can be really fun as well.

The most amazing thing about the Time-Lapse Method is how easily it magnetizes your vibrational setpoint for things you want that haven’t occurred yet. It does this by taking the same certainty and confidence you have for things that have already happened for you (or are currently happening for you now), and directly applies that identical certainty and confidence to future events as well.

You’re technically doing this to your ‘vibration’ and not your actual state of belief since, as I noted earlier in this masterclass, it’s WAY easier to instantly alter your vibration (or state of being) moment by moment.

But the beauty of this is that over a period of time, your beliefs will also eventually adjust to your new desired reality on their own without you having to force them to.

Your best bet for getting the most out of this exercise is to make sure you’re stacking at least 15 different things that you’re grateful for. Begin by writing a list of:

  • At least 5 “things” you’ve had in your past
  • At least 5 “things” you have in your present
  • At least 5 “things” you want to have in your future.

A “thing” could be a physical object, a goal you achieved (or want to achieve), an event you experienced (or want to experience), or anything else positive that has happened in your life (or will happen). Regardless of whether they’re past events, current events, or future events — for each of them, use statements that express gratitude in the PRESENT tense.

For example:

“Thank you for…”

“I’m so happy and grateful for…”

“I’m so happy and grateful now that…” “I’m so thankful now that…”

“I’m so grateful for…”

Once your list is complete, mix it up so that it’s not in chronological order anymore. For example:

  1. Present thing/event 
  2. Past thing/event
  3. Future thing/event 
  4. Present thing/event 
  5. Past thing/event
  6. Present thing/event 
  7. Future thing/event 
  8. Future thing/event 
  9. Past thing/event
  10. Future thing/event 
  11. Present thing/event 
  12. Past thing/event 
  13. Past thing/event 
  14. Future thing/event 
  15. Present thing/event

Once your list is ready, read through every item one at a time (out loud if you’re alone, or in your head if you’re in public). As you go through each, take 20-60 seconds (however long you personally prefer) to really feel the gratitude of whatever you’re describing.

To give you a little more clarity on this, let’s say for example:

-you CURRENTLY are making $90,000 per year

-you FOUND your perfect apartment 3 years ago, and you’re still happy living there

-you WANT TO be promoted to Vice President of the company you work for

-you CURRENTLY are in a happy committed relationship

In this situation, if you’re using the sample order as above, the first four statements on your gratitude list might be stated in the following way (all present tense):

1- “I’m so happy and grateful to be making $90,000 a year.”

2- “Thank you for the perfect apartment I found that I’m still happily living in.”

3- “I’m so grateful for my promotion to Vice President of my company.”

4- “I’m so happy and grateful that I’m in such a happy and committed relationship.”

This may seem simple, but it is VERY, VERY POWERFUL.

The reason this method is so effective is because most of what’s on your list are things that have already manifested in your actual reality. So when you go through those past and present manifestations, there’s a “certainty” in your vibration that carries over and applies to the ‘future’ statements as well.

It’s simply easier and more natural for your body to regulate your emotions by not letting them stray too far from one another in such a brief period of time without an external stimuli triggering them.

So now, rather than having to worry about reprogramming your beliefs in order to get what you want (which many people find extremely difficult), you’ll instead be using a very simple (and easy) technique to set your vibration up as if you already do believe that what you want is yours!

This signal of “having it” is being transmitted to both your subconscious mind AND the Universe in its entirety without any resistance.

In summary, by jumbling past, present, and future manifestations up, you’re basically “tricking” your vibration into setting a more potent and robust point of attraction — one that you wouldn’t be able to do as easily if you were only focusing on future events.

This method is fun, it’s easy, and IT WORKS.

And if you want to make it even more powerful, the following module will offer easy tips for boosting the effects of these types of gratitude sessions.

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