The Statement Scripting Method in Manifestation

If you really enjoy the concept of scripting, but would like a version where you only need to focus on ONE very specific idea or feeling, Statement Scripting offers you this option.

Just as with the Story Scripting method, Statement Scripting can be done as either a writing exercise or a spoken one, and the process is pretty straightforward:

Step 1: Choose ONE clear and easily repeatable statement that describes what you want to attract, phrased in the present tense.

Here’s a solid list examples, but you should write whatever you want and phrase it however it feels natural for you:

“I’m so happy and grateful I make $10,000 per month.” “I’m so happy and grateful I met my soulmate.”

“I’m so happy and grateful I enjoy my work.”

“I’m so thankful to be in such wonderful health.”

“I easily manifest what I want.”

“Money flows to me quickly and easily.”

“Large sums of unexpected money come to me every day.”

“Large sums of money easily come to me as I earn $20,000 per month”

“I am a magnet for health, wealth, and happiness.”

“I am so grateful I’m making millions of dollars by bringing value to

millions of people.”

“I am grateful for the abundance of money in my life.” “I am grateful for the abundance of love in my life.”

“Money easily comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.” “I am surrounded by love, every day in every way.”

“I’m a fulfilled and confident millionaire.”

“I am a magnet for prosperity, happiness, and abundance.” “I attract love.”

“Everywhere I go, good things happen.”

“I am worthy of everything I desire.” “I love myself, and I radiate love.”

“I am worthy of having money.”

“I am attuned to the frequency of love and abundance.”

“I attract love and romance into my life easily.”

“I trust the Universe to keep bringing good to me every day.” “I am enough.”

“I am always enough”

“I easily tap into my inner power.”

“I am grateful for my health.”

“I am complete.”

“I am worthy of love and joy.”

“I create my reality.”

“I love myself.”

“Great opportunities find me easily.”

“The Universe conspires to bring me what I want.”

Notice that none of these suggestions are phrased in an “I want” or “I wish” form. Instead, they’re all coming from the energy of “I have.” Remember, when you script, you’re always speaking it from a place of it already existing in your life.

As you write it line by line, you’re carrying an energy and mood of “I have this now, it feels awesome, and that’s why I’m so grateful.”

Step 2: Write the statement over and over again on a sheet of paper (or, if you’re doing the spoken version, say it over and over for at least 1-3 minutes with as much emotion as you can without it feeling forced).

You should write (or type) the statement a minimum of 15 times per session, but at least 20 or 30 is even better. Many people don’t worry about a specific number, and instead they choose to write the statement line by line until a full side (or both sides) of a sheet of paper is filled. Others write it 55 times for 5 consecutive days in reference to a well-known technique called The 55×5 method. There are numerous explanations, but it all comes down to the fact that 55 times for five days is enough energy, attention, and focus to make a positive impact.

The truth is you can write it as much as you want, but the best strategy is to choose an amount that you can consistently do day after day and build momentum on. It should never feel like a chore.

Step 3: Feel the emotions of having it WHILE you’re writing (or saying) it.

As much as you’re able to, mentally step into the version of you that already has what you want. Mentally enter this new and improved world. Remember, it ALREADY EXISTS! Emotionally acknowledge (with genuine gratitude) that “this is the way it is now.”

Don’t simply write or say the words half-heartedly.

This should not be a monotonous or boring process. Be engaged. Focus your attention on what it means to have your manifestation. Feel the energy and excitement of it. Embody it. Own it. It’s the conviction behind what you say or write that really pulls the energy in.

Even just a few seconds of this each time you write or say your statement makes a huge difference in making an impression on your subconscious mind, your point of attraction, and the energies being pulled in toward you. When you do this consistently enough day by day, thoughts and feelings of having it will start to stick when you’re done writing and carry over throughout the day. You’ll feel a sense of ease, confidence and expectation.

Step 4: Thank the Universe for this manifestation, affirm it’s yours, let go, and go about the rest of your day with confidence, ease, and gratitude.

The process is working. Everything’s on its own schedule, so you can’t force it. But you can appreciate it and enjoy your life as much as possible in the meantime.

Remember, your gratitude has a highly magnetic power to it that influences the Universe in ways that no other emotion can. And it’s only bolstered even further when you engage your mind through the written or spoken word while you’re feeling it. So be grateful as you do your scripting. Enjoy what’s on the way. And enjoy what’s here now.

This brings us to our next scripting method…

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