The Secret Science Of Attracting Money

In order to learn how to attract money, you’re going to need to learn all about what money is. This is often a troublesome and an emotionally charged topic. You see, most of us grow up with a ton of misinformation about money. We don’t truly understand what it’s all about, and thus we walk around with limiting beliefs that stop us from attracting the benefits that come with money.

In many cultures, wealth and money are only something that comes in abundance to those that are of higher social standing. The kings and queens of our past were known for being the wealthiest humans on the planet when it came to money. We’ve grown to know money as this extremely valuable and limited resource that’s incomparable to everything else. However, this isn’t the truth. Like everything in the universe, money is just energy.

The only difference money has to everything else we have in our lives is the meaning we put behind it. When this meaning represents everything from freedom, security, and even happiness to some people, it’s no wonder the absence of money causes so much emotional and mental turmoil.

The sad fact is that most of these limiting beliefs are carried around in the subconscious part of the brain. Most people would believe that our conscious mind contains all the information we have in our brain when the fact is that it composes less than 10% of our thoughts (Kluger, 2015). The overwhelming majority of our thoughts and behaviors are influenced by neural connections that happen behind the scenes, and most people are completely oblivious to this fact.

Becoming aware of your unconscious thoughts and behaviors is definitely a good first step in the right direction. However, if awareness empties our cup of false knowledge, we need to make sure we refill with truthful wisdom. In other words, awareness alone isn’t enough; it needs to be paired with understanding. When we combine the two, our understanding of the reality of money becomes aligned with universal truth, and thus we begin to recognize what it really takes to manifest more of it into our lives.

The Hidden Truths of Money

Back in ancient times, the world was a lot simpler. The average person knew all about the land and the world that surrounded them in a radius of a few square miles.

There was no notion of casual travel, and those that did travel faced perils of an unimaginable character. One of the positives of this small world was that trade was extremely simple. If you wanted rice and had an abundance of clothes, it was pretty simple to find someone who needed clothes and who could give you rice.

In economic terms, this is called the Double Coincidence of Wants. It refers to two people participating in an exchange where both of them have what the other wants. As long as this condition is satisfied, everyone’s happy and bartering proceeds smoothly.

As you can imagine, as the world grew bigger and as new goods began making themselves known in the markets, this coincidence of wants began to evaporate. Suddenly, people did not have what the other wanted. A new system of exchange needed to be created, and this is what led to the creation of money.

The first forms of money were simply copper, silver, or gold. What began as a simple medium of exchange has since morphed into an uncontrollable, complex, and manipulative source of energy that differs in perspective from one religion and culture to the next.

Money does make exchange of goods easier. It does give you access to better things in life. These things bring you satisfaction and help ease the burden the world places on you by quite a lot. However, it is merely a source of energy that we’ve agreed upon this lifetime to use as a form of value exchange. Labeling it as anything else would go against universal truth.

When it comes to manifestation, attachment to any ideas that limit your potential for creation goes against the natural flow of all things. If everything in the universe is infinitely expanding, why does your financial status need to be any different?

Our Connection With Money

The ordinary way people look at money is as a source of accumulation. If I were to give you $10,000 right now, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Do you think about all the bills you could repay, all the debt you could pay down, and how much would be leftover for you to buy fancy clothes or a new TV set?

Or do you simply smile and continue doing what you’re doing? The former is a particularly addictive cycle of thought. The limiting beliefs surrounding money convince us that it is an extension of who we are. The more money we have, the more things we can buy, and thus the more value others will see in us. When money becomes the main metric at which people define their identity, all connection with their limitless source is lost.

The power of choice is what frees us. The shape of your perspective around your current financial situation is what will determine your destined reality. When it comes to money, you can view it from one of two places: lack or abundance. Often, two people can carry out the same action but the perspective behind those actions could be very different.

Let’s contrast the perspective of two people who lack the physical accumulation of money in their lives. They visit a jewelry store and see a fancy pair of ear rings. They would love to buy them, but they’re already $100 over their spending limit. The first person decides to move on and tells themselves that not being able to buy the ear rings isn’t the end of the world.

The second person also decides to not buy the ear rings, but before doing so reminds themselves of how unfortunate they are that they can’t afford them. Heaving a sigh, they move on and look at the other things they’ve bought with a lack of enthusiasm.

The vibrations that radiate from these two people are caused by each person’s perspective around their financial situation. While there is a lot more going on here, there’s no doubt that the way they deal with the lack of money is what will determine their future reality around it.

You see, money might be a valuable resource in the physical realm but in the non-physical one, it’s just energy. It is something that holds a particular vibrational frequency to it. You have a choice when it comes to dictating whether you’re in alignment with this frequency or not.

When we look at it from this perspective, doesn’t the idea of money feel more relatable? Like it’s all of a sudden more accessible to us? Everything in the universe is made up of energy, and all of these energies are interconnected in the quantum field. The quantum field is an invisible energy field containing all of the non-physical electromagnetic information that governs the laws of nature and attraction. The moment you realize that the energy of money is no different from the energy of everything else, you’ll begin to manifest more of it into your reality.

The Truth Behind The Value of Money

Central to the economic thesis of money is value. Those that provide others with a ton of perceived value receive their share of money. The value that someone provides is always subjective. Therefore, there is never a concrete definition for how valuable money really is.

For example, let’s say a world-renowned chef and restaurant owner created a lottery to see who gets to have dinner with them in one of their finest restaurants for free. During this dinner, they will talk about what it’s like to run a restaurant, how they became such an excellent chef, what their most important lessons are, and how they would do it again if they were to start back from zero.

Now let’s take a look at two different people that could win this lottery. The first person is the aspiring chef that just started culinary school and has a dream of becoming a popular chef in their hometown and owning their own restaurant. Getting the chance to meet one of their idols would elevate their knowledge of the industry and propel them towards fulfilling their dream.

The other person is a mechanic that can’t really distinguish the difference in taste between burger meat at a fast-food restaurant and sirloin steak at a steak house. For him, food is food, and he couldn’t care less about what the famous chef has to say.

Notice the difference in perceived value of the lottery prize. For one person, it could be a life-changing experience that they would pay thousands of dollars to partake in. The other has no connection with the chef and finds no value in the experience besides the free food.

The reason why I’m giving you this example is to remove the idea that money has a certain level of value out of your head because, in reality, it doesn’t. This just makes it that much more important to get in alignment with your desires and stop worrying about the money itself. If you’re unable to radiate perceived value in your service, product, or offer, no amount of actual value will get through to the customer or client, therefore, they won’t pay you the money.

In order to create perceived value, you need to understand people’s desires. This is what drives the flow of money and exchange. Money is not valuable just because it’s money. Money is valuable because it means something for the individual that desires it. For many people, it means freedom, security, comfort, and even happiness. These intrinsic meanings people place behind money is exactly what stops them from manifesting it into their lives.

If you don’t have money, does this mean you have no freedom, security, comfort, and happiness? If this is your belief, then this is exactly what will reflect in your reality. If you believe you can have freedom, security, comfort, and happiness regardless if you need money for it or not, then that’s exactly what you will experience.

Money is just a tool and it only magnifies what is already present within you. If you happen to be miserable before having a lot money, you’re going to be even more miserable after you accumulate it. Money will make it easier for you to be miserable, in fact, you can literally buy your way to more misery!

All in all, focus on the intrinsic value that money can provide for you because this is what puts you in alignment vibrationally with your desires. Placing your focus on the accumulation of a piece of paper will forever keep you out of alignment with your truth.

The Manifestation of Money

In the last sub-module, we talked about two new perspectives on money. The first being that money is energy and its value is nothing more or less than subjective. Now let’s talk about where the money (or anything) that you want to manifest comes from.

If you’ve ever read anything surrounding the law of attraction or manifestation, chances are that you’re probably carrying a few incorrect beliefs in your mind as to what these really are and how they work. Many people try to manifest something in their lives and look at this as the process of creating something that doesn’t exist.

The very statement “We are creators” implies that you can create using what’s already available to you, not that you need to create from scratch. Sometimes our limiting beliefs come about because our language doesn’t have adequate words to truly express the intention behind them.

The truth of our existence is that we’re currently experiencing a single reality from an infinite number of them. The area of quantum physics isn’t fully understood. However, what we do know is that in the quantum scale of things past, present, and future exist all at once.

Niels Bohr was the first scientist to discover and study the behavior of particles that exist in the quantum field (Skibba, 2018). This field refers to particles that are infinitesimally small. Up to that point, physics functioned on the basis of Newtonian laws.

I’m not going to get into the specifics of these laws, since they’re beyond the scope of this guide. In short, Newtonian physics works because our basic assumption of particles existing in space is that their position can be pinpointed. Think of a large planet of the solar system. In space, it is possible to point to it and say that it exists.

However, these large bodies are composed of much smaller particles. As we begin to dive deeper into their structure, we begin to see that Newtonian physics breaks down. Bohr observed that the deeper one goes into the structure of things, the more one finds the existence of vibration.

Atoms, molecules, and various subatomic particles vibrate constantly. They vibrate so fast that they exist in multiple places all at once. Think of a rubber band that has been stretched. If you were to pull one of the bands and let it go, the band will begin vibrating. Watch the band closely and you will see that it vibrates so quickly that it seems to exist in two places at once.

Now imagine a subatomic particle vibrating at speeds a million times faster than this. Now consider that our bodies and everything else we see in front of us are composed of these vibrating particles. In short, we appear solid but actually aren’t. We’re just a huge mass of vibrating particles that are present in different points all at once.

The Field

If we’re a mass of vibrating subatomic particles, this means we’re presently experiencing multiple realities at once. Our brains are receiving one of these realities, but the truth is that our perception is just one small part of an infinite number of realities. Through the power of choice, we can choose to perceive another reality that is just as valid as the one we choose to ignore.

There is a simultaneous reality where you have all the money you want and are living the life you desire. There is one where you don’t have everything you desire but have enough money. There is one where you’re even worse off than you are now. Through the power of choice, we perceive these different realities and bring them into our current existence.

This is what manifestation and attraction is. We can only bring into reality things that already exist. The money you seek is already out there. The past, present, and future all exist simultaneously in the present moment. By harnessing your power to focus, which is really a power of choice, you create your present reality.

The holocaust remains one of the most evil acts perpetrated by human beings upon one another. The famous psychologist Viktor Frankl was a survivor, and in his book, he recalls observing something curious about all of his fellow survivors (Frankl, 1992). Frankl initially put his escape and that of his fellow inmates down to blind luck.

However, he noticed that everyone who escaped their horrors believed deep down that they were meant to survive, that their life meant something, and that they would make it out of hell. He does not discount the role luck played, but he concludes that without this belief that they will survive, without the choice to focus on this instead of the horrors that were playing themselves out around them, none of them would have made it out alive.

Even in the worst of times, you have a choice. When it comes to money, you can always choose to focus what is already existing in another version of your reality. This isn’t about creating wealth in your life. It’s about shifting your focus to the wealth that is already present in your life.

That is what true manifestation is; it’s a subtle shift in mindset that you need to carry out in order to be successful. There is infinite potential in the field. We can’t perceive it because our minds are not designed or haven’t evolved enough to be able to comprehend multiple realities at once.

We’re still slaves to time and live according to the clock. However, the reality of the universe is that time is not real. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, a person who travels through space at the speed of light will experience time very differently from someone back on earth (Redd, 2017).

You don’t need to be a student of physics to understand this. Think back to the moment when you were completely absorbed in what you were doing. You weren’t thinking consciously but were simply being. It could have been when you were doing something you love or when you were watching a TV show you enjoy.

Did time exist? Were you conscious of how the clock was moving? Did you look up at the clock and think how did time fly by so quickly? Alternatively, did you look at everything you managed to get done and realize that time had barely passed? That you had completed an hour’s worth of work in 15 minutes?

Time is elastic and depends on our perception. It is simply a dimension of our world, much like distance is. You could be on the other side of the planet from someone you love and still be close to them. You could stand on the ground and look at the distance between two points as being large. Or you could stand on top of a building and watch that distance shrink to nothing.

Focus is what matters. Choice is how we exercise focus, and this moves us into different realities that already exist. Manifestation is simply a process of exercising our choice to move into these infinite realities and realizing all the positives and negatives inherent in each reality.

If you choose to live with wealth, don’t sit around waiting for it to manifest. Instead, be someone who has wealth. Live according to this reality. I’m not saying you should start going out and spending your money unscrupulously. This is not what defines wealth. Wealth is the recognition that you have an abundance of resources at your disposal. Choosing to live in this reality will inevitably open your eyes to opportunities, partnerships, and people that contain within them hidden money miracles.

The Reality Loop

Once you start making better choices you will begin to see that your life, indeed everyone’s lives, exists in a loop. This loop keeps moving us between our perceptions, emotions, and actions. This reality loop is what defines the universal framework within which we experience our lives.

Henry Ford once said that if you think you can or if you think you can’t, you’re absolutely right. This quote is profound in many ways and hints at how the reality loop works. Given that it’s a loop, it can be tough to figure out where to begin analyzing it. Let us start with our current physical reality.

Current Physical Reality

This is your everyday life. It is your current reality that has sprung from the way you’ve been conditioned thus far. Our physical reality is shaped by our beliefs about our world and also influences how we continue to think, feel, and act.


Everyone’s perspective of reality is slightly different from one another, even if you’ve lived similar lives. We are all a unique expression of the universe, therefore no two people will perceive of something in the exact same way. Words can never describe the differences you can find in each person’s perspective. The only way to understand what someone is thinking, feeling, and perceiving is by being that person. The key here is to create a perspective that benefits you in your own unique situation. This is what we will be focusing on throughout this guide.


Before physical manifestation changes your beliefs, you unconsciously place a meaning onto it based on the perspective that you have. You define the world in a certain way based on how you were taught to view it while growing up. How you see things is how you define them. If you look at a box head-on, you will see a square. If you tilt your point of view, you will see a cube. Perspective is simply another word for choice. Your power of choice is an essential part of shifting your reality around money. You can choose to hold onto the meaning you place on things or you can choose to change its meaning, simply by changing how you look at it.

Emotional Response

In this section of the reality loop your inner being, the essence of who you really are, is processing what is going on in your brain. In other words, it’s considering whether your true self is in alignment with the thoughts and perspectives that you have. In the case where your thoughts are limiting and self-sabotaging, you will feel negative emotions. If your thoughts and perspectives reinforce the inner guide within you, you’ll feel positive emotions, and thus you’ll be living in alignment and with more flow.


Beliefs are nothing but thoughts that have been engraved in our brain over time by our emotions. They are solidified ideas that have been strengthened over and over again based on our emotional response to the perspectives we have and the meanings we put onto our physical reality. When we receive confirmation of these beliefs, they become stronger as time goes on. Beliefs are hard to challenge because they are usually attached to an egoic identity. To go against a belief is to go against the identity that resonates with such belief. Although they are difficult to change, it is not impossible.

Vibrational Frequency

You’ve already learned how all of us are vibrational beings. We’re made up of atoms and subatomic particles that vibrate at certain frequencies. Our thoughts and emotions create our unique vibrational signature. This is the section of the reality loop that is responsible for attracting the physical manifestations of our desires into our lives. However, our vibration can only shift once our beliefs about our physical reality and the meanings we give it change.

Physical Manifestation

Your vibrational frequency helps you move from one reality to another. In the field, everything is vibrating, and infinite realities are already present. The way to physically move from one reality into another is to vibrate at its frequency. This is according to a law in physics called resonance.

Resonance is a phenomenon where an object can be induced into movement by placing it close to something else that is vibrating at its natural frequency. For example, a bridge that runs between two points has a natural vibrational frequency. When armies march over bridges, they are ordered to break march and to walk in an unsynchronized pattern. This is because the boots marching at the same frequency as the bridge have the potential to trigger it to collapse.

One of the most notorious bridge disasters in the United States occurred when the Tacoma Narrows bridge in Washington began to twist and turn all by itself. This happened because the wind was vibrating at a frequency that was equal to the resonant frequency of the bridge. Thus, the bridge began moving of its own accord and ended up twisting itself out of shape and collapsing.

In order to manifest a reality, you have to vibrate at its resonant frequency. When you do this with your desired one, synchronicities and opportunities start to show up. It will be unexpected, hidden, and often very difficult to recognize. This is why awareness and focus is so important. If you’re focused on your desired manifestations, you’ll notice them when they appear.

Reinforced Beliefs

Now that your reality is beginning to change, your beliefs are starting to shift. This is how reality reinforces itself, and why it can seem as if you’re stuck in a never-ending financial struggle. It is also why when good things happen to you, they seem to happen continuously as if you’re on a roll. This repeated cycle creates what’s called momentum.

Limiting beliefs will create a limited reality. These internal beliefs will constantly be reinforced because of what’s being confirmed in external reality. This is why breaking free of this momentum is so difficult. Once you start thinking limitlessly, your reality will test you. It will reflect back to you the beliefs and vibrations of your old identity.

One way to break free from this is to recognize that physical manifestations have a delay. In other words, your desired reality will most of the time not manifest instantly. You need to walk past a couple of realities that were a reflection of the old you, before you begin to experience reflections of the new you. We’ll talk more about this in the next module.

For now, recognize that walking into different realities takes place only in the present moment. If you’re operating from the past, you will never take the right steps into the reality you desire. Be present with your beliefs and perspectives, recognize the existence of infinite realities, and begin shifting yourself from within so you can begin thinking, feeling, and acting in accordance to the new reality you want to experience.

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