The Real Reason Manifestation Hasn’t Worked For You Yet

Imagine you’re learning about the Law of Attraction for the very first time, and someone tells you that you can use it to unlock every desire you’ve ever had in your life.

You’re even given a wonderfully easy ‘technique’ or ‘method’ to attract these things. You’re then told all you have to do is the very easy work of running through your ‘process’ every day, and then everything you want will come. Pretty easy, right?

Well if all of this is true and the methods for achieving this really are as easy as you’ve been told …then why does manifesting your desires always feel so impossible? Why is it so tough to follow through on this and actually do the techniques every day? Why, when you actually manage to do them, don’t they seem to work? And why does it feel like no matter how hard you try, how much you do, or how many techniques you use — nothing ever seems to happen for you? The answer is your ego.

And when I say “ego,” I’m not talking about it in the “overconfident” or “arrogant” sense of the word.

I’m talking about that part of your consciousness where your true identity is rooted. The part of your mind that you use to cope with your surroundings and maintain stability in your life.

You see, even with everything the Universe can do for you, you’re still operating on a plane of existence where your beliefs and mindset affect how much you allow into your life.

Which means your solution to all of this needs to include both an understanding of your own psychology AND an approach for how you can use that psychology to your advantage (rather than letting it hold you back).

So what exactly is the ego? It’s the part of your mind that rests between your conscious and your subconscious.

3 Minds: The Conscious, The Subconscious, and The Ego

Your conscious mind is everything you’re aware (and in control) of. It’s the source of your willpower.

Your subconscious mind is just about everything else. And it’s exponentially more powerful than any other part of your mind (including the ego). Once your subconscious has determined or accepted something as ‘real’, it will bring it into your life whether you like it or not.

For example, let’s say you want to make a million dollars, and you successfully convince your subconscious that this is now your reality. It will then act as a sort of supercomputer that runs on autopilot to move you into matching circumstances without you even realizing it’s happening. Like pulling strings on a puppet.

You’ll find yourself coming up with amazing ideas, saying all the right things to all the right people, and making ‘guesses’ that end up being wildly successful. All because this supercomputer calculated every possible step needed to accomplish this, and then it effortlessly executed the plan through you and your actions. And yes, it IS this powerful!

And it goes deeper than simply controlling your actions. Since it doesn’t have the same hangups or insecurities that your conscious mind might have, your subconscious is more intimately connected to the rest of the universal mind. So it can effortlessly send signals to other people who can help you.

For example, it might subconsciously instruct the manager at the bank to give you a loan even if you’re not qualified. Or it may subconsciously guide that casting director to view your audition tape AND like it (even if they don’t understand why). Or it may do something else that you’ll never even be aware of to line up the opportunities that you need to achieve your goal.

Sometimes you won’t know exactly WHY or HOW this all works. But you don’t need to know in order to enjoy the benefits. The key to all of this is that your ego is stronger than your conscious mind, but not as powerful as your subconscious. And this is why you haven’t been able to use the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires yet.

You see, your ego is a survival mechanism. Its ONLY purpose is to make sure you stay alive. Your ego is hard-wired in, it’s stubborn as hell, and it knows exactly what it’s doing. And it can outlast your conscious willpower no matter how determined you think you are.

It’s always going to be more powerful than any conscious impulse you have. And all it knows is that RIGHT NOW — in this moment — YOU ARE ALIVE. The way things are — your money situation, your career, your level of happiness — even if they’re not enjoyable, you’re still currently surviving.

And there’s no way for your ego to know that you’d stay alive if ANY of these conditions ever changed. THAT’S the problem. Your ego is desperately fearful of change …because ANY change …even one that’s obviously a positive thing to your conscious mind …is a threat to the status quo that could potentially result in you no longer being alive. That’s how the ego views it.

More money isn’t necessarily better for you. Not that the ego thinks this deeply, but for all it knows, becoming rich and famous could result in a psycho stalker going after you and threatening your life.

Sure, being wealthy may be fun, but your ego is not interested in your happiness. It’s not even interested in your comfort. All it cares about is your survival. And all it knows is that whatever you’ve been doing is working (including your habit of struggling to improve your life!). So it’s not going to risk allowing any change to your state of being that might lower the odds of your safety.

This was very useful back when everyone lived in caves and had to hunt all their meals. You’d see a tiger, and it was your ego that would override any impulse you may have had to calmly walk over and slap it across the face. It was your ego that made sure you knew when to run, when to hide, when to fight, and when to rest.

Want to know what your ego is thinking RIGHT NOW? It’s pretty much something along the lines of:

“Me alive. Me like being alive. Me want to keep it this way. Me fear change. Change might kill me. Me no like that. Me stop change from happening in any way me can.”

Now even though it thinks of things on this very simple level, it’s also extremely shrewd when it needs to be. It instinctively knows all of your conscious mind’s weaknesses, and it’s well-practiced in exploiting them to the point where you rarely even notice it happening. It knows how to use doubt, fear, insecurity, uncertainty, impatience, and confusion to keep you in your place. And it can be deceptively convincing whenever it needs to be.

Think about it — Why is it that you’ve probably already learned perfectly good techniques for attracting the life of your dreams, and yet you still haven’t been able to really dive in and use them?

What’s wrong with these techniques? Are they not fun? Too complicated? Too confusing? Too simple? Too good to be true? Too time consuming? Too inconvenient to fit your lifestyle?

Do you find yourself saying “I’ll start using them tomorrow.”? Do you lose your patience when you’re doing them?

Do they feel like a chore?

Do they seem unreliable?

Do you struggle to do them daily?

Do you do them daily, but struggle to really focus each time? Do you doubt they’re even working?

Do you get bored with them?

Have you started a technique in the past, actually made some progress, seen early results and then STILL somehow failed to stick with it or ride the momentum to any of your REAL goals?

Does there always seem to be SOMETHING in the way?

Are you reading book after book because you need the “perfect” explanation for how all of this works before you can finally allow yourself to completely commit to it? Does it all feel so …hopeless?


Notice that you’re not consciously in control of any of this. It all just “seems to happen.” This is what you’re up against. Your ego doesn’t understand that the changes you’re trying to make are safe. It doesn’t understand that some of these changes might even be better for your health and survival. And no matter how much you want it, your willpower will never be enough to overtake the ego’s agenda of keeping you alive. Your survival is just too important.

It’s like getting in the ring with a 600-pound grizzly bear. You’re never going to overpower it.

With all of this in mind, there’s one HUGE thing that you really need to understand: Yes, your ego is holding you back …but that doesn’t mean it’s your enemy. The truth is, your ego is one of your best friends. It loves you deeply and it only thinks that it’s protecting you by keeping you where you are. If you think about the massive effort it exerts to keep you safe, it’s really quite miraculous. And by viewing your ego as your friend rather than an enemy, you’re going to be able to approach the techniques in this book so much more effectively.

And once you start to manifest what you want and your ego sees how awesome your new level of success is, it will notice that you survived and will then fight tooth and nail on your behalf to keep you from ever slipping back down again (after all, that would be another change — and we all know how the ego feels about change). This leaves only one question — how do we overcome the ego in order to do all of this?

Well, just as your conscious mind is no match for your ego …your ego is just as helpless against your subconscious mind. It doesn’t matter what your ego tries — your subconscious is just way too strong, way too unbeatable, way too unstoppable, and just impossible to outlast or overwhelm. So all you’re going to need is an easy and simple way to bypass the ego and set your desired point of attraction directly with your subconscious mind instead. Everything else will take care of itself after that.

Bypassing The Ego 

We’re going to bypass the ego in two different ways.

One way we’re going to do this is probably obvious to you right now: We’re going to use the techniques in this masterclass to set our point of attraction directly with the subconscious. They’re specifically designed for this exact purpose. As long as you use them, they won’t fail.

But the other way we’re going to bypass the ego is we’re going to soothe it and lower its level of resistance before it has a chance to fight back too hard.

Let’s be clear. The subconscious mind is going to win no matter what. But you’re not going to enjoy the experience nearly as much if the ego is fighting you every step of the way. So the wisest thing for you to do is to understand this, learn how to easily soothe the ego, and use what you know to your advantage. This will be the topic of the next chapter.

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