What is Manifestation?

Every successful person on the planet understands the Law of Attraction on a deeper level than those who are not successful. Every quote and biography from every great pioneer from industrialists to fashion designers demonstrates their understanding of the Law of Attraction despite the fact that most of them don’t know it by that name. 

Although many of them don’t have a formal education of what the Law of Attraction is, they do intuitively understand what it takes to have the world meld with their desires in order to produce quantifiable and very tangible outcomes simply by making a decision and using their intent as a manifesting force.

Manifestation is not magic. It is a process of working with natural principles and laws in order to translate energy from one level of reality to another. I’ve learned manifestation through a lot of people. Let me debunk it for you.

What is Manifestation? 

To manifest something is to put it in plain view, or make it obvious. It’s the act of taking something intangible – like an idea or visualization – and bringing it into physical existence.

Manifestation should be seen as a loose term, describing everything from manifesting a medical miracle through prayer or meditation to manifesting a good grade by studying. In other words, manifestation is magical; but it’s also a really down-to-earth process.  

It’s important to understand manifestation through a practical lens. It’s like gravity in the sense that it’s a force that’s always acting on you. Said another way: 

You’re always manifesting whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. 

In fact, you’re a living manifestation engine, constantly absorbing the world around you, consciously assessing it, and then churning out a new reality that awaits your assessment. Idiomatically, the serpent eats its tail.

This process is always happening and it leads to subconscious beliefs and perceptions that are formed over time by your thoughts, reactions, judgments, biases, and emotions. Once the conscious stuff takes root in your subconscious, it blasts out in all directions creating the physical reality that you perceive with your senses. Baam!

This means that manifestation is an unconscious process, but it can be directed through conscious means. You’ve a great deal of control over the fuel you’re putting into your manifestation engine. You’ll not always be able to decide what gets put in front of you, but you’ll always have the prerogative to choose what it means to you. This, my friend, is where your Power begins. 

I want to point out that manifestation is less about controlling reality and more about changing your mind about it. Accept what already is and know that it’s for your own good. The stars do the rest. 

Life, as you’ll see, is much easier when you simply allow it to flow over you. 

Changing your manifestation habits is sometimes as simple as being aware of what you’re saying and thinking. Words and thoughts have measurable energy associated with them and can, cumulatively, have a huge effect on your reality. Replacing negative thoughts and words with positive ones will give an enormous benefit to your quality of life. 

On the other hand, manifestation is a skill. and as a skill it must be practiced and cultivated. Anything can be manifested, but some things are interpreted as harder than others based on the individual’s belief, a wider social construct, or a physical law. But these are all, of course, superficial limitations. 

There is no degree of magnitude when it comes to miracles. One isn’t easier than the other. But when there’s a great deal of thought and emotional energy against the intended manifestation, the act of materializing it may seem more difficult to achieve.

Here’re a few examples of things that one could physically manifest:  

  • An object (car, house, coffee, etc.) 
  • Money or financial freedom 
  • A desired lifestyle or relationship 
  • A concept or an idea
  • A new personality or identity 

If what you’re trying to manifest appears to be impossible, remember that time isn’t a factor in when a manifestation materializes. Manifestation occurs in a non-physical dimension apart from the material realm of time and space. Nonetheless, it’s just as real as anything you see with your eyes and touch with your fingers. Especially when your manifestation becomes tangible. 

An important feature of manifestation methods that doesn’t get discussed much is the subjectivity. The process of manifestation can be broken down and delineated into any number of steps or actions. Moreover, manifestation techniques can differ from person to person and from situation to situation. Whereas one person likes to recite mantras for lifestyle design, that same person might want to use visualization for manifesting their financial or career objectives. 

How Does Manifestation Work? 

Manifestation works by declaring the desire and then understanding the true fact that the path will be shown to you. Loosely: have faith and don’t doubt.  

Easier said than done. “Just have faith,” they say. Faith, like manifestation, is a skill that takes practice. It’s learned over time through cultivating an understanding and acceptance of what’s True. And, manifestation is as True as gravity.

Faith isn’t so much an action as it is a habit — a way of life. 

Consider for a moment what it means to create something. You can create a village. You can create a work of art, physically and digitally. You can create an ideological movement. You can create a thought…or an emotion. and you can certainly create a belief. A belief that, once sufficiently rooted in the subconscious, begins doing some creating of its own–reality! Whoa, this is getting a little heavy here, isn’t it?  

Imagine for a minute that you’re standing on a stage behind a curtain. The audience is expecting a phenomenal speech from the speaker, who of course is you. 

Take a few moments and picture yourself standing there as the curtain lifts. You’re the star of this show. Everyone’s eyes are on you as you approach the podium and they’re waiting to hear what you’ve to say. And, just as you begin to open your mouth, you quickly realize you cannot remember your speech.  

Did you get a feeling of nervousness? Where did that emotion come from? You created it out of nothing. You also created the scene that you imagined in your mind. Now, does this mean that it will manifest physically? Probably not. Not unless to put the sufficient amount of energy toward the visualization with the intention and faith that it materializes.

Still, you created it with your mind and it became real, whether in this dimension or the next. 

How Do I Use Manifestation? 

In one line: you’re already using manifestation.  

Think of it like making coffee. Once set up, the whole process handles itself, thanks to gravity. Your job is trying to brew the best cup of mud for yourself by ensuring that the coffee grounds you’re putting in are of the finest quality. 

And just like the coffee grounds, your thoughts and emotions have a quality associated with them, and it’s measured by frequency. The higher the frequency, the better the feeling. 

Manifestation is all about being aware of your thoughts and feelings and doing everything you can to ensure they are of the highest quality. Other than that, it’s really just a positive intention to gain coupled with a fair amount of patience in the form of faith. 

Even though manifestation is a real, scientific process, it works on a subjective basis; this means that there are only general guidelines on how to do it. Most of the process is left to your discovery and your own unique journey. It is you who must get acquainted with yourself and your own desires, delving into the reasons why you desire them. 

This will require a sincere analysis of yourself and your situation. You must be honest with yourself…don’t try to fool the Higher Power that upholds manifestation as Universal Law. It is a formula; but be careful not to be too objective/formulaic in using it. 

The object of manifesting is to access your subconscious mind and reprogram it with positive beliefs and perceptions. It can be performed as a ritual and mastered as a constant, on-going process. You’ll want to incorporate both models in your efforts. 

As a ritual, sit down in a comfortable place where you’ll not be disturbed. You should spend a minute or two relaxing your body, calming your breathing, and setting the intention to relinquish all the limitations of your conscious mind. From here it’s basically a 2-part process: ask and receive. 

The way you do this is entirely up to you: visualization, prayer, mantras, etc. There are tons of online methods and resources to get you started until you develop a ritual that’s comfortable for you. 

As an ongoing process, manifestation is a cycle that may leave you going back to the drawing board several times before you’re even clear on what it is that you want. Once you know what you want, then the hardest part comes: receiving it. We humans all have the remarkable ability of destroying our dreams and foiling our plans. 

Your ability to remain open and let the desire manifest will waiver. You’ll likely lose faith. You’ll question it. You’ll resist it. You might even hate it. But, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to deny it.

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