The Pennies To Millions Method to Manifest Financial Abundance

By understanding how the Law of Attraction works, anyone with an open mind can manifest financial abundance using a single penny. Remember, your focus creates your reality. Which means the best way to bring financial abundance into your life …is to simply find easy ways of noticing it more.

And that goes for ANY form of money, no matter how “big” or “small” it is (remember, there’s no such thing as big or small to the Universe). Whether it’s a penny, a quarter, or a $100 bill, money is money. The energy is all the same. And pennies are everywhere!

So you can turn every time you find one on the ground into an opportunity to magnify more money. The way you do this is simple. Unlike the Universe, you still see things as “big vs. small”, “fast vs. slow”, and “easy vs. hard.” So rather than taking on the more difficult task of intending HUGE sums of money every day, simply intend to manifest at least one penny on the ground (which for you, is obviously a super easy thing to attract) instead. And then go about your day. Don’t nervously look around for it, trying to force it to appear. Instead, simply remind yourself that it may show up at any moment in any place, be open to seeing it anywhere, and feel the feelings of how fun it will be to find the penny, knowing YOU created this moment through your own vibrational point of attraction.

Here’s the key to this – Most likely that same day, you’re going to find a penny on the ground. And when you do, this is your perfect opportunity to acknowledge the moment for what it really is: the Universe confirming that this works, giving you free money, and reminding you that there’s PLENTY more on the way!

So every time you find a penny, pick it up and celebrate it as if you’ve just been handed a winning lottery ticket or a $100 bill. Thank the Universe right then and there. In your head (or even out loud) say, “Thank you, Universe, for this fun reminder of your infinite abundance. Thank you for reminding me that anything is possible, that I’m loved, that I’m worthy, and that there’s way more

money to come. I recognize that it’s just as easy to manifest $100. It’s just as easy to manifest $1,000. And it’s just as easy to manifest enough wealth to last me ten lifetimes. Thank you for all the money you’ve already been giving me, and thank you for all the boatloads of money you will continue to give me. Thank you.”

Or, if that’s too much to remember, just say “Thank you, Universe. I’m truly grateful for this and I gladly welcome more.”

The point of all of this, just in case it isn’t clear, is that you’re not celebrating one cent. You’re celebrating the reminder that the Universe is always offering you more money, whether you see it on the ground or not. You’re celebrating this CLEAR sign that money is always coming to you in massive healthy amounts.

And if you don’t see a penny on the ground that day, that’s okay, because the Universe will NEVER stop sending you money.

Whenever it shows up, the penny (or nickel or dime or whatever) represents an easy, consistent flow of money to you. One that the Universe is always more than happy to give you.

Your recognition of this and your celebration each time it happens will naturally raise your frequency, help you expect even more with no resistance, and invite the Law of Attraction to work its magic behind the scenes to giving you much, much more.


The first time I did this and opened myself up to finding a penny, a cashier overpaid me in change by two dollars. I snuck it back to her because I didn’t want her to get in trouble later when her register didn’t balance out …but I also made sure to acknowledge that I had asked the Universe for one simple penny …and it offered 200 pennies instead!

Not that you should need or expect something as dramatic to happen for you the first time you do this. Just know that no matter how it appears for you, whether it’s a single penny or something else, these are the exact kinds of things that happen when you open your heart and are simply willing to invite them in. And then the sky’s the limit!

With that said, there are even more techniques to cover that are way more powerful than you ever might have realized. The next set we dive into will demonstrate what you can do to attract the life you’ve always wanted with the simple stroke of a pen…

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