Book Summary: The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

Quick Summary: The Millionaire Fastlane (2011) is a self-help business book that proposes a route to wealth that allows you to pursue your dreams while retiring young. According to entrepreneur MJ Demarco, the true golden years of life are when you are young and vibrant. If you want to retire young and wealthy, you must reject society’s default “Get Rich Slow” strategy. There is an alternative path to wealth: the Fastlane. The Fastlane is a way of life defined by complete control and leverage, both of which you can obtain by starting your own business, preferably one that fills a specific need.

The Millionaire Fastlane Book Summary

“Get Rich Slow”

People who become wealthy at a young age are frequently professional athletes, rappers, entertainers, and other celebrities. Those of us who do not fall into this demographic must rely on traditional financial advice. This advice, which falls under the “Get Rich Slow” method, claims that you can retire rich and old by getting a good job, investing in the stock market, and saving all of your money. This method, however, is a losing game in which your time is at stake.

The message of “Get Rich Slow” is simple: sacrifice your present, your goals, and your life for a plan that only pays off after you’ve lived for the majority of your life. If your path to wealth consumes your active adult life and is not guaranteed, that path stinks.

Roadmaps to Wealth

Fast wealth accumulates in an exponential rather than linear fashion. Because employment and savings are linear, they cannot be relied on to generate wealth.

Wealth is a byproduct of the process; it is a formula that requires trial, risk, hard work, and sacrifice. You will never experience events of wealth, wisdom, or personal growth if you try to bypass the process.

The wealth formula is analogous to a long road trip across the country. To chart your course, keep three roadmaps in mind, each governed by a wealth equation and predisposed to a financial destination: Sidewalk to poverty, Slowlane to mediocrity, and Fastlane to wealth. Change can be brought about by your beliefs, which are outlined in your roadmap.

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The Sidewalk

Sidewalkers have no plans or financial goals. Income plus debts is their wealth equation. They have no financial discipline and spend all of their money on the latest and greatest. They are haphazardly enslaved in a “Lifestyle Servitude” fueled by an obsessive desire for pleasure, image, and instant gratification.

Living on the street always results in poverty. It provides no protection if things go wrong because the Sidewalk is only concerned with the short term and never works in the long term. Your future is being exchanged for a pleasant present.

The Sidewalk’s allure stems from society’s toxic corruption of wealth. We’ve been taught that wealth is an absolute construct defined by opulent lifestyles and material possessions. Giving the appearance of wealth without actually possessing it is referred to as “faux wealth.” Belief in society’s definition of wealth destroys genuine wealth. Wealth is defined not by material possessions or money, but by strong bonds with family and others, good health, and, most importantly, freedom and choice.

Does Money Buy Happiness?

People frequently assert that money cannot buy happiness. Many billionaires and well-paid employees are unhappy for reasons unrelated to their wealth, but rather to their freedom. Their money owns them rather than the other way around.

When money is used for consumer pursuits that are harmful to freedom, it does not buy happiness. Whatever takes away your freedom will also take away your wealth. Sidewalkers cannot be happy because instant gratification destroys freedom, health, and choice, as well as happiness.

Luck or Hard Work?

Things happen when you consistently act and bombard the world with your efforts. Sidewalkers incorrectly interpret that as luck when it is simply action and effort. Luck, like wealth, is created through a process rather than an event. Action and effort increase the likelihood that things will occur.

Americans have famously said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Now we simply say, “Give me.” How did we end up here? We relied on “others” to make financial decisions for us, handing over control to someone who could turn us into victims.

Accepting responsibility is the first step toward regaining control over your life. The final step is accountability. It is accepting responsibility for the consequences of your bad decisions and, if necessary, changing your behavior to avoid such consequences. Own your decisions, and you will own your life.

The Slowlane

The Slowlane is a failure because it is dependent on factors over which you have no control. Unfortunately, millions of people have devoted decades to it only to discover the harsh reality: the Slowlane is dangerous and ineffective. Slowlaners are doomed to mediocrity in life. If you want better, you must abandon the Slowlane in favor of a new strategy.

If you want to get out of the Slowlane, you’ll need to quit your job. You can have a great job, but it limits your leverage and control, both of which are necessary for wealth. Furthermore, jobs are awful because they devour time. A job locks you into a criminal time trade, binds you to a specific level of experience, takes away your control, forces you to work with people you despise, forces you to be paid last, and imposes a dictatorship on your earnings.

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The Slowlane’s Futility

If you deconstruct the Slowlane into its mathematical constructs, you’ll find that the variables that define it are uncontrollable or leverageable. The concept of Uncontrollable Limited Leverage demonstrates the futility of the Slowlane. Its wealth equation is based on two variables: your primary source of income (your job) and your wealth acceleration vehicle (market investments). Both are based on time measurements that cannot be controlled or changed. When leverage is restricted, wealth creation is limited.

Because its mathematical universe is mediocre, the Slowlane is predisposed to mediocrity. You can’t get around mathematics’ limitations. A car with a top speed of 10 mph will always have a top speed of 10 mph no matter how hard you push the pedal.

This equation imprisons the Slowlaner, so he resorts to manipulating the only controllable variable: personal net income, which is increased by cutting expenses. Controlling expenses, on the other hand, does not generate wealth. You can’t win money by playing defense; you have to go on offense.

The Fastlane

You can either take the Sidewalk without a financial plan and convince yourself that today’s indulgences have no bearing on tomorrow, or you can take the Slowlane and sacrifice your present for the illusions of a secure future. There is, however, an alternative: the Fastlane. Controllable Unlimited Leverage characterizes the Fastlane business and lifestyle strategy. In other words, it gives you the most power and leverage. This creates an ideal environment for rapid wealth generation and lavish living.

Fastlaners understand that their most valuable asset is time, and that they can create something from nothing and make it valuable in the market. Their wealth equation is net profit plus asset value, both of which are variables under their control. Furthermore, the equation is not limited by mathematical time constraints.

Potential for Leverage

You can become wealthy if you can control the variables that comprise your wealth equation: Net Profit = Units Sold x Unit Profit and Asset Value = Net Profit x Industry Multiplier. You must be involved in a Fastlane business with the potential for leverage in order to use the Fastlane wealth equation. Small numbers inevitably lead to mediocrity.

Fastlaners buy and sell assets such as businesses, brands, cash flows, notes, intellectual property, licenses, inventions, patents, and real estate. The power of “Asset Value” in the Fastlane wealth equation stems from your ability to control the variable in an almost limitless fashion.

Passive Income

Passive income is money earned while you are not working. The Fastlane Roadmap is designed to accomplish two goals: to generate a passive income stream in excess of your expenses and lifestyle desires, and to make financial freedom a reality for anyone, regardless of age.

Money trees are business systems that require ongoing care and attention but can survive on their own. They generate passive income streams before you retire. Rental systems such as real estate, licenses, and patents; computer systems such as internet and software businesses; content systems such as authoring books and blogging; distribution systems such as franchising and chaining; and human resource systems are the five business seedlings to money trees.

Money, on the other hand, is the best money-tree seed in existence. It reigns supreme among money trees. People who save money have the potential to become lenders. When you have a lot of money to lend and passive income coming in every month, you can live freely.

Compound interest is used differently by Fastlaners and Slowlaners. Compound interest is used by slowlanders to become wealthy, while fastlanders use it to generate income and liquidity. Compound interest is your source of passive income. It is not to blame for your wealth. This is extremely important.

The Law of Effection

The Law of Attraction is a mystical philosophy that holds that you are what you think and that your conscious and unconscious thoughts create your reality. It asserts that if you know exactly what you want, ask the universe for it, and see it approaching, you will eventually get it. However, thinking has never made anyone wealthy unless it is accompanied by consistent action toward the application of laws that work. The Law of Attraction ignores the true source of wealth, which is the Law of Effection.

According to the Law of Effection, the more lives you affect in an entity you control, the richer you will become. In other words, influence millions while making millions. The amount of money you have reflects the amount of value you have provided.

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The Importance of Choice

Poor choices are the leading cause of poverty. Hundreds of options determine fastlane success. And when you connect a series of choices, you get your process, and your process gets you your lifestyle. You will become a millionaire as a result of your lifestyle choices. You have the option of taking the Sidewalk, the Slowlane, or the Fastlane. You have the option of aligning your life with a higher purpose or letting life live you. People do not choose to be poor, but they make poor decisions that lead to poverty.

There are two kinds of choices: perception choices and action choices. To make better choices, you must first change your perception, because perceptions drive actions.

Your internal language is significant. If your world is littered with words like “never” and “can’t,” you can’t and will never be able to. Good perception choices lead to good action choices.

If you want to go beyond average results produced by average people, you must take a unique approach that does not appeal to “everyone.” The more extraordinary you strive to be, the more you will have to fight social conditioning. Extraordinary fortune requires extraordinary beliefs.

Your Most Valuable Assets

If you do not learn to value your time, you will be poor. Time is becoming increasingly scarce, whereas money is abundant and will continue to be abundant as long as the world’s governments print more. Fastlaners understand that time is the fuel tank of life. It is your most important asset.

Another important aspect of your wealth journey is education. To get where you want to go, you must first learn more. When you constantly inject yourself with new education, skills, and competencies, new roads open up. Education is beneficial in both the Slowlane and Fastlane roadmaps, but its roles are vastly different. Education is used to elevate intrinsic value in the Slowlane, whereas education is used to amplify the power of the money tree and the business system in the Fastlane.

Your education should not be hampered by conformity or parasitic debt. Instead, it should simplify the operation of your Fastlane system. How? Make the real world your classroom. Learn through participation, doing, and getting out and taking repeated action.

Money trees, businesses, and systems all necessitate dedication. The distinction between interest and commitment is that interest reads a book while commitment applies it multiple times. To take advantage of the Fastlane’s power, you must exert effort and make a series of wise decisions.

You can have ordinary comfort right now or extraordinary comfort later. The Fastlaner foregoes short-term comforts in order to gain long-term extraordinary comfort.

The Five Commandments

According to the Law of Effection, in order to make millions, you must impact millions. To illuminate the Law of Effection, compare it to the Five Fastlane Commandments: Need, Entry, Control, Scale, and Time.

Because they fail the Commandment of Need, 90% of all new businesses fail within five years. Businesses that meet needs and add value win. Money is drawn to businesses that solve problems and people who add value, not to selfish people.

According to the Commandment of Entry, the lower the barriers to entry, the greater the competition and the less effective the business is at generating wealth. If you were able to enter a business too easily, you broke the law. True business startups are processes rather than events.

A business hitchhiker breaks the Commandment of Control by seeking refuge within the walls of a matriarchal organization. As a result, you are vulnerable to the actions of the driver. When you have complete control over your business, you have complete control over your organization, products, pricing, revenue model, and operational decisions.

Wealth acceleration is limited when your business path violates the Commandment of Scale. To achieve scale, the business owner must introduce replication leverage: open more stores, sell franchises, or sell on the Internet.

The final Fastlane commandment is the Commandment of Time, which requires you to separate your work from your personal life. Can your company grow into a money tree? Passive income is a Fastlane goal derived from the Time Commandment.


Opportunities and the open roads they represent abound. Opportunity is rarely about a game-changing discovery. An opportunity can be as simple as an unmet or inadequately met need. It is a workaround for a problem. Successful businesses are rarely the result of a legendary idea. Successful entrepreneurs simply improve on existing ideas, services, and products.

This path to wealth necessitates financial literacy. You can’t build a financial empire if you don’t understand fundamental finance and economics. To successfully leverage a money system for passivity, you must first become familiar with the financial instruments that power the money system. Financial illiterates are incapable of managing money systems.

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A Game of Chess

Chess is a complicated game with even more complicated strategies. Your company is the same. The King represents your execution; the Queen represents your marketing; the Bishop represents your customer service; the Knight represents your product; the Rook represents your people; and the Pawn represents your ideas.

Ideas are pawns in business. Actual speed is execution – pressure applied to an accelerator – and it is the game’s king. Many entrepreneurs struggle to distinguish between idea and execution. They believe that ideas are worth millions of dollars, but the execution of ideas leads to success. You never know what works until you try it. If the rest of the world appreciates your offer, they will give you their time, thoughts, or money. Otherwise, they’ll keep their money and look elsewhere.

In this chess game, the bishop represents how you treat customers who buy your product or service. The feedback you receive from your customers will reveal unmet needs in your business, pointing you in the right direction. Customer service has deteriorated dramatically in recent years. While poor customer service is infuriating for consumers, it provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs. Complaints are about negatively violating customers’ expectations, whereas S-U-C-S customer service is about positively violating expectations.

You can increase the success of your company by implementing a customer service strategy that exceeds expectations: SUCS, or “Superior Unexpected Customer Service.” When you successfully violate your client’s customer service expectation profile, you convert that client into a loyal buyer and follower of your company.

Your Queen

In both chess and business, the queen is the most powerful piece. People can be persuaded to buy mediocre products through marketing. It has the ability to conceal or disguise service flaws. It can obscure incompetence and keep convicted felons separated from their product.

A brand is the most effective antidote to commoditization. People are less loyal to corporations and businesses and more loyal to brands and relationships. The first step in developing a brand is to identify a Unique Selling Proposition, or USP. Your USP is the foundation of your brand. It is what distinguishes your company from the competition. It is the foundation of brands and can compensate for higher prices or a subpar product.

To create a strong USP for your company, follow these five simple steps. First, address a problem or requirement. Second, be distinct. Third, by being specific, you can alleviate natural consumer skepticism. Fourth, keep your USPs brief, clear, and to the point. Finally, incorporate your unique selling proposition into all marketing materials.

Your marketing efforts must stand out from the crowd. There are five alternatives. You must use an extreme viewpoint to polarize people, arouse emotions, be risqué, encourage interaction, and be unconventional.

If you want to sell something, you must first put yourself in the shoes of your typical buyer. After you’ve determined what they want, the next step is to determine the features of your product. After you’ve identified the features, start converting them into benefits or specific outcomes.

When you divide your effort between assets, you create weak assets that do not accelerate wealth. The world’s wealthiest people became wealthy by focusing their efforts on a single goal rather than dividing their attention between several goals. Monogamy is essential for Fastlane success.

The Millionaire Fastlane Review

MJ Demarco avoids using jargon and business language excessively, which makes his writing extremely accessible. The Millionaire Fastlane is divided into eight sections, each of which goes into great detail about the financial roadmaps he proposes.

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About The Author

MJ Demarco claims he grew up as an ordinary guy with no special talent or skill. Despite this, he became a multimillionaire at the age of 33 by founding his own company and selling it twice. Demarco also founded the Fastlane Business Forum, which teaches young entrepreneurs how to be valuable and financially independent members of society.

The Millionaire Fastlane Quotes

“I grew up in Chicago and was a porky kid with few friends. I wasn’t interested in teenage girls or sports, but lying around in a beanbag stuffing my face with doughnuts while watching Tom-n-Jerry reruns. “


“I’m an inventor. “


“I decided that I would someday own a Lamborghini and I would do it while I was young. “


“I was determined to become rich young, and the journey would begin after college graduation. I was a late-night infomercial marketer’s dream come true-gullible, willing, and armed with a credit card. “


“College was a five-year prenatal employee brainwashing with graduation as the overrated climax. I viewed college as indoctrination into corporate droneship; an unfulfilled marriage between me and a life of jobs, bosses, and being overworked and underpaid. “

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