The Manifestation Methods To Succeed

Any of the methods that you’ve already been introduced to in this guide are more than enough on their own to put you in a frequency of vibration that can manifest whatever you want.

But people naturally tend to enjoy mixing things up and having a little more variety where they can. With that in mind, please enjoy the additional techniques presented in this module. Note the title. It’s called the Manifestation Method MENU because everything in this guide (and in life) is all about choice.

As you’re about to find out, this ‘menu’ will most likely have a ‘dish’ for any occasion. But please do not let the list of options overwhelm you. While you’re welcome to try every last one of them if you really want to, you certainly don’t have to.

It’s possible you’ll want to try everything out. It’s even possible you’ll want to do a bunch of them every day. But it’s more likely that you’ll simply want to pick two or three “menu choices” here and there whenever the mood strikes (or when a situation that one of them is perfect for comes up).

This is really the entire point. You get to choose. Go with your favorite item (or items) until you feel the need to try something else off the menu (or in other modules). Then go back to old favorites whenever you want.

Above all else, your priority here is fun and joy. So read through the menu. Order something off of it. Keep ordering what you like. And let the Universe do the rest.

The Mission Accomplished Method

This technique involves combining the elements of visualization, meditation, affirmation, AND gratitude …all in a condensed time frame of only 1 or 2 minutes.

You can choose to make these sessions longer, but by practicing doing them in a matter of only 60 seconds, this method becomes something you can easily do throughout the day whenever you’d like to easily address a doubt or uncertainty that comes to mind.

Along the lines of the Discount Trigger Method from earlier in this guide, if there’s something in particular that you’re worried about that always seems to intrude on your thoughts throughout the day, you can use those moments as a reminder and opportunity to do this “mission accomplished” experience right then and there, which will then set your point of attraction to a better frequency.

This is named ‘mission accomplished’ because you’re calmly visualizing a specific end result, experience, or way of being — and then concluding the session with a declaration (which you can say out loud or in your head) that the work of this is now done …and the manifestation is here.

Step 1: Remove your attention from whatever “problem” you were worried about by closing your eyes, taking 3 deep breaths, and centering yourself.

With each ‘in breath’ visualize positive white light energy entering your body through the center of your chest.

With each ‘out breath’ visualize that same positive energy now being shared outwardly with everything around you, stretching as far as it would like in all directions. Relax more and more with each breath.

Inhale (good energy inward) …exhale (good energy outward, feeling relaxed)

…inhale (in) …exhale (out, feeling more relaxed) …inhale (in) …exhale (out, feeling MOST relaxed).

On that last full breath, breathe in a heart-felt thank you to the Universe for the power it has given you to make the positive change that’s about to happen …and feel yourself completely centered.

Know it to be true.

Step 2: Go to a peaceful and safe place in your mind (like a sunset on a beautiful beach …or a pine green forest), set your intention for what you want, and affirm that it is now done. Imagine all the energy of existence …from the core of your being to the furthest reaches of the Universe, and picture it shifting. It doesn’t matter how the shifting “looks” — all that matters is that it’s happening.

Maybe it’s phasing out into a stream of endless colors and reforming back in a sharper and clearer way. Or maybe it’s just swirling around in different patterns. Maybe the energy is now smoother. Maybe it’s now brighter or more vivid.

However it looks, the Universe is readjusting itself on a vibrational level to match the new reality you’ve just intended.

Step 3: Now that the energy has been molded to match what you want — with your eyes still closed — give the Universe the instructions and blueprints it needs to materialize your new desired physical reality …by painting the picture in your mind of what this reality is.

See yourself as the version of you who no longer has the problem you were worried about. Feel the way you would feel. Your desire is now fulfilled. This is the absolute truth of your reality RIGHT NOW. It’s happened for you already, and now you’re just enjoying the moment in pure gratitude.

Who are you BEING in this moment? How does it feel? Are you with someone specific? Are you doing anything in particular? Is there a place you would go to celebrate your new and improved life?

Capture a snapshot of it in whatever level of vivid detail you want.

Remember, you’re no longer looking for the solution. Everything is already solved, your happy ending is here, and all you notice right now is the feeling of profound ease and satisfaction.

Step 4: Affirm this is now officially done for you with a “key phrase” and a “thank you” right after. As you say your phrase, feel the energy of this new reality ripple out into the Universe.

You’ve summoned the power that literally creates worlds, imprinted a new configuration of the vibrational matrix that surrounds everything, and literally co-created a new version of reality with the Universe.

This ripple of energy can last as little as a few seconds …or you can choose to milk it even longer — a full extra minute or two, if you’d like.

Here are some options for your “mission accomplished” phrase in this final step (feel free to pick any one of these that feels right OR choose something that isn’t on the list below that works for you personally):

  • This is complete. 
  • This is one.
  • It is done.
  • It is complete.
  • So it is done.
  • So be it.
  • It is done, so be it, thankyou.
  • Thank you for this manifestation.

Feel free to try out different phrases. If you’re worried you don’t have the best one, that’s just your ego trying to “protect” you. Your phrase doesn’t have to be perfect, it only has to make sense with how you might speak.

The key part is the feeling of gratitude and certainty you experience while you’re saying your phrase. You’re officially declaring this to now be done. You’re claiming it. You’re intending it. You’ve achieved a new version of reality. It’s here, and it’s just about to pop. You might even want to use the phrase “mission accomplished.”

The “Vibrating In Harmony” Method

This is a quick simple grounding exercise that’s great for the beginning, middle or end of your day.

Its purpose is to center you and reset your frequency so that you emit a more positive attractive vibration.

Step 1: As you’re sitting or standing comfortably, visualize roots connected through the bottom of your feet all the way through the ground to the center of the earth.

These are truly strong roots that hold you in warmth and safety.

If you do this barefoot on grass or soil, it might feel a bit more potent physically, but you can just as easily do this wearing shoes on the top floor of an apartment building and make just as powerful of an impact energetically (there’s no such thing as ‘separation’ to the Universe).

Either way, the roots are strong and the earth is in an exchange of positivity with you.

You are gifting the earth love and light just as much as it is gifting it back to you.

As an additional step (if you want), you can also simultaneously visualize a cord of light stretching through your spine, up through the top of your head out connecting to the brightest most vibrant star in the entire galaxy, as you engage in another exchange of love and light in this direction as well.

Step 2: With yourself firmly and comfortably rooted and supported, breathe in the energy of: love, light, acceptance, forgiveness, warmth, self-love, and self-worth (and anything else that you wish to add to your vibration). You can do this for 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 90 seconds — even five full minutes if you want. Whatever feels good.

As long as it feels like a perk and not an obligation, you’re doing fine. As for what this should look or feel like, that’s up to you entirely — whatever most closely matches the look and feel of the words and ideas you’re breathing in. If you can’t come up with anything, a white mist or light ball of energy always works as options.

The “Reasons Into Reality” Method

This is a wonderful scripting and visualization exercise for setting a more magnetic and powerful point of attraction.

Do ONE of the following options:

FIRST OPTION: Create a list of at least 10-20 REASONS or benefits to why you want whatever it is that you want.

For example, if you’re looking for a general desire of having more wealth and abundance in your life, you might list a new home, a new car, helping a

loved one with their bills, or even just the feeling of total financial freedom as reasons for why you want this.

If you’re looking to find a romantic partner, you might list reasons like how wonderful it is to wake up next to somebody you love, having a fun partner to go on adventures with, having a date to all the parties you like to go to, having someone to kiss, hold, and love, having someone to play and laugh with as you make your way through a happy and joyful life, or any other similar reasons.

Once your list is done, review it, and reorder it by whatever reasons are most important to you. The reason with the highest priority should be at the top of the list. The writing part really centers your vibration, which automatically makes your point of attraction a lot more potent. And prioritizing it afterwards is a great way of reviewing and reinforcing the energy of each one.

SECOND OPTION: Create a list of at least 10-20 possible WAYS that the Universe can bring your desire to you.

The purpose here is NOT to decide HOW it will happen (leave the part to the Universe). It’s more for thinking of possible ways it MIGHT happen as a way of reminding yourself on many levels that there are endless possibilities the Universe has to deliver what you want in this actual time and space reality.

So for money, it’s POSSIBLE you can get a promotion, a better job, a winning lottery ticket, win an expensive car you can either keep or trade in for money, etc. For love, it’s possible for you to meet your ideal mate walking in the park, arranging a blind date through a friend, matching with them on a website, bumping into each other at the supermarket, grabbing for the same book, grabbing for the same magazine, catching each other’s glance while passing on the street, etc.

The truth is that whatever you come up with is only the tip of the iceberg, and the Universe has WAY more options and possibilities for bringing you what you want. Exploring all the ways that you can think of — while simultaneously acknowledging the many hidden ways you aren’t thinking of yet — is an awesome way to keep your vibration high and invite your desired manifestation to you even faster.

Advanced Reasons Into Reality Method

This advanced option simply means doing both options listed above in the very same session. Do the first option, followed by the second one. If you have the time to do both in one session, it’s highly recommended since both options really fuel each other and raise your frequency very easily. Try it for yourself, and you’ll see what I mean.

The Moment In Time Method

Imagine a typical day that you might experience when what you want has come into your life. It’s only “typical” because whatever wonderful things you’re experiencing are now normal everyday events. If you’ve met all your financial goals, for example, then living in a beautiful beachfront home is really just a standard (but also awesome) day for you. And if you’ve met the perfect mate, cuddling with them on the couch as you binge watch your favorite show is a regular thing now as well.

This is the frame of mind that you’re coming from for this visualization. You want to choose a moment that’s really awesome, but also one that the version of you who has what they want would experience on a regular basis.

Choose a ‘scene’ to run through. It can be anywhere from 90 seconds to 5 minutes or even 10 minutes.

What’s happening in this scene? Where are you? Who are you with? What are you wearing? What do you look like? What are you doing? Are you indoors or outdoors? What season is it? Are you relaxing or are you doing an activity? What are the sights, sounds, and smells around you? Are you wearing different clothes than you used to wear? Is your hair styled differently?

What about any of these details are clear indicators that you now have what you want? Play this scene out in your head from your point of view. You’re not somewhere floating above this person watching them live this life — rather, you ARE this person living through this, seeing what they see, hearing what they hear, feeling what they feel. This is you.

Do this meditation for at least 90 seconds. But 5 or 10 minutes is even better. This is also a great visualization to do as you’re drifting off to sleep, since this experience will be your last thought of the day and therefore a clear instruction for your subconscious mind (AND the Universe) to begin working towards while you sleep. If you do it right before bed, you might also be pleased to notice that you get to sleep quicker and more easily AND you sleep more soundly throughout the night since you’re infusing positive emotions that carry you through into the morning.

The Instant Replay Method

This is another ‘end result’ visualization where you take a snippet (of only a few seconds) of what it would be like to have what you want …and replay it in your mind over and over again.

This method is basically a modification of The Moment in Time Method. Only in this visualization, rather than imagining an entire highly-detailed scene, you choose a specific 30-second “clip” and just play that out a few times.

You can even go deeper and choose just 5 seconds that REALLY highlight the moment for you. Just play it over and over again, and really enjoy it.

Maybe focus on the sights of the experience on the first replay, then the sounds on the next, then the smells, the feelings, the sights again, the feelings again, the sights, the feelings, the sounds, etc. Just play it over and over again. Do this for 90 seconds or five minutes or as you’re going to bed. The more you play it in your mind, the more real it will feel both consciously and subconsciously, and that’s when the magic really starts happening.

The “Ten Minutes Ago” Method

If you can vividly picture yourself in the exact moment when you’re getting what you want, that’s definitely something you should do. And maybe you’re fortunate enough that this kind of thing comes easily for you.

But for many people, it’s not so easy, and they often have trouble visualizing those very specific moments. They worry that they’re not ‘feeling it’ enough. Or they struggle to come up with ‘exact’ or ‘perfect’ details to have in their visualization. But really, what they do is put way too much pressure on themselves. That’s the real reason they seem to have so much difficulty with this. It’s all just a false limiting belief.

If you attempt to visualize the exact moment when you’re getting something, and you have this same issue, this is most likely more of the ego doing its work behind the scenes trying to keep you “safe.” Even so, you still might want to play around and try these kinds of visualizations for 5 minutes, 2 minutes, or even 1 minute without worrying about being perfect (as long as you’re not letting yourself get too frustrated). Think of it as experimenting and just playing with it and seeing where it goes. But while you’re at it, a great strategy that makes visualizing success MUCH easier for most people is the “Ten Minutes Ago” technique.

The technique is simple: You’re visualizing yourself, your feelings, and your surroundings as if you received the news of your manifestation just ten minutes ago.

The brilliance of this is that after you’ve had ten minutes to ‘process’ the awesome news you just got, there’s no “perfect” emotion you should expect to feel. You MIGHT still be just as excited as the exact moment you got the news. But you also might be way calmer and in a state of relaxed ease and bliss.

However it might possibly play out, you’ve given yourself this extra bit of distance between when you “received the news” and any potential settling down from that initial rush.

So it helps everything feel way more real to you (and by result, your subconscious). This extra layer of realism fires trillions of extra brain cells to help collapse the overall time it will take for your manifestation to appear in your reality.

The point of this technique is you can pick any emotion along the spectrum that’s both believable AND accessible …because ANY emotion ten minutes later is ALREADY believable …and whatever level of excitement you feel in that moment is the perfect level for you. After all, by the time ten minutes has passed, the news has now sunk in. Whatever you’re thinking or feeling, this is now your reality.

The feeling you have as this new version of you CAN be dramatic, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s no perfect answer you have to figure out. You’ve left your ego no backdoors to sneak into to sabotage you here. And if your ego is rationalizing that ten minutes is still too soon, then choose 20. Or an hour. Or a day. Regardless, this technique is just another enjoyable way of “tricking” your vibration into matching up with your desired success.

The “Two Years From Now”

Letter Scripting Method

Picture yourself 2 years in the future finally living your dream life. Imagine what it’s like. Imagine who you’ve become. You’re as happy, fulfilled, and successful as you always wanted to be.

Looking back from this vantage point, what would have had to happen in order for you to be living this dream life? Whatever that is, script it out as if you’re writing your past self a letter to let them know what they have to look forward to.

Remember to use “I am” and “I have” statements. Keep it all in the present tense. It’s either happening right now (“I’m living in the perfect apartment”) or it’s already happened (“I found the perfect apartment”). Begin some of the sentences with standard gratitude phrases like “I am so grateful now that…”

When you’ve put yourself in this state of mind and you’re writing from this vantage point, it’s easy to be excited, grateful, and content.

You still get the benefit of feeling you’ve succeeded, but because it’s a 2- year gap you’re writing from, it’s also more plausible to your mind that you truly could have accomplished this, so it’s more realistic for your brain to accept without any of the baggage of your current limiting beliefs getting in the way. You get to experience what you want without having to force it.

If you don’t like the idea of doing this from the vantage point of 2 years, then describe “the past year” instead. Or even the past 6 months. Or any time frame that feels good to you. But I personally recommend you first try it as your future self of at least 2 years from now. You’re choosing a minimum of 2 years because if you pick a shorter time frame like only 6 months, your ego might be able to sneak enough doubt in to dilute the effect and weaken your vibrational setpoint. But 2 years is more than enough time to be believable.

And remember, it’s not like you had to wait a full 2 years for everything to come. Maybe it only took you a year and a half, and you’ve been enjoying everything for the past 6 months, and you’ve simply waited until the 2 year mark to document it back in a letter for your past self. Maybe it took even less time.

The beauty is it could have happened AT ANY POINT in those two years, which keeps things ‘soft’ enough so that you can just enjoy the feeling of having it now (as the version of you 2 years in the future) without any feelings of doubt or resistance getting in the way or creeping in.

You can script 1 page …or 3 pages …or even 5 pages. Whatever feels fun. Whatever doesn’t feel like a chore. As long as you’re enjoying it, it’s doing what it’s supposed to.

And if you do this every day (or even every other day), you will be SHOCKED and AMAZED at what happens in your life.

Remember to end your letter on a note of pure gratitude for extra impact. Thank your earlier self for sticking with the techniques.

The “Protecting The Prize” Method

There was a story of a mixed martial artist who wanted to be a world champion in the women’s strawweight division of the UFC (Strawweight fighters compete at a weight of 115 lb, and UFC is the biggest promoter of organized professional fights in the world.).

When asked in an interview how she prepares mentally, she mentioned two visualizations that her sports psychologist puts her through.

One is a vivid scene where she’s winning the world title. The other …is a scenario in which she’s defending it.

This second visualization is a brilliant strategy because it’s consistently putting her in a mental (and universally energetic) simulation of already having achieved her goal.

It’s a profoundly magnetic vibrational setpoint. And doing something like this for just 5 minutes, 3 minutes, or even 90 seconds serves as a wonderfully effective visualization session.

As of this writing, she’s already #7 in the world.

Here are two quick examples of how you can apply this for yourself: (Keep in mind, this method uses the word “protecting” because the strawweight fighter ‘defending’ her championship is such a clear example of how and why this works. But it’s not so much about “protecting” what you have as it is “maintaining” or “keeping” it.)


If you want to make a million dollars, visualizing yourself receiving that money is a great strategy. But an even stronger one is visualizing what you would do once you had the money.

What investments might you make with it? Would you put some of it in real estate? Or bonds? Or somewhere else?

Visualize yourself in meetings with professional money managers or high level accountants having these important conversations about the money that’s ALREADY in your account. These conversations should be fun and exciting, not boring.


If you want to be in a healthy loving relationship, visualizing yourself meeting someone special is a great strategy. But an even stronger one is visualizing what you would do once you were in that relationship.

What kind of dates would you plan with this person to keep the romance going? What kind of home would you eventually look for together? What kind of decisions would you need to make as a couple?

Visualize conversations like how you’re going to share closet space together (these should be fun discussions, not arguments). Does one of you have a guitar that you need to make room for? Do one or both of you have lots of clothes?

These are real issues to figure out when you’re ALREADY WITH somebody special. Engage yourself deeply in this exercise.

KEY TAKEAWAY: If you want to manifest a specific experience, achievement, or thing — pick a clear and detailed scenario to visualize where you’ve got it already. Feel what it feels like to be the person who’s already achieved what they wanted. BE the person who has it. THAT’S the signal you want to send out to the Universe.

You only ever want something because you believe that having it will feel good. So these visualizations should be awesome experiences.

Whether it’s five minutes, or even less (or more if you’re REALLY enjoying yourself with them), these are your opportunities to experience joy and fulfillment RIGHT NOW without having to wait another second longer. Enjoy them.

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