The Main Mistakes To Avoid With PLR

In this guide, we have been focusing on how using PLR content can be an easy and even fun way to help you create high quality content quickly and easily, in order to help you drive more traffic to your website through the search engines, article marketing and social networking, for greater profitability.

We have discussed the main things to look out for when buying PLR, and some of the best ways to re-write and re-purpose the PLR that you purchase in order to make the content branded and uniquely your own.

In this chapter, we want to look at some of the most common mistakes PLR content purchasers make, and how to avoid them.

These mistakes are:

1-Not customizing the information.

2-Buying PLR in the bargain basement.

3-Using it improperly (exercising the wrong rights). 4-Not fully leveraging the PLR that you buy. 5-NOT using the PLR you buy at all.

6-Not keeping the PLR content organized.

7-Not treating the PLR as a valuable business asset.

8-Not using PLR consistently each month.

9-Buying too much PLR and then getting overwhelmed. 

10-Not appreciating the value of a PLR information empire. 

We will look at each of these in turn on the pages below. 

1-Not customizing the information.

A lot of people get lazy, or do not understand the principle and power of PLR, and publish the PLR content they purchase as-is. Even though experts recommend against it, and everyone declares they will customize the content they purchase, they don’t. In fact, we would go as far as to say that most people don’t. That’s bad for them because they are not getting the most from their PLR investment, but it is good for you as just a little effort on your part will put you head and shoulders above the other entrepreneurs who are taking the shortcut.

2-Buying PLR in the bargain basement.

Everyone wants to save money, but there is such a thing as being smart about it. Buying 100 PLR articles for $5 may seem to be a great bargain, but when you dig in and realize that very few of those articles are usable (they are poorly written, on topics unrelated to your niche, or nearly indecipherable), you will that realize you wasted money and, more importantly, time. Go with a high- quality PLR website with a great reputation, even if it costs you a few more dollars upfront. You’ll be much better off in the long run, plus, you don’t want to look bad by using unprofessional content.

3-Using it improperly (exercising the wrong rights).

Not understanding what rights are legally yours is not only a mistake, it is illegal. If you use PLR content improperly, your website could be shut down, or you could be sued under copyright law. Make sure you are clear on what rights you have purchased with your PLR content, and if you have any questions, clarify them before you publish the content.

4-Not fully leveraging the PLR that you buy.

You might think if you are using PLR on your blog or ezine, that that is enough.

It is a start, but just think about all that content that you have at your fingertips, just waiting for you to rework it and turn it into something more. It’s a mistake to stop just with text and not move on to audios, videos, reports, podcasts, CDs, DVDs; the list and the earning potential goes on and on.

5-NOT using the PLR you buy at all.

Maybe the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make with regard to PLR is failing to use it. We have discussed how PLR content can help you as a business owner, regardless of your niche or specialty. If someone you trusted and admired gave you a piece of exercise equipment and told you it was their secret weapon to reaching a fantastic physique, chances are you would at least check it out. The same is true for PLR: It is a secret weapon in creating a fantastic business.

6-Not keeping the PLR content organized.

One of the worst mistakes with your PLR content is in not keeping it organized. It is easy to do, since in many cases you might not have a lot of editorial experience or experience in running a successful website or business. Being able to put your hands on the data that you need immediately can often be the difference between a productive and efficient business that makes money and one in which you are struggling all the time to get everything done.

You might also buy a lot of PLR content all at once and get so excited that you don’t keep track of all the downloads for each of your purchases. In most cases, they will go into your Downloads folder automatically, but not have meaningful names. 100-PLR articles could be about anything. You might also get bonuses and other extras.

What does the file name bonus PLR tell you? Not a lot, which is why you need to discipline yourself to look at what you are buying and organize it with meaningful, keyworded names.

In some cases, you might also be buying a monthly membership, which will come complete with articles, reports, images, and more. The content will usually be named by the month, year and topic, such as Finance PLR December 2011, but this does not tell you anything specific about the content, such as keywords; therefore, you should make it a practice to look at everything you have as soon as you download it, using keywords in the title. By all means, include the date if you wish, but the niche topic will be the most important piece of information. A good example might be 1211 Finance PLR Article Pack or 1211 Finance 529 Accounts Special Report.

The article packs can also be a problem because they will be 10 to 40 articles on a variety of topics, some of which you might be covering at your website, while other articles will not fit in as readily to your content offers. In some cases the titles are also a mystery because any special characters, such as a hyphen or apostrophe, will often cut off the whole of the title when the article is saved, leaving you with odd titles such as Top Tips on High-. In this case, open the file and rename it with the full title, minus the odd character that truncated the title during the original save.

Once you have checked the article group for any problem titles and fixed them, take a screen shot of the list of articles for the month so that you have a checklist to work with and can also refer back to the titles from the original pack. Hit the PrtScn key to take a picture of all the titles, then put in a Word document and save with the month, date and PLR.

Then try to sort the articles into folders titled by the broad categories or main topics in your niche. For example, in Internet Marketing, we would write a good deal about SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Email Marketing, so if we were to buy any PLR content on those topics, we would create folders with that information in it, and then sort the articles into the separate folders. This can also help you keep track of what you are publishing and when, so that you get a reasonable rotation of articles.

If you do not start out in an organized manner with your PLR content purchasing and customization of your PLR, it will be easy to lose track of what you have done, and what you need to do. Keep a list of everything that you have purchased, and what you have done with it on which websites. Remember, start as you mean to go on and you will save a lot of time not having to search for content you have worked on or content you need to edit and post.

7-Not treating the PLR as a valuable business asset.

As your PLR content costs money, it should be treated like a valuable business asset. Now that you are going into business for yourself, you will need to keep receipts for every business expense that you incur. When you are first starting out in business, it can be all too easy to start spending on items because you think you need them; then you start to run out of money and don’t have enough cash for essentials.

PLR content is not free, but it can certainly earn you money almost immediately. Therefore, treat it as a valuable and essential business asset that you can use in a variety of ways to grow your website and earn income quickly.

8-Not using PLR consistently each month.

If you become a PLR content website member, it is easy to lose track of what you get each month through your membership. The sites will usually put up the new content on the first of each month, and take down the old content. If you miss a month for whatever reason, it can be difficult to get copies of the content that you missed. Therefore, try to get into the habit of going to the membership site each month on the first of the month to download your files and keep them in a safe place. You should also do this to be one of the first to get the content up at your site before everyone else.

One way to keep this content organized is to keep a log file or spreadsheet that shows the content and the topics each month. This will help you see what you have been working on, and keep track of any gaps in the content on your website. It can also help you organize any product creation efforts you want to engage in for your site, to help you offer a broad range of products to people interested in your niche.

9-Buying too much PLR and then getting overwhelmed.

It is easy to get dazzled by terrific titles and great sales letters. If you are just starting out in business, it can seem as though you need everything for your website and should get it while you can, especially if the price is right. This is also true if the PLR content is limited to 50 to 100 packs and seems to be on a very hot topic that you want to learn more about, or add more about at your site.

The trouble is that many of the PLR websites offer similar content, and so it is easy to buy similar titles if you are not careful, or to buy any one of the five or six special offers they will run each month.

Unless it is a very hot, cutting-edge topic in your niche that you also want to learn more about, try to discipline yourself to use the PLR content that you have in as many ways as possible.

If you start to get overwhelmed by the monthly membership, you might wish to do one of several things. You can discontinue the membership and allow yourself to catch up with your content polishing and creation; however, you might miss out on some good topics and not get the same preferential rate that you had as a new member.

A second option might be to upgrade to a service which will customize the content for your website, if such a program is available. They will often add the content to your site if you give them a special log-in and password to do so. If you have a WordPress site, you could do this by creating a new User and then setting them Author or Editor privileges. With Author, you would have to look at each article individually as a moderator, and then publish it. With Editor, they would be able to publish it directly to your site without you having to moderate it.

You could also set up an email address from which emails would be accepted and posted as content to the website. You would need to keep this email address confidential so that your blog site does not get spammed. It is quite handy, though, because you could publish from anywhere in the world automatically just by sending an email.

However, you would not be able to format the content correctly for SEO and other purposes, and you might get a flood of content one day and little for the rest of the month.

Editorial and customization and posting packages will usually run from anywhere from $25 to $100 additional each month depending on how many articles and how much you are asking them to do.

A third option is to take the packages and outsource the re-writing and polishing for a reasonable amount of money to a worker at Elance or one of the other top outsourcing/freelancing websites.

Remember, the goal of any content that you will buy will be quick content creation, with the emphasis on quick.

Hopefully the more you use the content that you have been purchasing over a period of one to three months, the more money you will have coming in to your website. In this case, you should be able to afford to outsource some of these tasks within a few months of start-up.

In turn, these articles and products should be able to earn you more streams of income and traffic so that your whole website will begin to snowball into an information marketing empire.

10-Not appreciating the value of a PLR information empire.

As we have said, when you are just starting out with a new website, it can be very difficult to imagine yourself with a large website made up of hundreds of pages, with dozens of products for sale. Joan has launched a website for a client with 300 articles in less than six weeks due in part to the power of PLR content. The site was then able to earn money and get good traffic from the search engines from the moment it launched because of her SEO and marketing strategies. However, there would not have been so much buzz about the site if it had not been for the amount of high-quality content in a popular topic that was visible from the moment the site was launched.

Most people will not be able to muster that much content in so short a time, but as we have said, every article and page on your website is a lottery ticket eagerly inviting itself to be chosen by the search engines as a winner just by you publishing it at your website using basic Search Engine Optimization principles.

Even if you are completely new to the Internet, if you apply yourself a little bit every day, by the end of three months, the search engines should be locating your website and content and you will have laid the foundation for your own information empire out of PLR content.

Through your own re-writes, outsourcing, quick content creation strategies and tactics, you can build a successful business in only a few hours a day. It is all a questions of being organized, knowing your goals, and taking action.

Again, you may find some of the tasks involved in running your own business and your own website tedious or time-consuming. In this case, you might consider outsourcing them in order to focus on other areas of the business that you feel you excel in. (See our guides on outsourcing for more information.)

One of the areas on which you might decide you want to focus, for example, might be marketing your website more effectively to a wider audience; again, every single person who comes to your website is going to want to see a robust, interesting website with a lot of great products and content to offer.

That being the case, the sooner you can leverage the PLR that you purchase into a broad base of useful content, and paid products on useful niche topics which you can sell from your website, the sooner you can grow your PLR information empire.

Whenever people start a business, they are often very excited, but as the hard work starts to set in and the riches do not flood in as fast as they might have hoped, they start to get discouraged. They also fail to think about a range of products and services that can bring them continuous streams of automated income.

Remember that in relation to your PLR content, you can re-write it and re- purpose it into a variety of different formats and for a variety of audiences. There are a number of ways to re-write PLR to avoid any duplicate content penalty and use the content to build an information empire for yourself, or even for your clients.

PLR content is one of the most effective ways of building a valuable information empire for yourself or for your consulting and coaching clients if you so choose. However, there’s nothing quite like being positioned as an expert in your industry, the go-to person worth paying attention to because of your expertise

Do not underestimate the value of PLR for quick content creation. Even if you are starting your business from scratch and have only a small budget, PLR can help you succeed if you avoid these common mistakes.

From a start with PLR content and your own ideas and experiences, you can grow a mighty information empire. It just takes time to nurture the seeds you have planted by starting your own website, but this continuous effort, a little every day, can yield some very profitable results.

PLR content is not difficult to use, and the mistakes are relatively easy to avoid. When you know what your audience wants and you are willing to put in a little time and effort to give it to them, you will be well on your way to PLR success.

Here is a reminder of the mistakes to avoid in using PLR content at your website.

1-Not customizing the information.

2-Buying PLR in the bargain basement.

3-Using it improperly (exercising the wrong rights).

4-Not fully leveraging the PLR that you buy.

5-NOT using the PLR you buy at all.

6-Not keeping the PLR content organized.

7-Not treating the PLR as a valuable business asset.

8-Not using PLR consistently each month.

9-Buying too much PLR and then getting overwhelmed.

10-Not appreciating the value of a PLR information empire.


Your action steps will be to:

1-Buy your PLR strategically.

2-Organize any PLR that you have purchased thus far.

3-Look at any gaps you might have in your product offerings.

4-Treat all your content as a valuable business asset. Back up your hard drive now. Run your anti-virus software.

5-Re-write all of the PLR that you have thus far and post it at your website, or at article directories, and/or blogs or websites at which you are able to guest.

6-Remember that all content is a valuable marketing tool to drive traffic, generate leads and serve as a free sample of the paid products you are selling.

7-Plan out a paid product publishing program for the next six months based on the content that you have already purchased.

8-If you have too much PLR that need to be re-written, consider outsourcing the quick content creation to a freelancer or ghostwriter until you are able to catch up.

9-Start to view your website not just as a blog or “catalog”, but the foundation of your own information empire. (See Joan’s title on this topic for more information.)

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