The Language Of Success in Manifestation

What is a clear indicator of the kind of mindset you’re currently choosing to live with? In short, it’s the language you use to describe your situation and various events in your life. The universe is a constant feedback loop in that it always gives you what you want, whether you’re conscious of it or not.

We attract more of the things we focus our energy on. Focus on lack and you will attract more lack. The universe also checks in with you constantly to evaluate whether you’re receiving everything you asked for. One of the ways it does this is by monitoring the language you use to describe your reality.

The Power of Words

Have you ever met someone who springs out of bed every morning telling themselves “Today is a special day!” every single day you’ve known them? “How many special days can a person possibly have?” you might have thought to yourself. Well, it doesn’t really matter because that person has chosen to believe in their abundance and that the universe manifests what they choose accordingly.

Your language, both spoken and unspoken, reveals what you truly desire. Are you reading this guide because you’re “sick of being poor and want to learn how to make money” or are you reading this to “figure out how to increase your wealth”? Both of those statements are two sides of the same coin.

Duality exists in everything in the universe, and your language is no exception. Wealthy people talk about money, and their reality very differently from those that perceive a lack in their lives. Shifting your focus from lack to abundance also means you need to consciously monitor your language.

Your words are influenced by your beliefs and as you’ve learned previously, your physical reality exists in a constant feedback loop that incorporates these two items. Since this is a loop we’re talking about, it stands to reason that your words, the choices you make when fully conscious of them, also influences your beliefs.

If you wander around the aisles of your local supermarket telling yourself you can’t afford this and can only pay for that, you’re creating a belief in your mind that you’re poor and lack money. If you’re moving through reality in a state of abundance, you’ll frame these spending choices as being aligned with your goals or not.

That box of premium cereal might feel right to buy now, but your mindset of lack tells you that you can’t afford it and it costs too much. This might be true, but it’s in situations like this where you can flip the equation to your favor. What if you didn’t want to buy it because you’d rather spend the money on your passion project? Or you’d rather buy a brand that has less sugar? Change the stories you tell yourself and notice your reality will change with it.

Trusting in your sense of lack is simply being penny wise and pound foolish. You save a little money today only to blow a lot more down the road. The language that you use to frame these choices is a sure marker of which way you’re headed. The great news is that language is easy to change.

All it takes to change your language is awareness and choice. Become aware of how you communicate and set your intention of changing the language surrounding your thoughts. Understand that language is energy, and by focusing on negative language, you’re draining energy out of yourself. You’re manifesting a reality that doesn’t resonate with the frequency of your desires.

A lack of money is simply a reflection of your perception of your reality. It isn’t the only thing that will be missing. Happiness, love, freedom, security, etc. are all feelings that you will lack because your language won’t translate to their abundance.

Language is an expression of your perspective. This goes back to what you learned in module 3 about the reality loop. Your perspective eventually frames your reality. Start speaking like you’re abundant and watch your thoughts, emotions, and actions reflect these words.

Conscious vs Unconscious Success

When it comes to success in anything, there are two ways of manifesting it into your reality. You can either manifest it consciously or unconsciously. Let’s break down what I mean by this.

Conscious success means that it was expected based on the prior thoughts, feelings, and actions you chose to express in order to achieve the desired outcome. It’s a sustainable way of reaching success. It’s a way of shifting your identity to fit into the reality of what you desire. This is when your vibration is in perfect alignment and your life is the perfect reflection of it.

By reading this guide, it’s exactly what you are trying to do. You are trying to consciously create the success that you want in life. By applying the principles and techniques outlined here, you will eventually find this success. The only obstacle is yourself. In order to experience a new reality, you need to embody a new identity. You do not embody a new identity simply by adding more to the current one you have now. The real process is to remove that which is covering up the potential that is already inside of you. This is a far more “difficult” path to success, however, it’s the most sustainable one in the long-term.

Unconscious success occurs when someone reaches a certain level of financial, career, or professional success without consciously knowing how they did it. This happens when they’ve had positive conditioning in their life. They’ve unconsciously embodied an identity that resonates with this kind of outcome. This is usually the case for the sons and daughters of the wealthy. Because they’ve spent most of their life around successful people (their parents), they grow up being taught about the “secrets” to success and with the probable financial backing and support.

Although this looks like a far easier path to the top, it’s not very sustainable. With more success, comes more problems. If you’re unconscious about how you should overcome these problems, it can lead to severe anxiety and depression. This can be seen amongst hundreds of celebrity and public figures around the world.

Recognizing that there are two kinds of success is essential because it will help clear up a lot of the “how” in your journey. Everyone finds success in their own way. Whether you were born into a single parent and low-income household or as the child of a famous politician, we all have our own unique path to take.

Judging how others are taking their path will only create resistance within yourself because it implies that you don’t have the power within you to achieve the same level of success. If you judge others, you’re really judging yourself. Be aware of this, because it can be far too easy to get caught up on the latest social media post of their new car.

Being aware and conscious of your journey to success is not a handicap. In fact, it’s a gift. It’ll make the process that much more enjoyable and transformational. You’ll experience more than you ever would if you started from the top. Appreciate the chance you have to face all the failures, setbacks, and obstacles that will inevitably come your way. They will help build a stronger internal foundation that will skyrocket your ability to manifest more success than you could ever imagine.

A Chinese bamboo tree takes around five years to reach full maturity. For the first four years or so, it only reaches a few feet above the ground. During the fifth year, in the space of six weeks, a Chinese bamboo tree can grow up to 90 feet in height. Consider getting reassurance from this ancient plant next time you think your success is “taking too long.” Focus on your roots, and your height will come with time.

Child-Like Play

Something that all successful people embody is a curiosity for what comes next. I’m talking about the child-like wonder that keeps our excitement roaring every hour of every day of every week. This is a vibration that keeps you receptive to the hidden opportunities and creative ideas that life throws at you. Being in a playful state while in the process of building wealth is essential if you’re ever going to align with the desire that comes with it.

It’s no secret that all human beings love playing fun games. Observe a child learning new information and you will notice that the only way to get them to focus is when they’re playing. Children are the epitome of perfect alignment with desire.

They wake everyday like it’s the very first day of their life. What seems mundane and normal for a 40-year-old mind can be an opportunity for creation for a 6-year-old one. It doesn’t need to be the creation of something physical. It can be the creation of a new perspective. This is where imagination comes in. An action figure can be a superhero one day and a farmer the next. The child embraces its power to choose what their character will be dressed up today. Nobody can convince them otherwise.

It’s this state of limitlessness that radiates vibrations that attract people, things, and opportunities into our lives. The younger we are, the less conditioned our minds are. 

Unfortunately, as we grow older, we start developing certain beliefs about who we can and can’t be. This can lead down a negative spiral because it goes against everything our inner child wants to express.

Play puts us in an automatic state of joy and abundance. It makes us feel good because it jogs both the rational and creative faculties of our minds. It removes all resistance to learning and places us immediately in the flow state or on the path of least resistance. The fact that we enjoy the state of play is the surest evidence that feeling good is the best marker of aligned vibration.

A mental state of play is essential for you to maintain if you wish to manifest your dreams into reality. I’m not talking of being frivolous or of shirking your responsibilities. Nor am I talking about indulging in childish behavior. Instead, it is to maintain a sense of humor and freedom throughout whatever life throws at you. It is about choosing to be cheerful, no matter the circumstances that you are facing.

“This is the real secret of life – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” – Alan Watts

A lot of people buy into the popular notions of being “driven” and of focusing “singularly” on their goal. There is no problem with this if their journey to achieving their goal is thoroughly enjoyable and fun to them. The problem comes when their journey to success becomes more of a need rather than a want. If you need to become successful, it will be very hard to. If you want to, but do not mind not having the physical manifestation of it right now, then you’re in the perfect vibration to attract it.

Living in a playful state will help you remove all of the resistance that comes with your career, business, and road to financial freedom. Money is a very serious topic in the minds of many. This is justifiable given the world that we live in today. However, making the accumulation of money your primary reason for living in this moment will only move you farther away from it.

This is because you will end up sacrificing your own vibration in order to achieve it. Moving yourself out of alignment like this will make it very difficult to manifest the experiences that come with money. Even if (and this is a big if) you achieve your money goal, you’ll have sacrificed so many things that keep you in a positive vibration, that it’ll feel like it was all for nothing. Your priority should always be your vibration. This is the path of least resistance and it is the path most sustainable for true happiness in the long and short-term.

Imagine what it feels like to be happy before and after you’re financially successful. Viewing the manifestation of your reality as playful puts you in this state automatically. Who has ever been miserable playing a game they love? It’s the opposite of being intense.

Intensity implies effort, hard work, and struggle. When you let go of this idea, you let go of the notion that obstacles are meant to stop you, when the truth is they are there to help you grow. The very fact that you find obstacles annoying to overcome indicates that you aren’t enjoying the process.

How can you expect to manifest your reality in such a state? Be playful with the universe and have fun living the life you live. To consciously move towards success is to understand that success doesn’t need to be about intensity, unenjoyable effort, and seriousness. It’s about getting enjoyment out of every step in the process and feeling successful as a result. This is the key to living and manifesting success with flow and ease.

Technique #13 – Meditative Writing and Journaling

This is a technique that was inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, and it involves putting your mind in a meditative state through the act of writing. I’ve noticed this myself when I’m writing out notes, ideas, and topics for a new guide in my journal. Before I know it, I write 4 pages worth of content in just 30 minutes. Time seems to fly, and ideas flow effortlessly.

Some people might call this the “flow state,” Elizabeth calls it “wordless oneness”, and others may call it “the zone.” During these times, your brain is in optimal conditions to be creative and intuitive. This is the state where you begin to connect all the dots that have been accumulating in your subconscious mind.

With the Meditative Writing and Journaling technique, you can achieve this state of timelessness and flow. It also helps you lay out all your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and hunches onto a piece of paper so you can refer back to it whenever you want. Your next big opportunity, decision, or idea that leads to financial success might just come from one of these sessions.

Here are the steps to Meditative Writing and Journaling:

Step 1: Take a few minutes to settle in a space of silence. Focus on your breath or on the subtle movement of energy on the surface levels of your body. Set the intention of being fully open with yourself and receptive to ANY thoughts that come to mind.

Step 2: Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and begin free writing without stopping. Do not waste your time trying to edit, reflect, or fix anything throughout this process. Simply be present in the moment, relax, and express your thoughts in the form of writing.

Step 3: When the timer goes off, take a deep breath, and review what you’ve written. Underline anything that catches your eye or intrigues you some way. You don’t need to ask why it intrigues, just accept that it does.

Step 4: Use these new ideas and thoughts that you underlined as a prompt for your next session. Express appreciation for the connections that you made and the positive aspects you pulled out of it.

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