The Hidden Money Blocks Stopping You From Financial Freedom

Now that you’ve learned about reality loops and how manifestation truly works, you might be wondering, why is it so hard to shift your reality? Why does your brain and body fight back and not assist you with the process? The fact is that all of us have hidden blocks that prevent us from manifesting our dreams and alternate realities.

Some of these blocks occur due to poor conditioning. Everybody was raised a certain way, experienced certain traumas, and lived through many ups and downs in their lives. Our minds and emotions picked up on everything we’ve experienced. Most people are unconsciously carrying years of baggage that goes unnoticed most of the time, but influences our decisions and feelings on a daily basis. This has a tremendous effect on our perspective, beliefs, vibration, and as a result, the reality we experience.

There are three specific roadblocks that stop you from harnessing the true power of manifestation. These are:

  1. Negative emotions 
  2. Scarcity mindset 
  3. Old patterns

All of these are connected to one another, and form a tangled web of limitations that keeps you trapped in the same reality that you wish to exit. They also come together to convince you that the only true reality that exists is the one in which you’re in right now.

As humans, we were naturally born with a high vibrational frequency. Our purest form is seen in our younger years. When we were kids, we felt no shame or guilt for who we were because we hadn’t yet built a false identity to fit into the expectations of society. We used to dream big and never had any limitations for what was possible. This is when we were unconditioned by external reality. In other words, before we were conditioned by our parents, teachers, friends, media and other external entities, we were unlimited in our thinking – unhindered by thoughts and beliefs of limitation. As we grew up, this way of being changed.

Negative emotions and thoughts are linked with circumstances and traumas that you may have experienced in the past. As you go through these experiences you start to develop a false identity, as well as beliefs that confirm the importance and existence of those events. You start to resonate vibrationally with these events because if you can sense it with your five senses, then it must be true and it must be what defines you. This is a faulty way of thinking.

As we’ve discussed in the previous module, you have the power to choose a new reality that no longer resonates with the old ones you’ve experienced. Your identity is flexible for change and not permanent to one way of being. This process is often difficult because it goes against the old identity that is constantly trying to confirm its existence through what you see in the physical reality. The goal is to become aware of these negative emotions, thoughts, and patterns, then shift the perspective around them in order to begin breeding a new sense of self that no longer resonates with the poverty mentality, limited ways of thinking, and impulsive reactive behaviors that are out of alignment with who you want to become.

Negative Emotions

Our emotions play a fundamental role in manifesting the reality we want to experience. Emotions come in a multitude of flavors but can break down into just two: positive and negative. While no one has a problem with positive emotions, negative emotions are a different subject. Most people turn to the law of attraction and try to manifest a new reality as a means of getting rid of negative emotion.

However, in doing this they misunderstand one of the fundamental truths about the universe: the quantum field and the universe exist in a state of vibration. The things that vibrate at similar frequencies attract one another. Negative emotions are responsible for generating your vibration. So manifesting under negative emotion will only lead to more negative emotion.

Negative emotions such as sadness, frustration and anger rise due to a fundamental misalignment between where you currently are and where you want to be. This is called contradicting energy. Contradictions in energy create resistance, and resistance creates tension, stress, and stagnation.

As we’ve mentioned before, your natural and unconditioned self already operates at a high vibrational frequency, meaning it already knows how to feel good and what it wants. The problem comes when conditioned mental filters start limiting the potential our inner being is wanting so eagerly to express. Whenever you’re misaligned with your inner being, negative emotions will inevitably come as a result. This is why working at a job you’re not passionate about doesn’t feel good and creates a lot of resistance.

When you are conditioned to think that money is scarce, your resources are limited, and your potential is small, it obviously doesn’t feel good because your inner being believes the complete opposite. However, we stand behind these beliefs because it allows us to conform to the expectations and reality of other people. Our human instinct is to follow the tribe and fit in with everyone else. If you start thinking big and feeling abundant, most people around you will start to question your beliefs because it questions theirs. This can sometimes make you feel lonely, which can lead to yet another negative emotion if you allow it to.

The key to mastering your negative emotions is to take them as feedback from the universe. If you’re feeling frustrated, sad, or doubtful in your ability to manifest money, your focus is simply misaligned. Instead of labeling them as something bad, use them as a reminder that you’re an infinite spiritual being veering off track from your purpose and fulfillment. Much like a GPS notification that goes off when you drive down the wrong road, negative emotions are simply guide rails. Mistake them for being something greater and you will plunge yourself into a negative spiral, taking you into a greater state of energy contradiction between your egoic and spiritual self.

The good news is that if emotions can spiral negatively, they can do so positively as well.

For example, if a situation arises at work where someone loses a client or they receive negative complaints from a customer, the natural response for people with misaligned thoughts and patterns is to see it as a negative. They start thinking that the business is going downhill and they start to expect more to come. These are feelings of guilt or unworthiness that rank really low on the emotional scale.

When someone has aligned thoughts and patterns, they’ll take this negative situation and turn it into a positive one. They’ll start asking questions like “How did this happen?” which reflects feelings of disappointment and frustration. Then they might ask “How can we prevent this from happening in the future?” which reflects feelings of hopefulness and optimism. This is how you slowly raise your vibration given a negative circumstance that occurred in your life.

Focus on moving up the emotional scale one step at a time and don’t ignore or think of negative emotions as being invalid. Instead, accept them and work to reduce their degree by consciously choosing to feel better. Aim for just one emotional feeling notch above what you feel and slowly work your way up.

Scarcity Mindset

Why are we so attached to limiting beliefs? Why are we so attracted to negativity in the news, in our relationships, and in our lives? The reason is that the brain has learned of the pleasure that a scarcity mindset brings. It seems odd to use the word pleasure in conjunction with something negative, but it’s true. You will not engage in any behavior that you don’t find pleasurable. Like a masochist, you’ve trained your brain to derive pleasure from negativity.

Scarcity is the idea that there isn’t enough to go around. The focus is more on “taking” rather than “giving.” This mindset not only cuts off the perspective of abundance, but it also causes us to make rash decisions and not see the decisions that are available and more in line with what we want. We’re always looking for the path of instant gratification.

An example of this is gambling. Instead of recognizing that we have the potential to create our own wealth and abundance, we look for quick fixes and pleasures. This usually leads to disappointment because these quick fixes and pleasures are never sustainable. Money will only come and stay with those who recognize their own abundance in their lives. If you don’t recognize the abundance of money, you will never attract it or have it for too long.

Being the Victim

It’s easy to want to think of ourselves as a victim. If we’re powerless to change our situation, then obviously there’s nothing we can do. We’re not to blame for our lives. It’s all someone else’s fault. If we didn’t try our best in some situations then it was because of excuses A, B, and C.

Spend too long being a victim and you will forget that you’re the creator of your reality. When positive emotions do come up, we don’t allow them to stay too long. Why? Because they don’t match with our physical reality. This is the contradicting energy that we talked about before.

Take the case of someone offering a service to you for free. You may take it as a sign of abundance, or you can look at it as a sign that someone is trying to convince you of something. This kind of mentality blocks out opportunities because it frames them from a perspective of lack. You view it from an identity that’s not aligned with an abundant mindset.

Perhaps the person offering you something for free wants something from you, and is trying to manipulate you into doing something. Sometimes, people inject large doses of negativity into situations and end up hurting those around them even when everything was positive.

The scarcity mindset is particularly insidious because it’s so convincing. It has the most rational and logical arguments, and so there’s no denying its claims. The only way to beat it is to be irrational. Or, seemingly irrational. In a bad situation, this means focusing on the positives or hanging onto your belief that everything will work out. You might not know how or might not know when the tide will turn. You just know it will.

Many people who try to practice the law of attraction end up validating their scarcity mindset. The reason you picked up this guide is because you’re feeling a lack of money in your life. If you were to try to manifest money from such a place, you will only end up manifesting more lack.

Instead, you need to first believe and educate your mind to the wonders of abundance in this world. This is why I made it a point to emphasize in the previous module that the money you need is already here. All you need to do is align yourself with the possibility of you manifesting what money can bring you. You don’t need to know about the how, what, where, and when just yet.

Old Patterns

The reason people continue repeating the same acts, feeling the same emotions, and thinking the same thoughts is because they’ve become accustomed to it. Doing what you’ve always done your whole life is a lot easier than striving for change. With change, comes more challenges than you already face, new obstacles to overcome, and resistance from outside forces. If change was easy, everybody would be living their best life, but that’s far from the case.

Our brains are very receptive when we’re children and at that age, they don’t discriminate between the information that they receive. We’re completely dependent on our parents and caregivers at that age and we don’t question their words; we simply absorb and mimic everything they tell us. This is a survival mechanism that has kept humans going for centuries. Little do parents know, their bad habits are rubbing off on their kids, even if they have the best of intentions.

As we grow up we begin to discern between good and bad information and exercise a great degree of control over what thoughts are worth thinking. This is the journey we all know as personal development. However, despite our best efforts, the initial information that embedded itself in our minds during our younger years is still present and colors everything we do. It is these patterns that often end up sabotaging us when we least expect them to. Our environment and experiences have an inordinate amount of influence in who we are and strive to become.

The subconscious mind is the storeroom for all of our unconscious beliefs, behaviors, and habits. This is also known as our paradigm. A paradigm is simply a collection of beliefs about who you think you are and your perspective on your life.

If you grew up in a low-income household, chances are you probably developed a scarcity and limited mindset. However, people are unpredictable beings. Some of us use this as fuel to redefine our destiny and strive for greatness whilst others continue the path their parents and guardians followed. A former client of mine, let’s call him Tom, grew up in a household where money was scarce. He developed a paradigm that defined himself as a poor person.

It seemingly didn’t matter whether he was earning a lot of money or earning too little. Tom was always financially broken. The money he did earn disappeared faster than he knew what to do with it. It wasn’t in his identity to have too much money in his possession. It was uncomfortable for him to have money because the idea wasn’t aligning with his beliefs.

You might have developed paradigms surrounding what it takes to earn money. Perhaps you believe that you need to do hard work, graduate from the best college, find yourself a great job, and so on. Religion might have caused you to develop beliefs that money is the root of all evil.

These paradigms have huge control over us because they speak to our desire to fit in and be a part of a community. Unfortunately, our mind often mistakes poverty and lack as being the markers of a community that fits us perfectly. This is often why most poor people remain poor and most rich people remain rich.

This kind of cultural conditioning creates a false sense of self, also known as our ego. It’s merely a pattern of artificial reactions and habits that other people have taught us to embody.

Building awareness around your current paradigm is essential if you want to shift into a new one. If you’re not self-aware, you’re vulnerable to external influences that have nothing to do with your point of attraction. Your mind is both the only problem and the only solution in your journey to manifesting financial abundance.

Forcefully trying to convince your mind to make the shift in your perspectives and beliefs will never work. Our brains are way too smart for that. They’re built like this solely due to survival purposes. If they weren’t so glued to the instinct of fear, avoidance, and familiarity, humans would have been extinct a long time ago. The thing is, we’re in the 21st century now. These instincts are hardly ever beneficial and are mostly detrimental.

Instead of trying to convince your mind to think differently, try proving to it that what you want to accomplish is possible. You can only do this by stepping into the unknown. If you’re constantly in the known, you will only be showing your brain what it already knows, and thus nothing will change.

To start making the shift, step into unfamiliar territory by surrounding yourself with more successful people, start doing the things these people do, and start optimizing your environment to show your brain what’s possible for you. Gain new perspective, place new meanings on your reality, feel the emotion that comes with this, engrave these thoughts and emotions in your mind until you have fully embodied the experience of being the new you, and let the universe take care of your external reality to fit this new identity.

Healing Your Relationship With Money

The process of reprogramming yourself to think differently is the same as healing your relationship with money. The interesting thing is that your relationship with money often reflects your relationship with yourself. Reality is simply a reflection of how we think about ourselves and the outside world. If you’ve identified with thoughts of lack or scarcity, then it’s inevitable that you will experience this in your life. Using money to form a sense of self-worth indicates a fraught relationship between you and your perception of who you are.

It’s the scarcity mindset expressing itself through your perception of a lack of money in your life. If you’re completely happy with who you are and are living the life you want, would you ever think about money or the lack of it? It’s only the things that are wrong in our life that we spend time pondering over.

Instead of pondering over lack, we need to retrain our minds to focus on what is present in our lives. You might not be rolling around in money, but do you have something in your life to be thankful for? Of course you do! The very fact that you’re made up of the same energy that makes the world go round should be something to be thankful for. This gives you power.

Know this: All the fears that you have regarding money are simply an illusion. These fears have been ingrained deeply into your subconscious mind, and are dictating your perception of reality. It is limiting you to think only inside of a closed box. Little do you know, you have the potential to break free from this cubicle that life has put you in and strive for a life of great financial success and abundance.

The greatest perspective you can have around money is the perspective of your inner being. Since your inner being cannot be changed or altered, the only thing you need to do is focus on removing the illusions that are placed on top of it.

The process of healing your relationship with money isn’t one of addition; instead, it is one of subtraction. You need to chip away at those limiting thoughts, old beliefs, and conditioned paradigms that are keeping you rooted at the wrong end of the emotional scale. Empty your cup first before you fill it up with new life.

The spiritual being that lies deep within you is naturally abundant and knows everything it needs to know. You’ve inadvertently been covering it up with negative filters and false beliefs. Remove these and your inner self will naturally come to light. This will allow you to display your creativity and energy in full flow, and money and prosperity will come rushing to you as a result. Once you begin the process of destroying these filters, you will be amazed at how abundant and replete with opportunity the world truly is.

Now that we have covered how negative emotions, old patterns, and limiting beliefs can hinder you from attracting the financial abundance you want to manifest into your life, let’s finally get into the 15 techniques that will help you get there.

Technique #1: Feng Shui for Manifestation

For the first technique, I’d like to introduce the idea of Feng Shui. This ancient practice originated in China over 6,000 years ago. The word roughly translates to the English word “Geomancy,” however, the words individually translate to “Wind” (Feng) and “Water” (Shui).

The original idea behind this technique is to bring about happiness, harmony, and alignment in areas where family, friends, and workers reside. This can include, but is not limited to, your living room, bedroom, co-working space, office, or even your bathroom. The idea is to rearrange the items and furniture in relations to the flow of natural energy (Qi). Characteristics such as color, material, framework, and structure are also taken under consideration. The practice and methods of Feng Shui were hidden for many years from the public eye and were strictly known only by nobles and government officials.

Lucky for us, we have access to these ancient secrets. But how does this work to help us manifest money? Since we’ve learned in the last two modules that money is energy and old patterns are the reason for our “stuckness” financially, wouldn’t it make sense to rearrange the items and furniture in our home to align with this new idea of abundance and wealth? Do you think the rich man/woman across the street keeps their house messy, dirty, and void of natural light? If we’re going to align ourselves with the energy of riches, aligning the items around us can serve to not only declutter our mind of scattered energy, but also build a new environment where new energies can thrive. The changes do not need to be drastic (buying new furniture or moving out) and they also don’t need to be too specific (buying crystals, Chinese coins, or expensive decorations).

Here are my steps to reaching optimal Feng Shui for manifesting money:

Step 1: Clear out or cover up all of your broken items.

Step 2: Keep things organized and in their place. Scattered items equal scattered energy.

Step 3: Open up and clear the space. Move big items toward the walls or get rid of them. Give space to allow the energy to flow.

Step 4: Invite nature to take part. Open up to natural sunlight and keep a plant or two around.

Step 5: Implement the Money Jar Method. This process requires you to get however many jars you’d like (ideally 3-5) for all the places you frequent the most throughout the day. Label each of these jars with a phrase such as “I am abundant in money and in wealth” or “I am connected to infinite money abundance.” Fill these jars with real money, checks, and symbols of wealth, and let your subconscious mind do the rest. Every time you notice the jar, you’re reminded of your abundance.

Technique #2: Generalization Technique

For this next technique, inspired by Abraham-Hicks, we’re going to be touching upon the negative emotions you have around money. Whether this be anxiety around your next bill payment, depression due to the lack of financial freedom, or jealousy of fellow coworkers or friends that are having some success.

The idea behind the generalization technique is to generalize these negative emotions. In other words, you do not need to give them a specific meaning. Giving meaning to negative emotions creates attachment. When you create attachment, you get stuck with them. This can create negative momentum that spirals out of control. What ends up happening is you end up manifesting your misery. More money problems start to pop up and thus the cycle continues.

Generalizing your negative emotions will slow down this momentum, giving you the power to respond in a more proactive manner that’s more in alignment with how you want to feel. When you focus on the emotion itself rather than on the story that created it, you will find it easier to shift into a more positive state. Consider doing it in this order:

Step 1: Accept the current circumstances that may have caused these negative emotions to arise. Acknowledge that these negative emotions are present and be aware of how they make you feel.

Step 2: Take these negative emotions as a sign that your beliefs are out of alignment with what you want to attract. If you’re feeling worried or jealous, it’s because you’re operating from a state of lack. View these feelings as an important wakeup call that helps you come to the realization that you need to shift your focus.

Step 3: Generalize the negative emotion and slowly begin to move up the emotional scale one step at a time. For example: Move from worried -> overwhelmed -> bored -> content -> hopeful -> enthusiastic -> joyful.

For example, if you’re constantly worried about how you’re going to pay the bills, choose a slightly better feeling vibration such as overwhelm. Feeling overwhelmed from the extra work you might have to indulge in is a higher vibrational feeling than worry. The goal here is to gradually work your way up the emotional scale. Generalize it even more by not labeling the extra work as something negative or positive. Instead, recognize it just for what it is, extra work. Be content that you have the opportunity to indulge in this work. It’s not the best thing in the world, but it’s not too bad either. You might be learning something new or helping other people with their problems. As you begin embracing the extra work, you start realizing that you’re about to earn enough to pay off your bills. Your first paycheck comes in and now you’re enthusiastic about finishing it all up. Finally, you’re joyful for the fact that you were able to pull it off and pay your bills on time. This is how you slowly shift your perspective and vibration. Take it one step at a time.

Technique #3: Tuning Into Freedom

For the final technique of this module, inspired by Nick Breau, I’ll be introducing to you the vibration of freedom. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about an abundance of money? For most people, it usually includes never having to worry about finances, living wherever you want to live, having the choice to purchase from the highest quality products or services, feeling empowered, and always having enough to help and support those in need.

These thoughts, ideas, and feelings all correlate to the vibration of freedom. What we truly want is not the money, but the freedom that it gives us. In order to tap into the vibration of abundance, we need to start tuning into freedom.

Start being aware of the freedom that you currently have in your life, even if it’s the smallest of things. Practice consciously tuning into this vibration and it will carry over to your finances. For example, you have the freedom to go take a walk outside, to eat the food that you eat, to have the things that you have, and to do the things that you do. Tap into the vibration of freedom and you will start noticing more freedom in the form of money coming your way.

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