The Easiest And Fastest Way To Build Wealth

If you’re reading a guide such as this one, you no doubt want to manifest money in your life as quickly as possible. No one wants to sit around waiting until they’re of old age for wealth to show up! Wanting money to enter your life as quickly as possible isn’t unrealistic or impossible.

Remember that all the wealth in the world already exists and is available to you. Yet, many people who practice the law of attraction don’t realize success they expected to. Why is this? In short, it has everything to do with alignment. Alignment is the harmony between the heart, mind, and soul. When we’re in alignment, we’re a vibrational match to our desires.

You’ve already learned that everything in this universe is energy. While we have material forms, what we really are is a bunch of vibrating subatomic particles that emit energy at a certain frequency. The more you vibrate at the frequency of what you want, the more your dreams will manifest in your life.

You can generate as many positive thoughts as you want, but if you happen to be misaligned with your purpose in life, you won’t realize the type of wealth that you’re truly after. Feeling fulfilled from building a certain level of wealth is more important than manifesting the money that comes with it. When speaking of purpose, a lot of people become scared and retreat into their shells.

This is because our true purpose is a pure and raw reflection of our inner being. Recall how you earlier learned that everyone has a gift that they can impart to the universe to make it better and to help it expand. For most people, thinking in such terms is scary. After all, we’re talking about the meaning of life itself!

What they instead do is aim smaller or adopt someone else’s goals. This is why “making a million dollars” is a trending search topic no matter where you look. Most people want the best-looking partner in their lives, to be rich, famous, and on the cover of glossy magazines.

But hardly anyone pauses to ask: What makes me happy?

Your Vision and Purpose

In order to align yourself with the ideal scenario you wish to manifest, you need to clarify or construct two pillars in it. These are your vision and your purpose. Your vision refers to how you see your life unfolding and specifying what it is you’re in this world for. Everything that you do is subordinate to your vision.

Your purpose defines the impact you want to make. This is the mark that you will leave behind in the world. These are not puny questions to answer. Over the course of our lives, our vision and purpose might change. In fact, a person who grows over the course of their lifetime will inevitably move onto bigger and broader purposes.

Everyone on this planet has their own path to walk. The origins of this journey are not known. No matter what your beliefs are, there’s no denying that our lives are a journey in and of themselves. We learn things about the world and about ourselves and are given opportunities to become bigger and better versions of ourselves.

Our knowledge and resolve are tested every step of the way and it only makes us stronger. Having a vision for everything you do helps put everything in your life into better context. It answers the seemingly simple question: Why am I doing this?

We do many things in our lives that don’t make sense to us. Why do we spend time at work when we really want to be spending time with our kids? Why do we treat our loved ones more harshly than we treat strangers? Why are we harshest towards ourselves? These behaviors typically occur due to a lack of a vision.

Make it a point to ask yourself the biggest question of them all: Why do you want more money? Now there are two ways to answer this question. You can either answer it through your egoic mind or through your inner being. One is an illusionary answer and the other is the truth.

The first answer will involve aspects around strengthening an egoic identity that is attached to past and possible future experiences. As we know by now, the past and future do not exist. The past and future are inaccurate definitions of an experience that doesn’t exist because the only moment that really exists is now. Experience is momentary, therefore, wanting more money to fill a need from the past or in the future is flawed thinking. This will always keep you wanting more and never being satisfied enough to appreciate your life experience. It’s as if you’re eating a burger today while thinking of the sushi you want to eat tomorrow. When tomorrow comes and you’re eating the sushi, you’ll start thinking about the next day’s meal without ever fully embracing the sushi that you’re having right now.

The second answer will involve aspects around authentic expression of life experience. In other words, all your inner being wants is to fully express itself without limitations. This entails fully embracing the present experience. What this means is you will never need anything external to ever feel fulfilled within. Sure, you want things in your life, but you don’t need them. It’s by radiating this kind of energy out into the world that will attract all the things you want. If you need something out there to feel good in here, you’ll never match with it vibrationally. It’s like someone gifting you a car, but you don’t know how to drive. If you don’t know how to drive, then the car is useless to you. Master your internal experience and the external one will naturally fall into place.

Back in the early 1900s, there was a man who had figured out his purpose and his vision and brought an entire empire to its knees. His name was Mahatma Gandhi, and he managed to free the Indian subcontinent from the British empire without firing a single bullet.

He was imprisoned, derided as a half-naked monk and was mocked for organizing salt marches across the subcontinent. However, despite all the mockery and despite all the taunting, he won. Do you think Gandhi cared about the money he made in his lifetime?

This fact is less known, but he was a highly educated lawyer. Prior to taking part in the Indian freedom struggle, he was an activist in South Africa where he protested the racist policies of the Apartheid era government in that country. He was even thrown out of a train and jailed for all his troubles. He could have led a comfortable life as an educated lawyer.

This wasn’t aligned with his purpose though. Gandhi’s aim was to rid his homeland from the oppression of the British. When he set about trying to achieve his purpose, there was no way he could have known how it would play out. He did it anyway.

The grand scale of his vision and purpose should have scared him. He had no money to speak of and owned less than ten possessions. Nonetheless, he achieved what he set out to do step by step, piece by piece.

In the beginning, you’re not going to know how you will manage to get from A to B. Your purpose should scare you a little. This means you’re doing it right. New experiences will always come from the unknown. It won’t be easy to let go of everything and step into the darkness. Dropping all external expectations for how you should be living is the number one key to getting into alignment with what you want out of life. It’s as if you dropped a 9-5 job you hated that paid you six-figures, to start working on your dream whilst living in a studio apartment. Choosing happiness over money will always lead to a fulfilled present moment, the only moment in time that exists.

It’s never too late to make the switch from your unenjoyable 9-5 job to following your passion. Do not let society’s faulty expectations tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. If you ever decide to take this leap of faith, be sure you’re doing it with a conscious state of mind. If you’re only dipping your toes or quitting your job just to quit your job, you’ll never get the results you’d expect because most of you is still attached to the old identity. Follow your heart, plan with your brain, and align yourself vibrationally to the point where your emotions are so elevated the universe will begin to shower you with opportunities, people, and money like you’ve never experienced before.

My purpose with this guide is to help you manifest wealth in alignment with who you really are. You may start off in that studio apartment, but if you’re in alignment, if you’re optimistic about what you’re creating, if you’re happy with the process even if it entails near impossible challenges, you will succeed. This is to adopt the path of least resistance and is what will cause you to manifest money into your life and build the financial wealth you’ve always desired.

Passionate vs Hard Work

There is a lie that is extremely prevalent in our societies. We venerate people that call themselves hustlers and refer to “the hustle” as being something that ought to be rewarded. To make it clear, there’s nothing wrong in working hard towards a cause. Someone who is passionate will expend a lot of energy towards building their vision.

The danger arises when you buy into the lie that in order to make your dreams come true, you have to hustle and nothing else matters – that you have to give up everything else in order to make it a reality – that sacrifice and suffering is a necessary part of your journey. That is a complete lie.

People like Elon Musk regularly make comments about how he works 120-hour weeks and that the best way to defeat the competition is to simply outwork them. He also openly admits that he cannot sleep without Ambien and that his vision has cost him two marriages and has placed untold amounts of stress on him.

He sometimes refers to these events with a hint of pride, as if his vision is large enough to make these things justifiable. Let’s take a step back and consider the relationship we have to the field or to the universe, which is one and the same thing. The universe’s purpose is to nurture life. It’s why we’ve received the gift of existence on this planet.

More than any other part of the known universe, this singular planet is at a perfect distance from the sun so as to create warmth but not burn us to a crisp. It has a layer of air that protects us from the sun and filters only the life creating aspects of it. It has deep oceans that regulate the air temperature and provide us with food.

The entire ecosystem of this planet is balanced in a way so that the entire system prospers when just one portion of it is healthy and nourished. If the universe were personified, you would conclude that these are the actions of an immensely kind and benevolent being.

This being wants us to achieve our purpose because when we do this, the universe grows richer. It is ready to give us all that we need. Do you think such a being would want you to exhaust yourself and punish yourself in pursuit of your goals? If you have a child, is this what you would want for him or her?

Yet, we believe that hustle is the only way to get there. The truth is, it’s not impossible to get rich by hard work alone. Plenty of people have done it before, including Elon Musk. If you believe it takes hard work to be successful, then it’ll take hard work to be successful, thus making that statement true. You are that powerful. You create your own reality through the power of your own beliefs. If you believe that success can come with more flow, ease, and alignment, then it’ll come with more flow, ease, and alignment.

Remember that the energy that you put out into the world is what you will attract back to you. A person that regularly punishes themselves in the name of achieving their goals will attract nothing but more punishment, even if they manage to achieve it. Imagine working all your life for a single purpose and then finding out that it makes you even more miserable!

This is because when you work out of alignment with yourself, you’re creating even more resistance in your life. You need to expend more effort to overcome this resistance and this creates even more resistance. It’s a bit like trying to swim upstream for no reason other than being convinced that this is the only way.

Acting out of alignment is to display supreme arrogance in your knowledge and it is to say that your ego knows better than your inner being. Society often backs up this sort of thinking because we haven’t evolved beyond our three- dimensional way of viewing reality.

We look at a person’s results and think that copying whatever they do must be the right way of doing things. The right way to evaluate a situation is to look at the energy inherent in it. A person who exhausts and punishes themselves in the name of their purpose doesn’t contribute to the energy of the world, they end up sucking more out of it. They place a burden on the ones they love and on those who work for them. Instead of spreading their vision as a gift, they end up spreading misery.

Is it worth achieving your purpose at such a cost? Working from real passion is all about increasing the vibrational energy of everything around you. This leads to more freedom and flow when it comes to how you operate at work. Ironically, this helps you achieve your goals a lot faster. This is because when you love what you do, you work on it just for the sheer joy of working on it. You’ll work harder than someone that isn’t in love with the process. This is the difference between hard work and working hard. If you don’t love what you do, it’s hard work, if you love what you do, you’ll work hard for it.

This doesn’t mean you should quit your job and sit meditating under a tree. That is a childish conclusion. Instead, you should work because you want to work, and not because you need to. There is an intelligence far greater than you that is on your side. When you ignore it’s guidance, you’re prolonging the manifestation of your success. Work from a place of inspiration rather than motivation.

Inspiration Impulse

The inspiration impulse is an impulse that moves you to take action on a particular task in accordance with the wants of your inner being. This is an action you’re taking just for the joy of taking the action. It feels almost like there is a universal force moving you to take that action. There is an absence of urgency, neediness, anxiety, and stress when taking this type of action.

The importance behind the inspiration impulse is that when it happens, you’re usually at a high vibrational frequency. This means that the action that you’re taking is coming from a place of joy, love, happiness, and inspiration. This leads to more efficiency and better work.

Take the music industry for example. There are artists that release 10s of 100s of songs a year, yet they still struggle to reach the masses and climb the charts. Then there are the artists that release two or three songs and one of them ends up being a big hit. The song then proceeds to climb the charts, the artist gains more recognition, and before they know it, they’re a superstar.

This is the power of taking action through inspiration rather than through effort. If your actions require effort, then there is resistance when taking this action. This means that you are out of alignment with what you want. You will never feel bad about what it is you desire. This is precisely why feeling bad while taking action to manifest a desire will move you out of vibrational alignment with it. Work that is performed from effort rarely produces results, and if it does, the progress is minuscule.

Putting in hard work leads to burnout and drained energy. If effort correlated with the amount of money someone made, construction workers would be millionaires. However, this is obviously not the case. The amount of money that you make is only correlated to the vibration behind the actions you take to make that money. This is why following your passion and purpose is such an important step in your journey to effortless success. Reaching monetary success that isn’t in alignment with your passion is not real success. Real success has to come from within.

Resistances arises when we ignore these impulses simply because we do not logically understand them. The brain will never speak the language of the heart, however, recognizing that both have a role to play in your transformation is essential.

Consider the brain as a lightning rod that receives information from either your ego or infinite intelligence. Your heart is the decision maker on whether these bits of information that you’re receiving are in alignment with who you are and what you want. Let the brain translate the information for you and let the heart choose what will serve you best.

The path of least resistance is the path guided by your inner being. Following this path can be confusing, uncomfortable, and strange because it goes against all the conditioned thoughts you have about who you are and how the world is supposed to be. Ask yourself whether you would like to swim against the current or with it. The path of least resistance will put you in the direction of the current in your life and will bring the physical manifestation of your purpose and vision that much quicker to you.

This is why “hard work” is weak work. It requires you to go against your true self and to then overcome all the obstacles that emanate as a result of that resistance. Working in alignment is far more powerful. There’s no reason for you to tackle obstacles that you create for yourself after all!

Vibrational Productivity

Often times people have trouble finding out what their passions are or lack the necessary connection to have the inspiration impulse we mentioned above. What should you do then?

The answer is simple: Move into a state of higher vibration.

Accept that the inspiration hasn’t manifested within you yet and move on. This is a crucial step because there are two ways of accepting the absence of your inspiration. You either focus on the lack of it, which goes against everything we’ve talked about so far, or you focus on what can possibly trigger this inspiration.

If inspiration arises from your passion, fulfillment, and happiness, then do things that are in alignment with this. If you have a passion for cooking, but lack the inspiration for a new dish, start cooking!

It can be anything that puts you in alignment. Inspiration in the dictionary is defined as: “a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something that gives you new and creative ideas.” The key word here is “new.” Inspiration doesn’t come from your old ways of thinking. It comes from this infinite consciousness we call the universe. It comes from the unknown.

When ideas, thoughts, and actions arise from the unknown, they carry a heavier weight. They come from an intelligence beyond you and me. One step of inspired creation can get you farther than one hundred steps of misaligned and effortful action.

Another way to get in alignment with an inspiring idea or impulse is to focus on why you’re performing the action. If you dislike your job or you have a distaste for your boss, shift your focus. See where the positive aspects lie in the work that you do. Who are you helping? Who benefits from what you do? How does your job influence the vibration of other beings?

Most of the time, you’re working to make people’s lives easier and better. So why not focus on that? This will inevitably raise your vibration, increase your productivity levels, and put you in a state where you perform a higher-level quality of work, thus leading you to more inspired ideas, and as a result, more money manifestation.

Technique #7 – Your Perfect Day

The Perfect Day exercise is a classic that never goes out of fashion simply because it’s so effective. Creating your perfect day helps you outline exactly how you want your life to look like. The idea behind it is to create this perfect day without any limitations. Do not put your focus on the “how,” instead, put it on the “what.”

Your perfect day should be a few pages of what you want your average day to look like in the next 5, 10, or 20 years. This technique involves reading it as often as you can to help align you energetically to that which you desire. If you write exactly what you want out of life, there is no reason why it shouldn’t raise your vibration. Pick it up every morning, be present, and give it a quick read to remind you of your purpose and vision of what you want to experience and who you want to become.

Because you’re human, your values are constantly changing. Your perfect day will also change with time, so don’t worry if you’re not resonating with it after a few months. Re-write it and continue doing the exercise. I’ve compiled a collection of questions that I used (and still use) to create my perfect day. I read it every morning as part of my routine as soon as I wake up. Every few months I change a few things here and there, but the overall vision is the same.

Consider the following questions when writing out your perfect day:

  • At what time do you wake up?
  • Who do you wake up with?
  • What does your house look like?
  • What city are you living in?
  • What does your morning routine look like? What are you having for breakfast? What’s the weather like today?
  • How do you feel throughout the morning?
  • What kind of passion projects are you working on?
  • How much are you making every month? Every year?
  • What kind of people do you work with? Describe them individually.
  • How long do you work for?
  • Where are you going for lunch?
  • What’s your daily mode of transportation?
  • What kind of people do you spend your time with? Describe them individually.
  • How do you feel around these people?
  • What activities do you do throughout the afternoon? How do you speak and act?
  • Where are you going for dinner?
  • How do you feel after living out 2/3 of your perfect day? What activities do you do throughout the evening?
  • What is your nighttime routine?
  • What time do you go to sleep?
  • How do you feel when falling asleep?

Technique #8 – Purpose Finding

Now that we’ve talked extensively about why pursuing your passion and purpose is essential for manifesting money quickly and easily, let’s focus on how to actually find these things. Most people do not know what their true passion or purpose is. This is where the Purpose Finding technique comes in. If your work feels more like play, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t manifest money with it, especially if it involves providing value to other people.

The Purpose Finding technique involves three simple steps. They are the following:

Step 1: Set the intention of finding your passion. Put energy behind this endeavor. Most people never find their passions because they never go out to look for it. Become more aware of the things that draw you in and how you can provide value in this field.

Step 2: Do things you enjoy doing. The definition of passion is: “An intense desire or enthusiasm for something.” Follow that which lights the fire within you in this very moment. It’s important that you don’t follow any future or past feelings. Follow what feels good right now.

Step 3: Seek new experiences. Sometimes, you may not even know what you enjoy doing or how you can turn it into something monetized. This is where this step comes in. Trying new things will get the creative juices flowing and keep you constantly expanding your horizons. This will help you connect dots you never knew you could connect.

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