The Discount Trigger Method in Manifestation

I once heard a story of an entrepreneur who was really struggling with his business. His main issue was that a lot of people were asking for refunds on his $50 product, and it really started to eat into his profits. But he was a good man. So anytime someone asked for a refund, they got it immediately.

Then one day, as a gesture of goodwill, he also started offering those refunded customers a $100 discount off his $300 product. He really didn’t want to sell it for only $200, but he wanted to find a way to apologize to customers who weren’t satisfied with the first product.

And an amazing thing happened. So many people appreciated the gesture that most of them bought (and kept) the bigger product at the $200 price.

He ended up profiting WAY more on customers who requested that first refund than on customers who never even complained at all. From that moment on, every refund he ever processed was accompanied by a discount on something bigger, and he never struggled in his business again.

Everything changed for him because he stumbled onto a way to literally use negative feedback in his business to trigger something more positive. And you can do the same thing when it comes to gratitude.

This works best for “negative” things that keep happening over and over. You can certainly do this for ANY random negative moment you encounter in your life.

But choosing to do this for things that are happening over and over again is easier because when those more predictable things happen, you’re already prepared with your specific positive response. So it takes very little effort to do.

The way the method works is simple. For whatever negative thing that keeps happening, have a positive response ready for yourself. This way, the negative thing (that you used to desperately wish to avoid) actually ends up triggering positivity into your life.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you have thin walls in your apartment and obnoxiously noisy neighbors. Maybe they argue a lot. You never know when it’s going to happen, but when it does, it lasts nearly 20 minutes and it’s a very annoying intrusion in your evening.

With this method, instead of gritting your teeth and just waiting around for them to stop, you can choose to take this as an opportunity that the Universe is giving you to feel gratitude for something.

Be grateful that you have the ability to hear. Be grateful that you’re not miserable like they are. Be grateful that as thin as the walls are, you’ve still got a roof over your head — with running water, closets for your clothes, a kitchen for preparing food, and windows to let in the sunlight and warm breeze in on beautiful spring days. Be grateful that you can have friends over whenever you want. Be grateful that your apartment is in a location where you can get pizza delivered any time, day or night. Be grateful that you can be as loud as you want to be without feeling guilty — it’s not like they can complain back to you with how much noise they make. Be grateful for every good neighbor you’ve ever had before these people. Be grateful for the new more polite neighbors who are on the way.

Think of this as the Universe trying to find a funny way to ‘scream’ at you about how wonderful you really are.

Whatever you choose to focus your attention on in response, ALL of this is taking a “negative” moment and instantly shifting it into a positive opportunity to feel good and invite wonderful things into your life.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: You have a rude boss who snaps at you 2-3 times a day. Each time this happens, as soon as you have a moment alone, take 2-3 minutes for yourself to feel the gratitude of finding another job at a much higher salary.

Imagine yourself quitting and your shocked boss begging you to stay. Imagine how good it will feel to finally look forward to work each and every day. You’re basically using this “negative” event as an opportunity to manifest a way better job with a much better boss paying you a lot more money. The “negative” triggers the “positive.”


Let’s use the same example of the rude boss who snaps at you.

A key point to keep in mind here is that your positive reaction doesn’t have to be related to work just because the negative trigger was. Your reaction can be related to ANYTHING positive that you’d like to draw into your life.

Maybe you’re looking for love. So as weird as this might seem, every time your boss snaps at you, take 2-3 minutes and imagine being on a great date with someone you’re really connecting with. Think about laughing with your date at how ridiculous and melodramatic your boss is sometimes.

This is all lighthearted, not mean-spirited. You’re not attacking your boss. You’re simply having a good laugh, which is a “real” thing that would normally happen when you’re dating someone.

So your visualization is way more vivid. Plus you’re now engaging the Universe in a way that’s inviting a fun, loving, happy, joyful, cheerful relationship into your life.

The great thing about this method is that if you keep doing this each time, your boss snapping at you will start to feel way less negative. And because of this, you might be shocked to see it happening less and less. But until it starts happening less frequently, you’re using it to your advantage and inviting something into your life that will make you happy.

When your back hurts, be grateful for all the times that it didn’t bother you, and feel grateful for your body’s amazing capacity to heal from anything.

When you miss someone who’s no longer with you, think about moments with them that were really special that you’ll always have, and be grateful that they were in your life to begin with.

When you’re stuck in traffic every morning on your commute to work, be grateful for your car. Or the fact that you have a job to go to. Or the fact that the job is supporting you and people you love. Or for the relationship that’s on the way. Or for a pleasant surprise that’s coming to you in the next 24 hours. Or anything else that might make you feel good and invite more things that you want.

The possibilities are endless, so test it out for yourself. Give it a few tries to get used to it. Put a reminder for it up as the wallpaper for your phone screen. And see what kind of magic happens.

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