The Blitz Method in Manifestation

Whether you’re writing it down, saying it out loud, or even just thinking it in your mind, Gratitude Blitzing is one of the healthiest and most enjoyable ways to raise your vibration, improve your mood, and attract amazing things into your life.

The Blitz Method is simply the process of listing out a large number of different things to be grateful for, one after another, without any breaks. You can do this for either a specific period of time or until your list reaches a specific minimum number of things. This is all about experiencing a nonstop barrage of gratitude and feelings of appreciation that gain momentum, build on themselves with every passing second, and help you achieve a highly attractive and receptive state very quickly and easily. If you base your Blitz on time, you should engage in the process a minimum of 60-90 seconds. But many people have so much fun with this, they often get themselves up to 5 or even 10 minutes at a time with only a little practice. If you base it on a minimum number of “items,” you should come up with a list of at least 25-30 things. But lots of people enjoy making even bigger lists of at least 100 different items.

There’s lots of ways of doing this effectively. You can choose a specific topic or theme (such as your body, your health, your finances, etc.). Or you can even just list out whatever comes to mind without worrying whether anything you say relates to anything else you’ve already put down. How easy is it to come up with a list? Just begin and see how far you can go. You’ll be pleasantly surprised once you realize you can list ANYTHING as long as you’re grateful for it.

You can have gratitude for the air in your lungs, the roof over your head, the clothes on your back, the fact that you eat every day, your access to clean water, your access to warm water, your access to running water, every dollar in your bank account, your most recent paycheck, your strong healthy heart, your arms, your hands, your fingers, your legs, your feet, your toes, your eyes, your ears, your kidneys, your brain, your liver, your skin, every organ that functions perfectly without you having to think about it, your favorite shirt, your favorite shoes, pizza, pancakes, roller coasters, cool autumns, holidays, snowballs, sunny skies, your best friend from the second grade, ice cream, cookies, your favorite song, hot stone massages, your first kiss, your NEXT kiss, a warm hug from someone you love, this paragraph right now, the fact that you can read it, the fact that you can afford to buy this masterclass, birthday cakes, birthday parties, costume parties, the first time you fell in love, the first time you had a crush on someone, the first time someone had a crush on you, the money on the way to you right now, the success you’re going to achieve in the next few months, all the people that have been there for you in your life, all the favors they’ve ever done for you, that smile from a stranger across the room, working electricity, toothpaste, kung fu movies, comic books, professional wrestling, friendly dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, supermarkets, farmers markets, theme parks, apple pie, pumpkin pie, cherry pie, spring breaks, summers at the beach, your first party, funny videos, socks with Star Wars characters on them, your favorite tv show, video games, your favorite cartoon growing up, your first concert, your first car, high speed internet, the last time you smiled, the last time you laughed, the last time you cheered, your phone, your computer, animal crackers, email, refrigerators, cupcakes, cereal boxes with prizes inside, and on and on.

THAT’S how easy it is to list things to be grateful for.

OPTIONAL POWER BOOST: If you want an easy way to amplify this experience, make sure to note WHY you’re grateful for each item as you list it out. It takes longer, but it also fires a lot more neurons in your brain. Either way, you can’t lose.

At the very end of your blitz, say “thank you!” out loud (or in your head, if you’re in public) with as much emotion and appreciation as you can. Say it 3 times …or even 7 times …or even 20 times …or just keep saying it over and over and over and over again for at least one full minute: “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you thank you, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!, Thank You!!, Thank You!!, THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!!!!, THANK YOU!!!!, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

By the time you’re done, you’ll feel amazing! You’ll start to remember that there’s always something wonderful about your life no matter what is going on. There’s always hope. There’s always something positive waiting for you just around the corner. The Universe loves you. The Universe is looking out for you. And the Universe already decided a long time ago — you ARE worthy of every single good thing that has happened and will continue to happen for you in your life. And the Universe is practically begging you to embrace this and allow everything good to flow in. It’s all here already, just waiting for you to notice it.

Gratitude Blitz Examples By Topic

Here are a few quick examples of themes for blitzing:

The Body Blitz: Think of everything about your body that you’re grateful for. The huge example a few paragraphs up has plenty of obvious things, but when you really get going with this, you can go even deeper — be grateful for your strong healthy teeth and jaw which help you consume your food, your amazing digestive system which helps convert the food into vital energy to keep you alive, and your brilliant circulatory system to transport the fuel to every part of your body that needs it.

The Room Blitz: Look around whatever room you’re in right now and choose things to be grateful for — like the fact that you have a roof over your head, the wonderfully sturdy desk to write on, even the pencil you have to write with, the comfortable couch with the soft pillows, the widescreen TV, your reliable laptop, your phone, your tablet, the clothes you’re wearing, etc. — anything in the room is fair game as long as you can feel appreciation for it.

The People Blitz: List important people who are currently in your life (or who used to be), and think why you appreciate them, what they’ve done for you, what they’ve taught you, how they’ve supported you, etc.

The Moment Blitz: Think of great moments in your life that you’re grateful for, like your first kiss, meeting your best friend, your prom, how fun your graduation was, that night in 10th grade that all your friends were together and went to the movies, that day your school won the big game and everyone celebrated afterwards, that time you scored perfect on your test, that summer vacation where you got to relax at the pool and play softball every day, or even that first week back after summer vacation seeing all your best friends again.

Whatever version of this method you choose, it’s very easy to do, very fast to get through, and very effective for raising your vibration into a much more receptive frequency.

So give it a try and ENJOY.

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