The Best Ways To Use PLR In Your Business

There are a number of ways to use PLR effectively in your business for quick content creation. Remember that your content will be your main marketing tool for your website, and should be used in an integrated manner as part of a structured plan to grow your business in terms of traffic, leads and sales.

As Joan always says, think of every article or page that you put up online as a potential lottery ticket. Only instead of the winners being chosen by the sheer luck of the draw, the content on your page can act as a lure so that your pages are chosen and end up as winners of the lottery.

The way you win the lottery is through Search Engine Optimization, that is, luring the search engines in a number of ways. We will provide the basics for you in the next chapter when we discuss the best ways to re-write and re-purpose the PLR content that you have purchase. We have also written a detailed guide on the subject if you want more information.

SEO is not a fast method to get to the top of the search engines (it can take three to six months to start climbing up the rankings), but it is a free method and all it takes is time, effort and organization.

SEO is part art, part science, and constantly changing, especially in relation to Google. At the time of us writing this guide in December 2011, Google has made 10 major changes in 2011 in an attempt to crack down on what they see as shoddy websites that are just being run in order to get AdSense and other forms of advertising revenue.

You do not want your website to be deemed a shoddy site. You will want high- quality content that the search engine spiders will index eagerly, and your subscribers will want to visit and read regularly.

To do this, you need to publish high-quality content on a regular basis, hopefully in a structured way, both at your own website and at article directories and social marketing sites. These are two great ways to drive free traffic and give your business and brand, and the content you have, the chance to go viral, that is, spread rapidly online. (See our guide to going viral on Twitter for more information.)

There are a number of ways to use PLR content in your business to come up with winning pages that will attract the search engines and also visitors. Here is a list of 36 suggestions that can get you started:


1-Use the content for your blog or website.

2-Use the content for clients’ websites.

3-Sell the reports to your customers.

4-Add the reports to your paid membership website.

5-Use the content to create audio or video products.

6-Sell the reports on Amazon through their Kindle Direct Publishing program

7-Use the content to create PowerPoint slides.

8-Use the content as a PDF.

9-Use the content as an outline for your webinars.

10-Use the content to create an outline for your teleseminars.

11-Turn the content into a paid email series or “drip” membership website.

12-Use the content as a live event bonus.

13-Use PLR as a refer-a-friend bonus.

14-Use PLR as a bonus for signing up for one of your newsletters.

15-Use PLR as a bonus for purchasing one of your programs or products.

16-Create physical products from the content– books, audio CDs, video DVDs.

17-Use the content to create lessons or training modules for your consulting work.

18-Use the content to create lessons or training modules for a coaching program.

19-Sell the content through an upsell offer (selling an upgraded pack with more information, for more money).

20-Sell the content as a back-end offer (selling an additional product once they have completed the first purchase).

21-Sell the content as a One-Time Offer, which can be sold to people at any time, but it must be of high perceived value at a great price they would be foolish to turn down.

22-Create a mini-ecourse delivered by email for a new list you wish to create.

23-Add the reports as bonuses to your existing paid products.

24-Use the giveaway report to create Facebook “like” giveaway products.

25-Announce the free report on Twitter and ask for the re-tweet; get the people who want the report to sign onto a list.

26-Burn the giveaway report to a CD and use it for lead generation of real physical mailing addresses.

27-Create Facebook posts to keep the interest of your followers.

28-Tweet once a day with news of the exciting and interesting things going on in your business.

29-Use the content to create podcast episodes.

30-Create questions from the content to use for interviews.

31-Use the content in your newsletter.

32-Use the content to create an ezine.

33-Use the content as an affiliate bonus for people selling your products for a commission.

34-Use the content to create tools for your affiliates to promote your products, such as audio, video, and so on.

35-Use the content to entice joint venture partners into supporting your product launch.

36-Use the content to support joint venture partners with promotional material and content to help introduce and sell your products.

As you can see, buying PLR strategically and transforming it into your own unique, high-quality content can be a dream come true if you are just starting your website, or have a site already, but have been struggling to “feed the beast,” as Joan says, trying to keep it updated with fresh, interesting content. Owning your own online business can be great, but your website will never be finished; it will always be a work in progress.

We would like to say one final word about the best uses of PLR before we move on to the best ways to customize the PLR content that you have bought.

Most of the strategies that we have been looking at are online only, but in fact, you can create physical products from the PLR content that you buy as well. People have been known to create paperback books, audio CDs, data CDs, and even DVDs from the PLR that they have purchased and then formatted.

A physical product is an excellent way to get a physical mailing address for a customer, which can be useful to not only profit from them through the products you create, but also sell on the address.

Companies which are part of CPA networks, that is, Cost Per Acquisition, will often pay well per accurate mailing address, or sometimes even online just by a person putting in a zip code. Working with CPA networks effectively to make money is a separate strategy of its own, but as the phrase goes, the money is in the list, either an email list, or a mailing address list.

As for the physical products, it usually costs about $1.75 to make a CD, so if you then add in the cost of shipping, handling and fulfillment, you could make modest but consistent profits from an audio cd that you charge only $5.95 for. Naturally you would want to include more marketing and promotional content on the CD and in the package, which the end user can read, or pass along to others.

The main thing will be that the item you have created offers real value to the person you are shipping it to. You will also want it to be special in some way so that it is not just another download that they can get from the Internet.


Use the list of 36 ways to use PLR to start formulating your own quick content creation plan for both free and paid content for your website.

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