10 Best Sales Funnel Software Tools

After learning how to build high converting sales funnels, you are revved up, prepared to start transforming your target audience to buying customers.


You are overwhelmed. The processes seem daunting, and you do not know how to start.

That is where sales funnel builders and software come in. There are hundreds of tools that you can use for building your sales and marketing funnel.

Here are some of the famous sales funnel builders:

1. Kartra

This is among the most efficient sales funnel builders. It is not hard to use, and it has virtually all functionality that you will need as an entrepreneur or business owner.

Kartra is a comprehensive tool that contains several online marketing solutions which does your marketing and hosting your business easily.


  • Easy to use software: It offers done for you sales campaigns and templates. However, you can input the name of your product, your product’s image and other details and then start your funnel. Kartra functions as an automated conversion funnel that has already written sales pages and sequences for automating marketing to aid you in closing your sales easily.
  • It can host videos: Kartra contains an inbuilt video hosting platform that is focused on marketing. You can use it to host your sales campaigns videos and for your online courses. Therefore, you do not need Vimeo, Wistia or Youtube.
  • Helpdesk: This contains a management system for the knowledge base and a ticket system. It is built to aid your clients at different levels.
  • Kartra Calendar: This can be used to book events and manage appointments and meetings with customers and clients.
  • Automated Sales-Focused Campaigns: When you automate sales and marketing machine using the automated sequence builder, you will be able to build your list and your sales funnel with the inbuilt autoresponder.
  • Membership Sites: This feature allows you to offer your content to some members. You can create a website based on membership with this tool.
  • Kartra BAM: This is an excellent feature in Kartra that gives your customers a personal experience.
  • Affiliate Management Tool: Kartra has inbuilt affiliate management so that you can evaluate the progress of your program, set commissions, manage affiliate payments and show your products at the affiliate marketplace and allow marketers to apply to sell them for you.

2. ClickFunnels

This is seen as the most renowned sales funnel platform, globally. It assists business owners in building sales pages, landing pages, and online courses. It also helps business owners to create webinars, write sales pages, build membership sites and manage affiliates. It also teaches you the requisite knowledge you need concerning:


ClickFunnels contains everything that you need in making a completely automated sales funnels by just selecting from the template that has been pre-designed for your kind of business.

ClickFunnels software has given rise to millionaires in virtually every niche. Below are some of its features:

  • Affiliate Management Software: Another name for this is ClickFunnels Backpack. It allows you as a business owner to give affiliate links to marketers and also to execute affiliate marketing programs for their product.
  • Drag-and-Drop Funnel Tool: ClickFunnels lets you to drag-and-drop all elements of funnel building without having to learn to code or hire a developer.
  • Prebuilt Funnel Templates: ClickFunnels has different prebuilt funnel templates for you. The templates help you to build complex funnels for your business, even if you have no prior knowledge of sales funnel building.
  • Funnel Sharing: This feature helps you to share a complete sales funnel with your clients and partners. This can get downloaded to their accounts with a click.
  • Membership Site: You can create and market your course inside ClickFunnels without any external platform.
  • Inbuilt automation: This feature allows you to send emails to your funnel visitors based on their actions within your funnel.
  • Funnel Flix: Funnel Flix contains more than a dozen training and online courses by experts in the industry. As a ClickFunnels member, you have free access to them.

For learn more about ClickFunnels, I have written a very detailed ClickFunnels review. You can read it before buying.

3. GetResponse

GetResponse is a great tool for email marketing. It also has a fantastic autoresponder capacity. It is also one of the lowest-priced funnel building tools.


GetResponse Conversion funnels help you promote products online, gain new customers, and increase sales. Using this tool will save you time and increase your sales. Below are some of its features:

  • An amazing Tool for Email Marketing: It is a great tool for email marketing. Therefore, you will have different options and accesses for complex email marketing tasks. Also, your deliverability will be increased, with many email templates and others.
  • GetResponse Autofunnel: This is the fantastic feature that helps in creating lead funnels, webinars, and marketing funnels within Getresponse. Here, you have ready to use, funnel builders to pitch your products, convert customers and get back abandoned orders.
  • Page Templates: This tool also provides sales pages focused on conversion which can be easily customized within minutes.
  • Ecommerce Store: You can sell your physical products with this software. You will have to link your store, generate your product, and incorporate your payment platform. Then you can establish a sales funnel and then carry out back-end automation.
  • Team Management and CRM: This is a partnership feature. It works for you, especially when working for several marketing team or clients on diverse parts of your sales campaigns. CRM gives a more profound insight into your business deals for you to become aware of their current position and their function at any phase of your conversion funnel.

4. Convertri

This can be categorized as a separate funnel builder as well as a sales funnel tool that is based on WordPress. Convertri lets you link the page to funnels. It also offers you all that you need to convert a prospect from the point of entry to a paying customer.


Convertri promises to funnel the best leads to your page and consequently convert them to get you more sales. Below are some of its featues

  • Drag-and-Drop Page Editor: You have no cause to worry on the issue of content blocks and section because it also contains a page editor.
  • AMP features: This allows you to change your site pages that were created with Converti to Accelerated Mobile Pages.

5. Landigini

This is a landing and sales page editor that has the main function of generating converting landing pages for your products and services.

Even though it is not a comprehensive sales funnel software, it is instead a front- end landing page builder that generate prospects for you. Therefore, Landingi is not recommended if you are looking for a comprehensive tool for your business.


Landigini is a user-friendly platform to create, launch and optimize landing pages, pop-ups and funnels. Below are some of its features:

  • Free Templates for Landing Page: You can choose from about 200+ landing page templates. You do not need to start from the beginning in generating your landing page.
  • Rich Data from Analytics: You can get valuable insight and continue to stay up to date with the crucial indicators from conversion pixels and Google Analytics. Hence, you will be able to increase your conversion rates and get the best of your landing pages.
  • Integration with Tools: You can integrate Landingi with solutions such as Hubspot, SalesForce, MailChimp, Kissmetrics, Shopify Drip, Intercom, among others. This will enable you to automatically take your prospects to any email platform or CRM tool.

6. ThriveCart

This is an advanced checkout software, a shopping cart device and a sales funnel building solution for online marketers and businesses.


ThriveCart can help you create high converting checkout pages, upsells, sales funnels & more. Below are some of its features:

  • Order bumps, Downsells and Upsells: ThriveCart can help you to offer downsells and upsells. You can sell your offers to generate more profits. ThriveCart also makes it easier for you to execute these kinds of options and pages inside your funnels.
  • Affiliate Center: This is another great feature of ThriveCart. This lets you employ, pay and manage your affiliates. You can also send bonus automatically to your affiliates through this feature.
  • Prebuilt templates: This unique tool has some beautiful templates that you can edit and use.
  • A/B testing: You can start an A/B testing easily with this platform.

7. PayKickStart

This belongs to the same class as ThriveCart as an online shopping software.

PayKickStart possesses some features that allow you to be in charge of every aspect of the experience, even if you sell digital or physical products online.

Also, it does not take a complex setup process and techy expertise before you establish things successfully.


Using PayKickstart Sales funnels, the customer purchases the main product, then is offered upsell or downsell products based on their purchase or denial of the previous upsell. Below are some of its features:

  • Affiliate Marketing: No doubt recruiting, managing and paving an army of affiliates is a powerful strategy for easy sales and marketing of your product. PayKickStart is a platform that makes the whole process smooth.
  • Prebuilt Templates: This tool has some checkout templates that you can select from and modify the way that you desire.
  • Downsells, One Click Upsells and Order bumps: You can boost your sales and maximize profits with one-click upsells using PayKickStart. Other features on PKS include discounts, rebills feature and coupons.

8. Instapage

This is a user-friendly sales funnel tool that can help you build amazing landing pages for generating leads and selling your products and services.

Instapage gives the first landing page for free. Subsequently, you will pay $129 for unlimited membership. Another great feature of Instapage is the freedom to select from is that you can select from a collection of pre-made templates to build the landing page that you desire for your business.

Also, Instapage can be combined with other sales funnel tools and applications that make the process much more comfortable. Instapage also gives comprehensive analytics with visual measurements such as graphs and charts, so you will easily handle your sales and marketing statistics. You can also launch A/B testing on Instapage for an accurate comparison of the outcome from every marketing campaign.

On the other hand, it is not a complete marketing solution. This means that you need to combine it with other services such as payment processors, email autoresponders, and CRMs to increase the functionality of your sales funnel.


  • 200+ Ready-to-use Landing Page Template: Instapage has over 200 stunning landing page template that you can instantly use and modify based on your requirements.
  • Website Builder for Building a Webpage from the beginning: Here, you can create your landing page with Instapage’s flexible, drag-and- drop funnel builder. It allows you to build pages from the beginning by allowing you to add elements like icons, text, and buttons the exact places that you desire. You can also code in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript with Instapage.
  • Widgets and Form Builder: You can input Call to Action (CTA) buttons, multiple steps forms, video players and others in your landing page and put them where you want. It is quick, easy and powerful.
  • Can be Integrated with Top Marketing Software: Instapage can be integrated with successful automation, email marketing, and analytics tools to create more effective conversion funnels.

9. BuilderAll

This is another all-inclusive marketing platform like ClickFunnels and Kartra. It has virtually all the needed tools to establish your business without external software.

However, Builderall contains extra inbuilt tools that have the ability to confuse and overwhelm you.


  • App builder: You can make and modify your App within BuilderAll without any coding skills.
  • Generate Membership Sites: You can set up your online courses without using a course creation tool.
  • Create animated videos: You can create floating and animated videos within a few minutes. You can also create a great performance for your target audience.
  • ClickMaps and Heatmaps: This helps you to observe and know more about the actions of your visitors on your conversion funnels.

10. OptimizePress

This is a famous WordPress tool and builder that has existed for long. It has been used to build landing pages that are high-converting to pitch to your target audiences.

The device also contains templates that are fully customizable that can be combined with payment gateways and email autoresponders.

OptimizePress builder can only be used on WordPress sites and is a known landing page building platform.


OptimizePress contains prebuilt template pages that are subdivided into some categories like ClickFunnels.

They are as follows:

  1. Optin pages
  2. Salespages
  3. Webinar pages
  4. Membership site: This feature is found on some landing page building platforms like ClickFunnels and Kartra. This helps you to market access to your customers and protect your content
  5. Free photos: Every OptimizePress grants access to over 1million photos.

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