The Best Methods of Meditation

Like everything else related to the Law of Attraction, people often find a way of overcomplicating meditation and never give themselves the opportunity to really benefit from it. But once you understand what meditation really is and how it best fits in with attracting the things that you want, it often ends up becoming one of the most enjoyable manifestation methods to use.

With that said, there are really only 2 ways I know of for meditating successfully. One is by directing your thoughts and focus in a specific direction (that you choose). The other is having no thought at all and emptying your mind (if you can).

When it comes to emptying your mind, there’s no real magic formula. You just practice it until you get good at doing it. It usually isn’t something that comes naturally to most people, so it requires patience. And if you really want to meditate in this way, your best bet of having a productive session is to:

  • Make sure you’re always taking deep calm breaths.
  • Stay in quiet environments where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Accept the fact that — in the beginning — thoughts will definitely intrude.
  • …And just patiently and gently let those thoughts go as soon as they come …until it eventually begins to get easier and easier over time.

OR …you can do what I like to do, go with the first method, and instead intentionally choose to consciously hold a point of focus during your meditation session. This option is the easiest one for most people, and it’s extremely potent and effective.

As for what qualifies as a useful and easy point of focus, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can count your breaths. You can think of a specific image to focus on. You can visualize a scene in your head. You can be in the scene that you’re visualizing. The possibilities are endless.

And if any unwanted thoughts intrude, they’re way easier to deal with since you’re not worried about keeping your mind absolutely silent — and you can instead just redirect your focus to wherever you want it to be.

Ultimately, when you’re doing it right (and it’s very easy to do it right), meditation becomes a fun distraction from the rest of your day. And it easily provides enough feelings of ease and joy to help you shift your frequency into a mode of receiving.

With that in mind, the next section will provide you with a meditation you can use for relaxing your mind and stimulating your vibration to attract more abundance in your life.

You’ll notice right away that it’s geared specifically around money, but I’ll show you how to modify it for other things like health and relationships toward the end.

The Ultimate Money Meditation Method

This is great to do first thing in the morning, but you can really do it whenever you like. The purpose of this meditation is to lower stress, increase ease, raise your frequency, and enhance your vibrational signal for inviting in more money.

Find a comfortable position (either sitting or lying down), and take 3 slow easy deep breaths.

Imagine yourself on a beach. The sun is bright and feels wonderful on your skin. The sand is warm and feels cozy between your toes. And the water is the most gorgeous radiant kind of blue you’ve ever seen in your entire life. It stretches out endlessly past the horizon. Mixed in with the blue are shimmering waves of white and gold.

This water is known as the Endless Ocean of Abundance. Anyone who’s willing to go there and receive from it can find it. This is YOUR personal source to the abundance of the Universe. It’s for you and you alone.

If you ever want to invite anyone else to join you for any reason, you can. But they always have access to their own ocean, and their presence at yours requires your invitation.

Feel the soothing breeze on your skin, breathe the fresh warm air in, and let the low tide of silky smooth water gently wash across your feet. Say “Thank You” to the Universe for this truly joyful experience.

The ocean in front of you is self-replenishing. It will never run dry. It will never disappear. It is infinite, unlimited, and eternal. And your gratitude nurtures it even further in every single moment. With even just one simple “thank you” or other expression of appreciation, you’ve given this ocean more than it could ever ask for. And now it wants to give back to you in even higher orders of magnitude.

So bring a cup to the edge of the shore where the sand meets the water. Or bring a bucket. Or a barrel. Or any container of any size that you wish. You can use it as many times as you want while you’re there, so it doesn’t matter how big or small it is. All that matters is your comfort and your preference.

Let’s say you’re using a large but light bucket (but choose whatever you want). Let the water flow into the bucket until it’s overflowing. Move a few steps back, turn, and pour the water out onto the sand. The blue parts of the water gently return to the ocean, while the white and gold transform in front of you into large piles of cash.

As you empty your bucket on the sand, and cash begins to form — it multiplies effortlessly into huge stacks on the beach for you. There’s a slight breeze, but the stacks of cash are way too big to blow away. Your money’s not going anywhere.

These stacks of cash are now yours. Give them permission to float into your bank account and watch as they drift there for you at your command. You can go a few steps back toward the water and get more money now if you want, or you can just wait to do it again tomorrow.

The supply is endless. There’s always more than enough. The Universe is unlimited and it WANTS you to have it all. You’re invited back to this ocean anytime you want. You’re always welcome here.

Before you leave, show your gratitude one more time with a warm genuine “THANK YOU.” Allow yourself to feel the feelings of this abundance, this prosperity, this gratitude, this ease, this joy, this wealth, and this love that the Universe always has for you.

Do this every morning (or any part of the day you want) and watch reality mirror abundance back into your life in ways that will take your breath away.

MODIFICATION NOTE: Remember, this is the Endless Ocean of ABUNDANCE. That can mean money, but you can also use this for other things you wish to attract that will add joy to your life. The gold water can transform into health and vitality as you’re drinking it in. It can transform into a beacon of light to reach out and energetically summon your perfect romantic partner. Or you can instead treat the water like an elixir that cleans up your vibration for love and removes any barriers around your heart when you drink it.

It can even morph into inspiration for a new book or business idea, and as you visualize yourself massaging your scalp with the water, it gently sinks in and revitalizes your brain, activating its most creative sections. It’s your ocean, so you get to make the rules. Have fun with it and enjoy the process.

The Walking Meditation Method

While there’s still some extremely VITAL content to go through in the rest of this guide, you’re now reading the final featured ‘method’ in it. And we’re ending things on a very high and POWERFULLY effective note.

This technique is one of the best you can do because it’s deeply immersive, super fun, and literally takes no extra time out of your day since you’ll be doing it during your normal everyday schedule. So you can do this literally anywhere or any time. You can do it on the way to work, on the way home, on the way to a date, sitting in your car stuck in traffic, on an elevator, or literally any place else.

The method is simply to emotionally “step” into the shoes of a version of you who has what you want, embody the energy of that experience, and literally walk through your day as that person while “living” their experience.

The great thing about this technique is that you don’t have to go through some deep 2-hour mental exercise in order to successfully do it. You simply view the world in front of you as your stage, step right onto it, and play the part.

You really are an actor of sorts when you’re doing this. You’re playing the role as convincingly as you can. You’re walking like the version of you who has what they want, talking like that version, doing things like that person does, etc. So ask yourself how it feels to be that person. And then embody what you think the answer is. You want your body to begin to feel as if this is really happening. You’re giving a brilliant, vivid, convincing, authentic, and dynamic performance.

You’re now a walking talking breathing visualization that’s come alive in this physical reality.

You literally become the walking embodiment of this new version of you, which energetically tells the Universe that it now needs to match the signal of whatever happiness or success this new you has achieved.

And you’re not making this difficult in any way. Remember, it can be as

long or as short of an experience as you want it to be. As soon as it feels like a chore (assuming that even happens), stop right then and there. Ultimately, this is about keeping your biochemistry in a happy place and coming from the mindset that you’re genuinely making this fun.

So …have fun with this. Get into character and really play the role as if you’re performing for the world, for your subconscious mind, for your ego, and for the entire Universe as well. This should be method acting at its finest. You should be living this on any and every level that inspires you.

You should be walking like the version of you who now has what you want. You should be moving like this version of you. You should be thinking like this version. Have the same healthy attitude and outlook on life as this version.

Have the same level of confidence as this version. Literally BE this version. Think intentionally about what your experience really should be here. Ask yourself: Does the ‘you’ who has what they want move briskly because they’re very excited and enthusiastic …or do they move slowly because they’re very much at ease and never in a rush?

Really put yourself in that new version’s shoes in everything that you do. Does this version of you run to catch the subway because they’re late for work …or do they not care because they are their own boss? Or maybe they do run, but it’s only because they’re about to sit front row at the NBA Finals or the World Series or some other big event, and they’re really excited and they don’t want to be late.

Or maybe they’re on their way to a date with their soulmate. Or maybe they’re on their way to close on a new home they’ve just purchased. Whatever they’re doing or whatever the reason they may or may not be in a rush, you should feel it as much as you can.

And you should do this if you’re actually at a subway or other form of public transportation in real life. If you’re driving a car instead, answer questions about the new version of you from that scenario. You’re not making up places to go — you’re actually going wherever the current version of you has to be BUT going there AS the version of you that already has what they want.

The world is your canvas here, and the possibilities are endless. So really get into it and let it snowball as you do this walking meditation longer and longer and your feelings of fulfillment get bigger, better, fuller and grander.

Walk through the world with the ease that your best self would. And then sit back while the Universe mirrors greater manifestations to you than you ever could have imagined. This concludes the Manifestation Method portion of the guide. But there’s still more critical content that we really need to cover.

Because now that you have all of these powerful and potent techniques under your belt, you really need to seize this opportunity and guarantee yourself a way of making sure you actually use them. The next module will take you deeper into this vital conversation.

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