Teri Garr Net Worth 2022 – How Did She Get Rich? Exposed!

Teri Garr Net Worth

Teri Garr has an estimated net worth of $4 Million. She is best known for her role as Dustin Hoffman’s neurotic girlfriend in the comedy hit ‘Tootsie.’ Other notable roles include ‘Young Frankenstein’ and ‘Mr. Mom.’ She earned the majority of her income from movies and TV shows.

Teri Garr is best known for her role as Dustin Hoffman’s neurotic girlfriend in the 1982 hit Tootsie. She began her career as a dancer in a series of Elvis Presley films in the 1960s. Garr went on to appear on a number of shows, including The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour. Her film career took off with Young Frankenstein in 1974. Garr went on to star in Tootsie (1982), for which she was nominated for an Academy Award. Mr. Mom, After Hours, and Let It Ride are among his later films. She announced in 2002 that she had multiple sclerosis.

To calculate the net worth of Teri Garr, subtract all her liabilities from her total assets. Investments, savings, cash deposits, and any equity she has in a house, car, or other similar asset are included in the total assets. All debts, such as loans and personal debt, are included in total liabilities.

Here’s the breakdown of her net worth:

Name: Teri Garr
Net Worth: $4 Million
Monthly Salary: $20 Thousand+
Annual Income: $300 Thousand+
Source of Wealth: Actress, Dancer, Voice Actress

Early Life

Teri Garr, who was born on December 11, 1944 (some sources say 1947), grew up in the entertainment industry. Her parents met while working on the same Broadway production. Eddie Garr, her father, was an actor and comedian. Teri’s mother, Phyllis, was a model and dancer before raising Teri and her two older brothers, Ed and Phil. Garr’s family moved around the country as her father’s work took them.

Garr’s father died when she was only 11 years old. Garr and her brothers were supported by her mother’s work in the wardrobe department at NBC and later other studios. Garr discovered her love of dance around this time. She began by studying ballet and progressed to other forms of dance. Garr began her career as a dancer in several Elvis Presley films, including Viva Las Vegas (1964).

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Popular Film Actress

Garr began her career as an actress in commercials and on television. She appeared as a guest on shows like Star Trek and That Girl. Garr also appeared in the 1968 film Head, which starred The Monkees. She got the part thanks to her acting classmate Jack Nicholson, who wrote the script for the film. While the film failed to draw a large audience, Garr remained in high demand as a performer. She has appeared on television shows such as The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour and McCloud.

Garr’s big break in film came in 1974, with the comedy Young Frankenstein. In this popular Mel Brooks film, she made the most of her supporting role as Gene Wilder’s lab assistant. Garr co-starred with Richard Dreyfuss in Steven Spielberg’s science fiction hit Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 1977. That same year, she co-starred in the comedy Oh, God! with John Denver and George Burns.

Tootsie, released in 1982, was one of her career highlights. She wowed both audiences and critics with her performance in this smash hit comedy. Garr co-starred in the film with Dustin Hoffman as his actress girlfriend. She was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in Tootsie, but she lost to another co-star, Jessica Lange. Garr went on to star in several comedies over the next few years, including Mr. Mom (1983) with Michael Keaton, After Hours (1985) with Griffin Dunne, and Let It Ride (1989) with Richard Dreyfuss.

Later Work and Health

Garr had a recurring role on the hit sitcom Friends in the late 1990s. She portrayed Phoebe, the biological mother of Lisa Kudrow’s character. Garr suffered from a variety of symptoms for many years. She told CNN, “I had no idea what was wrong.” “I just felt tingling… buzzing in my foot.” Then, while jogging, I’d get this horrible pain in my arm, like a knife stabbing.” Garr did not receive a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis until 1999. She kept her battle with the disease private while still acting on shows like ER and Felicity.

Garr appeared on Larry King’s talk show in 2002 to discuss her MS battle. “I decided to go public because there were rumors floating around and I wanted the information to come from me and not an outsider,” she told Everyday Health. Garr went on to raise MS awareness as an ambassador for the Multiple Sclerosis Society and as a paid spokesperson for a medication used to treat the disease. In her 2005 memoir Speedbumps: Flooring It Through Hollywood, she also wrote about her experiences.

Garr had a health crisis in 2006 when she developed a brain aneurysm. Garr recovered completely after undergoing surgery to correct the problem. The following year, she appeared in two independent comedies, Expired and Kabluey.

Personal Life

Molly, Garr’s daughter, was adopted during her first marriage to building contractor John O’Neil. They married in 1993 but divorced a few years later.

Favorite Teri Garr Quotes

Take a step back, evaluate what is important, and enjoy life.

Teri Garr


I refused David Letterman’s proposal of marriage for obvious reasons, but thanks for asking.

Teri Garr


Speed bumps, I was thinking, you know, you’re driving along, everything’s OK, and then there’s a speed bump to go, ‘Slow down.’ Go over it real slowly, and you hit the pedal, and you keep going, and I just thought it was kind of a nice metaphor for life.

Teri Garr


Speaking out about multiple sclerosis to others who may be dealing with this disease is actually helpful to me as well as, I hope, to others. It builds community, helps bring awareness to MS, and strengthens the MS movement that will ultimately lead to the end of this disease.

Teri Garr


When you hear the word ‘disabled,’ people immediately think about people who can’t walk or talk or do everything that people take for granted. Now, I take nothing for granted. But I find the real disability is people who can’t find joy in life and are bitter.

Teri Garr


I go to my physical therapist to keep fighting it and one of them told me if you don’t use it, you lose it, but I know we’re on television so I won’t say what I would often say.

Teri Garr


People ask me about my limp. I say, ‘You know, I don’t know how bad it is, because I don’t watch – I don’t watch myself.’ I don’t look at it. I don’t.

Teri Garr

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