MentorBox Review – Is Tai Lopez a Scam? The Truth Exposed

Are you looking for a MentorBox review? Is Tai Lipez a scam? Can MentorBox really help you acquire knowledge faster and make more money?

Those of you who read blogs like this have probably seen the ads of Tai Lopez’ new startup, Mentorbox. 

Mentorbox is a subscription service designed to help busy professionals read like CEOs and connect with authors. 

With all the hype surrounding their platform, I decided to check out the platform for myself and see what it had to offer.

Let me start by saying that I personally dislike the Mentorbox platform. There are a lot of pricey upsells, and there are many alternatives that are much better or even cheaper at similar prices.

MentorBox seemed like the Netflix of knowledge but I was worried it was a scam that would entrap me into its web and slowly drain my bank account dry.

Having said that, I’ll try to leave my own prejudices out of this review. This is going to be an unbiased review of MentorBox based on my experience with the 3 days free trial.

Tai Lopez’s MentorBox Review – Key Takeaways

In this Tai Lopez’s MentorBox review, I’m going to cover the following topics:

What is MentorBox?

MentorBox is a book-based education application. It may not be known to you yet, but you will soon learn about it. 

Using their official Facebook pages, the app is going viral on famous social sites like Facebook and Instagram. Since its inception, this application has grown in popularity worldwide. By reading this MentorBox review, you can determine whether it is worth your money.

mentorbox review

The MentorBox subscription product is used to spread knowledge and information in a quicker and more efficient manner than reading the whole book.

They claim that you will be able to read twice as many books in half the time with book summaries from authors for just $7 a month.

Book summaries from the author help you gain a deeper understanding of a book. It sounds like an interesting idea. You hear straight from the authors and you get to the main points.

In addition to the “cheat sheet” with the book’s main ideas, you will also get exercises that aid in memorizing the material and interviews with the authors.

By watching video summaries and listening to audio summaries of the best nonfiction books on the market, you can speed read through multiple books each month and learn from them more quickly.

A MentorBox subscription is based on a simple premise. In just ten minutes, their team distills the best books on business, relationships, health, and success so that subscribers can consume them quickly, not over time. 

In addition to conducting interviews with some of the most acclaimed authors and influencers, they offer a (more expensive) subscription service that includes physical copies of the books, as well as other tools and resources.

This all seems amazing on the surface.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could access some of the most useful information on the planet on a schedule that allows you to read 3-5 books a week?

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Who Founded MentorBox?

Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr came up with MentorBox, the brainchild of two of the trendiest Internet marketers alive today.

Their aim is to provide people with books written by professionals in order to gain knowledge. 

The lessons of famous authors can be learned from books, as well as insights from prominent writers.

Upon enrolling for the mentorBox application online, you will have access to many online courses from professional authors and CEOs. It will help you improve your skills or increase your business.

It is possible to find books on just about any topic related to business, money, or leadership. The list of top authors is available, and you can choose them to be your mentors for online courses and live sessions. 

On Facebook, there is also a MentorBox mastermind group where you can connect directly with the creators: Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr.

Who is Tai Lopez?

Those who have delved into the world of internet marketing have almost certainly encountered Tai Lopez.

Despite his many hats, he’s always eager to tell the story of his rags to riches journey to anyone who asks.

Tai Lopez is a firm believer in acquiring knowledge and putting it into action. 

The idea for MentorBox came from his passion for reading, which led him to create it.

There is a sharp spike in the popularity of “Tai Lopez” on Google trend searches that coincides with Tai Lopez’s coming into prominence as an Internet Marketing “star”.

Apparently, his main source of income is from online courses he creates and sells.

Then he runs MentorBox, coaching, consulting, and even sells sleep glasses (a big trend right now).

His videos usually feature sports cars, but we aren’t quite sure whether he owns or leases them.

Even though Tai is probably an OK guy, keep in mind that he is an Internet Marketer.

As a result, he is packed with smoke and mirrors, so be sure to take his words with a grain of salt.

As an example, he claimed that he “reads” a book a day, but I would say he skims one.

Here is a YouTube video that discusses whether Tai Lopez is a scam or not.

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What is included in the Mentorbox Subscription?

With Mentorbox, you can choose between a digital or a physical subscription.

There is a $7 digital subscription fee that includes:

  • You can learn from a variety of books and key lessons on the online learning platform
  • There are more than 500 hours of video lessons
  • There are a lot of books that are summarized in audio format
  • The workbooks are available for download
  • Memory improvement with cheatsheets
  • Relevant materials for the study
  • (On Facebook) A mastermind group for Mentorbox members

The physical subscription is much more expensive. With the physical option, you get similar resources, but in a physical form. Physical copies of all study resources and books are included in the physical box.

How Does MentorBox Work?

Tai Lopez, the creator of MentorBox, has an interesting philosophy.

While whipping through books at breakneck speed, he takes in as much information as he can.

Reading at high speed can make one glean one or two valuable lessons from a book, even if it means skipping others.

If reading at high speed means missing a few other important lessons, he believes that it’s better to take away one or two really important things from each book.

He would have 365 new lessons in a year if he read a new book every day or two instead of maybe 10 – 20 books and only learning about 20 new things and lessons.

The MentorBox provides you with notes, videos & worksheets so that you can learn the main points of a book in one to two hours.

By consuming this many books (or more) per year, you can obtain information faster than the few books that start-up entrepreneurs typically read.

It sounds interesting, but what is the outcome?

Does gaining book knowledge like that of Tai Lopez really lead to making money like him? 

Are those the only prerequisites for success?

What is the MentorBox Book List?

MentorBox does not provide a huge list of books and does not make it easy to search for names and numbers.

You can watch less than 249 videos on the website.

Many of these videos share nothing but random videos labeled as “knowledge” by Tai Lopez or by Alex Mehr himself, which feel like filler.

You’ll also find some videos that I encourage everyone not to waste time on, such as a workshop on the law of attraction.

My own estimate of the number of books is probably around 150, which is not many.

Is MentorBox A Scam?

MentorBox is not a scam. But I don’t recommend it given other better alternatives on the market.

Also, there are hundreds of complaints are available online about overcharging and not honouring refunds.

I felt that MentorBox is not just a product you buy, but more of a teaser and conduit to sell you more and more.

I have never seen any aggressive, annoying or sneaky sales tactics like those used by MentorBox.

The MentorBox program is not a scam, but they are using shady marketing techniques, like not displaying prices on the action buttons, to make money. 

Only users who know how Clickfunnels works will avoid accidentally clicking on those green buttons.

In fact, I believe their first upsell is unethical (and as a marketer, I have seen a lot of unethical practices like this), since consumers might not realize what $199 is going to buy, and might end up being pissed off. I can assure you that Facebook and Google would not approve their ads if that were the front-end offer.

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Other MentorBox Customer Reviews

The majority of reviews about MentorBox on the web are negative.

There are two reviews on MentorBox on Glassdoor, a company that compiles reviews from people across different companies. Neither of them is positive.

A toxic cultural climate, incompetent management, unfair practices toward customers, and a sales-focused focus are among the issues presented.

A writer writes:

“Website/customer service is bad and undeniably created to increase sales instead of serving the customer”

On Trustpilot, the MentorBox rating is just 1.5 out of 5, which is very bad.

mentorbox review

Here are some reviews from the angry customers on Trustpilot:

mentorbox customer review mentorbox customer review mentorbox customer review

You can only find positive reviews on MentorBox’s own website. However, I wouldn’t put too much trust in any of them given their sales intention.

MentorBox Pros

1. Author-led courses

The summaries of some books are quite good. There are some authors who end up delivering a mix of summary and mini-course.

However, some authors are also there to showcase their own services. Affiliate links may be provided to book private coachings and calls in some cases.

2. Authors speak directly to you

The unique selling point and biggest advantage of MentorBox is to hear straight from authors, explaining and discussing their own books.

3. Workbooks with a good design

Though I haven’t seen the physical version, it seems well printed. Some people may find it useful.

4. Entrepreneurship is the focus

There is a strong focus on how MentorBox can be applied to business, which can be quite useful to entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

MentorBox Cons and Complaints

Aside from the bad reviews online and the dubious business practices of MentorBox, here are the common complaints about MentorBox

1. Some courses are not free to access

There are a few that are merely teasers or worse, sales pages to promote the actual course you must buy and pay for.

2. Reviews are not critical

Every book and author reviewed by MentorBox is reviewed from the perspective that they are all correct and that we can all learn from them. 

Every book can teach us something, but they aren’t all factually correct. Some books deserve a more critical look.

3. Too Many Annoying Upsells

MentorBox annoys you with upsells. Joining MentorBox is a hassle. 

As far as I know, there is no other online course that irritates people as much as MentorBox.

Although it may seem to be over, the sale has just begun for MentorBox, even after you click “no” one hundred times.

Also, they send you many spamming Emails

Alex Mehr’s hard-sell emails keep coming to you as soon as you sign up. Upon signing up, you will receive two within 30 minutes.

Putting it mildly, I don’t appreciate this type of sales pitch.

4. Sales-oriented

In fact, as the Glassdoor review notes, MentorBox has more of a sales focus than a teaching one.

In every lesson, there’s a button for “share what you learn” so that you can keep track.

The link to MentorBox is also shared, so MentorBox gets free advertising.

It is a moot point whether “sharing to remember” helps you remember or MentorBox selling.

5. There are quite a few promotions by authors

Authors of MentorBox aren’t there just to summarize their books, but they are also promoting their other work, as well as their next book.

You might not mind, but in a way, they do the same thing on free channels as well.

A YouTube video, an interview, and knowledge sharing are all ways of self-promotion.

6. Interviews with authors are not included in all books

MentorBox sells summaries straight from the authors as a service. However, not every book receives its summary straight from the author. 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, for example, is Alex Mehr talking to a camera.

7. “MentorBox Mastermind” Group is useless

You will be invited to join the group “MentorBox Mastermind” on FB, but it is neither useful nor helpful.

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MentorBox Pricing

MentorBox basic package, without physical delivery and without any add-ons, costs $7 per month. The physical MentorBox package costs $89 per month.

You can access the majority of the library of summaries and may not need anything else.

You may be bombarded with upsells from MentorBox, and it is worth mentioning that some users have complained about overcharging.

Both Mentorbox subscription options offer a free three-day trial.

There have been reports that the company would overcharge customers for the basic program.

The subscription also comes in the form of a physical box, which is crazy expensive for what it is.

To be honest, the thought of paying $1,499 a year for a collection of 24 books and summaries can seem a little absurd.

MentorBox Customer Support

MentorBox Customer support is not very responsive. Although they try to resolve problems, they often pass the problem around to the appropriate department, depending on the issue. 

Customer service seems to be just one of many departments within the company. Therefore, it will need to be checked by the appropriate department, which is most likely to take a long time.

You can join a Mentorbox mastermind group on Facebook as well, but you won’t receive product support there. Users who complained about the product have been blocked.

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MentorBox Positive and Negative Feedbacks

MentorBox Positive Feedbacks

  • It’s easy to pick a list of your favorite books, or MentorBox will recommend the latest and most relevant books.
  • The book and study materials can be accessed anywhere if you have a MentorBox subscription.

MentorBox Negative Feedbacks

  • Mentoring lessons are costly, and you won’t get them for free.
  • Money-back guarantees are available, but you may find the refund process lengthy. In the event that you cancel your subscription, it will take quite a while to get your money back.
  • Subscribers can’t get assistance for their problems and queries from the customer support.
  • There are many annoying upsells
  • There seems to be more promise on their sales pages than there is actual delivery.

MentorBox Review: Final Verdict

To conclude, I don’t recommend MentorBox.

There are negative feedbacks saying that they rip off customers by overcharging and ignoring cancellation emails.

Considering half of the comments I read were true, I strongly recommend you stay away from MentorBox.

If you want to see it yourself, you can try out MentorBox for free for three days in order to check out all its features and functionality.

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MentorBox Review FAQs

1. Is there a Free Trial?

MentorBox offers a free trial for about three days. If you wish to subscribe, you need to visit the official website and follow the instructions. 

Two subscription options will be provided to you: one for the monthly subscription and another for the yearly subscription. 

If you want to purchase a subscription plan after the first three days of using this application, you can do so after the first three days.

Due to a 30-day money back guarantee, you can get your money back if it is not satisfactory. Otherwise, you will automatically be billed from your credit card each month for your MentorBox subscription. Generally, you have to cancel a subscription before the end of the month or the beginning of the renewal period.

2. Is there a refund facility?

It is possible to receive a full refund from MentorBox within 30 days of purchasing a subscription plan. 

You can request cancellation of the subscription if you are unsatisfied. Sometimes it may take a couple of days for the refunding process to be completed.

There may be some issues with customer service. It will take a few days for the customer support team to cancel your plan and refund your money. 

3. What is the process for canceling a subscription?

In order to cancel MentorBox, you must email their customer service department, [email protected]. Customer service will create a refund request for you once you contact them directly. It will be transferred to the department responsible for cancelling your subscription plan.

Since the free trial only lasts for 3 days, by the time you email and get a reply I can guarantee it will have been billed to the paid version. People are disgruntled for this reason.

For those seriously considering signing up, I recommend using a $5 Visa Gift Card. There will be a 3 day hold on the card to verify it and then the billing will be canceled after to get through the Visa hold.

4. What is the process for renewing my subscription?

Subscriptions get automatically renewed up to one year after the expiry date. You will be able to make a secure transaction using your credit card.

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The Best MentorBox Alternative: Make Passive Income Online

If you don’t have an online business yet and plan to learn entrepreneurship from MentorBox, you are unlikely to get any results. Because reading the books on MentorBox doesn’t teach you the practical stuff to start an online business from scratch. They are simply theories.

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