SteveWillDoit Net Worth 2022 – Girlfriend, Income, House, Car

With income from YouTube channel, social media and brand promotion, SteveWillDoit has amassed a net worth of $4 Million as of 2022.

Stephen Deleonardis is popularly known as SteveWillDoit. He is a YouTuber from the United States as well as an Instagram celebrity and influencer. After posting his pranks and challenge videos, he became famous. Even his social media handle, Steve Will Do, shows that he is willing to do whatever his viewers and listeners ask.

He is known for his Instagram challenges, such as gulping down an entire bottle of vodka in a short amount of time. His annual salary is $250,000 in 2022. His YouTube channel, other social media platforms, corporate advertising and numerous sponsorships are his main sources of income.

Today we’re going to discuss how much money SteveWillDoit has and how he builds his net worth.

At the end of this article, we will also tell you how to get rich like SteveWillDoit. So be sure to read to the end.

SteveWillDoit Net Worth 2022

SteveWillDoit has an estimated net worth of $4 Million in 2022. He is one of the best pranksters in the United States and has become very famous in a short time. He makes most of his money from his YouTube channel, which earns him about $2,500 a day. He earns a lot of money from the videos he publishes on different platforms, such as prank and challenge videos.

He also collaborates with NELK Entertainment, for which he charges a lot of money. According to some reports, SteveWillDoit earns more than $300,000 per year. He also earns money from commercials and promotions for brands. SteveWillDoit has sent some expensive gifts to his fans, such as the Tesla Model X that he recently sent to one of his fans.

Here’s the breakdown of his net worth:

Name: SteveWillDoit
Net Worth: $4 Million
Monthly Salary: $75 Billion
Annual Income: $300,000+
Source of Wealth: YouTuber

SteveWillDoit Net Worth Last 5 Years

Net Worth 2022: $4 Million
Net Worth 2021: $3.8 Million
Net Worth 2020: $3.5 Million
Net Worth 2019: $3.3 Million
Net Worth 2018: $3 Million

How Much Money Does SteveWillDoit Make From YouTube Channel?

SteveWillDoit makes the most money from his YouTube channel. With more than 4.6m subscribers, SteveWillDoit has easily earned at least $1 Million from his YouTube channel according to the YouTube money calculator. But how did he get started?

After people liked his Instagram posts, he started a YouTube channel called “SteveWillDoIt” in May 2019. Initially, he posted videos of himself eating and drinking a lot of alcohol, marijuana, and junk food. SteveWillDoIt made his first video on June 11, 2019, which was titled “I am taking over YouTube” and has more than 1 million views on YouTube.

When he joined the popular public prank channel NELK Entertainment, he became known to many people. Some of his most popular videos include “Trying to Drink 12 Beers in 2 Minutes” and “Fake Security at Hollywood’s Hottest Night Club Prank.” In the fall of 2020, he moved to Los Angeles, California with the rest of the NELK team.

Steve filmed a video with the NLE in 2021 called “Buying a $10 Million Yacht with Bitcoin.” It has been viewed nearly 5 million times on YouTube. 

How Much Money Does SteveWillDoit Make From Instagram?

SteveWillDoit also makes money from his Instagram account. As of 2022, SteveWillDoit has more than 3.6 million followers on Instagram. That means he is a mega-influencer who can charge $10K+ per post. Instagram pricing calculator shows that his account @stevewilldoit can charge $23.3K – $28K for 1 post and 1 story.

It’s safe to say that SteveWillDoit can make a lot of money from his Instagram account through advertising and sponsorship. But how did he get started?

Steve’s career as a video content creator began in 2017, when he started posting videos on Instagram based on challenges his viewers had asked for.

His first post was about how fast he tried to eat 100 Wendy’s nuggets. That video was posted in May 2017 and more than 1.1 million people have watched it.

After that, he did not wait long to post more and more videos. So far, he has more than 3.6 million followers on Instagram and has published 196 posts, some of which seem like strange challenges, such as “How fast can Steve eat a bowl of Chiptole.”

How Much Money Does SteveWillDoit Make From Merch?

SteveWillDoit also makes a lot of money from merch. According to a New York Times report, Nelk’s 8-digit annual revenue comes entirely from merchandise sales and subscription services. Nelk Boys are making $70 million a year from merch alone.

How Much Money Does SteveWillDoit Make From Brand Promotion?

SteveWillDoit earns more than $300,000 a year appearing in commercials and promoting brands. He shoots videos for different challenge videos to promote different brands. Nike, NELK Entertainment and Faze Rug are some of his biggest sponsors. 

How Much Are SteveWillDoit’s Cars Worth?

SteveWillDoit is rich, so he can buy many expensive cars. Let’s take a look at SteveWillDoit’s car collection.

  1. Lamborghini Huracan. This unique car costs $300,000.
  2. McLaren 720S Spider. The price of this beauty is estimated at about $315,000.
  3. Rolls Royce Cullinan, which costs $500,000.
  4. Ferrari 458 Spider. The car has a value of about $250,000.
  5. Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach. He spent $250,000 on it.
  6. McLaren MSO X. Rapper 6ix9ine gave him this car. It costs around $300,000.

What Houses Does SteveWillDoit Own?

SteveWillDoit is a very famous YouTuber and Nelk member. Steve owns a lot of real estate in Florida, in places like Oviedo, Orlando, New Smyrna Beach and recently Miami. He lived in the Full Send house in LA and Newport for a few years. Now he is buying up a large amount of real estate in the state where he lives.

In July 2021, Steve spent exactly $2,000,000 on his last condo, which is located in Miami FL. The house has a living area of 2,179 square feet, 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. 

There are beautiful views of South Miami from the huge penthouse balcony. The property also has a fitness center, tennis court, spa, pool and valet to take care of everything. The fact that the building is both a hotel and condominiums is an interesting fact.

How Much Does SteveWillDoit Make A Year?

According to some reports, SteveWillDoit’s annual income is over $300,000.

SteveWillDoit’s Early Life

Stevewilldoit was born in Oviedo, Florida, on August 26, 1998. Before that, he was known as Stephen Deleonardis. He has a brother named Rocco and a sister named Briana. They grew up together.

Deleonardis went to Oviedo High School, but making content was what he was most interested in. He posted funny videos of challenges on Instagram, but Instagram kept taking them down.

He was determined to keep making content, so he posted on YouTube. In 2019, he started putting videos on YouTube under the name Stevewilldoit. Steve had no trouble choosing a name because he was willing to do anything on camera.

He would be a fan favorite and one of the most subscribed YouTubers in the world if he had this attitude and way of thinking.

SteveWillDoit’s Personal Life and Girlfriend

SteveWillDoit’s girlfriend is Instagram star Celina Smith, and they have been together for more than 4 years. The two met at Oviedo High School. At some point, they even broke up, but Steve said on his YouTube channel that they are back together and doing well. Steve told people about her on his YouTube channel and they were seen together more than once.

In 2017, SteveWillDoit was charged with possession of marijuana, drugs and driving with a revoked license. He was only 18 or 19 years old at the time.

How Rich is SteveWillDoit?

As per the record of media, SteveWillDoit’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 Million in 2022.

FAQs About SteveWillDoit

How tall is SteveWillDoit?

SteveWillDoit is 5 ft 11 in (180.5 cm) tall.

How old is SteveWillDoit?

SteveWillDoit was born on 26 August 1998, in Oviedo, Florida, United States. He is 23 years old as of 2022.

What is the real name of SteveWillDoit?

His real name is Stephen Deleonardis, he is better known by his stage name SteveWillDoit.

Who is the Girlfriend of SteveWillDoit?

Celina Smith.

Why is SteveWillDoIt so rich?

It is estimated that Steve is worth about $4 million. He makes most of his money from the challenge videos he posts on sites like YouTube. Over 3 million people follow him on YouTube.

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How To Become Rich Like SteveWillDoit?

SteveWillDoit did not become rich by luck. To become as rich as SteveWillDoit, you have to work smart.

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If you seize this golden opportunity in time, you can become as successful as SteveWillDoit one day.

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