Speechelo Review – Text into Speech Software Scam? Exposed!

Are you looking for a Speechelo review? Is Speechelo a scam? Should you buy Speechelo? 

Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) is the buzzword of this era. The advent of artificial intelligence has ushered in a new era of innovation. 

Speechelo claims to use artificial intelligence to convert text into speech, but you may wonder if it really works or not. After all, there are many scams on the market.

I have a passion to help people explore the best money-making software online, so in the past week, I have done thorough research about Speechelo. I can tell you everything you need to know in this review.

Key Takeaways: Speechelo Scam or Legit?

To help you decide if Speechelo is a scam or not, I’m going to cover the following topics:

What is Speechelo?

Spoechelo is the World’s first text-to-speech voiceover software that brings your text to life with real-sounding human voices. Using it, you can create awesome voiceovers that sound like humans, the text you give in your videos. 

speechelo scam or legit? read this review first

With Speechelo, any text can be converted into a natural voiceover very easily. It is possible to choose between male and female voices using this software. Speechelo is very easy to use, just like any other video-making software.

There are more than thirty different Human Voice styles available in 25 different languages, which allows you to choose one that fits your taste.

It takes you just 3 clicks to create a high-quality Human voiceover for your website, YouTube channel and social media accounts.

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How Does Speechelo Work?

So let’s talk about text-to-voice software, and how Speechelo works?

  • Step-1: Upload only the script you would like to translate into the web browser. As the text is scanned, all exclamation points are inserted into the text, which makes it appear more realistic.
  • Step-2: Using the standard kit, you have 30 different voices to choose from. Speechelo Pro comes with 60 voices.
  • Step-3: In 10 seconds, your sound will be available for you to play. By using the Upload selection on the right-hand side of the screen, you are able to access your voiceover. Let’s discuss the features of Speechelo in the next section.

Speechelo is developed with artificial intelligence. In case you have no idea about artificial intelligence, here’s the YouTube video for you:

Speechelo Features


This is a good option since it allows users to transform a variety of items. With the latest updates, you can also turn the video into captions. When you play a video, Speechelo defines the language of the video and converts it into captions. That simplifies things for you. 

Additionally, Speechelo is very useful if you speak multiple languages. It understands the sound and acts accordingly.

Voice Generation

The feature is Speechelo’s main selling point. The tool will provide you with a number of voices right out of the box. The Standard option allows up to 700 words. 

Purchasing the Pro version is the best choice if you want to keep using voice creation with no text limit. You can input as much text as you want. 


An extra feature of Speechelo Software is the addition of multiple languages and texts. Up to 23 other languages are available in the app. This feature is unique in that you don’t have to do anything until we have inserted the text for the voiceover.

There is only one thing that you will need to do: imputing the text. You can choose the type of voice and accent for the voice. 

It has other advantages, but these are the most common and useful. I highly recommend this software.

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4 Speechelo Complaints and Cons

1. Not Real Human Voice

Speechelo is not perfect when. it comes to imitating the human voice. The technology is advanced but still people can identify the difference between a real human voice and a fake one.

So if your standard is high, you might not be satisfied with the voice produced by Speechelo.

2. There is no Free Trial

Speechelo doesn’t offer a free trial. Many software offers a free 14-day free trial, but not Speechelo.

I’m bit disappointed about this. It seems that Speechelo is not so confident in its product.

However, you do get a money-back guarantee. So you don’t like it after using it, you may request a refund within 60 days.

3. Limited Words For The Standard Version

The speechelo standard is a limited service restricted to only 700 words each time. So you might not be able to convert all text at once, which makes it a bit troublesome. You may then be asked to upgrade to the pro version.

4. Hard to Monetise The Voice-Over Produced by Speechelo

If you aim to use Speechlo to directly make money by selling voice-over service, it might not be easy. There are many freelancers on Fiverr or Upwork where they provide voice-over service using real human voice.

The voice quality of Speechelo cannot be compared with real human voice. The technology is still not advanced enough to replace real human voice.

People won’t buy your voice-over service if they know you are just using a software. They will be able to the identify the difference.

4 Speechelo Pros

1. Save a lot of Time and Money

If you want to create a video presentation, you can use Speechelo to help you do the voice-over very quickly.

It’s very time consuming to record your own voice. If you are not good in English and have accent, using Speechelo can help you address the issue.

You don’t have to employ a freelancer to do it for you. As a result, you can save quite a lot of money.

2. Speechelo is Affordable

Speechelo is not expensive and most people can afford it. It’s costs less than a hundred dollar. And for the standard version, it’s just one-time payment and you own it forever.

When compared with employing a freelancer, it’s much cheaper indeed.

3. Speechelo voice-over is not perfect but enough for most situations

It’s true that Speechelo is not perfect due to the limit of technology. You can still see the difference between it and real human voice.

However, if you are looking to produce a large amount of video or audio content, Speechelo is very useful. It’s not perfect but it can help you get the work done quickly.

4. Speechelo is Sold Via ClickBank

Speechelo is listed on ClickBank, which is good. The reason is that Clickbank is a reliable platform for conducting online transactions. You can be sure that the transaction is secure and safe, meaning your personal information and credit card information won’t be stolen.

Also, it’s easier to request a refund with ClickBank as the middleman.

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Speechelo Scam or Legit?

Speechelo is certainly not a scam. I think it’s a well-deveped software that can help you create more content for marketing.

The software has received many positive reviews and testimonials. Speechelo is original and legitimate as evidenced by the success stories.

However, some people call it a scam because not everyone can make money with Speechelo. After all, it’s just a software to help convert text into voice. It’s not a business model to help you make money directly.

Speechelo Standard vs Pro Version

These two versions differ significantly in terms of the number of voices available. There are only 30 voices in the standard version, with 23 languages. With the pro upgrade, you’ll have access to 100+ voices.

Moreover, the standard edition has a restriction on the voiceover frequency. The Speechelo pro version gives you access to hours of voiceover content. Speechelo pro provides access to premium voices as well.

In addition to the software, you can also get Speechelo pro as a business license. You may sell the voiceovers to your customers with that same license and take the profits yourself. 

Who is Speechelo For?

Speaking of Speechelo, I’ve already discussed many things on why people should use it. Here are the people who will find Speechelo very useful:

  • Content Creators.
  • Online Marketers.
  • Video Marketers & Podcasters.
  • Entrepreneurs & Agency Owner.
  • Social Media Marketer.
  • Freelancers.

Who is Speechelo Not For?

Speechelo is not for you if you are looking to use it to make a lot of money. Speechelo cannot help you generate a lot of money, because it is just software to help you with content creation.

If you want to use it to sell voice-over, you might find it hard to so. Firstly, people don’t pay much money for freelancers doing voice-over for videos. Also, they usually look for the real human voice.

Although Speechelo claims to be mimic a real human voice, it’s still not the same. People can still identify the difference if listen carefully.

If you want to make more passive income online, I have a better recommendation for you, which I will tell you in more detail in a later section.

Speechelo Pros and Cons

Speechelo Pros

  • Audio tracks can be converted from the text in an impressive manner.
  • It’s easy to use even for beginners.
  • There is no limit to the amount of text you can convert.
  • The voices were of the best quality.
  • Over 30 human-sounding voices are available in this software.
  • In addition to adding breathing sounds after each phrase, you can also prolong pauses.
  • Many languages are supported.
  • With Speechelo, you can include voice inflexions in the text-to-speech conversion, making this a very attractive option.

Speechelo Cons

  • There aren’t many flaws here. I only observed one downside, which is that, except for English, some other languages sound a bit robotic.

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Speechelo Pricing

There is a standard version of Speechelo and a pro version.

Speechelo’s standard version costs $47 (one-time payment). The Speechelo Pro costs only $47 every three months. You can get the special offer here.

The pro version can be upgraded only after you have purchased Speechelo Standard. After purchasing the standard plan, you will have the option to upgrade to the pro plan.

Speechelo Pro takes Speechelo to the next level, making it more powerful. The pro plan is ideal for those who are committed to growing their business.

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My Verdict: Speechelo Review

The amazing sounding voices of Speechelo are unmatched by most other tools.

There are many people who are concerned about how their voice sounds when they are creating YouTube videos or creating videos with voiceovers. Speechelo is software that aims to assist people like this.

While it may have some flaws, this is without question one of the best products of its kind out there at this price point.

If you are looking to create voiceovers, then Speechelo would be the best option for you. Your creations and work will be easier to manage with it.

Give Speechelo a try here given the risk-free money-back guarantee.

Speechelo FAQs

What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is a first-of-its-kind, human-sounding voiceover software. In just a few seconds, you can make the best transcription. The app provides users with more than 30 different voice styles, though you can choose what kind of tone you prefer.

Is Speechelo software good?

Speechelo is the latest and best software that will allow you to convert your text into speech. Speechelo’s interface is excellent, and the results are phenomenal.

Is Speechelo Pro a monthly subscription service?|

You do not have to pay monthly. You will be charged 47 dollars per quarter, with the option to cancel at any time.

Are there any free Speechelo alternatives?

There are no free software products available today that have the features of Speechelo.

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Speechelo Alternative: Make Passive Income Online

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Speechelo Review

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  1. Speechelo is a powerful text-to-speech software. Just copy and paste your script into Speechelo, select a voiceover from the collection, generate, download, and you’re done.

    Speechelo also lets me add breathing and pausing to my script, which makes it very unique!

  2. I have used Speechelo for some time. It works as advertised. It really saves me a lot of time. I’m going to upgrade to the pro version.


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