Sounds Associated with Your Manifestation

Are you beginning to see how your mind movie is coming together? You have identified what you want, and you have described the changes happening in your life because you have manifested what you want. You know now what images come to mind when you think about this manifestation, and in step five, you will identify the sounds associated with this manifestation. Review your story again, beginning with the outcome. Take your time and let the imagery and the details expand.

If you are an auditory learner, this step will be easy for you, and you have probably already started writing. If you are not an auditory learner, you will appreciate that when I talk about associated sounds related to your manifestation, they can fall into any or all of the following three areas:

  1. Associated sounds can include your internal dialogue,the thoughts in your mind. What is that voice in your head saying about accomplishing this outcome?
  2. Associated sounds can include comments from other people. Will your friends, family members, coworkers, or even strangers have anything to say about this manifestation? What will they say?
  3. Associated sounds can include the “absence” of a sound. This might be the absence of negative rumination or worry about things. The absence of the sound of your partner complaining about your smoking habit. The absence of the sound of you gasping for air when you walk up the stairs. The sound of stillness, the sound of peace, and metaphorically, the sound of contentment might be part of what you hear.

Write down as much as you can, remembering that when you are reviewing this information later, or when you are in self-hypnosis, you are free to add any additional relevant details that come to mind at that point.

The following examples will help you understand more about associated sounds related to the manifestation of financial abundance, a healthy relationship, or a dream career.

Example 1- The sounds associated with the manifestation of financial abundance may include:

  • The sound of my keyboard as I type in my bank account number to check my balance as it grows and grows!
  • I hear myself talking with my financial manager as they advise me about investments.
  • I hear the voice in my head screaming with joy about all the opportunities available to me now that I have unlimited funds.
  • I hear my spouse telling me how grateful he/she is for our financial abundance.
  • I hear the sound of laughter coming from my kids while we’re on vacation, and they are having the time of their lives.
  • I hear the absence of a noisy car engine because my new Tesla is dead quiet.

Example 2- The sounds associated with the manifestation of a healthy relationship may include:

  • The sounds of pleasure, the moaning, and groaning of a great sex life! I hear the voice in my head having great conversations with my partner about our dinner plans or our vacation plans while I am away during the day.
  • I hear the sweetness of my partner’s voice telling me that I am loved and appreciated.
  • I notice the clear absence of a raised voice or an angry exchange.
  • I hear stillness in my heart.

Example 3- The sounds associated with the manifestation of my dream career may include:

  • The sound of my voice in a team meeting interacting and contributing value to the project.
  • The confidence in my voice while I consult with my manager about any part of my job. I hear kindness coming from my coworkers.
  • My coworkers’ voices are respectful toward me, and they ask questions that I confidently answer.
  • The voice in my head is all positive.
  • I constantly hear my internal voice expressing joy and gratitude for landing this job.
  • I hear myself proudly telling people what kind of work I do.

There is a clear absence of any negative thoughts, worries, or ruminations about needing a different job. I hear my body and mind in sync with each other.

I hear myself speaking with confidence and clearly articulating my ideas at work.

You may be surprised at how many sounds are associated with the manifestation you are working on. If you are bothered by the habit of negative thoughts, remember, they are just thought habits. See yourself with a magical remote control, and anytime you become aware that your brain is thinking thoughts you do not want to think, imagine picking up that remote and either changing the channel, turning off the thoughts, or directing your attention to something more pleasing. Make a deal with yourself right here and now to never finish a thought about something you do not want to experience.

The Story of Dana

Dana and I have had many conversations about the Law of Attraction and how to harness the power of the subconscious mind. True to the scientist she is, Dana likes to put things to the test to see how they hold up under scrutiny. She wanted to believe in the Law of Attraction but had difficulty telling the difference between an intentional manifestation and a coincidence.

Dana readily accepted a challenge I gave her. I asked her to think of something she would like to manifest, something simple but unique and out of the ordinary. She was to spend a few minutes imagining this object in the privacy of her own mind before going to sleep, just for one night. I told her to imagine the object as if it were suspended in space, to let it turn slowly so she could get a good look at every angle. Then she was to imagine her hand reaching out and holding or touching the object so she could get a good idea of its relative size. Her assignment was to do this just once, for five minutes.

She chose to focus on something simple yet unique to test the Law of Attraction to see if she could manifest an object. She chose to focus on a kewpie doll. A kewpie doll was commonly given as a prize at carnivals and amusement parks in the fifties and sixties. It is a little doll with rosy cheeks and a tuft of curly hair on its head. A unique object that you do not see every day.

Dana did as instructed and visualized the kewpie doll in the privacy of her mind for five minutes one night before sleep. A few days later, she cut through an antique store on her way back to her car from a farmer’s market. She was making her way to the exit when she looked up, and there it was—her kewpie doll! She was amazed for about ten seconds and then discounted the whole thing because an antique store is exactly where you would expect to find a kewpie doll. She was not convinced. Not yet.

I asked her to pick another out-of-the-ordinary object and to follow the same process. This time she chose a whiffle ball. A whiffle ball is a white, hollow plastic ball with dime-size holes cut into its surface all around. A few days later, Dana was at an amusement park with her family. They were walking around deciding which ride to get on next when she walked past a game with a giant tub of water that just happened to be full of whiffle balls. Again, she was amazed for about ten seconds and then discounted the whole thing because an amusement park is exactly where you would expect to find a whiffle ball.

One more time. I encouraged Dana to come up with another object that she was unlikely to run across anywhere in her travels. She chose a skeleton key. Neither of us could imagine any scenario where she would inadvertently run across a skeleton key. She followed the same process as before, imagining every detail of her skeleton key from top to bottom.

At this point, Dana was losing interest in testing the theory about the Law of Attraction and simply carried on with her regular routine. The following day, she opened her Facebook feed as usual and was scrolling when she came upon a post from one of her friends who was excitedly showing off her new tattoo on the inside of her right forearm. There it was, in living color, a beautiful tattoo of a skeleton key. Dana gasped and called me immediately. This time she was amazed for more than ten seconds. She was a believer!

This is a fun exercise anyone can do. Think of an object you are unlikely to run across in the ordinary course of your day. Right before you drift off to sleep, spend five minutes imagining your object. See it as if it were suspended in space and let it rotate slowly in front of you so you can see every detail, every angle. Imagine yourself reaching out and holding or touching the object to give yourself an idea of its relative size, and then don’t give it another thought. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at your ability to manifest in such a short time.

In the next module, you will be learning how to answer the question about feelings in step six. This includes physical and emotional feelings. You are doing an excellent job at creating new neural pathways in your brain, and you are doing an excellent job at training your subconscious mind to emit the same vibration as your conscious mind. Once you begin doing this while in the state of hypnosis, you will start to notice tangible evidence of your progress. Keep up the good work.

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