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What is Shelley Fabares’s Net Worth?

Summary of Shelley Fabares’s Net Worth

Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Salary: No public information
Income: No public information
Date of Birth: Jan 19, 1944
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.626 m)
Gender: Female
Profession: Singer, Actor, Television producer
Nationality: United States of America

Shelley Fabares has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million.

Michele Ann Marie ” Shelley ” Fabares ( Santa Monica, California, January 19, 1944) is an American actress and singer. Her best-known performances were as Donna Reed’s daughter in The Donna Reed Show (1958-1963) and as Christine Armstrong in Coach (1989-1997).

In cinema, she appeared in three films alongside Elvis Presley. As a singer, she released the single “Johnny Angel” in April 1962, which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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Shelley Fabares’s Career

If you were a young male teen sprouting up in the 1950s, and you had a thing for Patty Duke or Elinor Donahue, you most likely were also in love with Shelley Fabares, who for five years on The Donna Reed Show portrayed Mary Stone, the dainty, darling, and beyond-perfect ideal daughter of the small screen.

Although she may have frequently bickered, if lovingly so, with her TV brother, Jeff Stone (played by the eclectic Paul Peterson), she never dared to speak a cross word to her mother and father (portrayed by Donna Reed and Carl Betz).

Adorable and loyal, petite and pretty, Fabares’s Mary Stone was nothing less than angelic throughout her entire run of the series. She proved so popular that Fabares parlayed her sweet all-American appeal into a lengthy career beyond the Reed series, leaving the show after the fifth of its eight seasons (when Mary was said to have attended college), appearing in only two episodes afterward.

While playing Mary on the Reed show, Fabares kept to herself in real life. As she told Peggy Herz in 1973, in junior high she was “a loner.” She had a happy home life but spent most of her childhood in her bedroom with the door closed. “I wasn’t unhappy, I was just reading and writing.” She enjoyed school and did well. She and her sister, Nanette (named for their aunt Nanette Fabray), both attended Catholic schools. “We were serious students,” she said, even though her sister was more outgoing that she was.

As to her stint on Donna Reed, Fabares started on the show in 1958, when she was 14 and she had been acting since she was 3 years old. “Both my sister and I enjoyed working,” she said. “It sounds like we had one of those stage mothers who pushed us and made us work, but that wasn’t the case. We could stop at any time for any reason. We did it because we enjoyed it.” Before Fabares began The

Donna Reed Show, she surmised that it would be a good experience. “It turned out to be a thousand times better than that,” she said.

Decades later, on August 18, 1994, Fabares appeared on ABC’s Good Morning, America to promote Coach, her then-new show on the network. Here, she played girlfriend-turned-wife Christine Armstrong to series lead Craig T. Nelson from 1989 to 1997.

More than anything, Morning host Charlie Gibson wanted to know about her stint on Reed. “It was hard for me to realize we were doing a television show,” she replied. “We were a family. For years after the show was over, we would get together once a month and have lunch. We would talk to each other in between times, but we had a standing date, just so we could keep that connection. We really did become a family.”

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When Gibson further prodded her on what she recalled the most from the show, Fabares said:

The sense of family. It really was my “growing-up” years . . . that’s what they were . . . and that’s what I hold very dear. It’s hard for me to realize that we were doing a television show . . . I mean without being naïve about it. [Of course] we were doing a television show. But really, it was a very family-oriented experience.

And did she ever watch the reruns?

Yes . . . when I can . . . I mean, life tends to get really busy, and that’s sort of hard. But I do. And it’s really an extraordinary experience. I mean, sometimes you go, “Oh, I can’t believe this!” or “That’s so embarrassing” . . . that everybody is watching this right along with you. But it’s a very touching show also.

Fabares went on to chat with Gibson about her success as a recording star, which began during her Reed reign with the Billboard number one hit single


“Johnny Angel.” Music also contributed to her performances in a list of feature films, including three consecutive musicals with Elvis Presley: Girl Happy (1965), Spinout (1966), and Clambake (1967). Before those films, she appeared in Never Say Good-bye (1956, as Rock Hudson’s daughter), and played kid sister roles in the also-music-themed film Rock, Pretty Baby (1956) and its sequel Summer Love (1958), both with John Saxon.

By the time she appeared with Elvis (they were only “good friends,” and “nothing romantic”), Fabares had matured into a sultry young woman who looked nothing less than stellar in a big-screen bikini and who, by today’s standards, would have most likely been described as sizzling “hot”! After she made additional motion pictures like Ride the Wild Surf (1964), and Hold On! (1966), she returned to television in the 70s with a string of hit TV-movies and shows.

More than any other character, it is still Shelley’s appearance as Mary Stone on The Donna Reed Show that remains her trademark performance. The character was named for Reed’s real-life daughter Mary. Although Mary (Owen) was just a toddler when the Reed series was in production, her recollection of Shelley and company, including Paul Peterson, her TV brother, is clear:

I have nothing but super-warm memories and feelings toward Shelley and Paul. They would come over for some holidays and Easter, and so forth. But I think it’s interesting that my father—well, I’m just going to attribute it to my father—managed to pick someone so perfectly to play the daughter. And I can’t tell you how many men who tell me, “I had such a huge crush on Shelley Fabares when I was little.” And then Paul, the same thing, he was a huge heartthrob for all the girls—and plenty of gay guys, too. My gay guy friends are like, “Oh, my God—I really loved Paul!” I think it’s interesting that my dad managed to cast the perfect actor and actress who ended up becoming so popular with teenagers.

Classic TV actor Tony Dow, who played older brother Wally on Leave It To Beaver (CBS/ABC, 1957–1963), went on to enjoy a second career as a TV director, including guiding episodes of Coach with Shelley. He compares working with her on that series and their friendship during the Beaver/Reed era:

Coach was an interesting show because it was basically a typical sitcom, three-camera audience type show . . . so it was done much differently than Leave It To Beaver or Donna Reed. And the working experience was different. The hierarchy of the show was the writing/producing group and then there were the actors . . . who, on practically every episode I directed didn’t think the jokes were funny . . . and the writers thought the actors couldn’t deliver the jokes. But Shelley with her wonderful, polite, sweet personality just did her job . . . and she did it perfectly. She never complained about anything. She needed very little direction. She understood her character. She was a real pro . . . like many former child actors who were brought up with such discipline. I didn’t work with her on Donna Reed, but I always remembered her as so sweet and attractive.

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On Fabares’s appeal in general, Dow decides:

When you’re on a series, you tend to rely on your instincts . . . a lot more than if you’re doing a guest- starring one-shot role when you’re actually creating a character for one episode . . . and so on The Donna Reed Show, Shelley’s lovely personality just shined through.

Entertainment historian Rob Ray concludes, “I’m glad Shelley Fabares is as nice as she seems. As her aunt, Nanette Fabray, told me at a Collectors’ Show years ago when we were on a variant of this very topic, ‘The camera doesn’t lie.’”

Shelley Fabares’s Salary

Shelley Fabares is rich, so you can assume that her salary is higher than that of an average person.

But again, she has not publicly disclosed her salary for privacy reasons. Therefore, we cannot give an accurate estimate of her salary.

Shelley Fabares’s Income

Shelley Fabares might have many sources of income such as investments, business and salary. Her income fluctuates every year and depends on many economic factors.

We have tried to research, but we cannot find any verified information about her income.

Shelley Fabares’s Assets

Given Shelley Fabares’s estimated net worth, she should own some houses, cars, and stocks, but Shelley Fabares has not publicly disclosed all of her assets. So we cannot get an accurate figure on her assets.

Shelley Fabares’s Personal Life

Fabares married producer Lou Adler in June 1966, from whom she separated the same year and from whom she divorced permanently in 1980. In 1984 she married the actor Mike Farrell. Fabares was friends since childhood with actress Annette Funicello, whom she met in school.

In October 2000 Fabares was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis and had to undergo a liver transplant.

Shelley Fabares Quotes

I was not a Mouseketeer, but a lot of people think I was.

Shelley Fabares


I think the years on ‘The Donna Reed Show,’ the years from 14 to 19, were so incredibly important. Donna Reed was simply an extraordinary woman, a woman of great strength, kindness, integrity and compassion. I am not trying to make her sound like a saint, but she had the most profound influence on me. I carry her with me today.

Shelley Fabares


I was dying but suddenly had a second chance at living.

Shelley Fabares


We need to appreciate how precious life is.

Shelley Fabares


I had to have a complete liver transplant.

Shelley Fabares


I had to have a complete liver transplant. I waited with a beeper for a year and 10 months to get that gift.

Shelley Fabares


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I waited with a beeper for a year and 10 months to get that gift.

Shelley Fabares


They had to match blood type and meet all sorts of things I don’t know about.

Shelley Fabares


This is the kind of situation that can tear people apart. It tears at the fabric of your soul and can certainly tear at your marriage and ours has gotten only stronger.

Shelley Fabares


There is a bedrock decency to people in the Midwest. They are thoughtful and ready to help you if something needs to be done.

Shelley Fabares


I didn’t have a dysfunctional childhood or young adulthood, but I was somebody who was very much raised to do what other people told me to do as a person.

Shelley Fabares


The chances of a child coming through as I did… the world is too hard. On the other hand, I would always encourage children of mine if they wanted to be in school plays and dance and sing. But I wouldn’t put them to work.

Shelley Fabares

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