How to Sell eBooks on Amazon: 8 Best Tips For Beginners

Are you ready to become a published author and make some money while you’re at it? With Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and the audiobook marketplace Audible, self-publishing eBooks and audiobooks has never been easier or more accessible.

And the best part? It’s totally free!

And let’s not forget, 25% of adults are reading e-books, and web searches for audiobook platform “Audible” have increased 140% in the past 15 years, according to Exploding Topics. So, there’s a huge market waiting for your content!

So, if you’re looking to dive deep into a topic, establish yourself as a thought leader, and even generate leads for your business, check out these 8 tips for self-publishing and selling your eBook on Amazon.

1. Research your topic before writing a book

So you’re an expert in your field and want to write a book about it, right? That’s awesome! But before you start typing, take a moment to think about your target audience.

See, writing a book on a super specific topic may not be the best idea, especially if it’s not a popular subject on Kindle. To reach the most people possible, aim to write about a broader niche instead. This way, your content will appeal to more readers, leading to more downloads and, ultimately, more income in the long run.

A simple way to see if your niche has enough potential is to search for similar titles on Kindle and check their ranking on the Amazon Best Sellers list. If the book ranks under #10,000 out of the hundreds of thousands of books available on Amazon, there’s a good chance you’ll find success on that subject.

2. Find out the most popular Amazon book keywords

When self-publishing on Amazon, doing research on keywords related to your book’s topic is crucial. Utilizing tools like Moz Explorer, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs and more, you can discover the keywords and phrases that have the most search traffic.

By incorporating these keywords in your product description, product keywords, and tags, you’ll improve your book’s visibility and search ranking. This means that it will be easier for potential readers to find your book and download it, increasing the chances of getting positive reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers.

3. Design your eBook cover with a professional

A successful marketing strategy is essential when self-publishing on Amazon, and the cover of your eBook is a crucial part of it. People do judge a book by its cover, so investing in a professional graphic designer to create a captivating and eye-catching cover can make a big difference.

There are several places to find a talented graphic designer, such as, Ebook Launch, or you can browse portfolios on Google to find a designer you like. You can either work with a specific designer or start a contest to receive multiple design submissions to choose from.

A professional cover design will make your eBook stand out among the competition and attract potential readers. Don’t skimp on this aspect of your self-publishing strategy – it could make all the difference in the success of your book!

4. Craft a catchy title

When it comes to selling eBooks on Amazon, the first two things that catch a reader’s attention are the cover and the title. So, it’s crucial to make sure your title and subtitle are engaging and give an idea of what the book is about.

Your title can make or break the potential reader’s decision to find out more about your content. So, keep it short, sweet, and interesting. If the title needs more specification, you can elaborate in the subtitle, but don’t use long, complicated words.

To test whether your title is engaging enough, seek feedback from colleagues or influencers. You can test a few titles and subtitles, tweak them based on the feedback, and test again until you’re satisfied.

5. Write a quality book description

After a potential reader is drawn in by the cover and sold on the title, the next step is to confirm the sale with a quality book description.

A book description will convince the reader that your content is the right fit to teach, answer, or address their needs. By the time they reach the book description, they’re already halfway sold on your book, so invest a little extra time to tell them why your content is just what they need.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a stellar title and gorgeous cover will generate sales by themselves. A well-written book description can make all the difference for readers who are on the fence.

6. Give away your eBook for free

Starting out with a price tag of $0 might sound counter-intuitive, but hear us out. When you publish an ebook on Kindle, you have the option to set your price, and setting it to free for at least five days can boost your book’s presence and help it move up the Amazon Best Sellers list.

By offering your book for free, you’ll reach a wider audience and get more exposure than if you started out with a selling price. Plus, you can quickly collect positive reviews from readers who downloaded it for free. After a week or so, you can then set your price to $2.99, a magic number that’s low enough to entice new readers but high enough to afford you some profit from royalties.

7. Promote your eBook through a variety of channels

Once your book is published, it’s time to get the word out. There are hundreds of Facebook groups and websites dedicated to free ebooks, and you can notify them that your brand new ebook is available for free. Every link to your book generates more potential downloads and wider exposure.

In addition, you can promote your book on Facebook or relevant blogs or groups related to the topic you wrote about. This early buzz will keep the momentum strong and introduce you to wider audiences, which can lead to building passive income.

Finally, leverage your industry connections to help your content gain exposure. Reach out to blog owners and websites that discuss similar topics and ask if they would consider posting an excerpt or a write-up about your audiobook. By promoting your book in various ways, you can maximize its exposure and reach a larger audience.

8. Hire a pro for your audiobook narration

So you’ve written an ebook, and now you’re thinking about turning it into an audiobook. That’s great, but hold up! The process for publishing an audiobook is a little more complex. You’ll need to find a producer to narrate your audiobook for you. And here’s our top tip: don’t try to narrate it yourself.

Even if you have the voice of an angel, it’s always best to bring in a professional voice actor or actress. They bring a natural rhythm to the reading, and are trained to avoid awkward pauses, turns of phrase, and the dreaded “ummm.”

Still not convinced? Listen to an audiobook narrated by a pro, then try reading the same piece yourself. The difference will blow you away. And more importantly, your listeners will thank you.

Luckily, finding a narrator is easy with platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. Audiobooks are meant to be a smooth and immersive experience, so avoid any starts, stops, or fumbling that might take your listeners out of the moment.

Final Thoughts

With this guide, you now know how to publish an eBook on Amazon and make money from it. It’s not rocket science, as you can see. 

Keep in mind our tips, such as researching your eBook’s title, keywords, and pricing strategy. 

Don’t underestimate the power of a great title, subtitle, and description, and you’ll have a steady stream of income. Use some tools to do your keyword research and make sure your eBook sounds and looks good.

In no time, you’ll be making money with your first self-published eBook on Amazon!

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