Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Summary & Review

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind shows you the key principles and thought patterns of millionaires that you should adopt to get rich. It also explains how people unconsciously develop wrong attitudes towards money that they learned from parents.

You may still be wondering if you should read the book. This book summary will tell you everything about this book so you can decide if it is worth your time.

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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Book Summary

Lesson 1: Your thought patterns will determine your wealth

Some people seem to have the ability to turn everything they touch into money, while others struggle to hold onto their wealth. Why is this? Many people believe that acquiring financial management knowledge is the key to becoming rich. However, the reality is that wealth is often determined by unconscious thought patterns that are ingrained in the mind.

We all have a specific thought structure in our internal “hard drive.” The thought patterns of millionaires are programmed for wealth, while others may be programmed for a lower income. These thought patterns are shaped by our childhood experiences and role models, such as our parents, and they ultimately affect our behavior and wealth level.

Most people are programmed to make a low income. While many people have the potential to get rich, only a few are able to do so due to their mindset. If you want to become rich, it is important to rewrite your old thought patterns and adopt a millionaire mindset.

Taking control of your thought patterns and mindset can help you achieve wealth and financial success. Remember, wealth is not just about acquiring knowledge or skills; it is also about mindset and behavior.

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Lesson 2: Your thought patterns about money are shaped by what your parents taught you

In this world, some people seem to have a natural ability to turn everything they touch into wealth. Others make some money, but then get overconfident and lose it all in poor investments. Still others never invest at all and struggle to get by financially throughout their lifetime.

Many people believe that as long as they acquire financial management knowledge, they will automatically become rich. However, the reality is that wealth depends not only on skills or knowledge, but also on unconscious thought patterns that are deeply rooted in the mind.

Think of your mind as a computer. The most important software was installed in childhood, including the beliefs and attitudes about money that were passed down by our parents. These ideas are permanently saved in our minds and become our blueprint for how we think about and approach wealth.

You can either accept these ideas or reject them. Most people accept them, while some rebel against them. However, even those who rebel often do so not because they truly want to become wealthy, but rather because they want to feel superior to their financially-struggling parents.

Without undergoing the proper transformation process, they will continue to be influenced by their parents’ beliefs and behaviors, and may struggle to maintain any wealth they do manage to acquire. On the other hand, those who are fortunate enough to learn at a young age that “anything is possible with money” will often have a much easier time building wealth, as they have the motivation to become financially independent and free.

Lesson 3: You unconsciously copy your parents’ way of making money

There are many factors that can impact our attitudes towards money, and one of these is the way our parents handle it. When we are young, we observe the behavior of our parents and this can shape our beliefs about how to manage money.

For example, if we see our mother always deferring to our father when it comes to financial decisions, we may believe that men are in charge of finance and women are not capable of managing money. These beliefs can become deeply ingrained in our subconscious and influence our behavior as adults.

The author shares his own experience as an example. The author’s father was a builder who made money by buying and selling houses, but then would often invest the profits in new projects and end up losing all the money. The author, in turn, emulated this behavior in their own early business endeavors and ended up failing. At the time, the author did not realize that the root of their failure was the subconscious imitation of their father’s behavior.

Human beings tend to be creatures of habit, and it can be difficult to change our behavior once we have learned it. In order to overcome our inherited thought patterns, we need to be aware of them and make a conscious effort to change them. Only then can we truly break free from the influence of our parents and create our own financial success.

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Lesson 4: Before you change your thinking patterns, do a self-examination

If you are now not at the level of affluence you desire, it’s never too late to change it. Very likely, it is because you have a bad unconscious inner setting.

To become more financially successful, the first step is to recognise you have a thought pattern that keeps you from getting rich. To break the pattern, the next step to do is to recognise where this thought pattern comes from. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What habits and behavioural patterns did you learn from your parents? What impact did they have on you?
  • What thought patterns do you follow?
  • What’s level of affluence are you programmed to achieve?
  • What unconscious strategies do you use to maintain your bank account?

Then, you should write down how your role models such as your parents handle their money. And ask yourself what are the sayings or words of your parents rooted in your mind? For example, did your parents always say “we can’t afford it”? Do these words affect your behaviour in life?

After that, you should analyse your current financial situation. The money you have right now shows the level of wealth you’re programmed to achieve. That enlightens you on what programs you have in your mind.

With this thorough self-examination, you should have a good idea of how you’ve been programmed about money. Now you have to believe that you have the option to change the inner settings by flipping the switch in your brain. You have to replace the old thought patterns with the new ones that would guide you towards wealth.

Lesson 5: Break your thought patterns with new principles and behaviour

To be successful in building wealth, it’s not enough to simply understand financial theories. You also need to rewrite the negative or limiting beliefs you have about money that are ingrained in your mind. One way to do this is to recite mantras or affirmations about wealth and abundance every day. These affirmations can help to gradually replace your old, negative beliefs with more positive and empowering ones.

In addition to changing your beliefs about money, it’s also important to change your behaviors. As creatures of habit, it can be challenging to break out of our normal patterns of behavior. However, if you want to build wealth, you need to start acting in ways that align with your new, more positive beliefs about money.

For example, if you’re in debt and see a luxury item on sale, it might be tempting to splurge. But if you have a new mindset that prioritizes financial stability and wealth-building, you’ll be able to resist the temptation and make more fiscally responsible choices.

By continuously affirming your thoughts and taking consistent action, you can “unlearn” your old, negative thinking patterns and learn to think and act like a millionaire. It may take time and effort, but with perseverance, you can build a healthy relationship with money and create long-term financial success.

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Lesson 6: Take your destiny into your own hands if you want to become rich

To be successful financially, it is important to be in control of your financial life. Poor people often give control of their income to others, while wealthy people retain power over their own finances.

Gambling, such as buying lottery tickets, is a common habit among poor people who hope to become rich through luck. However, true wealth comes from taking responsibility for your own financial success and making informed decisions about investments and spending.

If you find yourself complaining and blaming others for financial difficulties, it is important to remember that you have the power to improve your financial situation. To make changes, focus on analyzing your transactions and making changes where possible rather than complaining.

Lesson 7: Millionaires have a positive attitude about money

Poor people always have the notion that virtue and wealth cannot coexist. In fact, to get rich, you have to like money.

Poor people have too many negative thoughts about money. They are afraid that somebody will like them just because of their money. Some even think money will make a person become bad. They also fear that work and responsibility come alongside wealth. All these thoughts will block their way to wealth.

In contrast, rich people always look for good opportunities for profits. They are always optimistic that they can make the money back despite the risk. Your wealth will grow if you don’t fear obstacles and actively seize opportunities.

Another important thing is that you have to like rich people in order to get rich. Many poor people envy and despise rich people. In that way, they will never become one of them. They don’t understand rich people can give them valuable advice to get rich.

So to become a millionaire, you need to adopt a millionaire’s way of thinking. Think positively about money. Admire rich people and learn from them.

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Lesson 8: Make an unconditional commitment to get rich

Poor people always put limits on how much they can commit or sacrifice to become rich, so they always remain poor. Rich people are always so intent on getting rich that they are willing to work 14 to 16 hours a day, sacrificing their freedom.

Remember that wealth can grow only when you grow yourself. Rich people constantly challenge themselves and stay outside their comfort zone. They are constantly learning, attending seminars and reading books to improve their wealth strategies.

By making money, you can start by getting a job in the industry you are passionate about. Learn everything you can about the industry before you can start your own business. For example, work in a restaurant and learn from your manager before opening a chain of restaurants.

Lesson 9: Think big if you want to become a millionaire

Poor people only desire a secure income, while rich people put no limits on that. The universe will fulfil your wishes. So it depends on the limit you set for yourself.

If you want to become a millionaire, you must think big. Thinking big means doing big deeds that will lead to big money.

So if you want to become rich in business, ask yourself, “How many people can you reach or serve with what you do?” To get rich, you must consciously decide how big an audience you want to reach.

If your business is a personally provided service, such as a hairdresser, the most you will make is enough income to sustain your life.

Millionaires do not like to set limits on their business. And they know that time is a limiting factor. That’s why they do not like the idea of being paid according to working hours. In other words, they do not make their money by selling time. Rather, they want to be paid according to the quality of the result. Therefore, instead of working as a hairdresser, they would aspire to become the owner of a hairdressing chain.

So they should learn to think big. If not, you should surround yourself with ambitious people. They will influence your thinking and show you how to become successful.

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Lesson 10: Treat your money right and let it grow

To become wealthy, you have to manage your money in a disciplined way. Many people believe a high salary is a way to become wealthy. But wealth should include the monetary value of all possessions. Therefore, your savings and investment gains are also important components of your wealth.

You need a long-term financial plan that balances income, expenses and savings.

You also need a passive income stream, such as income from stocks or mutual funds. We recommend that you divide your income between different bank accounts. 50% of income should be set aside for overhead expenses. 10% of income should be set aside for investments to generate passive income. In addition, 10% should be used for entertainment and enjoyment of life.

To accumulate wealth, you need to keep your living expenses low. If you constantly buy luxury goods, you cannot become rich. You have to think long-term and forgo instant gratification.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Review

When I read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, it challenged me in a profound way to think differently about wealth, money, and success. Rich people think about money differently than poor people and middle-class people. 

Rich people do not work for money, they make money work for them. That way of thinking keeps people both poor and middle class because they work for money. 

The point made in this book is that if a person is to become rich, they must change their way of thinking. When they adopt a new way of thinking, they must follow it with action, even when faced with fear. 

Challenging your comfort zone is one of the themes of this book. The rich expand their comfort zone, while the poor stay in their comfort zones and do not challenge themselves to grow because leaving their comfort zones might be frightening to them. 

Having said that, I find this book very interesting and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to change, grow, and utilize these wealth-building principles in order to become wealthy.

About The Author

The author and motivational speaker T. Harv Eker is a bestselling author and entrepreneur. He developed his business into a multimillion-dollar enterprise in just two and a half years. Now, he offers seminars on financial success called Millionaire Mind Intensive.

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