Rona Proof Masterclass Review (2023): Is Tony The Closer a Scam?

In today’s competitive job market, where stability is elusive and the pandemic continues to cast its shadow, exploring alternative avenues for a secure financial future has become crucial. Recognizing this need, I recently completed the Rona Proof Masterclass, an online business course that aims to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in the real estate industry.

In this review, I will provide an unbiased account of my experiences and thoughts on the Rona Proof Masterclass. At the end of this article, I will also introduce an alternative that has personally assisted me in achieving a full-time passive income online.

Let’s delve into the details of the Rona Proof Masterclass and explore the better alternative that awaits.

What is Rona Proof Masterclass?

Created by the renowned Tony Robinson, aka “The Closer,” this online training program is an absolute gem. It’s designed to equip students like me with all the essential knowledge and skills needed to not just survive but thrive in the real estate industry.

What I love most about the Rona Proof Masterclass is its comprehensive nature. It’s divided into eleven modules that delve into different aspects of selling. From mastering the art of effective communication to understanding market trends and strategies, this course covers it all.

Rona Proof Masterclass Review

Tony Robinson emphasizes the importance of following the modules in sequential order, and trust me, it’s worth it. Each module builds upon the previous one, creating a solid foundation for success. I’ve found that by following this structured approach, I’ve been able to maximize my results and truly grasp the concepts being taught.

The Rona Proof Masterclass is more than just theory. It’s a hands-on, practical learning experience. Throughout the course, you’ll find practical exercises, case studies, and real-world examples that bring the concepts to life. Tony Robinson’s teaching style is engaging, motivating, and full of valuable insights gained from his own experience in the industry.

Not only does the course provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills, but it also instills a winning mindset. Tony Robinson goes beyond the technical aspects of real estate and delves into personal development, goal setting, and the power of perseverance. 

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Who is Rona Proof Masterclass for?

The Rona Proof Masterclass is not suitable for everyone. After all, not everyone enjoys being a real estate wholesaler who constantly makes cold calls to potential clients.

In this line of work, you may face rejection and people may find your calls bothersome. Moreover, it can be a time-consuming business.

How Does Rona Proof Masterclass Help You Make Money?

The course aims to help students achieve financial success in real estate through the following steps:

  1. Finding and closing lucrative deals in emerging wholesale marketplaces.
  2. Creating excitement and anticipation among customers without relying on aggressive sales tactics.
  3. Enhancing your closing skills to boost the conversion rate of your sales.
  4. Developing a competitive edge and distinguishing yourself from competitors.
  5. Generating a large number of leads and sales within a short timeframe.

These examples represent just a fraction of the comprehensive curriculum offered in the Rona Proof Masterclass. The program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to thrive in the real estate industry.

Who is Tony “The Closer” Robinson?

Who Is Tony The Closer Robinson

Tony Robinson, also known as “The Closer,” is the mastermind behind the Rona Proof Masterclass. His journey to success was not a smooth one. Initially, Tony had dreams of playing in the National Football League (NFL) and even documented his workouts on YouTube. While he did manage to make the squad, an unfortunate foot injury forced him to retire and reevaluate his career path.

Tony ventured into the car trade industry and, despite having no prior experience, sold 23 vehicles in his first month. This success was a result of applying his knowledge of interpersonal communication and influence. However, his life took a downturn due to a gambling addiction and poor decisions, leading to his incarceration.

After his release, Tony sought therapy and made a remarkable recovery. He then decided to enter the real estate industry, where he has since achieved significant success. His personal journey and experiences have shaped the curriculum of the Rona Proof Masterclass.

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Rona Proof Masterclass Overview

Rona Proof Masterclass Overview

The Rona Proof Masterclass is available on Tony’s website, The courses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. The training covers topics such as sourcing properties, list selection process, gaining a marketing advantage, building rapport, and the comparable sales formula.

Let’s take a closer look at each module of the Rona Proof Masterclass:

Module 1: Getting Started

This module covers the basics of real estate wholesaling. It explores business management and planning skills, including setting up a limited liability company (LLC). Students also gain access to a private wholesale community as part of the course fee.

Module 2: Finding Hot Leads in Wholesale Real Estate

Finding quality leads is crucial in the real estate industry. This module teaches students how to use Tony’s favorite advertising platform, Propstream, to locate the best deals. The use of filters and interactive maps, including COVID-19 data, helps students identify motivated sellers.

Module 3: Build Your List

Building a list of prospects is the focus of this module. Tony provides guidance on contacting vendors to gather information about their inventory and discuss pricing.

Module 4: Cold Outreach 101

Once you have a list of contacts, it’s time to reach out to them. This module provides techniques for effective cold calling and includes a script to help you control the conversation. It also explores online and offline methods of interacting with potential clients.

Module 5: Make the Offer

In this module, you’ll find a bid calculator to estimate your profits based on wholesale contracts. You’ll learn how to calculate the median sale price of a property (ARV) and use the repair sheet provided by Tony to factor in repair costs. Templates for mail scripts are also provided to help you make offers to potential clients.

Module 6: Securing Contracts

Securing contracts is a crucial step in the real estate business. This module offers sample contracts that you can use to formalize your business relationships. It also teaches how to effectively use terms and conditions as negotiation tools.

Module 7: Open Escrow – Title Company

Putting a property into escrow and completing the financing process are covered in this module. Tony provides a script and a directory of reputable title companies to help you select the most competent real estate attorneys at the lowest closing costs.

Module 8: Cash Buyers

Finding and building relationships with cash buyers is the focus of this module. Tony shares strategies for attracting cash buyers and maximizing sales. Contract templates are also provided for reference.

Module 9: Coordinate the Close

This module covers transaction financing and dual closing, allowing wholesalers to make real estate purchases without risking their own capital. Short-term financing options are explored for buyers who are ready to purchase a property within a few days.

Module 10: Getting Paid

The final module emphasizes the importance of getting paid. Tony shares success stories from his students and provides insights into closing deals successfully, even without prior sales experience.

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Praise for Rona Proof Masterclass

Throughout my experience with the Rona Proof Masterclass, I found several aspects that I particularly liked:

  1. Interesting and Consistent Courses: The modules are well-structured and cover essential topics related to real estate investing.
  2. Free Live Training and Exceptional Customer Service: The course offers free live group coaching calls with Tony, providing valuable guidance and support. The customer service team is also responsive and helpful.
  3. Practical Decision-Making Skills: Tony’s training courses equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions in the real estate industry.

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Criticism of Rona Proof Masterclass

While there are many positive aspects to the Rona Proof Masterclass, there are a few downsides worth noting:

  1. Lack of Mention of Paid Seminars: The course materials don’t mention any opportunities for paid seminars or advanced training, which could limit further learning opportunities for those who want to delve deeper into the subject.
  2. No Refunds and High Registration Fee: The course fee of $297 does not offer a refund option. This might deter some potential students who are hesitant to invest a significant amount upfront without the assurance of a refund.
  3. Limited Benefit for Novice Real Estate Investors: The course assumes a basic understanding of real estate wholesaling, so beginners in the field might find it overwhelming and struggle to grasp some of the concepts.

How Much Does It Cost?

For a one-time payment of $297, you get access to the entire course content. In addition to that, you’ll also get access to:

  • Future updates: Any future updates or enhancements to the course are included in the initial price.
  • Exclusive community membership: You receive membership to a private community packed with valuable resources like sample contracts and scripts.
  • Live group coaching sessions: Weekly interactive sessions with the expert Tony offer personalized advice and guidance.
  • Propstream training: The course includes training on Propstream, a robust real estate tool. You also get a free 7-day trial membership to Propstream.
  • Built-in buyer list generator: The Rona Proof Masterclass comes with a buyer list generator at no additional cost, automating your search for potential real estate buyers.

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Are Students Getting Results?

There are lots of testimonials on the sales page. As you can see, a lot of students seem to have achieved amazing results and joined the 100k club. However, it’s hard to know if the results are real or fabricated. 


Is Rona Proof Masterclass a Scam?

I don’t believe the Rona Proof Masterclass is a scam. While taking the course, I gained valuable knowledge about improving my closing skills in the real estate industry.

However, it’s important to note that working as a real estate wholesaler is much more challenging than the course suggests. The competition is fierce, and standing out can be difficult.

In my own experience, I’ve faced significant difficulties in convincing people to finalize deals promptly. Potential buyers and sellers often have numerous concerns and questions when it comes to purchasing or selling a property, which can make the process quite demanding.

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Is There A Better Way To Make Money Online?

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The platform has a proven track record, and numerous success stories highlight its effectiveness in generating steady and sustainable passive income. If you’re considering an alternative to real estate investing, I highly recommend exploring Wealthy Affiliate as a valuable opportunity to achieve your financial goals.

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