Wealthy Leads Crypto Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

Since the stock market boom in the later part of the 2020s, many have hoped to get rich through cryptocurrencies. Wealthy Leads Crypto is an online course that teaches how to make money using cryptocurrency. It was created by Laz Chavez and Richard Telfeja, successful entrepreneurs in the crypto industry.

But, unlike stocks that represent companies, crypto involves investing in ideas rather than established earnings, making it riskier.

So, is Wealthy Leads Crypto a scam?

Having traded cryptocurrencies, I’m keen to understand their system. After dedicating hours to researching the program, I’m now ready to share all I know.

At the end of this review, I’ll also introduce a superior alternative that has allowed me to achieve a full-time passive income online.

How Does Wealthy Leads Crypto Help You Make Money?

Wealthy Leads is a training program that teaches you how to make money online trading cryptos. The program was created by Richard Telfeja and Laz Chavez Price, both Internet marketers who claim to have made millions in the crypto market.  

According to their sales page, Wealthy Leads is designed for traders of all levels. It promises to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary for a strong start in the market.

One notable tool they provide is an AI crypto bot, which allegedly generates 0.5-3.0% profit per day for its members.

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Who’s Behind Wealthy Leads Crypto?

Richard Telfeja and Laz Chavez are the creators of Wealthy Leads. Interestingly, they’re better known for internet marketing, like their course “Ecom Profit Masterclass” for dropshipping.

Richard Telfeja and Laz Chavez

Previously, “Ecom Profit Masterclass” cost $1995, but now it’s free if you join Wealthy Leads.

There isn’t much info available about them. If you search for Richard Telfeja, you’ll find articles on AP News and Yahoo, but these are paid ads he arranged. It’s hard to verify their authenticity.

Richard’s YouTube channel has only 798 subscribers and focuses on social media advertising and ecommerce, not cryptocurrencies. Apart from that, he has another channel called “Wealthy Leads Crypto” where Richard and Laz post videos  

That said, they have another channel “Wealthy Leads Crypto” where they post videos about making money with cryptos using technical analysis. The channel has over 4.23k subscribers. 

If you want to get a taste of Richard’s teaching style, you can watch the video below:

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Wealthy Leads Crypto Course Modules

Getting started with the training program is a bit tricky. Upon reaching the website, you’ll encounter a splash page asking for your email address. Once you provide it, you can access more details.

Wealthy Leads

As per the landing page, Wealthy Leads claims to teach you a safe approach to cryptocurrency investment, enabling a passive income of up to 7 figures annually! To proceed, you need to complete an application.

Here’s what you can learn inside each module:

Module 1: Introduction to Cryptocurrency

In this module, you’ll learn the the basics: different types of cryptocurrency, how it operates, and the best ways to choose cryptos for trading. 

Module 2: Setting Up Your Trading Account

Module 2 is all about setting up your trading account. You’ll explore various exchanges and wallets, learning how to pick the best fit for your requirements.

Module 3: Technical Analysis

In this section, you’ll learn how about chart analysis and use technical indicators for informed trading decisions. Also included are some trading strategies and their execution.

Module 4: Fundamental Analysis

In this module, you’ll grasp the factors influencing cryptocurrency prices, including news events and market trends impacting your investments.

Module 5: Risk Management

Module 5 teaches you the strategies to safeguard your investments when trading cryptocurrency, implementing effective risk management techniques.

Module 6: Advanced Trading Strategies

The final module is designed to teach you advanced strategies like margin trading and short selling to enhance your profits in the cryptocurrency market.

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Who is Wealthy Leads Crypto for?

Wealthy Leads Crypto is designed for anyone interested in crypto trading.

However, I believe it is geared towards beginners with little to no knowledge about cryptocurrency. Experienced traders, on the other hand, are already adept at reading graphs and using bots.

How Much Does Wealthy Leads Crypto Cost?

The training program costs a one-time payment of $497, which seems affordable to most newcomers. 

However, be aware that there are additional upsells once you’ve joined the course, such as high-priced AI bots for crypto trading.

Refund Policy

There appears to be a 30-day refund policy, but some students have complained about not being able to get their money back.

Are Students Getting Results With Wealthy Leads Crypto?

I couldn’t find any authentic student testimonials for their training program.

All I found were numerous complaints on BBB.

The majority of the complaints revolve around their AI crypto bots failing to deliver the promised results, and customers facing difficulties in obtaining a refund.

Here are some examples:

complaints on BBB complaints on BBB complaints on BBB complaints on BBB

To be honest, I have no idea whether the Wealthy Leads approach is effective or not. However, based on what I’ve found, it doesn’t appear that anyone is making money with their crypto trading strategies or bots.

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Praise for Wealthy Leads Crypto

1. Legit Training

The course provides comprehensive training on cryptocurrencies. You’ll learn about different types of cryptos and technical analysis. 

2. No Experience Required

All are welcome to sign up for the course, regardless of their prior knowledge of crypto trading.

Criticism of Wealthy Leads Crypto

1. Lack of Success Stories

I couldn’t find any verified student testimonials, making it hard to determine if anyone has made money in the crypto market using their system.

2. Suspicion on Founder’s Expertise

Both Richard Telfeja and Laz Chavez are Internet marketers known for social media marketing and ecommerce. They don’t appear to have a proven track record in crypto investing.

3. Unclear Refund Policy

Numerous students have complained about being unable to get their money back despite the 30-day refund policy.

4. Misleading Promises on AI Bots’ Earning Potential

They have exaggerated the earning abilities of their AI crypto bots, leading to many students not receiving the promised returns.

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Is Wealthy Leads Crypto a Scam?

I don’t think Wealthy Leads Crypto is a scam. However, I’d caution against taking their promises of guaranteed returns from AI crypto bots too seriously.

My skepticism also extends to Richard Telfeja and Laz Chavez’s crypto investing track record. They seem more like online marketing gurus than crypto experts.

Let’s be real, claiming that cryptocurrency is predictable is a bit of a stretch. The truth is, crypto doesn’t always go up. Timing is everything — you not only need to predict when a cryptocurrency will surge but also buy it on the way up.

Consider this: If you invested $1,000 in bitcoin in mid-2017 before its big rise, you could have made over $8,000 by the peak later that year. However, if you bought the same amount at the peak and sold a year later, you’d be down more than $800, almost your entire investment.

Now, what about those lucky folks who nail the timing? Just because they got it right once doesn’t mean lightning will strike twice. Those who gamble and hit the jackpot by buying low and selling high are essentially relying on luck. It’s not a sustainable strategy.

How Do I Make Money From Home?

If you want to make a full-time passive income from home, I’d suggest you to start an affiliate marketing business.

However, I’d recommend you to get started with the most reputable platform: Wealthy Affiliate instead.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform for building your affiliate marketing business from scratch. It offers you a free account (including a free website) with comprehensive training on SEO (free traffic methods), which enables you to get started with affiliate marketing right away without paying a penny.

But How Much Can You Earn with Wealthy Affiliate?

A 21-year old student from Wealthy Affiliate was able to earn $7,395 in just 1 week, which means he made more than $1k a day…all while using free traffic methods.

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial

For more information, you can check out our full review of Wealthy Affiliate

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  1. Richard telfeja and his crew are Scammers, don’t do any business with them. They took my money and never answered the phone ever again.

    Byron Lurssen

  2. Don’t join those arrogant scammers they took my money i got scammed by them two wealthy leads my ass, fucking scammers they will not refund my money nor help to get the so called system don’t fall for it


  3. Laz & Richard are stand-up guys! I’ve been following them for over 2 years now and they always share immense value with their students and followers. Not sure why there are all these negative reviews.

  4. I joined months ago, and cancelled 1 month later. But they continue to bill my credit card every month and every month I send them an email saying to STOP billing me. They billed me again in Dec/22. What can I do to get them to stop Jim

  5. I joined 5 months ago and cancelled 1 month later. They still bill me 4 months later. I send them an email every month telling them to stop but they dont stop. They are brutal. Looks like I will have to get the Consumer watchdog a call


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