Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!

It is very likely that you have heard of Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, if you are an entrepreneur.

Millions of people around the world have been inspired by it to think differently about money and how they can build an income.

In addition to this, I was impressed when I noticed a couple of years ago that Rich Dad Education was offering a free 2-hour workshop in my area.

However, the outcome was very different from what was expected.

The purpose of this article is to share my experiences from the Rich Dad Free Seminar with you, so that you will know what to expect going into the seminar.

To be honest, if I had known this before I went, I probably would not have gone. But let me tell you what I have experienced, and you can decide for yourself, but at least you will be prepared if you go.

What is Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar?

I have experienced free seminars before, but this one seemed to take things to a whole new level. The sales pitch lasted 2 hours and was very well planned. Even though I am usually so aware of such things, I felt like I had been brainwashed after.

My opinion is that these guys were masters at manipulating people and getting them to say yes without thinking.

Firstly, Robert Kiyosaki wasn’t present at the event. This information is also made clear to attendees prior to attending, so I knew this. I did expect, however, to find someone who would be able to inspire me greatly.

However, they put on a show that was both clever and very well planned, with the sole purpose of getting you to purchase a 3-day seminar.

While some interesting points were raised there, it was mostly a sales show. Nevertheless, it was entertaining and there was action where people ran to get free gifts, etc., that you did not necessarily notice.

My pride doesn’t let me hide the fact that I did end up purchasing a 3-day seminar, because I thought it would be an excellent source of inspiration for me.

Because I thought I could learn more about Kiyosaki’s approach to business at a seminar, and I thought I could apply this to my own online business. However, I fell for the pushy sales tactics and was caught off guard.

I ended up spending $500 on the 3-day seminar I bought, which isn’t a bad price for three full days of inspiration if you get it right. However, even after signing up for something I thought was reasonable, I felt something was amiss.

I felt that something wasn’t quite right following the free seminar.

After the 2 hours long show, I gradually realized that all their tricks had been used, and that my guard had been down, because I trusted the name they had used to advertise the event.

I began to realize that they had used many tricks in the 2 hour long show, and that my guards had been down because I had trusted the name they had used to promote it.

It is a trick I had witnessed very often on the Internet at that time, where programs offer a cheap price to lure you in, and once you have invested a bit, they will push you to invest more and more.

Knowing what these salespeople were able to accomplish in just two hours, I am afraid to imagine what they could accomplish in three days while working non-stop. The CBC also obtained undercover recordings showing how people were forced to invest up to $45,000 at these 3-day events.

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Is it Possible to Make Money With Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminars?

Sure. Rich Dad education can inspire you and help you make money, but it won’t be easy. You won’t become financially independent just through classes. Financial skills come from experience and hard work.

Even if investing can make you money, if you are going to put in the legwork to become one (which, believe me, is not easy), you might as well make some real money.

Some of the same investing lessons I learned in the program that rocketed my online business to $40,000+ per month were taught, but they were monetized in a much more profitable way.

Is Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Worth It?

The three-day Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar has limited value if you have $90,000 lying around. If you are considering becoming a real estate investor, the mentorship program can also be useful.

Getting investment knowledge from the three-day course is valuable, but the free one-hour workshop offers many nuggets of wisdom and can serve as a good launching point.

Pros and Cons of Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar


  • Participation is completely free of charge.
  • There are a few useful tips.


  • Everything is a big sales pitch.
  • They use advertising to get you to spend money.
  • There isn’t a lot of useful information here (mostly just clever sales pitches)
  • Many people have complained about losing money after attending more lectures.

Is Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar A Scam?

The Rich Dad, Poor Dad seminar is not a scam. Just be aware that plenty of real estate-related sales pitches will be made at the event.

Rich Dad Education offers several free and paid seminars throughout the world every week. Once I realized what had happened, I didn’t lose any money.

Although it is hard for me to imagine all the other people who may have been influenced by Kiyosaki’s book to spend their money on his products.

While there were some inspiring moments and a lot to think about during the free seminar, I would like to be fair and say that there were also some valuable lessons learned.

I was not able to attend the paid seminar, so I cannot say for sure what was going on there; I can only say that from my experience and from what I saw at the free seminar, I do not want to attend longer events or invest in their programs.

You should be aware of the sales techniques used if you attend the free event. You will also be able to absorb the valuable information by reading this, as you will not be caught with your guard down.

Getting inspired from Robert Kiyosaki’s books, particularly Rich Dad Poor Dad, or at least being very cautious if you attend his seminars, is what I would recommend. The seminars may be entertaining to you and it may be interesting to see how their shows are constructed, but now you know what to expect.

Nevertheless, I do not mean to imply that going to seminars or investing a lot of money in training will not pay off.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad: Is It A True Story?

The Rich Dad series has a reputation for not providing any proof of its claims.

In his book, Robert Kiyosaki states that Rich Dad has some of the best real estate on Waikiki Beach, and that he is among the wealthiest people in Hawaii.

However, the real estate files of Hawaii were searched for several magazines and failed to turn up any evidence of this individual.

Rich Dad has told many stories about where he is currently located, as Mr. Kiyosaki has been mentioned many times. Kiyosaki reported at least once that Rich Dad is deceased.

Another time, he told me that Rich Dad had become disabled. He says in one book that Rich Dad’s family requested that their name not be used.

Another instance mentions that Rich Dad is a composite character based on some of his advisors, including his best friend’s father (the original Rich Dad), Dr. Buckminster Fuller, among others.

Robert Kiyosaki provided an answer to SmartMoney magazine in an interview published in February 2003 that is remarkably sincere:

“Is Harry Potter real? Why don’t you let Rich Dad be a myth, like Harry Potter?”

Exactly! That’s what we’re looking for!

Does he exist as a fictional character?

In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Mr. Kiyosaki mentioned many times that the book was based on true stories about his fathers.

Plus, it was published as a non-fiction book.

To discover that Rich Dad is simply a character, and not a real person, surely casts doubt on his reliability.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar: Final Verdict

The Rich Dad Education free seminars have not been good for me, as you can see. Their methods do not appeal to me, and after participating, I felt manipulated.

As a whole, I found Robert Kiyosaki’s books to be very inspiring – however, I was quite disappointed in how his free seminar was presented.

I knew there would be some selling, but this was on another level; they are masters at creating hype and making people spend money without thinking.

So if you go, be prepared for a lot of selling, and they can be very convincing. If you can’t afford to attend a seminar, leave your wallet and credit card at home.

Rather than relying on a traditional income, I recommend that you build an online income instead. You can do this for free (you can actually get started for free) with the right training.

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Best Alternative of Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar To Make Passive Income Online

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review

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4 thoughts on “Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminar Review – Scam or Legit? Exposed!”

  1. NO THANK YOU THEY WANTED $12,OOO TO GO TO A SEMINAR AT Rich Dad Poor Dad. In my opinion if a true believer wants to help ppl become financially wise they will offer a seminar for Free. We could pay for real estate school and license for less than a $1,000 much wiser investment. Then you have a marketable skill as can buy and sell real estate or start out doing property management earn a salary to accumulate funds for down payment. Take it from a 25 year plus real estate agent and sucessful investor.

    • So what do you say to a person that want to start and get into real estate business buying buildings with $000?
      What advice would you give and websites to start from or look into and learn something I mean actually learn something.
      Thank you

  2. This is or at least was a very common infoscam sort of set up. Than Merrill, investment software organizations, etc. all use this praying on people’s sense of fear and hope. All have a germ of truth, and in fact point out great ways to improve your life, but it’s like paying for a college degree that is unrecognized and poor quality. You pay for something of real value, or that gives you credentials. I think it’s an interesting point that the author says he would pay $500 for 3 days of inspiration. Pick up a great book for $29.99 like the Bible, Rumi, Buddha, The Wealthy Writer, or Dr. Wayne Dyer that would be a greater investment.

  3. So what do you say to a person that want to start and get into real estate business buying buildings with $000?
    What advice would you give and websites to start from or look into and learn something I mean actually learn something.
    Thank you


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